After consolidating throughout the overnight Asian and London session, the latest COMEX open raid has finally achieved the cartel’s target in silver, with $30 broken to the downside as silver was smashed to $29.84. 
Gold has also been hit on the COMEX open, down another $40 to $1596!

The legendary Jim Sinclair states that this is the last significant correction prior to gold’s move to $3,500. 

*Update: 2nd wave of smash now in progress, with silver down to $29.67

2013 Canadian Wildlife Series Wood Bison
As Low As $2.89 Over Spot at!



Look for both metals to be well off this morning’s lows by today’s close, to prevent stackers from taking advantage of $29 handle silver and nearly $1600 gold over the weekend.

Silver’s COMEX open smash back into the $20’s:


2nd wave of smash now in progress, with silver down to $29.73



Gold dropped another $20 to $1614:

2nd wave of attack sends gold to $1600:



OPM Silver Round Promo 2 with Border

    • Speaking of the USD, saw a chart recently that shows a bearish descending triangle for USD

    • “This is the last significant correction”…If I had an ounce of silver every time I heard that…Silver is on a steady downtrend and until that changes, a downturn is a downturn. Good time to buy phyzz.

  1. I’ve been watching this epic battle for the past hour, and you know that as soon as the crooks back off, silver will climb back to where it was before they started. It may take a couple of days, but it will soon get back to between $30.50 and $31.50.
    FYI the price from my bullion dealer has hardly changed 5c during this smash, so what does that say about premiums and supply constraints? Quite a bit I would say.

    P.S. I spoke too soon – my dealer price just dropped 18c…

    • “I guess inflation isn’t an issue after all.”
      Depends on whether or not you shop for food or fuel.  If you do, THEN inflation is an issue.  If the warm and fuzzy talk from the Fed and the Gov soothe you, then don’t worry… spend money… and be happy!
      Of course, one could always ask, “Is there a difference between REAL inflation and the managed perception of it?”.  Stackers already know the answer to this.  That’s why we keep stacking.  😉

  2. For 5 minutes, between 8.30 and 8.35 am Eastern time, the Cartel threw about 78 000 silver short contracts at the market. Yesterdays total volume for 24 hours was 46 000 contracts.
    The Cartel is overreached with its huge short position, and has run into a crossroads with physical supply now not being met. Also, Monday sees the Chinese return. This has all the signs of a panic move.

  3. Excellent, keep it going! I’m taking out a day next week to travel to visit my favorite dealer. Hope the prices hold until then.
    Unfortunately, the Canadian Bison which dealers have on pre-order, hit the bottom pre-order price already yesterday, at least at the cheaper dealers. This means that its premium over Maples (over here in EU) is creeping up from just over 1% towards 3% now. Level with Antelopes already.

  4. Heck I’m selling 5 rolls of half’s at noon today to get some fiat to pay bills as I have no fiat coming in right now. It irks the hell out of me to do it. But one must do what one has to do. By the way. My selling price. $1125.00 take it or leave it. Lol
    Just hope the spot stays low enough so I can buy some more when I get my commission checks.

  5. perfect end to a perfect week. All we need now is to wash it down with some bulls*it hopium about the future for silver is so bright, you need to wear shades ( at some point it will be of course ).
    The bottom is in… unless of course it’s not.
    Buy the Dip!…. the dip that has been lasting 18 months? I’ll get right on that.
    Premiums have gone up so physical price hasn’t come down!… then why should I buy the dip?
    Burn the place down already. I’d rather be paying 40 bucks per ounce from my online dealer and watching hot money pour in, than I would be paying just over 33 bucks for a maple like I could this second. If I was buying. Which I’m not. I need a vacation.

    • “Buy the Dip!…. the dip that has been lasting 18 months? I’ll get right on that.”
      The PERFECT dip is the one that ends JUST as we run out of fiat.  😉

  6. There are reasons that silver is being smashed below 30 but I do not know what they are.  Anyone know?  Of course not.  We are not privvy to such information.  To the untrained eye, capping the price at 31 or 32 and keeping prices trading sideways at that price would seem to have the same effect of demoralizing metals investors as pushing the price below 30 would.  So there must be other reasons.  Like short covering.  And, accumulation of phyzz by those that really know what is going on.  Maybe this is the last hurrah for the priveliged ones to accumulate in anticipation of a coming turning point?  Will the big boys decide to go long now?  Stay tuned.

