Image: Jonny O'Callaghan

Image: Jonny O’Callaghan

Bix Weir is a tireless advocate for manipulation-free gold and silver markets. Weir says, “They are printing money, and the reason to control the price of gold is to control the perception the U.S. dollar is a sound currency.”
The manipulation game is not going to go on much longer. Weir proclaims, “We’re at a point in our system and in the manipulation where people within the Fed and within our government are ready to pull the plug on the game and basically crash the system.” Weir goes on to say, “You’re looking at a complete wipeout of all debt in all banks, all virtual assets, virtual assets meaning electronic blips on a 401k statement and checking and savings accounts.” The reason, according to Weir, is simple. He says, “We are the biggest debtor nation in the world. If we collapse the debt now and erase all debt, we win.” When could it all start to fall apart? Weir predicts “the August-September time frame.” Join Greg Hunter for this controversial interview with Bix Weir.

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    • Free houses to those who have a mortgage!  who would’ve thunk living beyond your means and being in debt would pay off!! Just like our guberment!!

      Sad to see all these people saying “get out of debt now!” Whether its printing debt away or completely wiping it out, the government will make sure debt is eliminated!

    • They will only wipe government debt, corporate debt, your checking and savings account to zero but your credit card, student loan, house, car payment will still be owed turning everyone into slaves.

    • Bix is lots of fun to listen to…
      Seems he is in a category all his own.
      Certainly he is one of us.  
      Yet he is not quite an annalist, not exactly an authority, no guru— and might take himself and his conclusions to seriously to think of himself as a comedian…even though a lot of us might.
      Personally, I automatically like anyone who is 5’6″ or under….

  1. Bix has an interesting take on the symbolism in the Federal Reserve Bank’s children’s book.  That’s for certain.  But, his contention that our U.S. gov’t has secretly squirreled away tens of thousands of tons of gold in secret caves in the Grand Canyon and Chocolate Mtn is pretty far fetched considering the utter incompetency of our elected officials.  And his contention that Dianne Feinstein is one of the “good” guys is hard to swallow.  

  2. The idea that a US debt jubilee will be done to “win” as a nation is lunacy. What stops every other country from doing this to win? A debt free population is tougher to subjugate and the Bankers with special diet requirements (as Jim Willie says) enjoy the rewards of usury.
    I recall Bix waxing poetically months ago that the mechanism of silver manipulation was dead and gone, yet here we are.

    • Don’t you know gov’ts hand out winning lottery tickets to everybody all the time, damn maybe I should  finance that ocean front property in Arizona, sad but not the first time I heard this bs

  3. I think it’s unfortunate but seems like Bix has lost a lot of credibility.  We know TPTB are evil and only look out for themselves.  The idea that it was all a ruse and that they will save us all in the end is just seems wildly naive.

    • Not THEY but a secret counter-group within the Fed.
      But although I like the story, I’m still trying to eliminate
      Debt. AND STACK! I’ll be OK either way!

    • Seriously. Why would joe shmo’s debt be eliminated when he can be dragged into the next monetary system chained to his debt. The point of all this easy credit being given at low rates is to increase debt amongst all so the the next system is forced upon the majority in debt rather than willfully accepted. The debt free minority will have to accept it unless we grow a spine, go Galt and hold those responsible for their actions. Money isn’t as easy to reboot as a hollywood franchise. People will begin to ask questions to themselves about the very nature of money. At any rate precious metals and real assets will win when the “Cash is king” emperor is seen with no clothes.

    • Youse guys don’t understand the THEORY of RTR
      An untimely crash (for tptb) will erase all of TPTB’s 
      debt records and destroy the bank$ter$ plans to 

  4. I think what some mighr be overlooking are important chain events. If the fi ancial system breaks, and one were to steal all of your money and investments, leaving you pennyless with a massive debt, then everyone would be defaulting on an unprecidented scale, that means the debt books get worse for banks as property values crash, making them insolvent all over again, not to mention most homeowners owe notes on homes, so then you would have a homeless nation of 275 million! … Do you see where I’m going with this? This would be an epic failure of American economic policy that would not only destroy the tax base, but cause a revolt so large and uncontainable everything civilized would collapse. Same with Europe and their banks. The western world would decend into one giant meat grinder!  

    • SO to sum it all up, a giant Debt Jubilee makes much more sense than World War Z and besides, tptb are already making so much money now with the inflation and everything… TPTB should just let the good guys win and go into hiding. Otherwise they will be hunted down if they try to enslave everyone in debt for 100 years! Sounds like a fair trade to me!

  5. @UglyDog points to “the utter incompetency of our elected officials
    They did an online survey on whether to replace the US one-dollar bill with a coin, and neither yes, nor no received the most votes.  These survey results indicate the citizenry’s present view of the .gov

  6. I had to re-listen to some of what was said by Weir.  I have also read some of his articles.  I would never have suspected from his articles that he thinks the US will simply declare all debts, foreign and domestic as null and void.  Maybe he has been drinking some of his own kool-aid?
    Several inconsistencies in his answers.  I think he is making it up as he goes. 
    The government is trying to take our guns away just to force us to buy more?  Is he for real?

