KWN malwareCyber malware attacks targeting alternative news sites such as SGTReport and BeforeItsNews have spread to KWN today, with multiple reports that visiting the KWN website has resulted in the user’s system immediately receiving a trojan virus resulting in Blue Screen of Death.

It appears that sites linking into KWN are also being targeted/ black flagged by search engines.  We encourage our readers to avoid visiting KWN or linking their site until their systems have been restored. 

Has Obama’s new Cyber security team been getting to work shutting down the alternative media?

SD reader X, who states he is an IT professional reports that the malware attack is very real:


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Before leaving work this morning.
At 5:45 AM MST – googled King World news – saw the warning.
Then used Yahoo, – no warning
Used IE to open KWN as usual
Within seconds, had a re-direct video downloaded then the Blue Screen of Death on Windows 7 Enterprise running the latest version of Microsoft Defender and Malware Bytes that had a full scan last Saturday.
This automatically restarts the computer.
Can log in – choose profile, supply password – immediate BSOD and reboot
Log in a Safe Mode with networking
Got the lastest download from Malware Bytes – ran quick scan
Identified a Trogan – removed and rebooted as requested.
Had to leave for work. Won’t be able to check until later.

I am a IT person. My last full backup to external drives were last Sunday night.
This has never happened to me before.
It is very real.


KWN malware

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  1. Yes, the pathetic weasels are losing big time in the information war, and they are resorting to desperate measures to try and regain control.  But the human awakening that is going on now is a phenomenon of Nature and of the Universe, and there is nothing that they can do that will stop its progression.
    The only solution that they have to offer the world–to print more fiat money–has been revealed for what it truly is.  There is nothing hidden under the sun that will not be revealed for all to see.

  2. KWN does have some sloppy scripts, but I’ve never see it go full retard like that. makes a guy wonder. Between horeshit like this and anonymous ( the cia useful idiots ) hackling places  and doing nothing, the government will ram through cyber security bills by causing the problem themselves.

  3. I for one have numerous virus protectors on my computer and also have Carbonite back-up just to make sure I don’t lose my files.
    I usually do a scan with all my programs once a week to make sure but I have a couple that run continuously and that is Avast Premium and Advanced System Ware, it pays to update.

    • Watch out.  I expect SD will be next.  Use FireFox on your PC or an iPad.  SGT, KWN, and SD are the big three sites.  That’s right Doc.  You’re considered one of the top sites for Truth.  Well done.  Congratulations.  

    • Same here for SGTReport; running Win 7 Home Premium with Avast!, ZoneAlarm, and Windows Defender on a home-built PC.  I thought that the site might be virus infested, so did not linger.  1st time in well over a year of daily log ins with any problem at all.  Yes, as an experienced PC user, fixer, and builder, this looked VERY suspicious to me as well.  Anyone doing this [email protected] needs to remember the old saying about “what goes around, comes around”.

  4. Proof Positive that government is nothing but a BIG FAT LIE! They’re going after all the alternative news sites. Which, I might add, is the last bastion of unfittered journalism. I don’t even read the fucking newspaper anymore. They just quote Reuters and AP. CNN, FOX, ABC, NBE, CNBC, MSNBC, Etc. aren’t even worth mentioning. Really, who watches that shit?

  5. It’s gettin real, now.  Shutting off the info spigots.  SD might be next.
    What in the world are they going to do about that giant mountain of shorts they have accumulated?
    They either have to cover them (no chance) or drive prices so low they close in the money.
    So far their efforts only produce a 31.XX cap.  There might just be another drive-by in our near future, and it will be an ugly one.  Get ready to add some bling to that patriotic pile you’ve built.   These guys are so arrogant.

  6. I have had no trouble with sgt or kwn all week, by entering the site by my bookmarks. However I just used my android phone and googled kwn and got the warning when I went to the link to go to kwn. However something strange going on here. I have had this warning from google before on some sites, and there is a clickable option to “continue anyway” but on this page of the warning for kwn, there is no clickable continue anyway button…

  7. Profile photo of
    IndenturedServant says:

    “Used IE to open KWN as usual
    Within seconds, had a re-direct video downloaded then the Blue Screen of Death on Windows 7 Enterprise running the latest version of Microsoft Defender and Malware Bytes that had a full scan last Saturday.
    Yer usin’ Microshits WinBlows products? Well therz yer problem! Here’s yer sign!

  8. using MS windows 7  with norton.   when i visit KWN it successfully blocks a ” fake app attack, fake AV redirect 31″ and “malicious website accessed 2
    norton says high risk but blocked it anyway. computer working fine. no bsd

  9. I get the same Reported Attack Page using Slackware Linux and FireFox 17.0.1.  I am running NoScript and I had kingworldnews in my whitelist but I now have them as forbidden.  Funny thing is when I try to forbid them on the “Reported Attack Page” it is greyed out and says “Forbid about:blocked” so it’s like I didn’t even get there.
    I can get there with the Konqueror browser (part of the KDE Linux desktop suite) and with lynx (a text based browser).
    My guess is IE and FF use some kind of protection scheme (or disservice) that screens out known unsafe url’s.

