Two of the largest wholesale suppliers in the US, including Amark and CNT, who is the supplier of gold blanks to the US Mint for Gold Eagles, and is a registered COMEX depository, HAVE JUST SOLD OUT OF ALL PHYSICAL SILVER!!!

In the face of an EPIC TSUNAMI of gold and silver sales today as the cartel hammered the price of silver down over 12%, and off $6 from Friday’s open, we have just been informed at SDBullion upon trying to place a large inventory order that BOTH AMARK & CNT ARE SOLD OUT OF EVERY LAST OUNCE OF PHYSICAL SILVER!!!

Apparently the fact that one of the largest wholesale suppliers in the US is SOLD OUT, while simultaneously the 2nd largest silver mine in the US is offline perhaps permanently is of absolutely no consequence to the paper dumping cartel bullion banks.

Bullion bank silver shorts are most likely covering in mass RIGHT NOW, and we’ll soon have the data to make the case.  Many have speculated that the bullion banks are going to switch to a net long position. There couldn’t be a better time to do just that given that at $22/oz, pretty much all existing shorts taken out before this week will be in the money.



    • Biggest metals supplier in western canada, VBCE.CA, not posting prices. I called them and their premiums are 3X what they were two days ago, and they said the product is flying out the door.

      Funny that CBC piece you mentioned, will be airing without having had reference to this most recent, and biggest of metals slam ever. 15% of world gold supply (in paper of course) sold in hours.

      Bart Chilton, you are a criminal. Stick your golden tie up your ass. Your collusion with the banking elite has allowed them to manipulate metals and deceive people into avoiding gold and silver. When starvation and shortage occurs, realize your Benedict Arnold trechery has been instrumental in bringing it about.

    • Gee, why stop here? I say take it all the way down to a cool buck and show the ENTIRE world how rigged the Comex really is. 🙂 Atleast then we can scoop up the last crumbs of remaining PMs and then finally return the world to sound money!

  1. This is exposing paper gold and silver for the obvious frauds we know them to be. Now we see a terrorist attack in Boston, interesting coincidence. Not implying it has anything to do with the metals, but it will certainly take some eyes off the previous giant story of the day. Makes me wonder…Good luck getting physical everybody, back up the truck.

    • @Battle-Beagle – Maybe we might even get the retail supply chain to be sold out by the end of the week.  Now that would be something.  I’d like to see all those that deny that we’ve been in a tight market all these months to explain away that little ditty should it comes to pass.
      Where’s Merlin?  Dang it, we need some alchemists pronto to turn paper supply into phyzz.  Just think of all those millions of ounces available to transform into real metal.  🙂

  2. This is absolutely incredible.  As demand rises vertically, the price plummets vertically.  My 7 year old could identify market manipulation in these extreme circumstances.  I just hope to hell they don’t pin these Boston explosions on North Koreans.  

  3. In 2000 I was drilling for oil and gas around a place called Pink Mountain…we drilled well after well all winter long.
    I asked why there was no Service Rig following us to bring the wells we drilled on line with Pumps and got told..at $35 a barrel there was no point in bringing the wells online. That means they closed the wells in until prices reached the $100 mark.
    There is no silver in the vaults to sell at these prices.(no surprise there) There will be all the silver you want at much higher prices.(cynical me)

    • @sunray09
      Of course you’re perfectly correct. All around the globe there are huge quantities of silver in sox-drawers, shoe-boxes, safes and holes under rocks, but the historic rational exchange ‘valuation’ is ever further from mathematical prerequsite in the face of effective hyper-inflationary currency explosion.
      Once in a while I point out that, for three centuries prior to the 19th, the average day’s wage was an ounce of silver (1.25 dollars or 5 shillings), which provided an average decent sustenance for two days, leaving capacity to save for feeble years. In today’s American banknotes, that relates to about a WSR of 160:1 banknotes. Even if folks are totally unaware of this long evolved economic factor, its empirical foundations are strong enough to shine through to their intrinsic sensibilities. They INSTINCTIVELY KNOW silver is cheap as dirt, even at 50 banknotes.
      Now, the ‘speed-freak’ get-rich-quick crowd still mired in the false paper paradigm, don’t see past their blinders and still measure value in etherial numbers stamped on officious looking Plantation Scrip, so they gnash their teeth and whine about ‘losing money’ in this event, but those ‘clued in’ to the real world of supply-demand have every solid confidence that despite whatever ‘Magic Show’ the elites put on, no matter how spell-binding and spectacular … truth of reality returns after their entertaining performance.

