Clif’s got some words for gold, silver, the dollar, cyrpto, the stock market, and all things compiled from his Web Bot.

Gold, silver, the dollar, bitcoin, the stock market, and hyperinflation. On one of those Clif says “I like the stuff”.

More in this Greg Hunter Interview for your Sunday trip down the virtual rabbit hole with Clif making bold predictions and as we are, according to his Web Bot, crashing now:



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    • ahh of course. Lest we forget. Teddy Roosevelt and the bullmoose party..dang I wish I was smarter.

      Though as for his key word scouring AI and predictive linguistics that predicts the future, this is the tech version of palm reading. He has his opinions, then dresses them up in the jargon of his supposed AI super computer , like Martin Armstrong, while we ooo and ahhh. Crytpos’ encryption isn’t sancrosanct and unassailable.   I’ll trade this techno babble of a geek for the reflections of a 2000 year old greek and take Aristotle’s “you can trust in the intelligence and good will of Kings, or you can trust gold”.

    • “strange energies from space. We’re reacting to external energies that are affecting us as humans both individually…bla bla bla..”

      Not so says Shakespeare, to our 21 century Shaman
      “Men at some time are masters of their fates.
      The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars
      But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

    • “Crytpos’ encryption isn’t sancrosanct and unassailable. ” –

      Correct – 7-10,000 attacks daily on Bitcoin. None have ever been a success – and have actually made the system stronger. It is “anti-fragile” by design. Read the white paper, then read the actual code.

      The Bitcoin computer code is the most examined and reviewed piece of software in all of human history.

      What has been attacked successfully are the “fiat ramps” at the exchanges, and people stupid enough to leave their money & coins on exchanges for extended periods of time get what they deserve..  As are the people who are so averse to becoming educated on the subject of cryptos.


      All that said – notice my name is not “cryptosnout”. I like AG. But I am smart enough to see the wealth transfer begin into cryptos. Good luck turning off everyone’s cell fone, killing the electric grid worldwide, and killing the internet. It only takes ONE PC with a complete record of the blockchain, to restore the system after catastrophe, with all the Bitcoin still in place. Then it’s all back up and running. This is truly – for many – going to be an example of “you snooze, you lose”. Silver WILL kick ass though. As always, this will occur next year.

    • Silversnout.

      Thanks for the reply. I nonetheless believe cryptos encryption..not its interfaces with the fiat world..will be..if it hasnt  been.. surreptiously cracked.

      Im starting to suspect Cliffs “predictive linguistic data set” is actually his email list..his blogger bookmarks and his google searches.

      Gotta like what he says about silver though..banks will never be able to suppress a good conductor. First Palladium. Platinum. Copper. Zunc. Oil. Silvers the next popcorn kernal to pop..heated by a fiat fire under its arse!

    • @silversnout I’m 100% with you on every one of your posts on this specific thread.

      Having said that, I do NOT agree with everything Clif says … especially his space goat farts woo woo out-of-this world alien brain farts. But I do hold great respect for his vast knowledge and far sighted vision of the future … ie. he makes a lot of sense about a lot of things. Unfortunately, many myopic people latch on to his weird stuff and completely miss out on the more important and relevant stuff.

    • Here are some facts to get high on:

      Feb 2012 – I began my initial stacking of Ag @ $35/oz, continued stacking with discipline on monthly schedule all the way down to $13/oz and back up to $16/oz. Cost average is about $25/oz … so yes I’m still under water.

      Feb 2012 – Max Keiser was pushing Ag as kryptonite against the bankster cabal. He was also pushing Bitcoin @ $5/BTC, but I was stubborn and didn’t want to listen to talk about value storage other than PMs.

      June 2017 – My Ag stack is still several thousand USD underwater. Store of value, unrealized as yet because the reality of my position is that it has been so far a store of losses. Will hold position nonetheless until Ag climbs at least above $25/oz. Yes I still dream.

      June 2017 – I began stacking cryptos (during their last peak) and stopped stacking Ag. However, like Ag I continued stacking with discipline all the way down through July dip and back up to current price of $3,300+/BTC. Unlike Ag, I stacked at a faster weekly rate in order to catch the next wave. My cost averaged crypto stack has put me over $1,000 above my initial June/July investments. My crypto stack is only about 1/6 the initial investment of my Ag stack. I have used bankster credit to increase the rate of crypto stacking and with current trend, I can pay back the CC debt before year end on profits alone.

      Yes, I’m counting my kickback on using bankster credit 🙂


  1. If Cliff is so bright, and his predictive linguistics work as claimed, then why is he still working his a$$ off well into his 70s?

    He should have scored that super yacht in the med about 20 years ago I would think..?


    • Silversnout.

      You’re right. Cliff’s intelligent, informed, gave Fiat the finger like you said, and takes the time to talk to us. God bless and guide him.