    • No, we are not but it is possible to deduce and infer much from what is happening now.  This could easily be a shake-out such as occurred before the 1980 price spike to near $50 an oz.  Strong hands have a vested interest in getting the weak hands to let loose of their stash, particularly at reduced prices.
      “Will the big boys decide to go long now?”
      Probably not until they are sure the US dollar is about to collapse.  THEN they will go long because they no longer need to protect the value of the dollar via all these manipulation games.

  7. @AGXIIK, speaking of that Russian meteor, the Russians are not stupid as TPTB would like you to believe.  Here is a comment by their #2 most powerful man:
    Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, speaking at an economic forum in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, said the meteor could be a symbol for the forum, showing that “not only the economy is vulnerable, but the whole planet.””
    @XC Skater, yesterday I purchased some Bisons (the final coin from the Canadian Wildlife Series) and this morning’s price (10:30 EST) is $0.26 lower.  This seems to happen every time that I buy – perhaps I should change my handle from ‘Mammoth’ to ‘The Contrary Indicator.’
    Last but not least, every time Silver is smashed below $30.00/oz, somebody here says, “I never thought we’d see prices below $30/oz again!”  So folks, please DON’T say that.
    That is almost as grating on one’s nerves as when the price of gas spikes upwards in price, somebody invariably says, “I drive a prius to this does not affect me.”  duh.

    • Prius drivers tend to be grating in just about every way imaginable.  This was rather neatly hoisted upon their own petard during an episode of South Park.  I particularly enjoyed the weather report on the show because an influx of hybrid drivers were causing a South Park “smug alert”.  lol

  8. I don’t care what anyone says; I just bought a 100oz Royal Canadian Mint .9999 bar!
    “Are you happy?”

    “I’m VERY happy… Hi! I’m Ricky Bobby…”
    “and I’m Cal Norton Jr…”
    “and we’re urging you to BUY AS MUCH ******* silver as you can get your hands on”

    • Just love it when this happens!!
      I do.
      Not only did I buy today on the weakness but one of these days this kinda stuff will bring about the separation between the Phyzz price and the paper price of Silver…one of these times….

    • Saw this chart showing dollar could drop to 2011 levels…good for us if it happens

    • “One analyst says dollar going to get real strong vs Yen and Euro…”
      Which could be another way of saying that the bottom is about to drop out of those currencies.  Forget the price bouncings of one fiat vs. another.  It’s ALL about the ounces.  🙂

  9. I’d have a lot more respect for the people who say silver is going to $200 if they also said it was going to $29 first.  If the market was at $34 and you knew you knew the price would soon be $30, you’d buy as many levered shorts as you could afford too.

    • They do say that it will go down some more before taking off. They just can’t tell you when it’s going to take off, because no-one really knows the extent of the resources of the crooks that are rigging the markets.

  10.  Another Bad Day at Blackrock, I see. 
    I’d like to come out and rah rah but it is tiresome having the air let out of your tires every time you get the car started.
    Take heart in the fact that this metal is so important, so intrinsically honest, they feel they must drive everyone out of it.  Now why do that?
    The money they skim from their paper transactions is so enormous that they will do anything,  a n y t h i n g, to keep the game alive.
    Lying, stealing,  debasement of bullion, breaking up competitors, with no ethics or regulation, they can wallow in crime. Hell, I believe they have assassinated presidents over their fiat controls, and would do so again.
    But folks, they can’t just print up gold or a silver eagle, and that’s why we need only to sit tight and be right to win. 
    rah rah   😉 

  11. Big YAWNERs here boys and girls. Below $30?  What?  Been There Done That Got The T-Shirt.  Let see’s now, just how much money did I lose in paper silver today. Why, that would be Zero. Zilch. Nada.  How much did I lose in phyzz? Again, Zero, Zilch, Nada, because my phyzz is not for sale.  Let them knock the effing price down.  Folks, this is all paper.  Look at any bullion dealer. Look at Ebay.  Nobody is selling for under $5 over spot right now.  If you have phyzz, you ain’t lost a damned thing.   

    • “Nobody is selling for under $5 over spot right now.”
      Maybe nobody local but a number of internet vendors are.  Check out GoldMart’s web site… Canadian Silver Maples for spot + $2.09.  Not at all bad.

  12. I rarely if ever post video’s folks but since we do not know what the market manipulators intentions or actual plans are at this point I thought that it was important to post this video.  It is food for thought.  What if the boys plans are to drive the price of silver much lower?  At this point, the reasons are unclear for why they would wish to do this.  Check out this 9 minute video.

