gold repatriationIn his interview with The Doc last week, Jim Willie stated that THE COLLAPSE IS ON OUR DOORSTEP! and made the case that the great financial reset will begin with a small trigger in Europe.
The Cypriot depositor haircut to bailout the Cypriot banking system is beginning to look like it could be just that trigger, as the situation has turned from bad to worse.

With the general public in an uproar, the ratification vote by the Cypriot Parliament on the depositor haircut/ daylight robbery has been delayed until 4pm local time Monday as the vote reportedly had lost sufficient support to pass!  Ahead of today’s scheduled vote, the plan was 9 votes short in a 56 seat legislature!
In response, Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades threatened that if the depositor haircut is not passed, the entire Cypriot banking system will collapse, and former Central Bank President Afxentis Afxentiou claimed that if the bill is not passed, Cyprus opens the road to chaos, and that Cyprus will turn into Libya!

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As Bloomberg reports, the Cypriot depositor haircut plan is at least 9 votes short in a 56 seat legislature!

With his Disy party holding 20 seats in the 56-seat legislature, he needs at least nine more votes to secure approval and avoid the financial collapse of the region’s third- smallest economy. If he doesn’t get backing for the plan, the banks may stay shut starting March 19, state-run Cyprus Broadcasting Corp. said. Tomorrow is a bank holiday in Cyprus.


“If tomorrow Cyprus’s Parliament rejects the bill, Cyprus opens the road to chaos,” said Afxentis Afxentiou, who was governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus from 1982 until 2002, said on CYBC. If the bill is rejected, “Cyprus will turn into Libya. Even with the pain, we need to follow a normal course, with hope we’ll see better days.”



The problem is that even if enough arms can be twisted by 4pm Monday, the European markets open in 16 hours, with no official agreement in place regarding the Cypriot bailout, and the rest of the southern Eurozone’s population likely headed to their local bank to empty their account first thing Monday am.

*Update: The Cyprus Mail reports today that funds will be cut from depositors accounts prior to the reopening of banks on Tuesday, apparently regardless of the approval by the Cypriot Parliament?


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  1. Rockets, I wouldn’t want to be a legislator either. 
    A picture of people with pitchforks and torches marching up the road to do some serious damage comes to mind.  It is staggering that the  votes to pass this measure were not already in place.  To me,  this means that most of the politicians were in the dark about this theft, otherwise there’d be the Cypriot version of the Cornhusker Kickback in place. 
    It does stand to reason that when a government plans to steal the people’s money they do it over the weekend with bank and other service shut downs and  then extend the bank holiday.  I expect that this bank holiday will be more than two days. It could be permanent.  But who knows. 
    The best thing I can think of doing is diagramming the course of events to create a game plan so that we can have some predictive power to protect ourselves. Since Obama and his cronies take their lead from the precedences in Europe, this event will be a part of his playbook. I wonder if BHO knew of this event.  If he didn’t he’s an out of touch idiot. If he did then he is the worst of the worst and his plans will unfold in a similar manner on this side of the pong.

    • I can tell you that the people in Hawaii are hurting big time. Yes, we are the 50th state of the United States and every time you turn on the tele or read the newspaper it is some politician saying we are going to raise the gas tax 5 cents a gallon to pave the roads on Oahu. Some are working 2 to 3 jobs just trying to make it on the islands. These are people who where born on the islands. This is crazy..Now when we are talking about these so called politicians. No one has taken the lead like the LEADER in ICELAND. He has kicked out this corrupt bankers and apparently kept the FBI from entering his country.. Now I don’t have anything against the FBI. Yet there AG is weak and anyone who said that the banks are to big to prosecute should have been fired right there on the same day. How is it that U.S. Senate has over 300 pages of credible information on Jp Morgan where they where all sworn under oath by Senator Carl Levin, which he had them all sweating and yet Eric Holder AG of the United Stated that they are to big to prosecute..Thats bullshit! All these countries get to your leaders and make them in fact demand them to kick these crooks out and thrown these corrupt politicians in prison and we are not talking fines. We want them with bubba…

    • AG… it is virtually a SURE THING than upon hearing this, the common thought among these politician-cockroaches was “How do I get some of this money?”.  GRRR!
      Worse yet is that there are no doubt EU, UK, and US politicians and banksters rubbing their hands in glee at how they can arrange the same theft in their countries.

