Buy gold, buy silver, have faith.” So says Author Darryl Robert Schoon. Darryl says the coming crash of our monetary system will bring a transition away from the current debt & death paradigm – and what will emerge is “something far different from anything we’ve seen in human history.The people who have been running the world have lost control and they know it. They have backed themselves into a corner – and we will soon see better days for humanity.

Schoon’s full interview with our friend Sean of SGT report is below:

From SGTReport:

  1. So Darryl Robert Schoon says there will be better days for humanity.
    Not so !
    A one-world-system is coming, led by a global dictator (the man of sin, the son of perdition), followed by the tribulation and then the Great Tribulation. Adolph Hitler will seem like a choirboy. It is at the door !
    View world events through the lens of holy scripture, and you will gain understanding.

    • Exactly. One thing I’ve warned about elsewhere is that with all the “alternative” hunger and thirst for someone, anyone, to topple the banking cartel, they’ll give their complete and blind allegiance to that person no matter what the cost. It is the “awake”, the conspiracy world, which is most ripe for a global savior. They’ve been expecting him, too: he’ll give “disclosure” of ETs, he’ll seem to fulfill many prophecies of many religions, he’ll even do miracles. Everyone will follow him, and for a time he’ll seem to make everything right again. 

      But then…

      He will declare himself God in the temple he let the Jews build in exchange for them disarming.

      With Damascus in the crosshairs of more than one country right now, and with the US, Russia, and China deep into a proxy war in the ME, and with many strange phenomena occurring worldwide including impending financial doom, the stage is set and the overture is almost over. “Buckle up, Dorothy, because Kansas is going bye-bye”. 

    • You’re exactly right Spaniel . So much bible prophecy is happening right now before our eyes ,its amazing ! Just take Mohammed Morsi in Egypt …..Isaiah 19 has got that situation PEGGED ! and Damascus becoming a ruinous heap could happen any day now with Assad and his chemical weapons. (Isaiah 17.1)

      However , as far as there being “better days for humanity” ,unless a person believes on the Lord Jesus Christ,they have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to look forward to ! The great and terrible day of the Lord is upon us .

  2. LMAO They haven’t lost control by a long shot. All they’re doing is getting humanity ready for the phase where they will once again pretend to be our saviours with their half-assed Satanic solutions; while the truth is that they’re the descendants of the very same ones that started all our troubles in the first place. They’ve been working on it for ages, but each time they went for the final push, the children of the Most High rose up and stripped them down to size. I don’t expect it to be anything different this time around. 

    • My thought is that Darryl is saying that the control by the elite is no more real than their fiat paradigm.  I loved the line that, “Power is no more control than credit is money”.  That pretty well sums it up.  I would agree that we are not causing them to lost control.  It is just that their planned events are spinning out of their control because they have taken on a life of their own and can no longer be controlled by anyone.  

      The derivatives mess is a perfect example.  If even 1/2 of 1% of these fail, it will collapse the global financial system, all fiat currencies, and the governments printing those currencies and sovereign bonds.  When this happens, it will spin totally out of control so quickly that no power on or of this Earth can stop it or even react to it.  

      Terrible economic, financial, and physical pain will result from this… including war, disease, hunger, and starvation.   This is what I call, “The Time of Testing”, and it will be a time that separates those of us who prepare for disaster physically, mentally, and spiritually from those who have not.  As terrible as this time will be, there will come a much better time afterwards.  It will be a time of spiritual awakening when everyone then left on Earth will become intimately aware of every other person and will understand that we are all connected.  When one person’s needs are left unmet, it truly harms us all.  While I do not espouse any individual religion, the thought that continues to come into my head, is One God, One Earth, and One Humanity.  We are all connected for we are all parts of The One.

      Further, I agree that gold and silver will not be enough to survive this crisis but that it will be of considerable help to those who have it.  It is no accident that all of the central banks on Earth are now converting fiat into physical gold as fast as they can.  They KNOW that the day of reckoning is coming.  Hell, they probably have a pretty good idea of WHEN it will occur, hence their eagerness in acquiring all the gold and silver they can before The Time of Testing arrives.  

      While we do not know when it will occur, we do know that it is fast approaching.  Be awake, be aware, and have faith, for that is a power that only the pure of heart can have.  Safety, success, and blessings to all my brothers and sisters out there.

  3. I agree with Darryl, yes there’s going to hardships and troubles down the road but out of this is going to be a Spirtual Awakening if your mentality is in the Right place, if not, then you won’t see or feel it.
    We are all in the Right place at this moment but the True Place is Gods Place (IF) your Mentality is Right and Have Faith.
    Folks It All Comes From Within not From Outer Conditions.
    By The Way That’s Why I’m Always Happy In These Troubled Times. Yes I Stack, Pm’s, Food, Ammo, Guns but for survival purposes only until the Change Comes.

  4. Indeed Marchas45.  Having one’s consciousness right is paramount. Having and maintaining one’s joy is going to be harder and harder. I am grateful for many things every day. Yes, I stack, etc., and like many, believe and understand (both Biblically and otherwise) that there are hard times ahead. It is the one’s who are not familiar with history and the malevolence of the tyranny of mortal mind that blithely go one believing all will be well or that the guvmint will “fix” it. Not so. Read. Listen. Learn. Stack. Prep. Pray, But, above all don’t lose your joy, your equanimity. Be wise. Be grateful. Love one another.

  5. One thing that seems to be continually missed is the petrodollar system, this is the thing that holds the current system together. 
    There can be no more important topic to talk about, when it comes to the present monetary system.

    • In many ways, the petro-dollar system IS the US dollar.  It should be clear to one and all that the petro-dollar system is becoming irrelevant and will be replaced relatively soon.  Yes, there will be a lot of kicking, squealing, and cursing from DC over this but it is all but done.  Historians will likely show that the coup de gras was administered via the incompetence of the Obama administration.

  6. Eventually as the collapse of human reasoning excellerates many will once again wipe the dust off the old table ornament and read again from those pages that have been in the past so vilified. Seems hard times has a way of softening a heart to once again consider the book of books.  

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