big resetWhen WalMart starts selling gold and silver like a corner LCS pawn shop, you’ll know the end is nigh.


A few thoughts on the podcast and last week’s action. 

Druckenmiller, one of the most successful hedge fund operators, bought $300,000,000 in 2.9 million shares of GLD in mid 2015.  What does he know?  Can he force gold into his vault with these shares.  If there is gold he most certainly can.  The gold price was higher than now but hedge fund operators don’t try to call the tops and bottoms. They work to get in at a good price and let the market reward them.   The first out get the best deal. The first in get the best deal.

Are you walking in or out?

When the SHTF, it Depends on whether you stocked toilet paper or FIAT paper.  Are you a hard ass about hard assets?  Diversification is going to be a key, as this hard head is finding out in today’s market.

Druckenmiller heard the siren call.   Billionaires are equally prey to the emotionalism of buying and selling. The difference is that some billionaires put their emotions on hold, use logic and reason when getting into any markets.

‘Attention KMart shoppers, for the next 10 minutes we’re offering gold at a 5% discount in our bullion department’

The  Druck Truck backed up and filled up.

@Flying Wombat.  When we see lines around the block it’ll be us lining up to get our cash out of crashing;  closing banks.  I’ve been in the 1980 bullion lines when silver was spiking to $40 and up.

When WalMart has their black ‘gold’ Friday sale, we better be in line at 2 AM. It’ll be on Monday, or maybe Tuesday, right after a 3 day weekend. And when WalMart starts selling gold and silver like a corner LCS pawn shop, the end is nigh. Walmart is already acting like a bank and payday loan store so selling precious metals seems like a reasonable marketing ploy   Maybe these products will be Hecho En Estado Unidos.

Hey, I’m a buyer.

Gringo Gold.  Organic Buffaloes. Plata Mi Cheby

WalMart layaway plan?

I’ll gladly pay you tomorrow for more Oro dia de Hoy—OH!

Don’t get  skimpy, be a Wimpy!

We’ll be in the WalMart line buying silver and gold when the other 95% are hoping they can get their money out of a failed bank.

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  1. Jeez. I gotta be careful what I write on the boards.  It might get published.  😉

    When the billies write 9 figure checks for precious metals, we hillies know we are years ahead of them.

    Sit tight, be right and watch the movie.

    • Me thinks –Nobody– will be selling. Not SD or other online dealers, not the Mint,  not anyone who has even an ounce….and sure not Walmart.

      The time is upon us, that what you have is what you have; Beware, there will be far, far, FAR more thieves than sellers.

    • My Walmart golden purchase today was 40 lbs of chicken scratch for less than $8!!

      If you’re taking votes on the probability of Walmart selling bullion, I say no. They would be too late to the game with the wrong customer demographics to make it work.

      Jensen Jewelers would be a good national franchise that could sell rounds and bars. They are already equipped to move that kind of merchandise around the country and would have pretty good credibility to sell 0.1 – 10 oz phys.

      In China, all of the bank storefronts sell bars and rounds of gold and silver. The Gold cost 6% more than comex. Sizes start at 10g which is very close to 1/3rd oz.

  2. Walmart not,  Me thinks Chase Bank Branches will be selling the pm’s with there massive hoard of the metals. It will be done with digital currencies tied to one’s accounts.

    It is a way to get rid of cash, in exchange for pm ditigal currentcies in Chase Bank accounts.

    This will be the route the sheeple will take to secure there pm digital currency.

    Keep stacking and in Texas packing


  3. In this post you forgot to tell everyone what happens when Walmart runs out of metal which will happen pretty soon after they start selling it.  Then we will get the underworld in the business of making juice loans for bullion…you know like the banks have done.  I can see the headlines now.  ‘famous judge met untimely death because he did not pay his gold loan back in time.’

  4. Sorry, this is not going to happen. It will be a re-set typ of gap up, and the 98% of non-holders will be left behind. There is so little fizz already, this cannot orderly trade up IMHO. All derivatives will be settled cash over a bank holiday to the previous days close, an this will be it.

