Jerry Robinson shares critical areas of preparedness that all Americans should engage in right now as the world ditches the US dollar. Sure, there may be plenty of toilet paper available, but from the most basic preps to financial readiness, Jerry has it covered…

Jerry Robinson interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

The subject of much resistance, even in the alternative media, the upcoming global embracing of the Chinese yuan-traded oil contract, convertible to gold on the Chinese gold exchanges, will have serious implications for people holding and using the US dollar.

As Western and Eastern United States find out, some the hard way, that the only real time to prepare is before disaster strikes, the coming dollar collapse will have deep and lasting effects on everybody. It will be a financial disaster like no other.

In this robust interview, Jerry and Dunagun discuss what actions every person should take right now to prepare for the inevitable. It may seem like there is still time, until all of the sudden there isn’t.


  1. The $US is convertible to gold on the COMEX.

    So, why is oil in yuan convertible on the Shanghai exchange at the same price, determined by the COMEX, worth talking about??

    Hint: it isn’t.

    The significance of petrodollars was their being used to buy American debt and products.

    If the sellers of oil had WANTED to buy gold, they could have.

    • @Faranginkorat       That’s really very funny. “The US dollar is convertible to gold on the Comex”. No it isn’t unless you have massive positions on the Comex and as we are reminded by jj and others that, as you very well know, is not the purpose of the Comex. If you showed any interest in buying large quantities of metal on the Comex you would be taken aside and persuaded that there were better ways of settling the matter than to actually take delivery of what isn’t there in any quantity. It is the last place anyone wanting to source precious metals would go to buy. Its raison d’etre is paper plays in everything including metals and through the ridiculous use of the paper contracts as a proxy for price. It is a mechanism for redirecting interest in purchasing precious metals into paper substitutes thereby massively increasingly the perceived supply over what actually exists and diluting the impact of demand on the actual real world metal. It is a stinking product of the exceptionally disgusting US / UK financial centres and politicos.

    • UKTramp you are right but I don´t understand why you say that jj ever boring and word walling Troll has ever said anything correct, he is always defending King Dollar as a supranatural entity that will never fail and go to zero like all 800 fiat currencies have done before her.

    • @Paco    Maybe I didn’t word that well enough. jj whoever jj is seems immersed in the paper / fiat trading world and I can remember one contribution he made in which he did say that if people think the Comex is a metal delivery outfit then they really didn’t understand it’s purpose……….or words to that effect……..which is undeniably correct. So I guess my point was that even someone apparently so deeply immersed in the conventional financial meme as jj understands that the Comex isn’t intended as a metal delivery vehicle and is more the opposite of that. Why Faranginkorat came out with something so obviously the opposite of true is beyond me but I think people on this site still need to point out these things whether they are responding to a troll or not so that anyone new to this can see the counter point of view and nonsense doesn’t go unchallenged. However I can see why you questioned me for citing him / her.

    • @everybody

      The COMEX deliveries are reported daily, and yes, I look at them daily.

      I realize that physical gold is a very small percentage of what trades, the lowest of any of the commodities traded on major exchanges.

      The amount of gold that enters and leaves is quite small, but in silver, it is enormous.

      If they routinely refused to deliver gold, it could not be kept secret.

      Further, anybody who sells oil for $US can use the money to buy gold on any exchange in the world.

      I agree that the price in manipulated.

      I disagree that gold is not available at the manipulated price.

      There is simply not enough demand for the physical to break the system.

    • @ everybody

      Both COMEX contract deliveries and movement of physical are reported daily on, for those that care to look.

      It tells me more than reading what jj thinks.

      I really have to wonder how many of those that comment here on the COMEX here have ever even looked at the data they publish daily, never mind actually traded futures.

      Yes, trading futures has a purpose and I have been doing it for 5 years.

      It has lower transaction costs, is safer, offers high leverage (25 to 1 on gold on the Thailand Futures Exchange) and is more convenient than hauling around bricks of gold and knapsacks full of money.

      It does not serve the same purpose as a stack which is not traded.

      And yes, making a profit at it is quite easy.

      You simply determine who is doing the manipulating and how, and then take the same positions they do when they are at their extremes.

      It is easier than being a manipulator because a small investor can just jump in when the market is turning, while the bad boys actually need to turn the market.

