Jim Sinclair is getting the h*** out of Dodge.   He is looking wiser by the day.

After a certain point, it’s not paranoia.

The latest brick in the wall is the predictably named “Moving Ahead For Progress in the 21st Century Act,” also known as Senate Bill 1813. (See here for the full text of the bill itself; the relevant section is 31406.) This legislation – already passed by the Senate and likely to be passed by the House – will impose a legal requirement that all new cars made beginning with the 2015 models be fitted with so-called Event Data Recorders (EDRs). These are the “black boxes” you may have read about that store data about how you drive – including whether you wear a seat belt and how fast you drive – ostensibly for purposes of post-accident investigation…

The question arises: why?

Several possibilities come to mind:

First, the EDRs could – and almost certainly will be – tied into your vehicle’s GPS. (Most new and late model cars, conveniently, already have this, too.) Then data about your driving can be transmitted – as well as recorded. To whom? Your insurance company, of course. Progressive Insurance already has such a system in place – voluntary, for the moment. (See here for more on that.)

When EDRs are mandated, you will no longer have a choice.
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  1. Total HorseS***   I just read a post from a friend that outlined the SOB who runs
    “Progressive’ Insurance. The owner  is a Soros drone, Obama lover with all the credentials of the NWO. But that’s not important since you can chose to buy from that insurance firm (Hopefully)

    Let’s jump the dolphin on this one.  This sensor can be made to detect any alcohol on your breath, if you are smoking, what you ate (don’t ask how that works), how may people are in your car, if you are carpooling (a pox on single drivers) With  a biometric scan, it is inform the government of ever single thing you are doing or saying in your car, including if you are talking and chewing gum at the same time. 

    This freaking pack of marxist bastards will make driving so unpleasant we will beg for mass transit, which will all have biometric cameras to follow our every move.  If you couple this with the fact these car sensors will be parked in your garage, Little Big Brother will never be far from your hearth.  And another thing—smart electric meters.  God forbid you have too many of those nasty little psycho flourescent lights on to illunimate your home.  The Kilowatt Kops will break down your door and send you back to the middle ages, forcing you to light your home with whale oil candles.

     Any time  someone hangs a label  “Smart’ to a product, be very wary.  They even have smart toilet seats.  I prefer to be a DA.   I don’t need to sit and S*** with an appliance superior to my limited IQ. What’s it going to tell me. Wipe twice?  Recycle water?   Put down the seat?  Don’t miss the pot? 

    I’m married. I already have someone getting me potty trained.    Thank you very bloody much.  This crap is just too over the top.  Does anyone have some suggestions as to a country that has not lost their minds—and has some nice beaches? And an outhouse in the woods  and some whale oil candles.

    Now excuse me while I adjust my tin foil hat.

  2. Pass me the foil hat AGXIIK…  Mine is in the shop having a mandated smart strap added…
    I hate to be the bearer of not such good news, but these are present already in most newer vehicles… The DOT found them to be very useful in post accident investigation… We have been using them in Drag Racing for nearly 20 years… They have been present in most commercial vehicles of sizable companies for the past 15 or so years… There are good points to them…. Unfortunately there are at least as many potential negatives present… And Unfortunately they are already here… Time to fix up that dodge power wagon and get it road worthy if you want to avoid this one…

  3. can someone please post a good link to a list of which cars have these (ideally one that’s updated) if someone has that particular knowledge or insight.

    Also, “smart meters” like many of the high frequency and wifi products are extremely dangerous to health, so be careful of various companies installing and using these meters on your home. 

  4. Copy that Danno.

    Best bet would be to get a pre 1980 Power Wagon, Suburban or other heavy vehicle.  They have no Big Brother attachments AND they will survive an EMP, whether natural or man-made.  The electronics are almost non existent   Good advice on that score Danno.  Prepper trucks will be be worth their weight in gold.    Fuel can be nearly anything that is converted to Nat Gas, propane or biodiesel. 

    I want a Duece and a half  with a 50 cal on the roof and plenty of space for my BOB. 

  5. I will see if I can locate a recent list of passenger vehicles that are currently equipped with a data recording unit…
    Hell yeah to the Duece with a 50!! As for the Power Wagon I would go with the old school 5.9 cummins as that can be set up to burn almost anything as fuel… They are extremely reliable and have tons of gitty up… I wouldn’t want to have a Nat Gas unit for the reason that you may have a hard time replenishing fuel supply in the short term in the event of a bug out… Yes Nat gas is plentiful but it must be compresses and contained where as a diesel set up to run a bio blend you can pretty much toss any type oil based product in there and get it to go…

  6. This is definately not good.  But if there is a “silver” lining it maybe that these devices will increase the industrial demand for silver   🙂    Horse and buggy here we come.