    • I’ll give you a few reasons Pollokeeper.
      a) They are desparately trying to keep the dollar propped up by
      b) Keeping us in a deflationary mode (deflation = bad for PMs) and thus
      c) staving off inflation (inflation = good for PMs) so by keeping PM prices down they
      d) shake out all the weak hands who will sell when it is down so that they can
      e) buy it at reduced prices.
      Did I cover it? Well, we must be patient because
      a) the dollar is on life support and will go the way of the dinosaur sooner or later, but
      b) not before hyperinflation kicks into high gear which
      c) will make the prices of PMs soar to the sky and make those holding phyzz very happy while
      d) wiping out anyone still holding paper
      Just who are they. Take your pick. The cartel.  Central banks.  Governments (like the US, China).
      Hold tight my fellow stackers. We knew this (or should have known) when we got into this business. This is not for the weak kneed or the feint of heart. I personally lose no sleep when these raids occur. I go to sleep by counting sheep…no…coins and bars from my stack.  1 five ounce bar….2 five ounce bars…3 five ounce bars….zzzzzzzzzzz 

    • Govts regulating gold and silver, that’s an old concept which has been instituted from the beginning of time until around 1972.  I think most people would welcome that intervention which means the metals would have a fixed rate of exchange and it would be difficult to create stealth inflation numbers.  Would that also mean the squid could not load up and dump 70,000,000 ounces of paper silver in a couple minutes? 

    • Hi GuitarDan 🙂
      You make some valid points indeed. One thing that has continually took many by surprise is the USD. It is far from being dead, but it would appear somewhat of a stalemate in regards to a rising USD$ which would derail the wall street pump if it heads back to the 84 – 86 level on DXY, but it would also continue to pressure metals and other commodities and it would appear they will soon sacrifice paper markets short term in favor of suppressing metals at this time.
      Indeed it is a game going on and those playing it are in my opinion getting desperate. Many things are in transition at this time, and we have seen a similar repeat to the actions during 2008 which I had researched for a client and compared the action of CRB, USD$ and the DOW and other indexes back in March of 2011. It appeared to me we would see a similar deflationary drop and as I have reviewed that research, we did indeed. Not yet to the extent of 2008, but certainly many similarities.
      Fed pumping has maintained status quo in the indexes and wall street has long been hijacked by this policy. It would appear to me a good shakeout before certain other “events” finish unfolding. the can can only be kicked so far and something has to be sacrificed. At this time it has been silver/gold and it is not over yet. next sacrifice if they want further correction in gold/silver would be pushing up the USD$ which would pull back the indexes. Many equities have seen severe corrections over the last 1 – 2 years, again similar to 2008, but this time they were at such insane levels, the magnitude of correction was more severe.
      Keep an eye on USD$ action and how it will affect matters. This may explain why there have been reports as to the huge CALL options being bought in VIX and PUTS in banking sectors. It is clear there is an expectation of stronger correction in the broad markets by April. The coming action will likely further frustrate those who have been calling for the USD death for years. it will happen indeed, but the circus going on now is just getting started. Some big name analysts will find themselves stumped not being able to understand how all the fed catering to the banks and wall street has not caused the effect so many thought it would. one reason is that liquidity far as I can tell that banks have received, is not being lent into circulation, but they are sitting on reserves which for now has hindered rising inflation, but this too will change.
      Consider the fact that GAAP principles have long been abandoned replaced by fraudulent accounting practices will allow this game to continue for awhile longer yet. it is all artificial, but it is serving the purpose of gutting those sectors we have anticipated would have by this time launched much higher such as metals. They will have their day for sure…but do not underestimate how the game is being played NOW. it is fraud and patience for the long term, over the next 2 years will see a much different scenario than we see presently, but it is going to surprise many. The biggest shock will come when wall street criminals swipe away more personal wealth when broad markets implode for a short period, just when the average “Mr. Public” has jumped back into being comfortable with taking on more risk. I fear they will be looted much worse than in 2008.
      There is a lot more going on behind the scenes than what appears to the eye or is being reported. Yes, it is criminal, it is fraud, but it is working for those who are assigned to play this game…for now.
      Thanks for your thoughts. 🙂 have a good weekend.

    • Are we seeing the last ditch run to the US dollar by foreign investors. That may drive paper silver down for a bit until people find out the US dollar is toast too.

