Chris Duane of says Hurricane Sandy should be a wakeup call for the entire country. Duane says, “The impact of a dollar collapse will be hundreds, if not thousands, of times more disruptive to life than a two day storm.” Duane goes on to say, “Sandy is a great precursor to help you get your act in gear.” According to Duane, most people are just as unprepared for a dollar calamity as they were for the recent super storm in the Northeast. A much bigger financial storm is coming. “The big problem with all this is counter-party risk. You cannot trust anybody; you can’t even trust the currency.” Duane trusts physical silver, and he thinks its 53 to 1 silver to gold ratio per ounce makes silver attractive. Duane thinks he could make a good case for “. . . a one-to-one silver to gold ratio, especially with all the paper manipulation.” Duane says, “The system will collapse, it must collapse, and people will learn a very difficult lesson.” In the next move up, Duane see’s silver “pushing past $50 per ounce.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Chris Duane.

    • @SilverStar80 Yes, it is a lot of currency to pay for a silver round, but the SBSS round certainly has collector’s value attached to it. Some people goes for both the bullion and collector’s value, while others don’t. It has a lot to do with personal taste and not necessarily stupidity.

    • The SBSS round has no collector’s value other than what delusional people are willing to pay for them. It is just a round minted by a private party. No serious silver investor would pay a $45 premium for that round. An Silver American Eagle, the most recognizable silver coin in the world, has collector’s value, and a MUCH lower premium. But hey, CD can sell his story and round to delusional people as much as they will buy.

    • @SilverStar80 You are stupid and delusional, if I may use your vocabulary, for assuming that it has no collector’s value. It does not have to be minted by a government mint or need to be recognized as “the most recognizable silver coin in the world” to have collector’s value. It is funny that you mention American Silver Eagles of which the mintages run in the millions when it comes to bullion coins and in the hundred of thousands when it comes to proof coins. ASE mintages are for one far-far higher than the mintages of all the SBSS medallions combined (100 “weak strikes” + 20 “hard strikes” + 860 “SBS strikes” + 59,020 “final strikes” = 60,000).

      It is ridiculous to claim that the ASE “the most recognizable silver coin in the world”. Here in South Africa the majority of people don’t recognize ASEs, coin dealers included. In fact, there are many people in the States that don’t even recognize it. 

      Again, “Some people goes for both the bullion and collector’s value, while others don’t. It has a lot to do with personal taste and not necessarily stupidity” or being delusional as you claim. This does not mean that I don’t buy and collect ASEs or have anything against people who do, it is just to say that you’ve got no right to refer to people as “stupid” and “delusional” just because their willing to pay steep premiums above spot for collector’s value.

    • Paying $45 over spot for a ROUND is delusional, plain and simple. Do dealers in South Africa recognize the SBSS has having “collector’s value?” LOL! Does any dealer anywhere, not named Chris Duane, recognize the SBSS a collector’s item? I almost feel sorry for the suckers that think its worth $80.

    • It’s easy to beat up SS80 but f course he’s right, a premium over 100% is an investment only a nutcase would make. Even if (s)he does make a profit off it in the end. It’s always useful to separate emotions and rationality. And this is an example where that simple principle shows. 

    • 80$ for an ounce of silver is way too much! Instead, I could use that amount of cash to buy two ounces of bullion silver and four American silver dimes. Most of us here buy silver mainly for their content and not for their collection values. Anyway, it is people’s choice to buy what they want.

  1. Wow, I didn’t realize people were stupid enough to publicly state Gold and Silver will reach a 1:1 ratio.
    But who knows?  Despite 10,000 years of viewing Gold as more valuable than Silver, perhaps mankind will suddenly change its mind. 

    • Maybe silver fundamentals are and grow to something so spectacular that people are forced to change their minds.

      For example if central banks want to or will be forced to go in silver. Maybe there will be justice one day after all? Paradigm change can be a bitch, who knows?

    • I did so, a while ago. Then again it was just on this forum =)
      Assuming that sooner or later the fundamentals are going to shape the market. If you (and others) do so, then a 1:1 G2S ratio is not so far fetched at all IMHO.

    • Right now, I don’t see the gold and silver’s ratio becoming one to one. At my local coin shops, there are more gold pieces than silver pieces and the last I saw a gold piece for sale was about one month ago!

    • @spaniel You’ve got to look at the underlying fundamentals. There was for one at some stage of history a lot more silver than gold available above ground, but industrial consumption of silver have depleted the bulk of those stock piles, while the same cannot be said of gold. Silver is in my opinion going to be the new gold (and vice versa). It is however just my opinion.

    • As we approach the time when silver will be almost impossible to mine while expanding population drives indurstrial use I could see it reaching 1:1. Maybe in the next generation.

  2. Chris is right, Prep is what we should be doing and I’m still working on it. Today I was looking at Crossbows and they are kind of reasonable so I may have one by the end of the week to add to my arsenal along with some other items.
    When Silver climbs over the resistance point of $35.00 (Yes that’s my resistance point, thank you Brother Jake) it will head up fast and price me out so I’m glad I’ve been stacking for a couple of years. Silver One to One? I don’t see it happening but it would be nice.
    By the way one of the first hundred silver medallions that Chris minted and rejected is on ebay for $350.00 as an error. Lol

    • My local WalMart has Augeson farms dehydrated veg and fruit on clearance. Grabbed some today and may get more Friday. Quality has been good so far and the #10 cans are dated May of this year. Got apple pieces for $10 a can as an example.