  7. Well I was having a good friday….Thanks again for the depression world.

      —–Any GM vehicle with “Onstar” is the same thing….& remember there’s a microphone on it too…
    —–cell phones are the same thing…..
    —-on the smart devices…I’m pretty sure any new television is …..

    There are enough camera’s, recorders, listening devices, thermal imagine devices, satellites, microphones, celllphones, radio/cb traffic, social websites, webcams and like you guys had been discussing “smart devices”….to take a pretty good real time picture, and by picture I mean both sound, visual, microwave, infrared….a “full spectrum” picture in real time in a large portion of the world…..at any point in time……It is and will become increasing difficult to get into a shadow or remote location that cant be seen, heard, imagined, picked up, or otherwise observed…..now just to line the nbc suit with tinfoil to match my hat.

    Amen to the deuce and a half…may I recommend dual mounted, forward and rear facing .50’s maybe on a remote savvy so you can operate from inside…..never know if their coming or going

    ….AGX….I feel like i’m already at the outhouse in the woods, Let me now if you’ve got any good ideas for a BOL …I’ve looked into costa rica and belize….but unsure…

    Always hoped it wouldn’t get this bad, Prepped for it, just hoped it wouldn’t

    —Everybody have a good weekend and a nice shot of kentucky straight bourbon whiskey…we’re gonna need it.

    Best of Health and Wealth,


  8. The only answer is the “Check-Out” from this “Agenda-Based Society”.

    Before 2009, I stocked up on Pre-Agenda-Based Light Bulbs.

    I still own my old cars that, as a side note, are the subject of my local dealers. They’ve sent me notices offering to buy them for “very attractive” prices.

    Refused my smart meter. Our Electric and Gas Company Ok’d the “Opt-Out” Plan: SMART METER OPT-OUT ARTICLE probably because they discovered that they cause Health Problems” Smart Meters Cause Health Problems

    AND: Just For AGX:
    Here is a place anyone can “escape” to in order to “Check-Out” of the “Agenda-Based Society”

    Nauru struck off tax haven blacklist


    December 13, 2003 10:28:00

    Nauru, the tiny coral island in the South Pacific
    with one main road, an Australian-funded immigration detention centre
    and about 400 banks, has been struck off a blacklist of renegade tax
    havens.READ MORE

  9. Jake You rock   I’m firing up my CNG powered Aston Martin and bug out to Nauru tonight.  

    SBI  special weaps is the specialty of one of my BOB.  I stay semi auto.  But a big truck running on diesel is a good idea.  I can hot wire one if it came to that. 

     Doink. Back to reality. I’m car pooling to a Rotary dinner tonight. Nauru will have to wait. On a serious note I am scoping some off site locales from Canada (i’m dual national) to Ecuador, a friend has a flower farm there. Pollokeeper lives in Panama   It’s an ok place too but the prices have gone up alot  Costa Rica-ditto. But my buddy from Ecuador said the street and drug gangs are a problem.  Jeff Berwick loves Acapulo and PV so that’s an option.  New Zealand?  Questionable but the people seem decent.

    It is a crap shoot   The USA is still a pretty good place but things could get dicey in short order.

     The idea of opting out of a smart meter (another insult to my limited intelligence) is a great plan   We live in the Free State of Nevada so I’m giving Sierra electric the big F.O. when they calling.

    Danno   Yes- CNG does have some limitations in running cars and trucks. Availability is one of the items.  Many homes are fueled by Nat gas or propane. So using a propane or Nat gas cruiser would be more for local interdict missions.  The  delivery of same might be problematic.  One of my BOB has a 500 gallon propane tank with an older Ford Bronco with crossover from petro to propane so that thing is handled.  We built a fuel bunker for 550 gallons of regular using 55 gallon drums and a good shot of Stabile in each  That’s the best we can come up with now.  Buying a bit of good bottom land with natural water nearby or a well is the next thing on the agenda.