  10. Its interesting that KWN is blocked  I figured the billionaires boyz club would have a hacker mulligan.  On another pretty serious topic, the Fed system was hacked, allegedly by Anonymous.  That system is vulnerable and just about everything runs through Fed wire.  The TBTF banks have had many instances of cyber attack.  Iranian, Chinese or US flase flag—this hits hard at our systems.  shutdowns are very serious.  Keep as much FIAT is the safe as you comfortably can.  If we get a JPM like bank offline, nothings going to work well.  This continual testing to probe for weaknesses is a precursor of what might be an all out assault. If Iran is attacked or China and Japan get into a shooting war, the Chinese, masterful in their cyber warfare, could easily send a cyber attack warning, saying ‘stay out of stuff that’s none of your concern’  Or else.

  11. I think its mostly a windows problem. Windows is such a crappy operating system. I have been using both for several years and Macs are way superior and worth the extra money. I still have an old Mac from 1998 that works perfectly. I have been through several windows and their operating systems don’t last long. The only reason I even use windows is for certain programming stuff I do from time to time. My macs are for Art and Design stuff.

  12. ymusti  
    thanks for putting this up. 
    If the Supreme court refuses to hear this, we are that much more quickly slipping into a Fascist government.  On Activist Post there is a letter purportedly from a 16 year old high school student. His letter speaks with a wisdom greater than his years and is an eloquent protest against Obama and his unilateral policy of sending in drones to kill people in pretty much any middle east country he wants. BHO makes the final decision.This 16 year old boy asks that if he might   somehow be allied to a group on the ‘targeted list’ if his letter is considered excessive.
     Many in the house and senate agree with this policy. This ‘kill’ policy is always mentioned in conjunction with the phrase American Citizen, as if killing an American Citizen overseas is somehow different and more impactful on the rule of law than executing a civilian of another country.   If an American citizen in another country is targeted for any reason and not given the Constitutional rights of any American, then it makes the President a war criminal, wantonly killing people at will. 
    The body count on children in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan is over 300 according to people who have knowledge of these things.  The deaths are discounted as collateral damage.  Where were their rights when a Hellfire missile crashed into their homes?  American or not, it is beyond my understanding how innocent children can be lumped into the alleged terrorists that Obama thinks should be killed. There are stories of people living in areas frequently targeted by drones. They suffer from stress syndromes caused by living in fear of being killed by a missile.   Drones often hit the same area shortly after the first strike, with the intention of causing havoc to the first responders coming the aid of the wounded. Those actions are just like the people with whom we are at war.  Does that make us better than then since we use the sanitary missile instead of a bomb vest? We sow dragons teeth into the earth by our actions.
    Drones can be sent in any direction and are already being used in this country for aerial surveillance. It’s said they are not weaponized.  How convenient is that?  Hanging a missile from a hard point on a drone is a 10 minute exercise. Tasking the drone to fly 180 degrees from the middle east is just a flip of a switch.  If American citizens,  or any others that might be inconvenient to the status quo of conventional thinking and alliegance to the central government, are lumped into some three word phrase like ‘affiliated terrorist group,’ those who live here in America should be rightfully concerned about the government’s intentions. 
    It’s taken me a while to see this very vital matter from more than one direction.  It’s forced me to look at this through the eyes of the people in a target zone. This change in my thinking is one of the hardest ones I’ve done in the last couple of years.  While I can’t image what it could be like to live in circumstances where death could rain from the sky, I can picture it intellectually and that is chilling enough.  Wrong is wrong no matter when language you speak, God you pray to or country you live in. Many of us Silver Doctor Irregulars harken from  diverse and varied parts of the world. I’d like to hear others thoughts on this, outside the American point of view.  What do others think and how do other view us?
    History is going to judge this administration and prior ones very harshly and for many reasons. War criminal charges are going to be the least of the judgements levied against murderers.  Yes, this is off topic but when you consider the wars and destruction wrought over precious metals and the part the banksters play in this arena of war, maybe it’s not too far afield.

    • ” I’d like to hear others thoughts on this, outside the American point of view.”
      I’d respond to this but, alas, have that dratted American point of view.  At least it is a patriot’s view and not an Obamunist’s view.  😉

  13. One year ago buried in the NDAA bill enacted over Christmas was funding for the deployment of 30,000 _domestic_ drones of the next ten years.  That’s 600 per state.  Don’t worry we’re told.  They are only going to be armed with tear gas and rubber bullets (for now).  What we have are both political parties, our President, and the MSM working together to keep this from the American people.

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