In his latest interview, silver guru David Morgan states that the opportunity to acquire silver under $30 an ounce is past, and that he does not see silver dipping below $30 again on a correction. 

  1. On a related note, has anyone else noticed that the interest on the 10-Yr US Treasury Notes is up 4.88% from the previous day?  Is this a sign of the rise in interest rates that everyone has been expecting?

  2. Well here goes silver to $28/oz. Seems every time one of these silver gurus makes a statement that silver will never __________! Sure enough silver does exactly what they say it won’t. I think the cartel loves to embarrass these prophets of silver.

    • As long as an infinitely reproducible paper instrument exchanges for another infinitely reproducible paper instrument, whatever end is agreed to have occur by the principals of that closed loop system will happen as they please. When one or the other side of that ‘formula’ structurally ceases to be viable in its ‘plausibility’, however, the ‘game’ becomes commensurately less capable of control.

      Both the banknote and commodities ‘market’ schemes, being necessarily constructed on exponental frameworks, have limited lifespans, where the consequence of potential loss eventually crosses over into an inescapable conclusion.

      Because these progressions can be drawn out for extended time frames, those who allow themselves to become lulled onto delusion of their perpetual endurance will most certainly be the greatest victims of such predilection by willful ignorance of unfolding signals presaging the ultimate conclusion of the ‘game’. This was the lesson of ‘The Mississippi Company’ and ‘Tulip Mania’ among many others dating back to the Chinese ‘Flying Money’ fiasco.

      Of these sorts of people, my Mother always admonished me to remenber that ‘Misery loves company’ … and ‘When gatherings of people become exuberant, it’s a sign to leave.’

    • BRING IT! 
      Hopefully I’ll have another wad of cash to blow on more AG.
      Good Timing, anyhow.

      Hey Snowy, I did not listen to the interview, does DM mention
      anything about manipulation in this one? Didn’t think so… 

    • Behind every statement is motive. What is Morgan’s motive in making the statement that silver will never be at $30/oz again? Never is a long time. No one thought silver would see $15 when it hit $22/oz, but sure enough in time silver was at $8/oz. Of course if you get a large segment of buyers to purchase at $31-$32, that eliminates their presence should silver retrace to $27. Which would strengthen the cartel to lower the price even further. The only thing I see that prevents the cartel from lowering the price is the buyers of physical that would enter the market should silver return to $26. The leveling off at $35 became the red flag for me to sell. And I did. And if the price turns south I will buy back. If the price goes to the moon, my net worth also goes to the moon.

    • undeRGRound,
      Selling the Silver Summit 10 Anniversary sure was timely. At $40 a pop and you have 1,000 – 10,000 sold tickets generate $40,000 to $400,000 to share among the gurus there. A nice return to increase their war chest when they buy silver at $28 and inspired the rest of us to buy at $32. Once again I just do not trust those who have consistently been wrong in their predictions. If you think Morgan never sells on a spike, then why would he buy on a dip? Rule ONE in investing: buy low, sell high. He also spent a lot of time selling his newsletter for $129/yr. WOW! People paying for consistently wrong predictions—PRICELESS. Maybe I need to start a newsletter and bloviate my ideas. $12/mo. with 1,000 subscribers I could buy 400 ozs. a month. EVERY MONTH! As far as manipulation, I do not recall DM mentioning that at all.

    • LOL, I pegged this mofo FIRST LOOK! 
      So David “James Pierpont” Morgan is just a big fat SHILL.
      If one ignores “the elephant in the room”, he is either an
      elephant too, or an elephant dung broker 😀 😀 😀 

    • You could be right undeRGRound. I am very suspect of a person who constantly gives predictions that fail to come true. Then gives advice or opinion as to where he sees the price of silver going. I’d almost bet my Red Western Flyer that David Morgan will not be buying at $31/oz. He’ll instill a false belief where the bottom is and then wait until it retreats further. 

    • I believe that, but the cartel, through much effort (and short sales)
      could still pull it off. They seem to be getting frantic lately, more
      wild “bubble bursting prophecies” are coming out, trying to slow the markets.

  3. Talking about the enduring nature of the ‘coin market’, I had a thought the other day about how taverns had historically occupied the role of impromptu exchanges and it occured to me that they could again become so if retired oldsters offered their coinage to younger savers as an alternative ‘exchange’ where coin shops are rare, inconvenient or poorly stocked. This is something we might discuss with local ‘barkeeps’. Especially, those of the ‘patriot’ mindset.

    • It already exists, to some extent…
      I’m in construction and I have heard of bars that cash paychecks of the patrons!
      I’m sure it will evolve back into a form of this, as long as money exists in some form
      and as long as spirits flow from the taps and bottles of the public houses. For Sure!  

  4. EVER? That is David’s problem, he doesn’t see…., very good. Plus, how many times has he been WRONG? PM is the only place I know where a man can consistently be wrong and still have followers. Go figure??? 

  5. Think about it for a moment. If you are a follower of David Morgan and he says I don’t think silver will ever get to $30/oz again, how does that affect your thinking? Will you be a buying at $31/oz, after all David has stated the bottom will never reach $30? There are many ways to be manipulated.

    • My method to have a stable value in terms of dollars is that whenever silver reach higher than 33$, I mostly buy junk silver and I rarely buy pure silver ounces and whenever silver reach lower than 32$, I mostly buy pure silver ounces and junk silver.

  6. We have all weekend to think about it, but Silver is $32.17 ASK at the Friday Close. If David “JP” Morgan is proven wrong on this one, we need to brand him as the moronic shill of the year! I’ll personally nominate him for SD’s  
    if it falls under $30 next week or soon after. Without an ensuing rise of any consequence in between. 
    We are all subject to boneheaded mistakes, but if the timing works out like I said, this makes  David “JP” Morgan
    like the “KING of the BONEHEADS”  


  7. That’s what these experts have said the last time before silver hit 27$ per ounce. I don’t know how to explain it but if you draw a strait line from the 2008 silver’s lows to the 2012 lows, you will see that silver never went lower than that line. Right now, silver won’t drop below 28.50$ per ounce according to the line.

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