    • There’s just no way. It seems unfair and I just don’t see it. I am one of those unfortunate few that Bix mentioned that has no debt. I rent and am saving money (silver) to buy a house. Do you recommend I go into massive debt and buy a house? Or maybe max out my credit cards and buy a shnit load on silver?

  7. The idea of a POS metal coin will be emblematic of another failed Administration
    Carter   Susan B Anthony  Failed president
    Clinton  Sacagewea   Failed President
    Obama  Skyline of Detroit on one side- Bernanke on a rented mule on the obverse side Failed Presidency
    Repudiating debt?  Huh  I’ve been through 5 large banking busts.  I never saw a secured or unsecured loan of a failed bank loaned to Joe Q Citizen removed when the bank collapsed.  That loan was rotated to the new bank.  Lather rinse and repeat  I saw borrowers whose loans were shifted to a serier of banks, as each bank failed un turn.  Joe?  He got nothing but a new coupon book with a new bank and address
    But, and here is the key element. You CAN BE ABSOLUTELY ASSURED that upon a large bank failure or for no other reason that this SIFI bank needed some plan of rescue, John Q.’s deposits will be used for a bail-in.  No loan relief.  Maximum loss in John’s asset called a deposit that was held in the bank.
    All Joe has to do is take that shiny little POS coin and flip it. A loser on either side LOL

    • “Clinton  Sacagewea   Failed President”
      I never cared much for Bill Clinton as a man (same for Hillary, lol) but as a politician, he had his schiznit together.  He, at least, was smart enough to move to the political center when the country saw that as desirable.  He also was able to work with Newt Gingrich and the House Repubs to get the welfare system updated and other legislation passed into law.  He led from the front, even though many of us disagreed with his policies.  He was a MUCH better president than the current Occupy the White House group.

  8. There are times when I think that Bix is a few cans short of a 6-pack.  When a nation, ANY nation, declares its debts non-collectible, it is not a “win”.  A number of VERY serious repercussions follow.  For one thing, no one accepts your currency, so you’d better have all you need on-shore.  Second, no one will loan you any money unless at very high rates to compensate them for the high risk they are taking.  Third, anyone who owes you any money no longer feels an obligation to repay it.  Fourth, that nation becomes a pariah and loses membership in all of the G8, G20, etc. type groups out there.  Fifth, all contracts between foreign and US companies are null and void. Sixth, a new currency will be needed, as no one will ever trust the old one again… and it had better be backed by something other than the “full faith and credit” BS.  Seventh, your bond market will implode and your stock market will drop drastically.  Eighth, the standard of living for all Americans who do not stack PMs drops greatly.  The list goes on but you get the point that Bix’s ideas on this are VERY simplistic.  It is definitely not a case of declare a national debt jubilee, all is well, and back to business as usual.

  9. Bill Weir is NOT HUMAN! He is one of those shape shifting REPTILLIANS! According to a B4IN comment on this story a few days ago…look a 5:08-5:15 in the above video…his lip started to shape shift and the reptile tongue action gave him away. I have to agree!

  10. Canadian S  I would not recommend going into debt for any reason at this time.  Residential debt and the cost factors of owning a home many it nearly impossible for the owner to ‘make’ and profit from home ownership.  It’s not designed to work that way.  A home is just a box you live in, whether you rent or buy.  Homes are not particularly good investments and will usually end up eating more of your hard eaerned capital that they yield in some long term capital gain,.  As far as taking on debt to buy PMs.  That is questionable at best.  If you borrow at 6% you are now living a life with counterparty risk. Bankers are notorious for taking advantage of people with this situation.  If you bought silver at $30 and spent $90,000 you would now own $60,000 of $20 silver,  If you like the idea of sending $5,400 a year to the banker, probably with no deductibility on the interest, you would be losing twice  Once on the liquidated value of the silver and twice on the cost of a loan that has yielded litlle benefit to you except loading you with a large debt overhang. Should the banker call your loan you would have to liquidate silver to meet that loan call and you’d lose your butt.
    Buying silver for cash is the best option.

    Ed B  I mean’t Clinton was a moral and ethical failure. His modest accomplishments as a president coat tailled on Reagan’s economic surge. If he had been left to his own devices he would have screwed that up too. The Cngress was pretty effective at curtailing the worst of his kleptocratic natures.
    There will be no such thing as a debt jubilee unless this world wide house of cards collapses.  Repudliation of debt then would be on a world on fire and in tremendous damage.  I dont think aany of us would want to trod through the ashes and over the bones of our neighbors to some mortgage buring party.

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