    • @silversnout

      If he made his screw you money YEARS AGO, then why was he talking of hoping to pay off his mortgage via his silver holdings a few videos back…

      And why is he still driving a 1978 or so Winnebago type vehicle that he mentioned just cost him a few grand to fix up

      And why is he charging for his newsletter if he’s so intent to save humanity

    • fg

      Bingo, bingo, bingo … and another bingo for good measure. We have enough snake-oil salesmen pushing precious metals without revealing all of the facts (the who, the why and the what, and giving not a single damn about the evils of usury). But the snake-oil salesmen currently adorning the crypto space is another matter entirely. It is way out of control. And Clif has arrogated for himself the position of high priest. We should either call him Lord or Baal. Same thing.

  2. At 3.20 minutes in he said that everything is being caused by strange energies from space.   No doubt Clif has a special machine (which you never see like his bank of computers) that picks up these energies being beamed to us by the evil Emperor Ming.   Only Flash Gordon can save us…. or may be the Great Crypto Warrior Clif High The Predictor.

    I gave up at this point as a glass of cold rose wine had my name on it.

  3. Clif is getting worse.  He does not seem to have heard of gold backed cryptos, you do not have to lug those around AND they have the advantage that they are not fiat like other cryptos which can be printed in infinite amounts albeit, not with the same name.  That being the case some authority will have to decide which ones are legal tender…. and then which new fractionally reserve debt backed ones can be legal tender …. and we are back to where we started with endless fiat creation and bankers running the show.

    • You clearly missed that clearly addressed point in the interview. Clif’s problem with asset backed Cryptos is that the backing “asset” (gold)can be seized at any time by the sovereign government, making the crypto worthless.


      Bitcoin on the other hand offers true value – without needing to be backed by anything other than the bitcoin code. Which cannot be seized by anyone, ever.

      It’s a very hard concept to grasp all at once. But once you get it….boom!

    • Silversnout .

      Do you have any insight into how Cliff’s silver crypto differed from the gold crypto?

      What uniquely made the silver crypto immune to the asset cache confiscation, that the gold crypto was vulnerable to?

    • @silversnout … they just don’t understand the “decentralization” power of the blockchain technology. Until they get pass that gate, they won’t see the long-lasting and bankster-lethal future of cryptos.

    • silversnout
      You clearly missed that clearly addressed point in the interview….

      You are quite right, I did and deliberately so.  I just got sick of the guy as in areas where I have understanding he talks complete bollocks and when I left the video he had not mentioned this point so I decided to move on.

      I remain to be convinced that a sovereign would steal the backing gold and destroy it’s trade relations with other sovereigns.  A simpler way to do this would be to shut down that part of the internet within their domain.  I would argue that a gold backed crypto is more solid than one that is not as it can all be killed off by accident or design – but not the gold, yes it can be stolen, but not killed off.  Anyway this can be argued from here to eternity and it is not worth it!

  4. He thinks silver will be more valuable than gold because it will have some special uses in the future new technologies.  WRONG. Anything silver can do gold can do better.  Gold is used to plate computer pins and connectors, not silver.  They can both be replaced with even tin if the gold and silver price gets too high.  Been done in the past with computer parts. Economics will dictate what gets used.

    • Gold does not conduct as well as silver.

      The 3 best conductors of electricity, in order of best to worst:


      2. Copper

      3. Gold


      The reason gold plating is used on pin connectors is because it does not tarnish, not because it is the best conductor. Though it is a good electrical conductor. An additional reason it is used is because it looks really good!

    • i think more research is required here

      Silver by far has the most uses ,including it’s unique ability to kill germs

      Gold can not do that nor is gold used as a catalyst to manufacture plastics etc

      Clif is right  Silver is too valuable for monetary use   and is MORE valuable than Gold when you see it’s uses

    • “Anything silver can do gold can do better.”

      Are there ANY medical uses for gold other than as teeth?  I  see a lot of products from band-aids to toothpaste advertised these days that contain silver but none that contain gold.

      Also, future tech may very well be radically different from today’s tech.  It is not impossible that silver will have a critical use that no other metal can fulfill, not just not as well but at all.  As with everything else in the future, we won’t know the real story until it arrives.

    • Gold has been used in medicine for thousands of years. Gold has unequalled effects on physical and emotional health.

      Colloidal gold can kill bacteria that silver cannot
      Gold opens neural pathways.
      Gold regulates heart’s pumping rhythm.
      Gold boosts brain neural transmitters.
      Gold stimulates glands.
      Gold harmonizes the nervous system.
      Gold is an important stabilizer of collagen
      Gold strengthens libido.
      Gold enhances brain function.
      Gold increases IQ by up to 35% Gold enhances sexual function.
      Gold acts on rheumatoid arthritis.
      Gold assists relaxation and blood pressure control.
      Gold for treating A.D.D (Attention Deficit Disorder) in adults and children.

    • oh, and then there’s the myths, the old myths, like killing vampires, never heard of gold being useful against vampires. And then there’s Sharon the vegetable, greek mythology, the ferryman over the river Styx, which seperated the underworld from the living. He wanted to be paid in silver, a coin held in your mouth. The opposite of katholics, you understand?

      Face it, gold is money, nothing else.

    • Silver has many uses at the current time, because it is cheap.  Not because there are not substitutes for it.  When the price, demand and supply dictate, silver will be replaced with something else that can do the function called for. It will never go over the price of gold.  Dream on.

