Exclusive footage of David Morgan discussing silver with Bix Weir at the recent Silver Summit.  (Clip also begins with footage of Morgan’s Silver Summit entry tossing Benjamen’s into the crowd Bernanke helicopter style).



  1. Interesting comment posted on one of the video sites:
    “Fun fact, in ancient sumarian 3000 bc, all people had to labor for the gods and their temple. The only way out of it was a payment in silver. Did ancient aliens know silver’s industrial superiority over gold?”

  2. I saw David Morgan pull that stunt at a gold show in Vancouver, BC when gold was $300 and silver $5.

    Look at all the empty seats. How sad. More proof that gold and silver and nowhere near a mania stage, let alone a bubble.

    The general public is not in this sector at all even after 12-13 years of a bull market. GLD and SLV do not count it my book, as they are bankster frauds. 

  3. IMO   Morgan is mortal.  His wealth and his knowledge about these subjects is dangerous.  There are most certainly things he dare not speak, like Sprott.  They can be gotten to.  Anyone with a stack the size of Sprott is on everyones radar, not just Friends of the Cause

    • @AGXllK: I thinks that is exactly why he doesn’t say it publicly. I didn’t want to give motive to what he does or doesn’t do. I only speculate. He has much to lose if he makes the wrong enemies. I think Sprott has said he believes there is massive manipulation. Some of his people say it publicly though, John Embry for example.

    • And that radar is intensifying, pressure is being put on the CFTC to release the results of the investigation more and more by the general public. I am seeing more and more of my friends looking to get out of their 401k’s and into something safer and I tell them to look at gold and silver IRA’s. As those people see the manipulation and read about it (of course I send them here to read) they will start to wonder then start to question.

  4. Paper fiat currencies have no intrinsic values and are backed by nothing which means that they can make the holders lose their purchasing power. Physical gold and silver have intrinsic values and they protect our purchasing power.

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