    • I was wondering the same thing as I was on the drudge report reading the headline about gold destruction (photo of big gold bear growling) and suddenly it changes to the marathon.  
      Interesting that the bombs did not go off 2 hours earlier when more would have been killed and hurt than in 9/11.  We know that if terrorists want to get a job done with mass casualties-they do it (evidenced from 9/11).
      I was telling my husband, you can never trust evil (aka satan), because evil will resort to ANY means necessary to accomplish his goal.  I would have never believed stuff like this could happen, but since educating myself in finance/commodities, etc, I now see it is 100% possible and probable.  God-have mercy on us.

  4. @Doc
    Check with your coding monkeys, something is seriously up with your code, from what I see, there is something wrong with your MySQL connections, they are not being closed properly.
    either that or someone is trying to hack your servers, you using WordPress, if your using ADMIN as a user, then they will try and hack your account. This is new today.
    Moving forward, I would strongly advise that you move your code over to something a bit more robust than PHP/MySQL hosted on goDaddy. For a Forum you can’t go wrong with NOSQL solution.

    • New articles from SD are being posted to beforeitsnews…I can imagine this is contributing in maxing out the servers; the new hits and of course, us regulars hitting articles to read posts and make comments. Throw in the bullion store and it is a miracle this site is still loading with the massive traffic from all quarters….

  5. This is the a scum bag post. I’ve been watching sbss waiting to buy it lower but a funny thing happened to the premiums ever since the downtrend broke with the hang man candle two weeks ago. They increased from 4.99 to 6.99 finally to 19.99. Now I understand your a small shop and don’t hedge so that’s fine. But to post a silver shortage on the front page to entice more people to buy scumbag move pure and simple. Guess what silvers going lower. Lower main channel busted were going to sub 20’s. You wanna see a shortage go look at corn last summer. That’s what happens in a shortage the price climbs.

    • @deluxe186 – if we were making this report up to entice sales, we would not have CLOSED SDBULLION DUE TO SOLD OUT SILVER INVENTORY! 

      Trust me, we had no need to entice sales, we are swamped with orders today. Probably had 3-4 weeks worth of sales volume in the past 24 hours!

    • Go poke your head in over at Apmex and see how many Eagles you can scoop up? Unless you’re willing to buy at least a tube, that number is 0.  Even then they only have 100 or so left, but I’m guessing they will be gone before tonight is over.

      Crazy times.


    • @agstack :

      @The Doc :  At midnight, Monday morning PST, I checked APMEX’s 2013 silver eagle availability and I was able to add the absolute maximum online order quantity to the shopping cart:  5,000 ounces.  I just checked and it’s just over an hour after agstack’s post:  still totally sold out of 2013 silver eagles.  They’ve got other stuff that’s less popular, but not much. The older year ASE have been hard to get from APMEX even before Friday’s manufactured reality smash, with premiums of $6/oz over spot and higher for some of the old monster boxes.

      While it’s possible that any given coin dealer might hold back inventory, it’s not very likely that the mega-sized dealers will hold back a great deal because managing volatility risk can turn into a major problem for a large player.  It’s one thing for a local coin dealer to shut doors and sit on two monster boxes just for the heck of it and quite another thing for APMEX and other big fish to get aggressive with inventory hold-backs. 

      This is getting darn interesting.