    • I am over 60 and very optimistic about it since I have silver taken from circulation and remember buying a lot of 90% halves at $1 each in the mid 70s. A lot has already happened from my perspective, and the show is far from over. Waiting for the curtain to rise after this short intermission.

    • Action…you want action? How much oil did your PMs buy 12 months ago vs today? Getting that kind of value investing elsewhere? Patience young man…patience. Rome didn’t fall in one night. Nor will the criminal cabal losing it’s grip on The Market. But fall they must. Their Hubris assures us. Just enjoy the spectacle of their antics growing ever more frantic.

  5. Here in Chiangmai there is a large silversmith craft village with a Saturday night “walking street” market. I think many shops buy silver in kilos from Myanmar. I know they do…may have done it myself. What interests me are things like the origin of all that silver used to make the casket the “Silver Pharoah” was buried in…google it and take a gander. Silver is usually a byproduct of other mining activity…I wonder if this is the case here…or if it came from South America…Caral, Peru to be specific…along with the “nose candy and tobacco” proven to be found in royal Egyptian mummies? Caral temple is quite interesting…google the image and look for the “circle with a straight line” on one side. That is the same symbol found on Egyptian iconography in the talons of the Vulture. Also a “Greek” icon. You may have to rotate the image 180 deg.: it is almost always shown upside-down in photos…And don’t forget…L’UserFau ran the dock at Thebes called “Peru-Nuft” receiving goods from their world-wide trade empire. Ever see images of Ramses II and his queen being offered a very telling pipe to smoke? He is the grandson of L’UserFau. His uncle was Yayati and his father Ayati…kings of the Puru Dynasty of India…allegedly 1400s BC. Ayati/ Tushratta the JieDushi…a Turkic mercenary general of the Chinese Tang and Han empires. Wanna “smarten up?” Search “the Jie Dushi Wars” and learn about the foreign dynasties of BC China. In the “An Lushan Rebellion” Jie Dushi war over 36 MILLION are recorded as casualties. An Lushan was half-Sogdian and half Goturk. Sogdian is aka Scythian…Saka. He was appointed Jie Dushi by the Tang Emperor over three provinces but conspired to overthrow the dynasty. Chinese would tell you that “An Lushan” in English would be Alexander. As I said…”Yuya/Yayati” is Antigonas I the mercenary general of Alexander. Live…and Learn. And he wasn’t from 1400 BC…unless the history of the “Antigonads” is faked history…entirely possible. Because the “Xie” dynasty this character is also associated with? Fake…according to Chinese scholars…all made up “Media” fabrications. Don’t be fooled by the “demons” of the Media and their “implied” message of PM worthlessness:  the imp lied. They always do…

  6. I get “unreadable token captcha file” when trying to post: happens everytime I get “too close” to info someone wants blocked. Entered correct phrase…happens a lot, even here. I just spent ten minutes composing the blocked comment…let’s see if this goes through.

    • Stack’em and watch’em weep when America tells these Fedster criminals to shove Chosenites “electronic credits earning negative interest” where the sun don’t shine.  Nobody is that gullible…even idiots will fight you if they find your hand in their pocket. Silver is sure looking way too cheap right now…mine is still for sale: $125/oz. I am the Seller…I set the market. You want my precious metal you will pay dearly.

  7. Where you going honey?  To walmart to grab bread, milk, get an oil change, pick up bait for fishing and they also have a sale on 2016 gold eagles.  Yes honey, I know I bought a monster box from them last week but they have great deals.  Yes hun I know I won’t forget to pick up fertilizer and horse feed too!

  8. I think the saying used to be “When the shoe-shine starts giving you stock tips it’s time to sell.”

    When Gold and Silver mania takes off one Gold ounce will probably buy the whole stock of goods in the local Walmart.    Gold and Silver then will be harder to obtain than a chocolate rocking horse in Hell.

  9. @GBS  If Walmart goes full retard, desperate to retain market share and profits,  selling gold and silver in a kiosk right next to the manicurists and optical ware, they’ll also offer brothels in the back and greeters handing out shots of whiskey at the front door

    As a matter of fact, our Walmart in Carson City seems to be there, or so it seems.  Nevada is a different type of state.  Top tax revenue producers?  Mining and houses of ill repute.

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