    • Duck Vision, the Cecil B DeMille of Silver Doctors.
      At the risk of being called a noodge, I wonder who will be robbed to pay the UK soldiers in Cyprus.  Maybe HRH QE II will cough up some of her gold to take care of this short changing.  good luck with that.  Why are UK soldiers stationed in Cyprus?  Will they be used to protect the government and bank buildings.  Maybe they’ll turn their guns on same due to theft of their paychecks. 
      One of the senior goons at the IMF wanted a 40% bank account haircut but was voted down. If this crap continues that larger theft would not surprise me. But complete collapse of the Cypriot banking system, with or without their toothless FDIC coverage, is a real possibility. At least Chavez stole 40% of the Venezuelan people’s money honestly. He devalued the currency by the like amount. And then he died

    • Could be a transfer payment of Putin’s money to pay the Western puppet military.  It’s more salt in the wound towards the Russians.  It could be a PR stunt by the West to jab at the Russians.  I’m really not sure but this is creating a system of some parties being exempt from this theft.  Maybe they set these raids at 6.75% and 9.9% to come back to renegotiate.  The IMF started at 40% and it was agreed at these current numbers.  I think they will lower the percentage to 6.1% like zerohedge had originally documented.  These idiots think that this is a compromise and the people will buy it.  I don’t think they will.  The trust level of the banks and the politicians is at ground zero.  This story woke up many in Europe.  They could confiscate assets of the country and the people to pay the debt.  That will just add fuel to the fire.  This is a mess.  Good thing we have the NCAA basketball tournament to watch so we don’t have to pay attention to all of this in the US.  HAHAHA….

    • “Why are UK soldiers stationed in Cyprus?”
      UK soldiers and sailors have been on Cyprus for a long time… probably since the days of sailing ships.  Later on, Cyprus became a coal fueling port for coal-fired ships.  The UK and the people of Cyprus have had a relationship for a long time.  I have no idea how amicable it is but it seems stable enough.  The Brits and US forces there would likely leave, if asked to do so.  The millions of dollars and pounds sterling pumped into their economy is probably too nice a plum to refuse, though.
      US sailors have been there for a while too, probably since WWII ended.  It is a strategic location and a great place for RADAR and radio intercepts.  My wife has a cousin who spent a couple of years there doing electronic intel work for the US Navy.

    • And why would the country ‘turn into Libya’? Why not ‘Iceland’? Why not put the bankers behind bars (because the International bankers and the local bankers are all in it together) and refuse to pay back the money that’s supposedly ‘owed’. Where did the money come from, which the bankers have conspired to get the country into debt with? All created by pressing buttons! It cost the bankers nothing to get the Western world into debt, so they will not be hurt if we all come to our senses, jail them all, and start all over again, using money properly and honestly. It would be nice to say that we’ve got our military there to protect the Government and people should they accept the challenge of such an endeavour, but sadly, it’s the bankers who pay our military, and who have realised that the military should be compensated for any losses so that they stay on the ‘right’ side.

    • We keep hearing that “threat” over and over.  It’s more than time for someone with a pair to stand up and say, “OK, let’em collapse!”, and see what happens then.  My guess is that they will find a way to get their crap together, even if free money is not slathered upon them.


    Most interesting part is the comments. There is over 1200 comments currently about this article. People are waking up to the BS.

    This is the most frightening article I have ever read in the DM. Once you tell the general public that the money you have saved from taxed income is still not safe from government then you send out a really dangerous message. It says we own you and everything you have. This a disastrous decision

    – surreymac, surrey, United Kingdom, 17/3/2013 3:03

    • duckvision – I think the governments DO own us and everything we own – they’ve just been polite (smart??) enough not to throw it our faces this blatently YET… now it appears they are taking that route.
      I say they ‘own’ us because they’ve (time & again) changed the rules/laws etc so that we are “in debt” to them and under their thumb, things like “Temporary laws to help the country” – like Income Tax here in Canada! Temporary my A$$ – supposed to be for wartime measures and then removed – how long has it been since WWII??  The US government (and many others) making it illegal to own gold, govt’ making it so farmers can’t butcher their own animals to sell to public,  the govt NEVER standing up for the average joe citizen – rather backing banks, & monster companies like Monsanto and the lg. pharmasuticals….
      I think until the people stand up within their own countries and say ENUF ALREADY they/govt will just continue on… why not – if their crappy behavior has no consequences the crappiness will continue/increase – just how behavior works!  They might just need a real good dose of positive punishment to reconsider their crimes against us all….