  6. I think this drop is really good news. It means the prices of Gold and Silver aren’t going to be suppressed as much going forward. The reason why their is a lot of negative press in the News regarding Gold and Silver and Large investment firms are advising their client to sell their paper Gold and Silver is to:
    1) Drive the price down
    2) Make  small time investors sweat and sell.
    3) Protect the dollar on the behalf of the government
    4) Buy up all the physical Gold and Silver people are sitting on.
    I recently have been reading “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator” (which is a first hand account of Jesse Livermore aka livingston (greatest Speculator ever) career). In it he says it took him a long time to realize that you have to hold your position. He learned from an old investor and others that you cant afford to lose your position. “You know its a bull market” an old timer remarked meaning don’t sell in the face of fear because you will lose your position and it will eventually go up. He also mentions what goes on in the markets in terms of manipulation. And if you were to sell now at a loss you would be classified as a sucker. Why because you are being suckered out of your position. This was a different why of thinking compared to how he would dominate the bucket shops which was a sort term state of mind. Investing especially commodities is a long term trade.
    Sit tight and hold tight because all these Paper sellers are buying the physical while suppressing the paper price. Wouldn’t you do the same of you had that power? They are switching their position from shorts to longs. Which is a smart move because the dollar is going to take some massive damage in the next few months. I think it will drop from its current 82.30 to 72-74.  The next Debt negotiations are going to be ugly. The Dow will drop to probably about 10-11,000 points before September. Then from their it will get really interesting especially if their is another US Credit downgrade. Which if this were to occur would send the dollar/USDX under 70 and then you will see a fishing like pattern in that chart.
    I also believe the next FOMC meeting on May 1st will be epic. I believe Bernanke is going to announce the stoppage of QE. This of course is a trick. They arent going to stop it ever. They want to make it look like they want congress to take fiscal responsibility. When this occurs the stock and bond markets are going to take on some heavy damage as the negotitations take place.
    In 2008 Silver dropped by 30% in the summer before the collapse. Once the Stock market started to crash in October 2008 Silver was stablized and began its epic upward run from $10 to $50. In 2013 the starting point will be between $23 IMO. That means if Silver would make another similar run it will be $115 probably within 12-18 months .
    So if you could buy any buy now because its going to get a little difficult to buy Silver and Gold going forward.

  7. Don’t get the mistaken idea there is no silver available just because your LCS is out of retail product.  1000oz bars are readily available. Local retail silver is only a portion of total silver sales.

    • @UglyDog : You’re right.  However, the current air pocket in the supply chain speaks to demand levels at these prices that amounts to way beyond what the entire supply chain can sustain over even the near-term.

      During the 2008 smash, when silver got down to about $9 it was next to impossible to buy at anything at less than $12 or $13 at the vast majority of coin dealers.  It took about 60 days but there were a few private mints that took delivery of 1000oz bars off the COMEX to create new retail product.  It would take only a few months — maybe about six months — for that sort of action to eat through 10% to 30% of the entire COMEX supply (unless prices snapped back).

    • @Flying_Wombat
      It’s entirely possible that the miners had finally ‘drawn a line in the sand’ against these usurious prices below their production outlays and seized up the flow to COMEX. I’m strongly of the opinion that this is a ‘move into the bunker’ by the bullion bankers. I’m surmising they can’t deliver on their outstanding obligations and they’ll very soon be forced to settle in ‘cash’. This engineered ‘crash’ is thus a seff-defensive ploy to reduce that damage as much as they can get away with.

  8. I have  a pretty good idea why you closed it….You make money on the spread and just got absolutely killed by the plunge since you don’t hedge or barely hedge. It’s why your premiums are up over 300+%. Sensationalism sells but don’t be a scum bag about it is all I’m saying.

  9. Any idea whether wholesalers are just unwilling to sell/distrusting of mint supply, or they’re actually sold out?
    My local dealer fixed his silver price to EUR19.07 this morning, and it’s actually 17.3 by now. He may still have had customers, and his premiums went up also.
    3 weeks to get a Perth Mint kilo coin in The Netherlands now from the respected sources.

    • On the mainland, kilo coins tend to be the same price or lower than even the coin bars. Hard to get from individuals, although some buyer specialize in it. I much rather have the kilo coin, as it’ll likely gather some premium over the next few years. 2-3 years waiting easily makes for a 5-10% gain. Nothing to joke about.
      €640 seen for kilo coins already. Insane. And that’s with the increased premiums even. I wish I could buy, really buy. But before I pull the trigger on an order of my last somewhat free cash, likely the plug will be pulled, and more shops just close for the week. Which wholesaler is going to supply well under yesterday’s spot?

  10. LCS report from Austin, Texas today – Coin shop on Slaughter was completely sold out of all silver except for a roll of 2013 Canadian Maples.

    I know LCS aren’t a telltale sign of the big picture, but it’s still a sign.  Just wanted to fill you guys in with a boots on the ground report.

  11. It appears that the scum doesn’t want the dolts to have access to PM as the price skyrockets and their fiat dollars become worthless. Google: DHS insider: watch the metals. Something very big is about to happen.

  12. @StackerX, good analysis @ 1711.  Much the way I see it, so it has to be good, err…
    At Deluxe…Doc could easily raise his premium, if he had inventory, to make up his margins.
    Premium on 90% in Aug/2012 was 59 cents.  Today, $ 4.99 – 11.00, or more.
    Ya’ll do what you gonna do; I know what I am gonna do… 
    (Doc, this may post twice.  Issue may be on my end.)

