LegendaryIn his latest video update, Chris Duane explains why the most oversold markets make for the largest returns.
Duane makes the case for the fact that silver is poised to place LEGENDARY GAINS once the current correction is completed, and that now is the time to accumulate physical silver while the metal is out of favor by nearly everyone. 
People marvel at the returns silver made from 2008-2010, but it is obvious that the next rally will blow that silver move away. 


    • Gold is far more important to the banking cabal than silver.  And as the wheels are coming off their fiat currency scheme it appears judging by recent news events(all the new PM exchages being established around the world, end to the silver fix, and China cracking down on copper and silver rehypothication) that the banksters are going to release silver.  Oh, they’ll still keep their boot on gold, but they can let silver rise dramatically and explain it away on increased industrial usage i.e. solar panels, etc.

  1. How much silver is he trying to unload before the price goes down again?

    Remember this? Chris Duane August 15 2013:-“CHRIS DUANE: SILVER BULL IS BACK, SILVER TO DOUBLE BY SPRING 2014!”


    • I agree, these people have no problem getting silver to sell, which they sell at special prices at any quantity while telling us that silver is going to hit the moon so get it while you can. If they really believed that the silver prices are about to shoot up wouldn’t they be holding on to silver not selling it at discount prices.

    • Everyone selling silver falls into the sellers paradox.  Oh no, he missed a prediction, no one has ever done that…  We’re all here because we know silver has real value.  It’s not like you want to stack fiat, or plastic from china, or another 1080 flatscreen.  Everything in the video is solid.  It’s no different from David Morgan, Peter Schiff, BrotherJF…    The guy is trying to motivate you to stack, how can you possible hate that?

  2. Beg to differ, sooner than later.  Why, because the western cabal is losing its grip on Petro-Dolla dominance.  Right now China & Russia signed the greatest deal in 21 century.  Backed with Iraqi oil, Emerging Markets, and  asset backed currency.  We will see after June 15th, 2014, when the head of CBI (Central Bank of Iraq) has all of elected Parliament seats chosen, bringing a blow to the Maliki  regime.  al-Maliki was trying to go for a third term in office and the Iraq Constitution says no to this. Yet once the chosen Parliament is seated, this will bring real value to the Iraqi currency.  Iraqi Dinar is valued at $3.71 per Dinar.  The Dinars will be asset backed with oil and Gold & this is the start of the destruction of the all mighty dolla.  Asset backed  currency is the End of the death & death paradigm.  So please hoard your precious metals because it is going to skyrocket to 2020 levels.

  3. @4oz
    love your optimism.Its been balls to the wall for me since late 2008.Ive made a shitload  of fiat on paper and  have subsequently lost it  but my intuition says stay the course because the corrupt Scum that are micro managing the market thru manipulation etc are eventually going to drop the ball.Their hubris and arrogance and worsening Global economic fundamentals guarantees failure in the long run.That ole reptilian scumbag Myer  Rothschild had a valid point  that the time to buy is when there in blood in the streets.The time to buy Silver is when it is considered an investment pariah by the majority aka the sheeple.
    Anyone who bought in the 30s or 40s stay the course the fundamentals will win out.As long as you have the patience and are not overly leveraged this will end well.
    When the Scum have to go to countries like Ecuador for physical Gold under the pretext of providing them liquidity(lol) that speaks volumes as to where we are in the game.

    • @inlikeflynn …It’s even worse.  Two years ago Ecuador demanded repatriation of their 26 tonnes of sovereign gold held in trust by the NYFed and London.  Request was refused as Venezuela and Germany got the last off it.  Recent news that Goldman Sachs worked out a “liquidity” deal for Ecuadorian gold is nothing more than a cash settlement, a default, a Force Majeure, and a message to other countries that the NYFed will/can only settle your sovereign physical gold account in cash.

    • The same can go for you, Cianod0on …. he does sell it after all. At least I know I have a bigger stack than you by a long shot 🙂 (not to mention manners and your lack of them.)

    • All of the information on these kinds of pages are propaganda in one form or fashion.  The video is solid, silver will go up, the paradigm will collapse.  I guess you’d rather he tell you to stack dollars, suck rooster, and pray to your banking gods?

    • Steer clear of anything Duane is pushing, remember he is just a used car salesman trying to jump up the later by being a PM dealer. The way he carried hisself with the whole MM debacle was very childish seeing that he was the one to push them into the situation that arose. Seeing his 99 daily updates on the problem publicly showed us all his immaturity. Demanding the continued minting of the D&D medallion past its mintage was a joke and then creating all the varieties was further exploitation of the high premiums which ultimately made the D&D medallion a generic round in most everyone’s mind at this point. Duane is the single reason I woke up to the con that doom bloggers and silver dealers are pushing to sell silver and stack cash. Recently, I saw an interview where the guy claimed the miners hire bloggers to push the silver we all covet, and pay talk show hosts to push gold. We can argue mining cost, but lets say 10-15/oz, name a single factor, other than inflation, that would push this industrial metal to new highs, let alone 500/oz. when you realize all the reasons are speculation, you will understand the problem. Now gold is another story, so throw that “historic ratio”, which means nothing, out the window.

    • Leaving Chris Duane aside, it’s almost like you don’t have any knowledge or understanding on the gold and silver markets. That’s pretty remarkable considering you hang out here at SD’s. How can you be so completely and utterly clueless?

  4. Chris Duane for the most part provides some good insight as far as stacking the metals, getting out of debt and building real relationships to help you and your family get through the next financial crash. That said, he’s another one of the “gurus” that is still insistent on relying on charts to predict price movements. Those of us who have been watching the metals long enough know that charts and technical analysis are useless in an obviously manipulated environment. Whenever the big boys want to set the price lower they just smack it down using tons of fraudulent paper futures contracts. No TA or chart can predict that yet we have these “Wave” theory experts who come out and gloat that they called for lower silver prices. Pure BS! 
    I do respect Duane’s guts for sticking his neck and his reputation out there like he does. Remember back in 2012 David Morgan is on record saying that silver would never trade under $30 again. How did that work out for him? I have to imagine he lost a good number of subscribers for that call. 

    • “Remember back in 2012 David Morgan is on record saying that silver would never trade under $30 again. How did that work out for him?”
      About as well as Jim Sinclair saying that “gold will never drop below $1600”.
      Most of these people have a lot of knowledge and experience to share.  If they would just do that and avoid trying to make predictions that no one can make, they would be so much better off, IMO.  Somehow, though, they cannot seem to resist.

    • Hey mammoth mouth, he’s trying to motivate folks to buy silver.  Why the hate…? 
      The video is solid.  Buy low/sell high, is that really bad advice?  We are at the end of an 80 year cycle, another 7 year credit cycle, and the 250 year empire cycle.  The russians, chinese and brazilians are getting themselves ready.   Everything is going to go to hell here.  We’re all going to be glad for all of the efforts the silver peddlers made, when they made them.  Because 10 years after the collapse we’re going to need capitol to rebuild. 
      So why not save you fury for the bankers.

  5. Germany has no reason Not to join the Growing  BRICS  Gold backed  Road ? instead of the collapsing Fiat Petro Dollar, besides they were Not allowed to see their  Gold 2nd largest in the World at one time ,must make them angry ,also Merkle is not happy about the phone bug. her and Putin go way back  and speak each others language ,maybe  BRIIGCS, that would also include India ..Silver is more Scarce than Gold ,Silver $1000 an Once soon within a year. watch and learn .

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