  10. Sounds good AGXIIK… If you can come up with a mobile or portable compressor system for the NG as a back up refill it may beneficial… This way in the event you find a NG source you will be able to tap into it without relying on an actual fill station…
    As for long term storage of fuel or gas the 2 killers are moisture and temperature… Try to keep it out of sunlight in as stable of a temp as possible… If you do that the moisture thing will usually take care of itself… 

    Happy Stacking!!

  11. Now we’re talking. This is the kind of responses I was looking on the prepper forum. Keep in mind, even old vehicles can be crippled by an EMP. Any electrical system “WITH A COIL” (any coil of wire) will have electricity magnetically induced into the coil and multiplied many times over. This will cause a severe short circuit on the electrical system. Before the coil fry’s, the induced high voltage will cook your battery. So remember, it won’t just be electronics. I love the answers and thoughts here. WHAT IS THE GOVERNMENT UP TO AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO PREPARE?

  12. I’m already on the case with a truck that can still function through an EMP event 2oz…. I am fairly confident the older cummins will do well… It would have to be coupled with a manual transmission, air starter, and a mechanical style fuel pump… That along with a fresh batch of fry oil from the local puke and choke and you have yourself some damn near unstoppable wheels… LoL

  13. I build 60s mussel cars. My prep might be a Mad Max 4×4 with a full body roll cage, ford 427 big block, 200 gal. gas tank in the bed, T18 4 speed, blow prof tiers.

    I might need to get out of California fast and head to mid America. If $hit hits the fan I might not make it but I’ll have fun doing it.
    2oz thats were I get the 427
  14. The older 12v Cummins is a great truck engine but I am curious about how any fuel injected engine is controlled.  Don’t they need a computer to do that?  If so, then any fuel injected engine might not survive an EMP event.  Would an older, say mid to late 1970s gas engine with a carb be a good bet for this?  I am on the lookout for a post-EMP vehicle as well.  

    My current old vehicle is a 1984 F250 4×4 with the big 6-cylinder engine and the 4-spd manual trans.  Unfortunately, this truck came from Calif, so is one of those half and half deals.  Yes, it has a carb but both it and the distributor are partly controlled by a very small computer.  This allows the system to contain the worst of both the mechanical and electronic worlds.  The good news is that it is easily converted to a fully mechanical system via using an earlier model carb and distributor for this same size engine.  Since it is more than 25 years old, there are no emission law requirements preventing me from doing so.  
    Only thing I don’t like about this truck is that it is not a supercab, which would have been a lot more useful.  I am looking for a late 1970s to very early 1980s supercab 4×4 truck as a replacement.
  15. I have been saying this for years. The more computer control in a car the more the man can control. Cars that brake on there own if you get to close to something. I might need to run into that son of a bitch. In the road ways there installing systems that the cops can shut your car off like a spike strip. So think about it all the things everybody is buying in a car is going to be used against you some day. GPS No thanks

  16. The older cummins can use a mechanical injection pump and injector along with a mechanical fuel pump so absolutely no electrical at all…. Air starters were used on big trucks pre 1970’s… So no coil windings for a starter… Manual trans must be used do to use of solenoids in the majority of your automatic transmissions… The problem with using a gas engine is you still need an electrical system to power ignition… You would still need to solve your starter problem (cause the starter is a big electric coil) along with ignition coil, cause well that will be damaged by the EMP, and then your battery and alternator will also be more than likely damaged from EMP… Also have to make sure your running mechanical fuel pump cause anything electric would have been likely damaged…
    I’m not saying that it can’t work, it just seems like there are many more steep hurdles to clear than with the diesel package…

  17. Race cars use two ignition systems incase one fails. It’s called a redundant system. 2 distributers 2 coils 2 ignition boxes. Now if one fails you switch to the other one. I ask you all this would a EMP harm electronics that have no power to them and are grounded? Now there is other ignition choices on the market as well. There is a distributerless ignition ie: a computer that controls the timing of a locked distributer. The other thing is you do not have to have your engines important electronics in the engine compartment. They can be placed in a safe box of some sort in the car. A simple early car dose not need a alternator to run it’s just there to recharge the battery and keep it that way.Head lites eat the most battery power then the starter is next in line.Electronic ignitions eat more power than a points system.So have a switch to turn it on and off. You can have a few batteries in a trunk and split your power up one for the coil one for the ignition, head lites on another. This way if something happens you dont lose everything.I would think a car that is simple to work on, that has a redundant system in all electronics. Spare parts & tools on board should putt you around a while. I almost for got the starter. standard trans you can push & roll down a hill. Have a normal starter on the car with a switch to cut any power to it. Plus set up the front of the engine for a hand held starter. so now this system is redundant as well.