  13. My suspicion is that they are just holding on to their stock. Typical businessmen. Don’t be fooled.
    Please do your own research. The internet is an easy way to get your answers.
    Have  a safe trading.

    • +1 Dat!
      Why triple premiums to say, $10 or so, when the run-up may hit well over that? Close for a week, go on Vacay, 
      wait it out… perfect Timing! 

  14. deluxe186  You are the sort that inspires the saying “better to be thought of as a fool that post and remove all doubt’
    First off let me tell you a few things. 
    First.  Doc and Bull Run are two of the most honest business people I’ve worked with in decades
    Second  You clearly have no idea what you are talking about when you make comments like you did.
    Third  Since SDB started I’ve bought well over 10,000 Oz of silver and 600 Oz of Gold from SDB. Both my IRAs are SDIRAs. I bought silver and gold to fill them from SDB.  Prices, speed of delivery, and service was first rate. That was high 6 figures purchase
    Fourth  If you are that desperate to buy silver, with wholesalers and SDB depleted of silver I’ll help you out at my prices
    I’ll sell you up to 10,000 ounces of silver at $20 over spot  and from my stack.  The minimum spot price will be $20 so your minimum price will be $40.   Your price  can increase if spot prices increase.  I will lock the buy price at time of receipt of your good  funds at my bank.  A cashier’s check is suitable means of payment.  I will deliver as quickly as possible within the continental US.   If you are within 600 miles of my office, I will drive it to you.  
    Of course, there may be another phrase suitable here. “Money talks, Bulls*** walks.  Capisce?

    • I bought a tube of Wood Bison early this morning for $685.00.  That was when price was $23.40.  Now, they are going for $750 with price at 22.40.  Premiums are going up

    • APMEX has product but premiums are going up…for example, you can purchase 1 oz APMEX Silver Bar .999 Fine for as low as 24.98 (gotta buy 500+) or as high as 27.33.  
      I’m seeing product out there but the prices are not moving all that much.

  15. Over at CNN yesterday, 33 were killed in a bus crash in Peru. The Sunday before, reports of 9 and 11 killed respectively, as I posted before. They communicate through their MSM. 33 is the top number for the masons, who are subservient to the j ws, as we know.

  16. I just placed an extra order for some rolls of 1/2oz Koala’s and such stuff. Email didn’t come to confirm, they may be on manual override. I kind of expect 2 things: prices to plummet before the shop sees my order in the morning, and that they may refuse it anyway.
    Can’t imagine the EU bullion market to ignore the US lock up while paper prices plummet.

  17. I just had dinner, with the TV on, and all that was on was info about the Boston bombing, for 3 hours straight. Every channel !
    No discussion about the rout in silver, and everything that is wrong with this picture. No supply, and prices falling like a stone. Should be the opposite.
    Surely, this isnt a false flag, but we’ll have to wait and see.
    The timing seems too perfect. Something is going on.

    • Might I recommend that you try first to buy from SD?  You’ll get a lower premium markup from SD and you can sleep better at night knowing that you didn’t deposit money into a JPMorgan Chase account…. they are the clearing bank for APMEX.

    • @saddle
      SD Bullion is closed due to the fact that they sold out. I almost always by my bullion from the doc. I bought the day they opened the store. I always support the doc when I can. Hell, I’ve bought 3 monster box’s this year off the doc so far. I’ve even donated to the site via the pay/pal a while back when they were going thru some hard times after some thieves used a stolen card for a large purchase.
      But, I digress…Thanks for pointing out that ampex is a clearing house for the morgue, I wasn’t aware of that. On the other hand I can be a greedy bastard and if the spot price drops below 23 bucks today I’ll be buying where ever I can find it. 🙂

  18. So many people here are commenting on APMEX having 1 toz rounds.  You need to realize that the big boys buy 100 and 1000 toz bars ONLY.  They have no reason to buy small rounds in bulk, so they buy the bars or buy entire sealed US mint boxes.  APMEX has sold their entire stock of 100 oz bars with the exception of only two pricier and old bars.
    The thing I want to point out is that the RCM and JM bars that are in active production at the mints are entirely sold out.  They are selling future undelivered inventory at this point and its still flying off the shelves at a very high rate and will probably be gone within the next 24 hours.
    Yes, many of us smaller guys buy fractionals, 1 oz, and larger, but its not so common that small guys like us buy 100 ounce bars.  The 100 ounce sizes often require our wive’s permission and we need to have the dry powder ready.  When you look at the market today, you need to see that its big guys buying or a lot of wives finally giving us small guys permission to have an early birthday gift.
    We’ve only seen this shortage once before … and it PRE-DATED the big May 1st dip.  This “crash” has pre dated the shortage.  Very very different.

