1. I’ll consider it Christmas time year round if the price of Silver drops precipitously to the mid 20’s price range by December.  So what if there is manipulation in the market?  Silver is up 2180% since 1964.  I have personally paid anywhere from $4/oz to $44/oz.  I bought into the market on the way up.  I can darn sure buy into it on the way down.  

    • I find it quite interesting that the very last guest on the very last capital account was arguing that there is no precious metals manipulation (which we all, and Lauren and the folks at capital account know is not the case). I think that they were trying to send us a very strong message by having this guest on, and I think that message reads: The Powers That Be dislike our reporting, and our audience has grown too large

  2. I didn’t know that RT cancelled Capital Account. Thats a shame. It and Max Keiser make up the bulk of RT viewers. I guess RT can’t spare 1/2 an hour for some real financial discussion. Nor anyone else for that matter.There was no other daily financial show like it anywhere. And then there is Lauren… 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lauren has’nt been picked up by a major channel, maybe fox. I wouldn’t mind picking her up myself. Lol. Also she could probably do her own youtube channel and have a great following.

  4. Be assured, M45, if lovely Lauren saw your kilt she’d be picking you up. 
    I listen to RT along with many other channels. It does get some good guests who reveal information we might not get elsewhere.  One problem is that listening to the videos takes a lot of time vs reading the same content. 
    When a station goes off the air the business decision generally focusses on revenues vs cost and if the station make money or not.  Unless there is some agitprop reason to subsidize the overhead and keep a medium on the air beyond the simple business revenue decision (or use by date) most are either pulled or close due to lack of viewer interest/revenues.  No secret there.
     Unless you are Al Gore who sold his mediocre low rated station to Al Jazeera, bought with oil money (no irony there), after securing long term highly paid contracts with cable moguls.  And who says politics can’t be self enriching.  May we won’t have to listen to that insufferable bore any more.  Not much chance of that.  lol

  5. PS I just reviewed the RT post with Lauren and David Selig on taxes and barter of precious metals.  Missing that program the first time, it had some good information regarding sale, exchange and barter of gold and silver.

  6. I find it rather odd:
    He states in his argument there is no “data for the reason”; i.e., the data (his graphs) don’t support the conspiracy of manipulation (the reason).
    Then when asked why the drops in gold and silver, his answer is that sometimes there is no “reason for the data”; i.e., the data (the reality that gold and silver have seen drops) doesn’t have a readily available reason that can be offered and verified by said data. Other than to offer some vague ramblings of off the cuff possibilities.
    If your theory won’t work forward and backward, perhaps its time to get a new theory.
    Not to mention, he says that the commercials are not hedging these metals positions, but are rather engaging in arbitrage. Why then did Blythe state that their positions are a hedge and not an arbitrage?

  7. Neither Lauren Lyster or Chris Martenson understand the idea behind the platinum trillion dollar coin. 
    Constitution states that only Congress has the power to ‘coin’ money.  The technicality that empowers the Fed is that they print ‘paper Federal Reserve Notes’.  Congress through the Treasury still mints the quarters, dimes, etc.  But, that is not what Jefferson meant when he used the word ‘coin’.  He meant only Congress has the power to fabricate money whether it be metal coins or paper bills.
    So, Congress could mint a $16T platinum coin, hand it to the Fed and we are all square.  Why platinum?  Over the years the different Coinage Acts passed into law have delineated the denominations of copper, silver, nickel, and gold coins everything except platinum.  Means that Congress can create a platinum coin of any amount.  I find that interesting.  This may be exactly what Congress will do when the financial system is reset and the U.S. money is devalued and reissued.  
    When the system crashes.  The banks go on holiday.  Congress “appropriates” the foreign gold in the basement of the Federal Reserve Bank in NY.  Pays the owners with some soon to be worthless T-Bills.  And mints a $16T platinum coin to pay the Fed off.  Fed doesn’t care because they hold nearly all the mortgaged real estate.  Congress issues new money, perhaps blue U.S. Notes backed by gold.  You get 1 new blue dollar for every 10 old green dollars.  World will swallow hard and accept the new blue gold backed U.S. dollar because we have 12 carrier battle groups which gives the U.S. a global military presence.  Or would you rather be paid in cruise missiles for your oil, rare earths, etc.  No other country has this capability.
    Question then is:  What about consumer and business debt?  What about property taxes?  Do they get devalued, too? Don’t know, but I expect they will not and you will be paying off old green FRN debt and taxes with new deflated blue dollars.  Of course no one will be able to pay.  The solution will be to nationalize everything.  And you know what, the population at large will be begging the federal government to do it.
    It’s all about control.  And in the end the banks own the property and the globalists control everything.
    Your gold and silver will come out the other side whole and intact and will provide true wealth.  In the Great Depression cash was king.  And it will be the same this time, too.  Except back in the 1930’s cash equaled gold and silver.  So, better said, in the 1930’s gold and silver were king as they will be through this Greater Depression.

  8. Ugly Dog  you bring up some good points.  it got me to thinking about two items.  I am trying to orient my life and finances to a ‘no counterperty risk’ format.  Two problems. 
    1.  Home mortgage that is now owned by Capital One (Do you know that’s in your wallet) Bank.  Yeah.  Capital One is in my freaking wallet.  they bought out ING a failed Euro bank.  Interest rate?  3.5%   If the inflation rate really takes off, the payment and mortgage balance will assume th glide ratio of a lead brick.  I have not read my contract in some time but the question that crosses my mind is—can they revalue the principal in case of a heavy bout of inflation.  In the late 70s and early 80’s the S&L industry got crushed by their low 5-6% rate loans in a 12% rate market.
    2.  The other question regards property taxes.  Will they shoot upwards at a meteoric rate?  Nevada law limits 3% annual iincrease.  The Washoe county would go flat broke if a real 10%, 15% or 20% inflation rate broke out.  That concerns me since our property taxes are based on the cost to build the home, not the present market value based on local comps.
    It’s probably academic since I plan to pay off the debt in full within two years.  The property taxes are just one of those things.  thanks for your thoughts.

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