  18. Wow. Tremendous comments all. I do think the older cars/trucks with manual transmissions will fare much better. Any electrical system will be at risk regardless of being grounded (although grounded is better). In the electrical/electronic business, it is not good practice to run a 120 Volt wire across say a 10 Volt wire because the magnetic lines of flux produced by the 120 will be induced into the 10. Any component on the 10 volt side will be damaged do to the increase in voltage above 10 volt (including the wire). If the EMP is close enough, it will surely induced enough voltage to to fry even grounded items as the wire itself will not be rated high enough to carry the voltage. It gets a lot deeper because of current and wire resistance, etc. However, if you have a manual trans., push star it and it will start provided the spark plugs have not been damaged.

    You guys are very sharp and innovative. Thanks for the gained knowledge. I think you need to post a picture of that 427 Mad Max Mobile. LOL

  19. As 2 oz said any and all electrical components will likely receive damage… That means ignition coils, batteries, msd boxes, points on a mag, alternator, starters, coil wound fuel pumps… All of those are going to likely fry during an EMP… I have been drag racing for 20 years and have seen the slightest of sparks kill an entire ignition system… Even the simplest of ones… If you build cars then you know exactly what I am talking about…
    The diesel has zero reliance on anything electrical… All actions can be easily performed by complete mechanical systems and it will run on just about anything you can put in the fuel tank… Maybe if you aren’t familiar with diesels it will make you a skeptic… Read up and talk to some people… It’s interesting stuff..

    Talk to you guys tomorrow… I have to tend to a family matter today… 

  20. Ya Danno 

    Im not to familiar with a diesel engine. I do know they run on most anything that will lite on fire, vary high compression with glow plugs to keep spark. These are all pluses but what about ease of parts replacement? Push starting a high compression engine would not work out vary well. I would just think, Redundant system would be needed for back up on any engine. You mention an air starter on big trucks. How Big? You can set up any engine with AC compressors and fill a onboard tank. Like we do with rock crawlers to have air on the trail. Again maybe a hand held starter? Adapt a pneumatic tool? An onboard service station is a plus in any build like this. Everything mechanical brakes! Why not go back 100 years of teck and run a steam engine? Jay Leno runs them on the street Fier & Water good to go…

  21. Another alternative would be to buy an older vehicle that is as simple as possible and then keep a bunch of spare electrical parts for it in a home-made Faraday cage.  A grounded metal trash can with insulated floor, lid, and insides should work well for that.  Once the EMP event has passed, replace any fried parts and you are good to go.

    One reason why I prefer gasoline engines is that I need to store gasoline for the tiller, lawn tractor, and chainsaw anyway.  I am not anti-diesel.  Never owned one but would if I needed its towing capacity.

    I’m also wondering if grounding straps on a vehicle would be of any help at all during an EMP event.  Seems to me that grounding the chassis of the vehicle could be of some help but as to how much, who knows?  Aluminum foil wrapping?  Steel mesh wrapping?  Hard to test such things without having an EMP burst to work with.

  22. Seeing how this thread has developed into a discussion on EMP’s, I highly recommend the fictional book Lights Out.  Its a fictional account about the collapse of America in the aftermath of a Chinese EMP detonation over central America.  By far the best book I have ever read.
    Its no longer available for free online, but you can pick up a copy on Amazon I believe.
    I found a link:



  23. Ed_B

    Thanks Ed that was vary funny”Hard to test such a thing without having an EMP burst to work with”
    All car electrical systems are grounded to the chassi, then the tiers touch the ground. You can take it a step further by hanging chains or steal straps from the chassi to the ground. That would make a true ground.
  24. Last Comment?  If you have vulnerable electronics such as car ignitions, phones, computers and other sensitive items, I heard one of the best ways to protect them is with a home made Faraday cage.  The one that seems to work best is the large trash can with metal lid.  If you put your electronics in bubble wrap and place them in a heavy trash bag, use some dessicant, and put the items in this metal can, the can will absorb and dissipate the EMP.  Attaching the can to a faucet or other home based grounding itemshould remove all the power flow.  That’s all I can remember of this system.  2 OZ—you’re the electroncis person—do you have a good idea on this?

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