    • Newbie1-I agree with you.  The governments and the groups of people who own them, control us.  This can only happen if people are unaware and willing to be controlled.  Most don’t understand what has gone on for centuries.  Hell, I don’t understand what has happened and I feel like I’m more informed compared to the common guy on the street.  I have enough sense like most of the people on this site to see this system is about to change very quickly.  When?  I don’t have a clue but few do.  I’m still in the process of educating myself and understanding history, economics, science and other topics.  What I do understand is basic arithmetic.  These debt loads are completely past the point on no return.  We past that decades ago.  All of these actions are a systematic approach to control the masses because this ship is going down.  They have duct taped and super glued this system together for a little while longer.  IMO, it died in 2008.  The global economical world is held together by the MSM to make you believe it’s still alive.  With this Cyprus situation, the perception was lost to many Europeans.  Here in the US, nobody will understand or even pay attention.  Until it happens to the US population, nothing will wake us up.  Maybe the gun control measures are waking people up.  I actually like all this legislation being past against the 2nd amendment.  It sparks people’s interest and I want to see if people have any fight in them.  It’s going to have to take a fight to stop these criminals.  These criminals will take everything if we allow it.  It’s up to the people of the world to fight.  If we don’t, then we die.  It’s really that simple.

  3. DV your post about UK expats living in Cyprus really got me and my wife thinking about living elsewhere  Not that we are planning to move to Belize or Costa Rica or anything like that despite StackSmack 3000s suggesting that I live elsewhere.
    But if the IMF  (That’s International Mother F****rs) can tell the leaders and banksters in ANY country they they have to pay up or their banking system will be destroyed, collapsed and looted for any reason or no reason at all, like making some bad investments in Greek bonds, then going expat or even having an offshore account to protect personal assets must be rethought. Offshoring phyzz is questionable at best given the theft of precious metals in allocated accounts, a fact noted frequently by Doc Willie.  Our assets are not safe anywhere at any time.  The banksters will have their way with the common folks no matter how well we protect our FIAT.  If there was a clarion call that echoed louder than this for the ownership and protection of gold and silver this is it.  Any Cypriot citizen who held gold and silver did not see one single Euro of wealth diminishment this weekend.  If metals bounce in Euro due to this cataclysm they may actually be on the plus side of the equation.  The black market in Cyprus will be epic. Greeks should be afraid, very afraid, of this action.  They are on the cusp of complete collapse if they don’t get that 4 billion bailout soon.

    • This is a great lesson to be learned from this Cyprus situation.  This is why we hold gold and silver.  The counter party risk is gone with the physical metals.  It’s a insurance policy against these bastards that want to control our lives.  I’m kinda in the Ann Barnhardt camp of just staying in America.  I really don’t have the ability to leave.  I don’t want to leave the US.  The capital control measures are a systematic reaction to the monetary problems of the world.  There is really nowhere to hide.  This is a global debt problem.  The small fish will be eaten first and it will move on to the bigger fish.  You can really see that the system is braking down at a rapid rate.  When you are stuck in the matrix, it’s hard to see the movement of deterioration.  Taking a step back,  you can see a very destructive path in the last few years.  It’s moving in light speed. 

    • AGXIIK.  Don’t move to Costa Rica or Panama if you are looking for a decent banking system.  Mexico is a good choice from what I have been told.  You can go into a bank and buy gold and silver right from the bank.  And, sell them back to the bank later when you need fiat.  Mexico is a big country and boasts very very good places to live if you look into it.  Remember Bob Chapman?  He lived in Mexico and he loved it.

    • ” They are on the cusp of complete collapse if they don’t get that 4 billion bailout soon.”
      Then maybe it is time for them to just yell “F*** IT!”, completely dump this non-working and unworkable “system”, roll up their sleeves, and start the he|| over?  If they do not, they will be owned by these parasites who will do the same s*** over and over until they are bled so dry there is no hope of ever recovering.  Better to do it now and just get it over. The longer it is put off, the worse it will be, and the less likely a recovery of any kind will be.

  4. @AGXIIK The British have been in Cyprus for years, even when I was a wee boy and that’s a long time. Lol
    Spoke to my sister in Scotland this morning and everybody is talking about the banks in Cyprus so yea, maybe now they are waking up. My sister will be first in line at that bank tomorrow. Lol

  5. Your sister is lucky to have a well informed brother like you Charlie.  I wish your family the best in this crisis.
    I have to get away from this crap for a while. Maybe I’ll clean some more guns and do an ammo check.