    • Well said Ranger. 🙂 Thank you for that.
      Many of the hype kind of analysts will in my opinion not be around any more over the next year as it will become apparent their conflict of interest has been revealed. As I have stated before, this sector needs no hype or drama. It will come together in its time, but those who are trying so hard to make a name for themselves, forecasting based upon ego and hype are going to find themselves faced with an exodus of followers because one cannot continue to throw around 3500 gold and 200 silver for years and not have it finally catch up to them.
      Certainly these prices “sound” amazing but it starts to smell when one realizes it is only good for creating revenues and sales, and when this is finally realized, I think we will see many familiar analysts/forecasters going into hiding due to their own manner of hype. They brought it on themselves, and they in my opinion will owe an explanation as to their real motive. Just my opinion. Have a peaceful weekend ranger 🙂

  13. While I am most certain Mr. Sinclair is much more knowledgeable than I am I cant help but wonder if he is just barking at the moon to illicit any response so as not to hear himself think about what TPTB are doing PMs today. This rhetoric as hoped up as it may be does no one any good. All we need to do is one of two things, nothing or buy this dip. Thats it folks, one day…whenever, it will pay off handsomely. Wishing us all happy camping 😉

  14. I think if the market were free, most if not all the metals prognosticators would be right. I can only imagine the glee that the evil motherfu**ers from the govt, and the banks feel when they do this stuff and the calls sinclair and others seemingly blow up.

  15. Well I am miffed, I was going to order some silver this morning from my refiners. I thought it  was going to hang about at the £19.60 mark, so I put it off till Monday. Come on, get the price lower, I need to buy some more snake oil to sell to the punters. £19.48 was today’s LBMA fix, I hope it goes lower on Monday Morning.
    Who ever asked why? Well my opinion which is never humble is this so called currency war. The Dollar is being lowered before your very eyes, but it needs to be done in tandem with Gold/Silver to obfuscate what the Fed is up too.
    Oh and Precious metals rise on deflation as well as inflationary measures.

  16. What would stop the fed from printing enough money to buy endless metals at low prices and “refill” all the empty vaults (I’ve heard that their vaults are empty from many regulars on this site) at these big banks?
    It sounds like they are all in this together
    Is the Federal government audited at all/have any accountability?
    BTW-I’ve mentioned this before, I am not very knowledgeable about economics/the big banks.

    • What will ultimately stop them is when foreign holders of US debt lose faith, and come in and dump their dollars, That is when the game ends. The petrodollar and defacto staus of the dollar as reserve currency backed up by the military has what has given birth to this.

    • @Celia, what stops the Fed initially is nothing followed by supply and demand issues at which point private ownership becomes outlawed, confiscation ensues and lo and behold the price magically increases 3 fold so as to float the bloated government financial ledger so as to continue down the road of perpetual fiscal irresponsibility.
      Based upon estimates regarding re-hypothication of PM i would have to say  Yes the vaults are technically empty if you dont count that possesion is all that matters
      They are in this together. One very happy incestuous family of Banksters Fascists and the puppet governments et al.
      No the Fed and or the Govt will never be audited until after the revolution and yes they have no accountability…yet
      Your asking questions  youll get answers knowledge will come. Hope this helps 😉 

  17. Quick Side Note  Soros sold half of his GLD stake.  That’s several hundred thousand shares.  Moore Capital sold entire GLD shares as well as those of Sprott Gold TRust.  Paulson has not sold any of his shares (yet)

    • I had to laugh when I heard about 6 months back that Soros was buying GOLD. Yeah – that’s how it was reported, even in the ‘alternative’ PMs outlets. He didn’t buy GOLD – he bought bloody PAPER. Now of course he’s smarter (and infinitely richer) than me, but what sort of dumb-ass move is that? Unless of course he is one of the market manipulators and knows exactly when to enter and exit  the monopoly money markets.
      Well I may not be wealthy, but at least I sleep soundly at night knowing my soul is in good hands and my small stack of silver is growing steadily 🙂

    • Actually, Speros, Soros DID buy gold.  VERY large shareholders in GLD CAN redeem their shares for gold bars, if they so choose.  Small investors cannot but big ones can.  Because of this, his investment was definitely in gold as long as the GLD vaults contain gold.  I am sure that Soros would not have invested his money without verifying that the gold was there.  It was probably allocated in his name as well.  Somehow, I don’t think that the boys running GLD want to cross Soros.  In spite of his leftist BS, Soros looks like a guy who believes in “old world” style justice.  Not wanting to be grabbed, hauled to a remote undisclosed location, and impaled, disemboweled, or both would make the thieves on Wall Street VERY careful about crossing him.

