Our two favorite Aussies Clark and Dawe are back- this time explaining the global financial crisis, and why the banksters were paid $1 Trillion with taxpayer funds. (because banksters are so important and such brilliant people, and you can’t have an economy without the key decisions being made in the middle of it by banksters).

Abbott & Costello meet the Global Financial Crisis.


  1. Where do you find these clips in the US? I didn’t know JC had an international following! Isn’t $29, zero zero zero etc still trillions?

    Humour might be the only way to educate the sheeple! If these guys did this interview seriously it wouldn’t work.

  2. I heard that the Federal Reserve has 16 trillion dollars of secret bailouts and we were able to know that all thanks to an audit made by Ron Paul. I mean that’s a lot and it could of been used to pay back the US national debt! Also, we can have a very successful economy without banks. The old USA and the Roman Empire have proven it!

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