Sprott Money has brought silver guru David Morgan in for the 2nd installment of Ask the Expert.
Morgan states he expects silver to end 2012 between $35 and $40 an ounce, and will make new all-time nominal highs in 2013, surpassing $50/oz.

“Is it [silver] going higher? Yes. Is the overhead supply worked off? Answer, not yet, but it will be. I think we’re going to see a higher price in probably the $35 to $40 by the end of this year. Then in 2013, I do expect nominal prices to go into new highs, meaning $50 as a nominal high. Inflation adjusted, you’d have to expect $135 silver to be a new high in real terms.”

 Full interview below:


Part 2

  1. David has been pretty much on in my book. He doesn’t dramatize his beliefs. He just tells it as he sees it. He doesn’t give or prop up huge number in the markets. Gradually going up from time to time. I will take his word for it.

  2. With due respect to the Guru’s expertise: He always mentions the manipulation of the metals markets in his videos, however he never seems to take it into consideration when he makes his predictions! Or what the ending of manipulation may do to the price. For example, He credits QE2 for the silver break out in the spring of 2011, not JP Morgan halting of their naked short selling. When the bank resumed their naked short selling the price went lower.

    • The reason I think he shys away from making price predictions, like most people that do what he does, is because there isn’t a single person alive today that knows the true market value of silver.

      Some argue that silver has been manipulated since the 1800’s.  Considering the long-term manipulation coupled with today’s diminished supply and the now global customer base for it, I’d say the current fundamentals for silver are in the stratosphere.

  3. I agree with you Time, The only reason I pointed that out, is because he brings that point up. But, then doesn’t elaborate about it’s implications. In fairness he may simply be trying to give us his best estimate of what may happen if the manipulation doesn’t end.

  4. Earlier this year David Morgan predicted $75.00 Silver by the end of 2012.

    Have you ever gone to a horse race?  There`s always a guy just outside the ticket box office selling a sheet with all the winners, for every race, for the day you are there. As you exit the track, the guy is gone.

    Buy silver because it`s a solid investment. Buy the dips. I`m on record stating Silver will never go below $22.00. Never. If it gets anywhere near $23.00 buy all you can get your hands on.        

  5. Neither Morgan, Sinclair, Sprott, or Hommel have the slightest clue where the silver price will in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year from now. I could care less what these guys say about the silver price. I bought years ago because of my due diligence, not because some silver bug was promoting it. The fact is; all of these guys are just peons at a pool party. Their not any more accurate than I could be. Consider this: Silver will be over $30.00 in two weeks. Now lets see how right I am!!! The real people who know are never seen, never heard, and so far have never been caught. Silver is manipulated, and that should be obvious. If it in fact is, how in the ^$%@% can any of these guys predict anything unless they are in the enter circle? Their not dumb, but it is dumb to predict a manipulated market. Time and truth are soon to come together, and when they do, somebody is going to have to pay the fiddler. Meanwhile, I patiently wait for lower prices unless the lip gets blown off this pressure cooker of a dead economy.

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