hyperinflationEconomist John Williams says don’t be fooled by the new highs on the Dow. Williams contends, “The economy is still in serious trouble. The banking system is still in serious trouble. The budget deficit is exploding out of control.Williams thinks the ongoing banking crisis in Cyprus has global implications. Williams says, “You have a precedence set in Cyprus that they can seize the funds. They will not guarantee all deposits. If that’s the case, you may have a much worse crisis than you had back in 2008.” Williams adds, “The big problem is the government is insolvent in the long term.” Williams says the U.S. dollar could start selling off in May because of a deadlock in Congress on the budget. Williams predicts, “The global markets are looking for the U.S. to address its long term sovereign solvency issues. That’s not going to happen. . . . In response, it’s going to be off to the races with a dollar sell-off. That could be the trigger for the early stages of hyperinflation.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with John Williams.

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  1. So John Williams predicts a dollar sell off in May. If this were a game of baseball Bernanke would be the catcher.  I kind of like the theory of the dollar being the roach motel of world currencies.  The rats won’t abandon ship.  A lot more drama lies ahead methinks. 

    • “A lot more drama lies ahead methinks.”
      Agreed.  On the other hand, Williams is one of the very few economists who actually has his stuff together.  When he talks, it is pretty much always worthwhile to pay attention to him.  My question for him would be, “If people flee the US dollar, where will they be going with their money?”.  Surely, not to the euro.  PMs?  Maybe.

  2. A it’s nice just listening to a good conversation without all the hype. I’ve always enjoyed Hunter and Williams very calm relaxed conversation.
    As for what’s coming down the road it’s going to be very interesting and hope good news for we Stackers. Keep Stacking, O! I forgot I’m Too POSITIVE and a MORON. Lol

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