      And it is easier than trading an honest market, which lacks such clear guidance.

      You might notice that I have been commenting here for years, and never once sniveled about the manipulation or the price levels or action of PMs, despite the current price of gold being the same as when the wife and I started.

      I have simply been making money, and having fun.

      Probably everybody here believes the narrative of the decline of fiat and the resurgence of PM, and so do I.

      But if you believe that, and voluntarily jumped into the game, why complain?????????????

      Did you really think it would be a simple process???????

      Did you really think it would transpire per the schedules predicted by Bo, St. Angelo, and some of the other absolute clowns that publish on here?????????

      A lot of these guys have never even cracked a book on economics, and don’t even understand the vocabulary.

      Like a lot of others, this is a business where most people will be hustled and lose money, except the dealers.

      Have you heard the joke about the roof?

      Never mind, it’s over your head.

      How about “If you can’t run with the pack of big dogs, better to stay home on the porch.”?

      Or how about Dirty Harry’s line “A man needs to understand his limitations”.

      If you understand the game, you can win.

      If you don’t, you shouldn’t play.

      If you choose to play anyway, don’t snivel about your poor performance.

      Be men about it.

    • @Faranginkorat

      Complaining about others calling you out for making an arguably dubious statement is not a good argument. Why not just defend your position with facts, examples, logic etc? If you can’t defend your position then own up to it like a man, that’ll earn you a great deal more credibility than slinging mud @everyone who does not agree with you, suggesting that @everyone but you are whiny, ignorant morons.


  2. Sorry guys, but this is just nonsense… I have no interest in religion or the teaching and preaching of any of them. We all know religious bureaucracies like the Vatican have the most avarice and are the most greedy institutions the world has ever known, and supporting that kind of garbage, if you are barely getting by (as many people are, out there), giving to churches and so called “charities” that spend all the donations on their own vanity, is just as ridiculous as sending money to a televangelist… Keep God in your heart,  but keep religion out of your life…

  3. I read this on Bloomberg… “The BOJ owned about 71 percent of all shares in Japan-listed ETFs at the end of June, according to a Bloomberg analysis of data from the central bank and Japan’s Investment Trusts Association.” 

    I guess when you own 71% of the ETFs…  You can make a market go anyway you need it to go.   Maybe a little pump and dump to help pay the interest on the debt.

    Anyone want to guess how much of the US market ETFs are owned by the Fed and/or Central banks?   I dunno… but I would stay out of the ETFs until this thing finally blows.

  4. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon says bitcoin is a ‘fraud’ that will eventually blow up

    • “It’s worse than tulip bulbs. It won’t end well. Someone is going to get killed,” Dimon said.
    • Bitcoin fell to trade around its session lows after Dimon’s comments.
    • Dimon’s criticism comes at a time when some well-known figures on Wall Street are starting to embrace the cryptocurrency
    • Meanwhile Jamie “Al Copone” Diamond has his stooges backing up the Bitcoin truck and loading it right now with the crash in Bitcoin price that he helped create.

      The Morgue will probably bank a few hundred million off of this trade.

  5. Here’s a stoned thought……I think Bitcoin could take quite a dip, it’s at $3950, the one entity that can put anything out of business is government……when and if the money runs from Bitcoin, where is it going to go? And the Metals are looking strong 🙂

  6. We don’t live in a democracy and we don’t live under capitalism. We have a central bank.  The establishment of a central bank is the 5th plank of the communist manifesto.  We’ve got an income tax which is described in the second plank.  We didn’t start out as a nation with these institutions.  We have them now though.  This is a miserable example of somebody towing the official line concerning 9/11.

  7. I understand why countries of old would debase their money by alloying their gold and silver with base metals. It postpones the economic collapse.

    But with fiat currency, it will also become necessary to debase the paper money (and not just its value as we are already doing), because, unlike the use of dollar bills for toilet paper, it will be necessary to use cheaper, softer paper than what is now used, and less ink should be applied. And the president’s picture should be of the current, live, president, not some old dead one.

  8. Their not all dead but are with the Lord God Almighty, but as far as the dead they have no fear of death for they are dead already but the living know they will die one day so for your own self please tread lightly for God set the Sovereignty of Nations but thoughs that try to make it null and void will wish they were never born. CHEERS

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