  19. This is like Braveheart! Hold Hold Hold Hold & Then raise the spears to slaughter the stampede of horsemen (bankers) at their own greed.  
    1. Stock Market Plummets
    2. All metals take a hit
    3. Boston Bombings
    4. Who was the runner with the blue sleeveless shirt, sunglasses and black cap. He was no runner he was part of the party (LEO, Agent etc.)
    5. Plenty of Army service members with backpacks at a marathon?
    6. The Governor stated that the Boston Mayor was supposed to be at the marathon and subsequently so happened to be at the hospital at the time of the explosions?

    7. The Commissioner would not even talk to the mayor at the press conference. No leadership when it came to the time of emergency. 
    9. Keep stacking the smack jack.
    10. Just observing the obvious

  20. I haven’t been able to access this site for most of the day either.
    Also, a lot of my friends on Facebook said to me today they want to buy and were asking me how, where & what to buy.
    I think metals mania has officially begun.

  21. Plenty of Gold and silver coins for sale at CoinInvestDirect.com.   Prices are low.   Many other UK dealers still selling.   Don’t see any problem.   Wish I’d saved my buying until now.   

  22. Okay y’all this is what the roux looks like in my stir-pan. What I saw was no ‘garden-variety ‘correction’, it looks to me that what played out, was the final COMEX Crash. They’re cooked like ‘blackend red fish’.
    For ten years we’ve seen steadily increasing accumulation of gold and silver by greater numbers of holders, recalcitrant against overtures toward trading for ‘profit’. In the recent five years, we’ve watched that trend intensify with populist campaigns like ‘Buy Silver, Kill JPM’ and ‘Silver Bullet, Silver Shield’ gain broad global notariety; to say nothing of the relatively new ‘physical funds’ storing vast amounts of metal for wealthy folks seeking protection from invisible theft of currency inflation (grand theft in their ilk).
    Most recently, State mints around the world have been experiencing interspersed, but gradually more frequent supply ‘disruptions’ to blatant outages. In the past year that’s spread to affect wholesalers and very recently even local coin shops. This ‘tightening’ has. all the while, been accompanied by reports of larger and larger withdrawals of metal from bullion banks by private ‘players’ and Countries.
    So, I don’t have to be a Dr. John or Marie Laveau to see what’s spelled out in these renderings … COMEX is facing immediate default on delivery demands and will likely announce a switch to 100% banknote ‘settlement’ in the near future (as has been done secretly already and openly in Europe), because NO ONE IS SELLING AT … ANY … QUOTE, … THEY HAVE NO METALS TO DELIVER AT … ANY … QUOTE. Since standing obligations are probably large enough to bankrupt their scam, both physically and financially, the only way to avoid the latter was to ‘crash the price’ incumbent on them to settle their positions. While they’d drill those ‘quotes’ down to zero if it were practicably feasible, that too has its limitations.
    Unless dealers have amassed sufficient personal stashes to keep them comfortable, they’re going to VERY quickly realize the idiocy of selling their inventory from here on out. Those with ‘rolling inventories’ will want to keep what they have and fold shop, absent a strongly and purposefully assembled customer cross-reference index of old retirees and young savers to broker between.
    We’ve entered the ‘Black Market’. The COMEX is dead.

    • Why would COMEX die now? If no-one usually takes delivvery from them anyways, why would they now? Would Mints and refiners feel forced to use their third-choice sourcing of metal? Only when the supply really is tight I suppose?
      Only in really extreme situation (with large bullion bars) will physical demand ever influence COMEX volumes, right?

  23. its 330am CST. if you look at kitco now, all maples, eagles, and many other silver products they had on there just a few hours ago, circa 11pm yesterday are GONE. i usually do a daily check to see how their spreads change buying vs selling, as well as what products have been added. saw this article and got curious if there was any merit. well, apparently there is.
    kitco is a big dealer. some consider them an ‘enemy’, but the reality is what it is. the physical is disappearing. the only recognizable 1oz products they have are austrailian koalas, and those are selling for $27 a piece.

