gold bank runAs SD readers are likely well aware, the Bundesbank last week announced the repatriation of over 600 tons of Germany’s gold reserves held at the NY Fed and the Bank of France.
The “gold conspiracy theories” have now gone mainstream with a CNBC Market Mystery segment discussing the Bundesbank’s gold repatriation over the weekend, which means it can’t be long before the conspiracy theories of empty vaults underneath the NY Fed and Fort Knox become conspiracy facts. 

CNBC’s Guy Adami:  This is a huge story in my opinion that is not a huge story now, but will be a huge story.   Why is that? Because you have to ask yourself, why would Germany decide to do this? What do they see that the rest of us don’t see that requires them to physically move this gold out of lower Manhattan and obviously in Paris, as well, back to their borders?  I think that’s really the question you have to ask, and the answer is, it can’t be anything good...

If you think Germany is going to be the last, they’re not. People will line up and do this. You talk about runs on banks? This could potentially be exactly that! Because if everybody wants their metal back at once, you better hope that A, that it’s there and B, that we’re able to do it!

Full CNBC discussion of the ramifications of Bundesbank gold repatriation is below:


Either Guy Adami has just gone off the MOPE reservation, or else CNBC has lost one to many viewers to Tyler Durden.

  1. The answer is simple. The US Dollar is: NO LONGER THE RESERVE CURRENCY! It’s time to call a spade a spade. The all mighty Greenback is a POS. The world understands this. Average Amerikans do not. Sad really. I blame the CFR, Federal Reserve Bank and the last 5 presidents.

    • @KMSilver
      If you go and study the history of The Rothchild’s you will also note that they are shareholders of The Federal Reserve as well. There has been a theory that the Fort Knox Gold is alive and well in their vaults. Most likely the bastard Rothchild’s have control of any Gold that the New York Fed is supposed to have. History of the Rothchild’s will show you that they loaned money to both sides in historic wars. Rehypothicating and leasing Gold was and has been originated by them, but not to worry as the Rothchild’s vaults hold more Gold in their vaults than any country in the world it is believed. China knows this, the Germans know this, the Swiss know this as the biggest refiners of world Gold and The Federal Reserve knows this.

    • I am well aware of the facts you mention. I do not agree with all of them since It´s rather obvious that if the US gold is gone, somebody knows where it whent.
      And Rothchild´s might be powerful, but I doubt they could ever stand up to your armed forces. Because when the people scream for blood, blood is what they get. 
      But back to the topic at hand. If the gold is sold/leased out at the NY Fed then what prevents the same from happening at the Frankfurt vault? Nothing.
      So while this might be significant as to the US reserve currency status and worldwide perception of power and stability, it should not change anything in regards to gold availability.

  2. this is a steady drip drip drip of repatriation. My question is how Azerbaijan will get their 1 ton of gold from the JPM vaults.
    That ton has probably used worse than a $20 hooker at a batchelor party

  3. “When I worked at Drexel Burnam, we controlled the gold of Central Banks. When the bankruptcy hit, it was frozen, they had no access to it.” This basically confirms everything GATA says, here on CNBC.
    So 1. Investment Banks control the gold of Central Banks
         2. When the SHTF, these Investment Banks dont give it back.
    I will be amazed if Guy Adami has a job tomorrow, or doesnt issue some sort of qualifying retraction.

    • So Cosa Wallstra has the first claim now to everything still in fed vaults. Gold operationally confiscated, and Fed is facing the only option to buy the gold to Germany in the open physical market with some freshly printed dollars, which are of course paid by everyone still dependent on the soon to be former reserve currency.
      Do I get it right? And will people OK this just because their wedding rings suddenly start to be worth several thousands?

  4. “Because if everybody wants their metal back at once, you better hope that A, that it’s there and B, that we’re able to do it!
    –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –
    Why do you think Germany wants all of their Gold returned from France right away, whereas they are giving the FED seven years to return only a portion?  They are well aware France has it on-hand, but not the Fed.