  6. Just a thought… Cyprus ans Israel have LOTS of natgas, something the Lebanese and Russians are interested in. Cyprus isn’t dead yet. The  Brits on Cyprus …  Great place to spy on Europe and Mideast and Africa… USS Liberty shouldn’t have given Intel on Israel to the Brits to give to the Egyptian High command during the war.   Russians wont like the damage done to their Syrian clients nor the billions of rubles lost in their Iranian investments… Zion Will defeat them though. Inthe meantime though, Western powers better whip out their Polonium 210 detectors

  7. Proverbs 1616
    Your point is well made.
    It first starts with that  ‘great plan’;  fractional reserve banking, then to debt upon more debt which evolves to FIAT embeggarment and then to the  natural,  conclusive last stage;   the banksters Pretorian guard sent in to steal the assets, commodities and very lives of the new class of serfs— the debt slaves, people who were once free citizens.
    PK I decided to stay put When you told me about the 2 hour ride on a scooter to your place it was a bit much. I’m not a scooter kind of guy Too heavy.
    BTW I’ve been scouring the MSM dumbass media. Not a peep about a $13 billion theft of Cypriot bank accounts. All I’m hearing is stupid shit about CPAC, Sarah Palin’s rack and her Big Gulp. I guess Todd’s a happy guy but what the heck, I wouldn’t kick that hottie out of bed.
    Where’s the media on this breaking story? Uh, oops I forgot, it’s baseketball season. Silly me.
    Ammo up homies, this is going to get really real real soon.

  8. Any thoughts on this? 

    He defended trader Jerome Kerviel, who stood accused of committing one of the biggest trading frauds in history. He also helped the daughter of France’s richest woman and l’Oreal heiress, Liliane Bettencourt, who was at loggerheads with her mother over the family fortune.
    He also defended Continental Airlines over the 2000 Concorde crash – one of the most high-profile disasters in aviation history. Metzner won a surprise ruling only last year to have manslaughter charges against the U.S. airline overturned.
    Sounds like he pissed someone off but it did say he committed suicide. 

    • Olivier Metzner defended this guy named Jerome Kerviel.
      Jérôme Kerviel (French pronunciation: ​[ʒeʁom kɛʁvjɛl]; born 11 January 1977) is a French trader who has a pending appeal of his conviction in the 2008 Société Générale trading loss for breach of trust, forgery and unauthorized use of the bank’s computers, resulting in losses valued at 4.9 billion.[1][2][3] Société Générale characterizes Kerviel as a rogue trader and claims Kerviel worked these trades alone and without its authorization. These assertions have been met with skepticism by some of Kerviel’s former colleagues and acquaintances, as well as by some members of the news media.[4][5] Kerviel had told investigators that his trading behavior was widespread at the company and that getting a profit makes the hierarchy turn a blind eye.[6] Kerviel published a book in May 2010, L’engrenage: Mémoires d’un Trader (Downward spiral: Memoirs of a Trader), in which he alleges that his superiors knew of his trading activities, and that the practice was very common.

    • Bank officials claim that throughout 2007, Kerviel had been trading profitably in anticipation of falling market prices; however, they have accused him of exceeding his authority to engage in unauthorized trades totaling as much as 49.9 billion, a figure far higher than the bank’s total market capitalization. Bank officials claim that Kerviel tried to conceal the activity by creating losing trades intentionally so as to offset his early gains.[5] According to the BBC, Kerviel generated €1.4 billion in hidden profits by the end of 2007.[6] His employers say they uncovered unauthorized trading traced to Kerviel on January 19, 2008. The bank then closed out these positions over three days of trading beginning January 21, 2008, a period in which the market was experiencing a large drop in equity indices, and losses attributed are estimated at 4.9 billion.
      The bank states that Kerviel was assigned to arbitrage discrepancies between equity derivatives and cash equity prices
      The bank claimed Kerviel “had taken massive fraudulent directional positions in 2007 and 2008 far beyond his limited authority”[7] and that the trades involved European stock index futures
      Société Générale characterizes Kerviel as a rogue trader and claims Kerviel worked these trades alone
      On January 21, 2008, European stock markets suffered heavy losses of about 6%. The sharp fall, which was followed by an emergency cut in the federal funds rate by the United States Federal Reserve on the following Tuesday (US markets were closed on the Monday for Martin Luther King Jr Day), came as Société Générale tried to close out positions built up by Kerviel. This has led to speculation that stock market turbulence caused the Federal Reserve Board to cut the rate.[28] A Federal Reserve spokesperson denied the central bank knew of Société Générale’s situation when it made its decision.[29]
      It is estimated that over the period the total trading in futures and the cash market for the Euro Stoxx 50 was €544 billion. This would make the unwinding of Kerviel’s position account for five per cent or less of overall activity.[9] Société Générale’s investment banking chief, Jean Pierre Mustier, acknowledged that the three days of forced selling played a role in the market’s overall decline, but characterized that impact as “minimal”.[30]