    • Shortages of coins don’t prove shortages of silver. Mints producing coins from silver have limited output.
      Btw. as was said, in Europe no shortages, however one can notice rising premium.

  24. I placed an order well after midnight here in EU, and in the morning I got a partial confirmation. Call them, got some changes made, now they did it wrong, called, line busy, emailed… They’re in stress here in EU surely, but amazingly they agree to ship part of the order, that’s something. 2 items were not on my confirmation, 1 already removed from website, one not yet.
    Getting, if it works out, 40x 1/2oz Koala 2012 for a steal. And 10x1oz Libertads, cheapest on the mainland. And some 5oz and 10oz. Pretty much all the cash I still have. 

  25. This might be the event that has been talked about so often; the separation of the physical price and the paper price.  When supplies go into hiding; holders refusing to sell;  then price seeking will find a real level and return the market to a great sense of reality.  No one will sell until prices show the real world supply and demand that must be brought back to us.  If the price bounces back to the high $20s it will be an important point.  If supplies return to the silver and gold outlets then we know the place where prices must be maintained for the market to function and silver to flow.
    Did anyone check gold availability in this storm.

    • silvergoldbull apparently said gold is tight, and gold has never been tight.
      regarding divergence, see that article i posted above. good read.
      so far so good today folks,Godspeed.

    • @AGXIIK
      Gold has always been the feint of social controllers. Remember, Moses came down from the Mount and smashed the Golden Calf to dust. The arrangement that provides Liberty and Independence to each stratum in society is the ancient triumvarate of copper, silver and gold, where each metal acts to temper the wills and desires of the others.

      It seems to me that if government maintains intransigence in creating illusions of ‘price’ suppression on silver and gold, mints better be making rapid plans to ‘keep the lights on’ with production of a variety of copper rounds. 100 ounces of copper STILL equates to an ounce of silver and if economic ‘hard times’ ensue, those coppers WILL TRADE FOR GOODS AND LABOR and silver holders WILL TRADE copper for their silver in historic ratios with ready confidence. Wholesalers and local coin shops can keep their doors open too, by acting as ‘metals exchanges’. In fact, that may be the ONLY way those folks might lay hold of silver again for a while.

  26. @The Doc: I doubt to many people have Jamie Dimon on speed dial so if someone wanted to sell they wouldnt be calling the Morgue. If one had Ag and wanted to surrender and sell I guess one would be calling you or Gainsville etc. Since you and everyone else is out or nearly out one must conclude that no one is selling! These raids have been massive failures if the point of them was to get poeple to sell their phyzz.

    • regarding dimon  – just crooked politicians, regulators, blythe masters, a few sycophants, sevreal drug dealers, the odd sex slavery ring leader.

      P.s.with a bounce in metals the runway is clear for a stock market implosion.

  27. The only classifieds sales for silver bullion I see are clearly people buying online and selling 10-15% higher locally. And, they get takers. Plan to join that scheme when I can secure some steady delivery again.

    Service from German webshops is HORRIBLE right now. Won’t talk to you even when on the phone, won’t call back as promised, won’t email as promised, nothing. Days pass, questions remain unanswered. 3 deliveries planned, 2 paid, one is a long nightmare, one seems OK, third I can get the correct numbers on the acknowledgement so can’t pay yet.

  28. The following statement has been placed on http://www.ainsliebullion.com.au website where I have been sourcing my bullion from lately. I estimate them to be in the top 5 bullion dealers in Australia.
    “It is with regret that the web shop is closed until further notice.  We will reopen as soon as possible.  This decision has not been taken lightly.  If we don’t have it, we don’t sell it.  We would not close the web shop if we had sufficient stock to offer for sale, no matter the price.
    Our current stock is almost exhausted.  In the last week we have had 30+ clients waiting to be served personally, at any given time during the day.  Online orders are being received faster than they can be processed.
    After Easter 2011, we also closed the shop due to similar circumstances.  Our long term clients will recall that historic time in the bullion market.
    We are doing all we can to replenish stock as soon as possible.  We have also temporarily engaged extra staff to assist with enquiries.  However, we continue to be unable to meet the expectations of our clients, both in terms of telephone and on site enquiries,as well as product supply.
    We regret the inconvenience that this event has caused and look forward to your continued understanding and support.
    Geoff and Brian and the Ainslie Team

  29. Message on Kitco home page this morning: Due to precious metals market activity, we are experiencing extraordinarily high transaction volumes. As a result, you may experience delays in some of our services and shipments over the coming days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you…

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