    • Way to go, Charlie!  A crossbow is a heckuva nice addition to any personal armory.  Quiet, deadly, and you can make your own ammo in a pinch.  
      No stopping power, though.  A bull elk once chased my cousin up a tree when he was hunting them with a crossbow… and he had snow shoes on!  lol  Now that was the incentive plan and a pissed off 1200 lb. bull elk can provide plenty of that!

    • Finally! More people are accepting the idea of holding other alternative weapons instead of only guns! Buying a crossbow here in Canada is very easy since you don’t need a license and the government won’t know about the purchases, the ownership, etc.

  3. I am as big a silverbug as you’ll find, but I find this 1:1 ratio talk silly.   Sure 10:1 or 15:1.     Even in the single digits for a time, but no way silver is ever worth as much as gold, and if that happens I will switch all day long.    Silver is a lot more abundant.    There are silver mines out there that produce 10,20,30M ozs a year.     There are VERY few gold mines that can even produce 1 million.   I know I know, all the silver has been used up and all the gold aboveground is recoverable, etc.    I know I know, gold isn’t 1/100th as useful as silver except as money…   Gold will always be the king. Silver is the Queen, so she’s gold’s bitch, but she can also do a lot more on the chessboard. LOL At 50:1 anyone has to be seriously be bullish on silver vs gold.

    There is only 100-200M ozs of silver mine supply available to investors after industrial demand each year, which is only about $3-6B. That’s chickenfeed in the big scheme. I know there are literally millions of people in the world accumulating silver and a giant supply bottleneck is coming, and I can wait how ever long it takes, but it is coming.

    • @SilverStar80: I think those coins are really cool looking. Engaging a brain’s sense of aesthetics for line, form, color, and texture lights up its pleasure centers which can produce rejuvenative neurohormones that enhance longevity. If I had the money, I would drop that much on a pair of shoes I hankered after for the pleasure it would give me to look down at them as I was trodding along, with maybe a couple extra days added in the bargain. What do you incorporate into your life because of the neato factor?


      On an upbeat and positive note, here’s a link to a video of a doctor who cured her own MS, and not only was trodding again, but also bicycling and horseback riding, letting food be her medicine:


    • @SilverStar80 I didn’t miss anything. You are stupid and delusional to think that you can buy collector’s pieces like that for something close to $32, not even to mention silver bullion itself. You clearly don’t get it despite my efforts. What a complete waste of time, not even to mention space; a complete failure on my part for trying to sell ice to an Eskimo. lol

      If you tell me that their customer service sucks, I will agree with you 110%, but don’t call folks who have currency to fork out on collector’s value stupid and delusional. 

      P.S. You should man up and admit that you’re jealous of Chris Duane. Jealousy can be a bitch. lol

    • I have one which I carry with me all the time and to me it’s not how much it cost but what it represent and that’s Priceless. I show it to lots of folks and try and explain it to the best of my ability of what it the medallion represents.
      Would I pay $80.00 for it, I may, as there is a story about it and why it was made.
      Listen To All Follow None opened my eyes and by the way, most people I show it to, ask me where they can get one and tell them they can’t as they are sold out but you can buy one on ebay.
      Or try the forum on NGC, yep the collectors on there want one. Lol

    • @Marchas45 lol Exactly Charlie.

      I bought three at $38 a piece, I could have paid $36.50 a piece, but there was some problem with their shopping cart that delayed the whole process. It was before google penguin killed of my business. lol I bought it as gifts for my kids and one to keep on my person with the hope that it will help to spread the silver gospel so to speak (basically what you’re practising lol).

      I am still waiting on mine to be delivered, and to be brutally honest, I don’t have high hopes of it happening. Their customer service has chosen to ignore all my requests pertaining to a shipping update or any indication of a shipment of some sort. In fact, it will probably be the last time that I ever support Chris Duane by buying one of his medallions, because of the shitty treatment I’ve received. I do however respect others’ decisions if they feel they want to continue to support him (and the Cause) via SSB or similar medallion purchases, going over spot and all of that, but I have no desire to call such folks “stupid” or “delusional”. This is the whole point that I wanted to make. lol

    • Like silverbullion said so, life is full of surprises. That’s one of the reasons why gold and silver’s prices predictions are wrong most of the time. There could be a lot of stuffs that can change silver’s direction such as Eric Sprott buying up all the physical silver in the market.

  4. Keep pumping those over priced rounds, silverbullion. How much collector’s value did you say those African dealers give to SBSS rounds? lol If Chris Duane wasn’t considered a hero among delusional silverbugs, his rounds would probably sell for close to spot, if at all.  

    PS- I never get jealous of scam artists. 

  5. Silver is also attractive because of its low price compare to gold. Gold is very expensive compare to silver. The US dollar collapse will be worst than the storm because at least more people were prepared to the storm thanks to early announcements made by the media. As for the US dollar collapse, the media won’t tell it soon.

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