  9. Ya know foks, it may be a good time to “MOVE”.  After all, when a bank has the gall to tell its customers: Hey, we are going to charge you say, 6 or 7 percent to save your money in our bank.  Oh, we will give you an interest rate, say, 1.3%.  And, by the way, we’re taking all of your money out of your account because we need to give to some banks that need it! 
    Problem is there isn’t much of a choice out there (if your in the good ole USA).  As most of you already know, I spent a tad over 40 years serving my country.  With the exception of a couple cups of coffee within the US, the rest was elsewhere.  Believe me, I have seen some really choice spots, and some not so choice.  Bottom line, when you make a list of positives and negatives of anywhere on this planet, you invariably see the place to be is here in the US.
    Until Obammy we only could read about those like him (FDR, Wilson, Carter) and we became complacent.  Things may get a lot worse (if the Dems take the House in ’14), but if that doesn’t happen, and a third party candidate wins in ’16, it may not be too late….
    Do the right thing for yourself and family, prepare and stack.  Avoid the banks at every opportunity, avoid the stock market, and get yourself and your family educated/trained in the use of firearms.
    And find a place here in the USA!   Get out of the congested areas no matter where it is.  You want to be “off somewhere” where you aren’t an easy target.  Its good living, too.   God Bless you all!

  10. I noticed that the mockery of Jim Sinclair has dramatically reduced in the past day.
    How people with oodles less experience and connections than him, a man admired by Mr. Sprott, Mr. Doc, Mr. everybody, can mock him I’ll never get ( so he’s not 100% perfect, … ok, only Jesus was/is perfect)
    I suppose the levels of pride people will reach are unmeasurable when emotions, greed and impatience mix.
    Even if someone isn’t always 100% correct, it’s not unwise to be humble and show respect to someone who out-ranks you (on so many levels like Mr. Sinclair especially).

  11. remember the Derivatives.  If one small country defaults; if one large bank collapses, the hudreds of billion in derivatives in one bank and trillions in sovereign bond derivatives will explode and wash across the continent, to the UK and then to the US.  Like Ed B said, it’ll start in Europe but we will be hit hard. 
    I can’t speculated what will happen in Japan or if they’ve started buying derivatives as was noted two weeks ago. If so, they are going to be crushed.  Timing is everything including being late to the game of buying weapons of mass destruction in derivatives.
    Over on Ann barthardt’s channel she makes the direct connection to the failure of MG Global and the theft of $1.6 billion in client accounts the the outright stealing of private guaranteed accounts in Cyprus.  She also noted that Christine Legard is directly connection to Obama, working for a law firm that I think Michele Obama worked for.  LeGard is part of the Chicago Boyz insider bankers gang and was supported and approved by BHO to the IMF. She is as mobbed up as anyone in the Obama inner circle and now runs the IMF, a bank with the ability steal the people’s money anywhere in the world.  If this theft of Cypriot money is not nipped in the bud, it’s presendence will spread immediately to Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy.  The derivative explosions will rocket upward and outward from there. is her channel. 

      Yes, MF Global was the Direct Antecedent to Cyprus
      Posted by Ann Barnhardt – March 17, AD 2013 2:06 PM MST
      Cyprus is MF Global on a national, retail banking scale. Corzine absolutely blazed this trail. The particulars are almost exactly the same. Both MF Global/Corzine and Cyprus were failing entities, both took massive, uber-leveraged risks on European sovereign debt, both swept sacrosanct customer money when the house of cards finally collapsed under the weight of its own math.
      The indefensible zeroes and ones were instantly swept from the computer servers and customers were locked-out of their accounts.
      Interestingly, both were goaded on and enabled by the same people. Corzine was a crony of the Obama regime, which is operationally a Chicago-based phenomenon, as are the regulators of the futures industry, along with the CME group itself.
      Cyprus was goaded, overseen, and then “harvested” by the International Monetary Fund, which is chaired by Christine Legarde, who is a Chicago player, and who actually was a partner at Baker & McKenzie before being placed at the IMF by the Obama regime and bankster oligarchy. Cyprus was Christine Legarde’s play, and Legarde is in the Chicago oligarch circle.
      This will happen here. It already has with MF Global, Cyprus is testing the national, retail banking level, and then it will happen here. They might go straight to bank holidays here, as Warren Pollock has been talking about for over 18 months now, or they may do a levy confiscation like this on retirement accounts.
      If you have any money exposed to the financial system, you’re just stupid. That’s it. Bottom line.

