In his latest interview, silver expert David Morgan discusses silver’s nearly 25% rally to start 2014, gold re-establishing the bull market, and how the massive US debt bomb finally detonating will impact the precious metals market.
Morgan sees silver running to $26, and after 2-3 tries, major resistance at $26 will turn into support as the next major bull move begins. 

David Morgan full interview is below: 

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  1. Wow, a move to $30 oz by the end of 2014, so silver will still be down -40% from its high of 3.5-4 years (May 2011).  At some point in the very near future (12-18 months) silver needs to hit new highs ($50 plus) to still be in a bull market, time will tell.

    • We gotta face it, this “bull run” was interrupted. Whether by hook or crook, losing 60% is a definite BEAR.
      Now the bear is feeling the heat, calling on the master manipulator to save him…

    • @zman you make me laugh every time you post, where do you get your ideas from? my silver is up in price from when i started in 2011 and is in a plus not negative, i have no assets as such only real money (silver), i get paid under minimum wage but still im stacking for my family and our future. I buy at any price that i can afford until its out of my range. I find your posts insulting but you have freedom of speech which i respect but maybe you are posting on the forum.

    • @UkSilverFox
      Good for you, Man! 
      That amount of discipline is rarely seen. At ANY income level! 
      I myself am just getting there. Oh, I have a nice stack, but 
      it should be larger. MUCH Larger. I salute your perseverance! 
      zman and I butt heads occasionally, but I think his comment was more technical than critical. 
      A bit of both, but I am not impressed by $30 either. I bought a lot at $18, and even more @ $16
      shortly after, but I was there for the ride UP to $48.48!
      (It actually peaked over $50 in the overnight Asian Markets, they say…) 
      IMO $21.xx is a joke, they (TPTB) have monkey-hammered the markets so badly that even 30 
      seems low. But I’ll actually be glad to see it if fundamentals and price discovery are allowed to work. 
      Very glad you got a good deal, there are folks on here who bought in heavily at $40/Toz, and 
      never complain. I am humbled by their attitude, as well as yours! Your family is BLESSED!

  2. Generally, I see Morgan as a very mild mannered, unflappable guy who doesn’t like to make waves.  His prognostications are in a word: bland.  Nothing bombastic.  So, if he thinks silver will increase by 45% the rest of the year, for him, that should be considered a pretty significant comment/prognostication.  I would probably be buying a healthy stack to fortify my holdings given his assertion. 

  3. undeRGRound   Nope, same contest.  These next two parts are a continuation of the DEAD BANKER POOL I started on Feb 17. EndTheFed2012 and Jccjtf  both guessed the first banker to get cacked   Coincidentally, It was the date of the start of my impromptu contest, Feb 18 when the FX trader hopped of the Hong Kong building. He was with JPM.
    Now that the first winner was a tie and I am sending them both a 1 OZ AG buffalo, the rest of the contest is what I noted and ends May 18.  

  4. David Morgan has made some terrible calls in the last few years.  In 2011, he did call the top for silver.  Then he started shouting from the rooftops that silver would reach the 60’s in 1st quarter 2012.  That didn’t happen.  Then he made that terrible call that silver would never go much below 30.  That was a terrible call.  His business started dropping off because of these bad calls.  Now, Morgan knows a lot about silver.  But, no one can consistently forecast the future silver price.  In light of this Mr Morgan makes more conservative calls.  Very smart.  He acknowledges this in his interviews now so I respect his new found honesty.

    • I agree, Pollo.  I think that Morgan got so wrapped up in the fundamentals of silver, which many have said were at ALL TIME HIGHS a couple of years ago, that he forgot just how powerful other forces in the silver market can be.  Having been spanked a couple of times, he now seems a lot more careful with his enthusiasm.

  5. undeRGRound   I might suggest you log in your 2 guesses—most bankersand highest rank.
     those 2  BANKER DEAD POOL buffaloes that might have your name on this.
     1 ounce each is being mailed to Jcct in England and endthefed2012 in the land down under
    you can’t win if you don’t play

  6. I’m Sorry.
    I, for at least one, am really glad David Morgan is around–and on our side.
    Seriously I’m down a Shitload of $$$ on PM’s at this point–if ya use $$$ to measure. 
    I listen carefully to David Morgan, respect his judgement and will continue to seek out insights from this guy….Not throwing stones here, but anyone that wants to…or that is, dumping on David Morgan needs to pull your head out.

    • @4 oz
      Whether or not one is a David Morgan fan, BOTH views of him ARE valid.  No need to cast aspersions on anyone for whichever side of this coin they come down on.  I agree that he knows a LOT more about the miners than I ever will but also that his mouth tends to run away with him at times.  Predicting the future prices of gold and silver is a fool’s game at best and chicanery at worst.  I am pretty sure that he is not a fool, though, so what does that leave?  Misguided?  Hopeful?

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