    • Ed, I did see it reported that he bought GLD not gold, but I suppose you can’t always believe what is written in the press. It struck me at the time to be a lunatic move, especially for someone so savvy, but now that you say it was real gold, then fair enough.

    • Well, GLD is a gold ETF and those in the financial press will always equate paper investments with physical precious metals.  I read the GLD prospectus several months ago, mostly just for giggles, and it was an awful document… convoluted in the extreme and VERY unclear, IMHO.  The part that interested me, however, was the conversion of shares into gold bars.  Buried in LOTS of verbiage was the fact that yes, GLD shares ARE convertible into London Good Delivery gold bars… but only if you have a large number of shares.  IIRC, it was 100,000 shares minimum and Soros certainly had or still has that.  This is most definitely a tale of two GLDs… one for the uber rich and one for the rest of us.

  18. Ken S  The bitcoin is emblematic of anything that represents Freedom. Bitcoin is up 100%  Ammunition, nearly unfindable, is tripple in price with the ammunition brass priced at the former price of fresh factory ammo.  Firearms often double of triple.  The one thing these SOBs can do is suppress precious metal prices. But those commodities have paper equivalents. 
    these situation tell me one and only one thing. Precious metals will have their day. 
    The ONLY thing we need to see is just one faint rumor, a whiff of government control/seizures/regulation call it what you want, and the prices will go from $30 to $100 instantly.  Anything that is regulated or controlled, even gas prices from the mis and late 1970’s, immediately see doubling in price and often even greater and it happens within a day to a week.
    this is a simple statement based on more that a little experience with the real and stark encounters with scarcity

    • A few months ago, I bought 1000 rounds of Tula brand ammo for my AK for $215 at a local gun show.  I even talked the cutie behind the counter into throwing in a steel military type 50-cal. ammo box to hold it… which it did except for 1 box of 20 rounds.  Anyway, I spent some time looking for ammo on-line today and very few vendors have any.  Almost all say “NOT IN STOCK” or “BACK ORDERED UNTIL 3/15” or even later dates.  Oh, and the price at one place that DID have some was $359 for 1000 rounds… a 67% increase since early Dec.  🙁

  19. Mary B  I am not sure if this works for you but if you can build extra  ammo I am pretty certain you can double your price and sell for silver.
    I plan to liquidate some on my inventory of guns (maybe—- and only if I get my price)   some are non utilitarian blasters and silver works for me. 
    just thinking—-but you have the reloading skills and after 2 hours of research this AM, what there is available is $1 a round for fresh and nearly the same price level for reloads.  If it goes bang, the price is immaterial.  maybe that would be a means to increase your stack.

    • Need an FFL to make and sell ammo, I do a little for friends, mainly shotgun shells for their clay pigeon habit but powder is short supply, primers are almost unobtabium and lead is double the price it used to be. Small pistol primers are sold out everywhere, 209 shotshell are hard to find, I have a friend in TX buying powder and 209’d for me to ship up here because locally nobody has it.

  20. @SilverTongueDevil-Thanks.
    Don’t you think there would be the same general reaction to the confiscation of metals as there has been to the threats to the 2nd amendment?  I’m not convinced much more than 50% of this country would abide by this. It is also hard to imagine that our military/law enforcement would go along with this either.  
    Perhaps the current administration have been testing the waters on doing away with the 2nd amendment to see if they could get away with other types of confiscation?  Property?  401K’s, ect.
    Satan is really doing a number on this country.  
    Horrifying to see Biblical prophecy play out-Many many have been deceived.  
    At least I know good aka Jesus and those who believe in Him win in the end.

    • @Celia, yes as a matter of fact i do think the reaction will be identical to that of infringement of the 2nd Ammendment, and that is brief but vocal outrage followed by a good helping of mac and cheese with a side order of “whats on TV tonight sweety?” Not to belabor this i think you get my point.  

    • Celia I believe you are correct. It is truly a battle of the ages. We are in the biblical 1,000 year period in which satan runs riot in the earth, decimating, stealing, murdering and generally destroying. You only have to look at what’s happening with drones, gun control, market manipulation, big pharma poisoning the world’s population, wars, rumours of wars etc. It’s all in the bible and it is all happening in an accelerated fashion.
      I just hope we are nearing the end of that 1,000 years, but I don’t know my history well enough to say.