  5. My opinion is the Dollar is sinking faster than we think and Germany wants their gold back so they have substance to receive the New Monetary Currency whatever that will be or create their own OR the Euro is going to crash.

  6. The answer, Basil III (The third Basil Accord). Gold will be money. I think in Europe its coming in quicker than the US. It will mean that Gold will be a tier 1 asset and can be used as a means to generate money through fractional banking as it will be regarded as 100% money.

    Possession is 9/10 of the law as they say, with so many bits of paper out there laying claim to bits of gold, if you got it in your vault and the Bundesbank backs it up and says “yup” only one claim, all the others are bogus, then it means that the likes of Blythe Masters can’t lay claim to it when the SHTF.

  7. The outer dude… (who probably spends hundreds of dollars on maintaining his moustache) was somewhat ambivalent regarding the repatriation gave a cluck and wink when somebody else mentioned Netherlands wanted its gold as well.  Basically, all of the guys there were for the gold argument in one way or another.

  8. Waiting for silver wasn’t Basel III pushed off due to the fact that these too big to jail banks didnt have enough good collateral.  If there is any appreciable amount of gold in Europe it would not be enough to cover the bank liabilities of over $44 trillion.

    • Some Basel III rules have come into effect this year, they are being phased in. I think the big one is that of how much collateral a bank has to have, I don’t think there have been any arguments about gold being moved to tier 1. Basel III in full will be implemented in full by 2020, which coincides nicely with the Germans getting half their gold back from America in the time frame. Its all about repositioning the financials.
      If your own Central Bank is keeping tabs of who owns the gold, then it means the likes of Goldman Sachs can’t help the Fed to keep the price of Gold and Silver suppressed.
      The truth will out.
      The worst hit will be the UK when the Basil Rules kick in, those vaults that the queen was looking at, will be cleaned out.

    • Basel 3 was put off because of liquidity concerns.  If banks have to mark their toxic assets to market, then they are illiquid.  And if you are illiquid, you are bankrupt.  Now we can’t have the too big to fail actually fail now could we.

  9. The game is getting serious now –
    Owners of the Bundesbank – “Well, you’ve had the use of this gold to prop up your money machine for so long but haven’t managed your minions too well. The pawns are out of control with borrowings and it looks like your system of fiat worship is on the way down.”
    Owners of the Federal Reserve – “Yes well it may appear that way to you however your collection of countries, the Euro experiment hasn’t quite gone to plan either now you want you gold back, we haven’t finished with it yet.”
    Owners of the Buba – “You mean you don’t have it? You’ve leveraged it out to create more wealth than you system will support and are handing it over to the East to pay back their favours. We want it back!”
    Owners of the Fed – “You know they can mine only so fast, you will have to take it at a few tons per year, if we try to by it all at once the price will put it out of reach and you’ll never get it back.”
    Owners of the Buba – “We trusted you.”
    Some poetic justice – ’bout time.

  10. Yes maybe this could be it. The time the gov let the prices of pms rise. There chance is here the excuse the price is rising because everbody wants there gold back. Which also make silver worth more too. The gov could be thinking we are losing out in billions of dollar in taxes not leting the true value of pms shine. I wouldnt exspect the prise to rise an just keep going, They will make it a long drawn out roller coaster ride. So if smart you can buy low an sell high.It will top the crash the top then crash, This could be fun times ahead.ASlong with the poor minning company stocks an mybe the etfs to.

  11. Removing their proprietary banknotes from accounts doesn’t accomplish squat! They merely print more of their Plantation Scrip and everyone ELSE suffers huge cost of living increases from the inflation.
    Since their entire house of paper mache’ is wholly dependent on a sort of gold and silver ‘plating’ to keep it from ‘melting’, the sole means of punishing their criminal turpitude is to strip that (now) infinitessimally thin foil of PMs from their ‘grand illusion’ to reveal what an ugly, oozing, festering mess it hides beneath.
    Paper Rots, Coin Does Not.

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