The BNN invited the CPM Group’s Jeffrey Christian yesterday to attempt to explain last Friday’s $60 move UP in gold- which Christian states the violent move was due to standing buy orders rather than short covering.

When asked what is the biggest risk to being long gold now (likely the biggest soft-ball question the shill has ever been lobbed), Christian responds:
‘That the price of gold may fall. We’ve seen the gold price bounce of $1530 three times now. If the $1530 level is breached, perhaps during the period of June, July, August, you will see a cascade of sell orders come in, targeting $1140.’

Christian’s full BS can be seen at BNN after the jump:

  1. Typical psychology mind f***, this statement is designed to ramp fear up against PM’s. The only way Gold will go that low if the likes of JPM go for the nuclear option. Naked shorting to infinity and beyond.

    We have massive QE coming, almost guaranteed, M1 money supply is on its knees all the major economies are grinding to a halt. That guy was rolled out for the masses, and they will fall for it, fecking sheep.

  2. He Says—If You Look At The Pattern On Friday, A Lot Of Buy Orders were Triggered—No Shit Sherlock!—That’s What Happens When There Is Strong Demand In A Market!

    The Paper Pusher goes on to say to the effect that, “If the “triple bottom” at 1530 is breached, we could see 1140—THAT”S THE RISK OF BEING NAKED LONG—HAHA—-WOOOOOOOOOO!—I sure don’t want to be naked long!—That’s Too Risky!—But there’s no problem if you’re a big bankster manipulator being NAKED SHORT!

    After the girl asks “what’s RISKY about the silver chart?”–The “Paper Man” then responds, “Silver will retest $26 before rising toward the end of the year!—So, If both events come true as this shill predicts, we’ll see higher than $28 silver and lower than $1530 gold! Indeed, if we see, for example, $33 silver and $1140 gold, the GSR will go to 35?—LOL! If this is what he’s predicting, then this is the TRADE of the year!—SELL YOUR GOLD AND BUY SILVER!—Why isn’t this discussed in the interview?—I’ll answer that—Because this guy has no clue what he just said because his predictions are BS.

    There was ABSOLUTELY nothing about this interview indicating that any homework was done by either the interviewer or the shill interviewee. It amazes me that he can be so stupid to allow himself to be scrutinized so easily as just shilling for the banksters.

    Obviously, we all know this shill paper hanger has no cred. But to a new observer who wanted to objectively check on past interviews and statements made by this moron, there would have to be at least one example where he predicted rising prices for either gold or silver without the theme of “It’s So Risky”.

    When there is consistent negativity regarding a market in the face of evidence to the contrary with higher gold and silver prices over the entire decade, all anyone can conclude is that his babbling is just a bunch of shill talk—move along, nothing to see here!

  3. Says ‘$1,140 Gold is Likely

    I’d say he’s over optimistic. We will never see that. I still would like to buy some but I’m afraid that waiting for that number is not going to happen, ever. No, I’m not a pessimist. At some point the world shits on everybody. Pretending it ain’t shit makes you an idiot, not an optimist.

  4. One of the reasons the CPM Group and the World Gold Council have such
    terrible forecasting track records is that they fail miserably at
    attempting to model Chinese consumption.  All they do is take official
    Chinese numbers, which massively understate ongoing Chinese
    consumption.  The numbers being reported about Hong Kong imports are not
    being tabulated by Christian’s CPM Group nor the World Gold Council
    because those numbers are not official central bank stats.


    Christian has an aggressive, almost fetish hatred for those that cite
    the existence of precious metals market manipulation.  He’s so
    over-the-top on the issue that it’s fair to suspect he’s a shill.

  5. Ha ha. I was also laughing at “Naked Long Gold”. WTF. I guess you can be “half naked” if you’re on margin.

    Maybe he also should cover what the worst case is if you’re NOT long Gold

    • @underground
      “If the $1530 level is breached, perhaps during the period of June, July, August, you will see a cascade of sell orders come in, targeting $1140.”
      Next time gold tested the $1530 level it broke through and was sold off all the way to $1180 where it eventually bottomed. That’s only $40 away from the price he said would be “targeted”. We all laughed at him. It is not a call I would be ashamed of, considering what most everyone in the gold community was predicting. Maybe he was pulling it out of his ass, who knows. It’s still ironic IMO.

    • I guess you and I allowed that it “could” happen, before it actually did. 
      I said he was just a shill for TPTB and TBTF Bank$ter$, and I think he 
      has proved it! THAT is why he is “Hall of SHAME” 

  6. Jeff Christian used to be the metals consultant for  Norco, but during all the years of gold n silver’s climb he consistantly gave bearish news… It got so depressing to hear his reports that I either would go e up on metals, or never revisit Norco… I chose the second. A half a year later, Norco gave him the boot, stating he did not represent the I interest of their customers ( no doi!). He’s also the one that refuted GATA on silver manipulation during stand up debates a few years in a row. He’s a total shill in pm clothing!

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