David Morgan from Silver-Investor.com says, “The rush into gold is basically nation states, but the rush into silver is basically ‘the people,’ and it’s not just ‘the people’ of the U.S., it is ‘the people’ of the world. There will be a rush into gold and then silver like you have never seen before. This will be a global phenomenon. It wasn’t in 1979, this time it will be. You will either have it or you don’t.
What are Morgan’s price targets? Morgan says, “I am on the record that silver will hit $100 an ounce, and that may be conservative.” 

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From Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog:

  1. I’ve said before that I more and more feel like when we get a move to the upside it is going to more than likely be “disorderly.” Why? Looking at the price action ( in the face of ongoing strong physical demand ) the bastard breath patrol cartel / TPTB / bankster / wankster / politicos / demons are clearlyin charge.
    Beyond that, I love mentally masturbating about the prospect of 3 digit silver prices and I’m sure it will get there someday, but it sure seems absurd to talk about it now.

    • Unless Morgan is going to give a timeline, he’s not providing useful information. Yes, we all know about the moneyprinting/inflation/goldprice relationship.
      Sinclair, Sprott and Ben Davies put it on the line. Sprott gives dates, and lays his money down, and in a decade went from an accountant to a Billionaire. Likewise Davies, called Silvers explosion (in months) and crash (in days). Sinclair said in 2005 that in Jan 2011 gold would be $1650, and only misssed that specific, years out call by mere months. I’ve never found Morgan to provide any original or useful trading information, as he qualifies the crap out of everything he says.

  2.   I really like people who put their money where their mouth is. That includes Morgan, 4oz
    That said, and I admit I pissed this AM for other reasons, predictions of silver hitting $100 just chaps my roids.
    Morgan cannot make any prediction of silver prices until and unless the Fed stops rigging the price while backstopping unlimited losses of their member banks.   The COMEX AND LBMA  have hundreds of millions of ounces silver and are puking it up by the millions.  
    Until they are as dry of precious metals as the Mojave desert is dry of water, a complete default comes about,  is called out by China, India and Russia, and the emperor is strapped, buck ass nekkid in the village square,  spanked by Average Joe with a cricket bat, we are going to get dick in the way of price relief.
    I seriously doubt if we will see anything substantial in price relieve this year.   Even a limited land war in UKR, even with some tactical nukes, won’t get people to wake the cuck up.
    These sons of bitches are going to play this game until everyone in the precious metals game is PM dead.  Then they can default or call a Force Manure.  We’ll all be so beat up the best we,  (I am not talking about the  stalwart Silver Doctor Irregulars), the best the weak small hands can do is fly the white flag, throw their silver into the market at any price, just like some POMO pump & dump road kill stock trader does when his investment is monkey hammered by 75%.  
    Then the vultures come in, scooping up the debris for 25 cents on the dollar
    We’ve seen a 60% drop in silver prices since April 2011.  We’ve been hanging on for 3 freaking years to this cosmically large manipulation paradigm.  I can hang in here for as long as it takes,  but DAMN, I want some scalps hanging from my lodgepole and freaking payback
    Where my chill pills?
    Maybe I need to go to the range.

    • Hey brother Tonto, this Lone Ranger will go get some bankster scalps with you. I have nothing to lose at this point.  🙂
      IMHO, silver is as cheap now as it was in 2001 at $4 or 5 bucks an ounce. The USD is being systematically debauched and destroyed and if people can’t see that, they are beyond help.

    • Ag…Yeah, agreed, it’s frustrating.  There were 11 years between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  To the early Colonists it must have seemed like an eternity.  When we look back on Revolutionary War days it seems like it happened quickly, but to the participants it must have been agonizing to fight so long and hard and then see nothing happen for over a decade.  

    • Saw several different MSM news shows running the HFT market is rigged story today, chink in the armor, maybe a few people will wake up to the fact the stock market is just there to screw the little guy out of every last penny.

  3. Silver? With gold at these prices?  really???
    I know silver runs deep in the Americas, but for the rest of the world, its gold.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love silver, but, have you seen the price of gold???
    Oh and my Bias, is that Europe pays tax on Silver, nothing on Gold.

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