  21. Watch the 10 yr UST bond. It’s been just above 2% for a week or so.  It’s been up to 2.05% and is 2.02% today 
    that may be a holding point for the low. If it is then upwards will be pretty hard on the bond market. 

  22. @ Rockets?! Yes, Max did say around  April the markets would crash…Anyone recall 2008? The markets went upward and then boom in sudden shift, I lost $10,000 of thousands of dollars. I even attempt to change my stock portfolio and I was not even allowed access to my own account. So, this led me to believe they (criminal banking cartel) wanted to steal the peoples wealth. I have since taken charge of my own financial being. Stack the Smack Jack!!! Moving to Brazil…Find me one of these sexy women and live Happily ever after….

    • as I’ve said before, I’m finished stacking the smack, I’ll but some here and there. If silver is going ballistic I’d be happier paying 40 for it and watching a stampede come in (which has to happen).

  23. Please no!
    My dealer is closed exactly this week. This helped me to withhold from buying earlier, but now I need to hope that he’ll fact open (web)shop again on Monday for me to lock in prices. I sold some of my stack to gather cash I needed, and I overshot. Now I’ve got cash and need to get back in. If my dealer doesn’t let me back in, I’ll have a hard time making even an ounce of gain for the cash involved. So please let Asia not jump on prices too much with USA closed…

    • Skater, I don’t know where you’re situated, but since you are buying online, why not look for another dealer just this once. I’d hate to see you miss this chance, even though it’s unlikely to be the last.
      As for your dealer closing, was that pre-planned, or do you think it’s a symptom of the supply squeeze that’s no doubt coming? I know I chat candidly with my dealer about this, and basically when you understand what is coming when the bulk of the population start running like a heard of cattle to get silver and gold, the dealers are not going to want to sell their stocks. They are people too, and will close their doors and ride out the wave like the rest of us.

  24. Well, I just called my LCS – the one whom I bragged will sell me SIlver Dollars at spot.
    Sorry, all sold out,” he told me.
    Might stop by there anyway on the way home from work to pick up some more halves, dimes & quarters.
    (Or should I stop at the espresso stand for a $5.00 latte instead?)

  25. Dear Blythe, thanks for the sale day. To show you my appreciation, I just took another 2500 ounces of metal off the market.
    I hope you keep shorting your toilet paper down to $25. If we can get there, I will take my remaining pile of federal reserve debt notes and empty the vaults myself.
    Keep it up Witch. You and your dark master hold no sway against the agents of light.

  26. the lucifians again!  like the parasites they are ,the banksters ,just having a good ole time partying a need some $$ for the weekend ,
    ok ! what if the Major Silver holders ie Sprott other Giants open phyzz silver banks that buy Silver,coins,bullion,bars ect ,always at a price above fiat paper spot for phyzz  holders only? then smashing the paper market would mean nothing,it’a  win ,win situation for sellers and investors

  27. YO: Comex wise guys. Great job. Based on my calculations APMEX sold 5700 Silver Eagles on February 6th, 2013. Then the price dropped under $31 and they sold over 16,000 ASE’s on February 14th.
    Now in the last twelve hours, with the price under $30 an ounce they approx 48,000 more. Keep up the great work! Please, please drop the price to $28 or so. 

  28. Soros sold about 600,000 shares of GLD, each worth about $156 a share on Feb 15.
      Each share is about 1/10 of an ounce so he sold the equivalent of about 60,000 oz, $97,000,000 or somewhere about 1.3 tons of gold equivalent   Little gold has been taken from GLD so he just traded paper most likely.  He did net about $1 billion just in the last couple of months shorting the Japanese yen.

  29. Ed B  I was at the Reno gun show today  Thousand of people in line just to get in.  Several hundred lined up at the largest ammo deal. I found a crate with two sealed tins of 7.62×39, Yugoslavian.  1,400 rounds and I paid $576 for the crate  41 cents a round  Digusting price but I bought a crate and could resell the same tins for $500 each.  This is just stackable ammo.  The price was cash and lower than anyone else  The large ammo seller was limiting customers to 200 rounds of 223 and charging well over $100 for that 200 rounds.  22 was unobtainable.  Your price was excellent.  Backorders are 3-9 months as I have had rounds on order at cheaperthandirt for 2 months.

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