    • When the MFG debacle hit the headlines, the first thought that came to me was, “How many MFG clients bought PM futures contracts and are standing for delivery?”.  I was thinking that if there were enough of them, they could have crashed the COMEX via producing a failure to deliver situation.  Since TPTB cannot allow this, MFG was crashed to prevent them from taking delivery of gold and / or silver that they simply did not have and could not get.  I still think that this was at the very least an element of this puzzle, if not a major portion of it.  Their actions were virtually identical to an old-time poker player who has raised the pot to force out the other players but one still remains in the game and the guy doing the raising is not only out of money but also has lousy cards.  So, what does he do?  He flips over the table, shoots out the lamp, grabs all the money he can, dives through the nearest window, jumps on his horse, and gallops away in all the confusion.  Somehow, this seems eerily similar to banking operations.  X-p

  12. I lost respect for Ann Barnhardt when she bashed Ron Paul simply because he does not worship Israel like she does.  Once I see that someone can not see things logically and bashes someone only because of a belief system they hold, all credibility is lost…. in my opinion. 

  13. Holy Crap, fellow SD’ers!  To be perfectly honest, I always believed it was ‘tin-foil-hattish’ to suggest the .gov would steal from citizen’s 401K’s, let alone tax people’s bank accounts.  You folks are obviously one step ahead of the game, and today I am more of a believer than I was last week.
    This taking of Cypriot bank accounts has potential to push things over the edge in the financial markets and boost PM’s.  Can anybody here say, “Bank Run?‘  This will prove to be a very, very interesting week!

  14. @Marchas:  You are a terrorist in the eyes of Obammy.  Why?  Because HIS minions have only what he gives them.  They don’t have bank accounts.  So, you must be a terrorist and you need to be watched!

    • Yes, I am sure that they do.  Of course, just because THEY have a plan does not mean that WE have to cooperate with them.  Anything that can be done to throw some sand in the gears of their relentless financial enslavement machine is a good thing, IMHO, and I fully plan to do just that.  🙂

  15. That reminds me of Hank Paulsen when he told someone in the govt in 2008 that “without a bailout the whole system collapses”. Where the govt erred was in letting those slime balls off the hook. I would have replied that IF ANYTHING happens that even remotely resembles a collapse that my first duty will be to issue arrest warrants for ALL involved in any collapse starting with him. Then you’ve heard of that new movie “Olympus Has Fallen” that’s coming out soon?? The new real time movie I’d be shooting is the leveling of the Federal Reserve building in Washington DC by Homeland Security and we’d call that movie “The Fed Has Fallen – Hard” and then we’d continue with the roundup of these criminals. 
    I’m sure the powers-that-be in Cyprus aren’t as…..restrained as our govt is supposed to be by important historical documents that our govt only uses when it wants to like they do with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. All he has to do is find his BRASS BALLS and talk nice and make THE point. After that he should have the Army moving towards rounding these people up before they can do any more damage to who knows what. I’m telling you – execute a few of these TRAITORS in public and watch the rest fall in line. Think I’m kidding??

  16. You know, this is just an explicit theft.  With real inflation running somewhere around 9 to 11 percent here in the US and banks paying nothing they are taking this much every year now as it is.  This just proves we need inflation so we can’t figure out who is taking our money.
    In fact this is more fair b/c it punishes savers (same as inflation) but it does not reward debtors who live beyond their means.

  17. Anastasiades states that if the depositor levy is not passed then the banking system will collapse.  When you have idiots in the banking system that think it’s OK to just reach into your part of the piggy bank to pay for the ineptitude misfeasance fraud and other illegal activities on the part of the banking executives then I would say that the banking system is ALREADY broken.  

  18. Let the Cypriot banking system collapse so that it won’t cause any more harm to the innocent people. Also, because we, the people, are not the subjects of the banksters! Everyone tells me to save dollars inside my bank account, but look at Cyprus now!

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