JP Morgan Dimon MastersSilver guru David Morgan joins Finance & Liberty’s Elijah Johnson to discuss the latest developments in the gold & silver markets.
Morgan discusses the historic beating the cartel has inflicted on the metals over the past 3 months, and states with silver recently touching an $18 handle, the evidence indicates that JP Morgan is now LONG SILVER!
David Morgan’s full interview on gold, silver, & JPMorgan’s metals positions is below:

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  1. Could someone please tell this guy to quit smacking his lips and mouth breathing into the mic. I can’t stand listening to him, it’s so low brow, annoying!!

  2. Morgan mentions how small the silver market is, and how just a little money from the outside would explode the price higher, which indicates that the current money flow into the market is weak today, when or why that changes is anyones guess.

  3. A LUCRATIVE SHUFFLE OF ALUMINUM  |  A maneuver by Goldman Sachs and other financial players adds a fraction of a penny more to the price of a can of soda, beer or juice, ultimately costing consumers billions of dollars when multiplied by the 90 billion aluminum cans consumed in the United States each year, David Kocieniewski writes in The New York Times. The story begins in 27 industrial warehouses in the Detroit area, where a Goldman subsidiary has choreographed an industrial dance to exploit pricing regulations set up by an overseas commodities exchange, Mr. Kocieniewski reports. A fleet of trucks shifts 1,500-pound bars of aluminum among the warehouses, lengthening the storage time and adding many millions a year to the coffers of Goldman, which owns the warehouses and charges rent to store the metal.

  4. 2 JPMorgan Directors Resign
    Two directors at JPMorgan Chase who  received lackluster support from shareholders at the bank’s annual meeting in May resigned on Friday.
    The two board members, David M. Cote and Ellen V. Futter, were re-elected at the meeting, but narrowly.
    Mr. Cote, the chairman and chief executive of Honeywell International, resigned after five years with the bank. Ms. Futter, the president of the American Museum of Natural History, had been on the board 16 years, JPMorgan said in a statementon Friday.

  5. I believe I said this in a recent reply/post. Where I said ‘Sorry, Silver Users Association”
    The shorts will be taken to the cleaners.
    October 8th is coming fast…
    Along with Comet ISON, and the true Mayan Calander end.

    • SilverHawk – please elaborate – you’ve got me hanging on a string here.
      What about October 8th for instance? Is this a reference to the release of the new US $100 bill?

    • October 8th is the release of the new hundred they’ve been printing up for the last few years.  Gonna be the start of a new currency.  Will have a 2-tier system until new smaller bills are created, but I believe a fully electronic system will be forced down our throat.  No man will be able to buy or sell without it…  The exact details, I don’t know.  Just that the old money will go hyper, and I plan on surviving using silver coin to avoid the mark.
      Comet ISON, although not supposed to hit the earth, will bring lots of trouble with it.  Can’t help but think it will effect us somehow.  They’re not telling us everthing…
      And as far as today’s date…
      2012 years completed
      7 months completed
      25 days completed.
      (The way math looks at today’s date)

  6. copy that Net Ranger   GS made $5 billion in 3yrs profits with this shuffle.  1.5 million tons warehoused  and the Chinese’s LME makes their skin on this.  The owners are compensated to allow this BS shuffle and we get to pay more. 
    Its the same BS that MS did with the charges onnon-existent gold and silver storage after it  rehypoed  the precious metals that the clients thiought were still in the vaults. 
    GS is not allowed into the trading of commodidties so they found a way to manipulate the price indirectly. Nice job when you can  get it.

  7. If We Don’t Break Up the Big Banks, They Will Manipulate More and More of the Economy … Making Us Poorer and Poorer

    Commodities Are Manipulated

    The big banks and government agencies have been conspiring to manipulate commodities prices for decades.

    The big banks are taking over important aspects of the physical economy, including uranium mining, petroleum products, aluminum, ownership and operation of airports, toll roads, ports, and electricity.

    And they are using these physical assets to massively manipulate commodities prices … scalping consumers of many billions of dollars each year.

    Gold and Silver Are Manipulated

    The Guardian and Telegraph report that gold and silver prices are “fixed” in the same way as interest rates and derivatives – in daily conference calls by the powers-that-be.

  8. Yes @NetRanger808. There is a big Global Transformation under way as we speak. (Miracles&Inspirations•com) has it all played out on a Global Scale. Once all the countries (140+BRICS) Calculate the resources & all the debt they have incurred by the federal reserve + other debt based mechanisms produced over the centuries of neglect. China will do the same placing federal reserve in a very awkward position. Check out latest links on this page? and look under (News Archives) the-precipice-of-a-brave-new-world. by Scott Mowry

  9. NEW YORK –  Bond mutual funds recorded $3.49 billion of net outflows during the week ended July 17, marking their seventh consecutive week of withdrawals as investors fret about the changing tides of monetary policy, the Investment Company Institute said Wednesday. Outflows include $1.04 billion from taxable funds and $2.46 billion from municipal bond funds. Investors, however, pulled less than the previous week, when they took $8.10 billion from mutual funds. Equity mutual funds gained $3.84 billion of inflows compared to $7.58 billion the previous week. Hybrid mutual funds took in $3.19 billion compared to $1.78 billion the previous week.

    Read more:

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