ChinaChina certainly isn’t slowing down…


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Chinese Gold Reserves increased by 19 tonnes in December.

Since starting monthly reporting in July, China has added 104 tonnes of gold to its reserves in 2015 .

Total reported Chinese gold reserves stand at 1,762.323 tonnes.

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China continues to flex its gold muscle. For the sixth time in as many months, China has updated its gold reserves.

In June 2015, China updated its gold reserves for the first time since 2009 by reporting an additional 604 tonnes. In August, China updated its gold reserves for July adding 19.4 tonnes. In September, China reported adding 16.15 tonnes of gold to its reserves during the month of August.

In October, Bloomberg reported that China “probably added 15 tons based on dollar value of assets” in September.

In November, Bloomberg reported that “China Probably Raised Gold Hoard Again in October Adding 14 Tons.” Last month Bloomberg reported that in November China added 21 tonnes of gold to its reserves, the most it has added in five months.

Today Reuters reports that China has added another nineteen tonnes of gold to its reserves.

Chinese Gold Reserves 2009-2015

chinese gold reserves december 2015 -2009-2015

*many suspect that China has under reported its gold reserves. See “The Case of China’s Missing Gold and “China’s President Confirms Practice Of Moving Official Reserve Assets To Other Entities In China.

Top Ten Gold Holding Nations

Gold reserves by country 2015 end of year

    • China has been officially adding less since July than Russia

      Both countries have experienced a reduction in their reseves, but have added gold during the time their reserves dropped- mostly by selling US Treasuries

    • @smaulgld…For a long time, there was daily mention of how many $ in UST’s the Chinese held.

      I have not seen a number or even heard mention of it for several months.  Even when it was reported, I suspected that the numbers were bs also.

      I have long suspected that the chins both at the top and further down the ladder were burning ust’s to fund all of their US and Canada real estate purchases.

      Any ideas on the current true numbers?


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