  5. The Woo Woo man speaketh.”strange energies” from space.


    Bitcoin is NOT an investment it is simply another form of currency/money.As long as it is viewed as a competitor it is in danger.

    Buy low sell high.Anyone buying BC at his time is ignoring this fundamental guiding principle in playing the market.

    Im curious what did ole Cliffy have to say about BC at its inception?These gurus always have lots to say after the horse has left the stable.

    If your a new player to the BC arena proceed with great caution and deliberation.

    Listening and following the advice of WOO WOO experts like ole Cliffy will more than likely result in tear duct exhaustion.I will stick to something with a 5000 year old verifiable track record regardless of  transient bankster interference in painting the tape.

  6. I’m not opposed to cryptos like litecoin in small amounts.  At $46.00 a pop its not really a big deal to own 10 units as a speculation play.

    We have all other bases sufficiently covered, so this play is the equivalent of a family dinner at a steak house.

    Cliff talks the talk, but much remains to be seen!

    What if he is right?  Even if he’s wrong or early like most others, the world is clearly going digital better or worse.

    • I distinctly heard cliff say $600 silver by February 2018.  I’m putting in my order for a new Dodge Demon,($90,000)  now that I know for sure I will be rich in 2/18.  YEEHAH !!!!

    • @Falco


      “… the world is clearly going digital better or worse.”


      The world is also clearly going to hell in a hand-basket.  Is there a connection between these events?  😉


  7. Cliff is tittering in the “out there” lunatic fringe.

    While I respect his computer science accume, his predictive accuracy is sketchy at best.

    His statement that there is some 80x more AU in and on earth than what is currently being discussed is without even cursory evidence. He seems to be suggesting to sell your Gold before it becomes Lead, sort reverse alchemy?

    AG on the other hand, has a lot of up side potential…..

    Take it all with a grain of salt!

  8. Just can’t get into a comfort zone with any of the crypto’s.  Maybe one day but that day is not today.

    Many years ago there lived an emperor who loved beautiful new clothes so much that he spent all his money on being finely dressed. His only interest was in going to the theater or in riding about in his carriage where he could show off his new clothes. He had a different costume for every hour of the day. Indeed, where it was said of other kings that they were at court, it could only be said of him that he was in his dressing room!

    One day two swindlers came to the emperor’s city. They said that they were weavers, claiming that they knew how to make the finest cloth imaginable. Not only were the colors and the patterns extraordinarily beautiful, but in addition, this material had the amazing property that it was to be invisible to anyone who was incompetent or stupid.

  9. Mr High High often get’s it wrong, somtimes deliberately so to make it more sensational, for instance in one interview he claimed the Second larget shipping company in the world the ‘Hanjin Shipping Company’ had just gone belly up.  Actually The ‘Hanjin Shipping company’ was the 7th largest shipping company and had been in financial trouble for a very  long time. ( Not quite so impressive). He also talked about a ludicrously incorrect comparison between the oxyxgen are car uses at idle, and that which a human uses at rest. A basic search and some simple math showed how wildly incorrect he was.

    I suppose when you compare this to strange powers coming in from planet Zorc these are maybe less contentious, still it is well not to tke his predictions seriously and look at it as alternative enterainment.

  10. Anyone who says anything will go parabolic knows exactly nothing about what  goes parabolic. They do not know why the asset spikes in price, when to buy, when to sell.  All they know is they want on board at any price and rationalize their purchase because this asset class is going to the moon.

    Parabolic price rises are the unicorn dreamer’s fantasy.  They happen when you’re not looking. By the time you’ve seen them and bought in, the parabolic price rise does what every parabolic price rise does.  It crashed.

    There’s a reason 95% of speculators get burned and 5% make money. The 5% are smart and know they can sell to the idiotocracy who will buy at any price just be on board.

    All parabolic price arcs end and do so very badly, hurting millions of investors, speculators and bystanders.  Those who profit from these events either precipitate them or are given inside knowledge of their existence well before the rubes jump on board.  For every buyer of an asset in this moon shot, there’s a seller who knows the immutable fact.

    Parabolics are doomed to return to earth, dragging the unwise and greedy speculator to their doom

  11. “Energies from outer space”… hmmm.

    Clif High is either an idiot savant or a psychopath… not sure which.

    He has certainly become one of the leading crypto pumpers on YT and the internets.  I would assume he bought in when the price was very low.


  12. A “Hmmm …” article on the origination of Bitcoin/cryptos for those interested. It appears MIT and the NSA may be ‘participants’ in all of this.
    “Is Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies the result of a government experiment imagined 12 years before Satoshi whitepaper?”
    The Daily Economist – original article with links to referenced documents
    “Cryptocurrencies – The Next Level of Power and Control Developed by the NSA”
    The Daily Coin – link to original story on The Daily Economist; other articles; commentary

  13. He came from Microsoft, that explains everything. Maybe he should get some new programming for his web bot. I turned it off when he said congress will be obsolete. Just wait until congress flexes it’s powers, it will not be obsolete.

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