Champion of the Constitution, freedom, small government, and sound money gave his farewell speech to Congress today.
He will be sorely missed.

Watch Ron Paul’s full farewell speech below:

  1. Well I wonder what will happen next with Ron Paul? Helping Texas with the Secession from the US? Only Time Will Tell. Another Alamo? The Man Speaks The Truth but Who The Hell Is Listening Especially The People We Put In Government ( I wonder how many empty seats there was when he was making his speech as there wasn’t much of an applause when he finished ).
    Stand Strong Ron Paul,  God Bless and Guide You.

    • They may not be listening to him now but they will hear him later. Ron needs no fake audience on the floor, he is perfectly happy knowing WE are listening! His legacy is recorded on video for all to re-watch as time passes and his wisdom becomes more obvious to the sheep. I wrote him in and was elated to do so!

    • “I wonder how many empty seats there was when he was making his speech as there wasn’t much of an applause when he finished”

      I dunno, Charlie, but I DO know that a lot of those seats usually hold empty suits and dresses.  Like Clint Eastwood’s empty chair, this somehow seems fitting.

      Ron Paul has been buying gold since it was $35 an oz., silver since it was less than $2 an oz., and mining shares since Ally Oop was a pup.  When the SHTF, he will not be the one in DC who will be crying his eyes out about “losing everything”!  Thanks in part to Dr. Paul, nether will we.  😉

    • Well even if people in the Congress don’t listen to him, it is their freedoms to do it. But, it has a cost which is they will lose everything they have after the collapse. Liberty has a cost which is you are taking your own risks! These people will realize in the future that Ron Paul was right all along.

    • Indeed it will be, Sheep Dog.  The good news is that many of us are aware and prepared, so should come through the coming “Time of Troubles”, a bit battered for sure but still kicking.  Many others will not, however.  Gonna be a lot of dead sheeple before this is done.

    • They sure did! Most people don’t listen the American founding fathers’ warnings because they think those warnings are irrelevant today. These types of people are brainwashed by the medias, schools and more. They even criticize those who follow those warnings so I think they deserve a lesson with the collapse.

    • Mary, when The Hammer falls, they will not have a choice as to whether or not they listen.  At that point, the truth will be absolutely unavoidable… as well as relentless.

  2. Well, now what? He left Congress. Anyway, why did he left the Congress? I can’t listen to the video because my computer’s audio doesn’t work. Anyway, Ron Paul is one of the only person in the USA who cares about the US Constitution just like the American founding fathers.

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