In what is no doubt a propaganda piece designed to attempt to slow the gold repatriation and audit request freight train, the Bank of England has taken the unprecedented step to allow University of Nottingham chemistry Professor Martyn Poliakoff to take a video tour of the BOE’s gold vault.
Poliakoff excitedly proclaims that he has never seen this much tungsten gold (or this much of ANY element he clarifies), and states that his gut tells him that one’s first reaction is that it can’t possibly be real.
Poliakoff lets out a little too much truth in his interview (perhaps the BOE should have commissioned someone from the BBC to conduct the interview rather than a Chemistry professor?), stating that the reason the BOE and the central banks keep so much of their reserves in gold is because the value of gold is very stable compared to the value of currencies.
He also explains how the futures market really works:  Each bar has a serial number, and when people buy and trade the gold, they don’t actually take the bar home, the number is just transferred from the seller’s account to the buyer’s account. (What Poliakoff doesn’t mention is whether each bar has been rehypothecated to numerous owners as Ned Naylor-Leyland discovered was the case with Bob Pisani’s GLD bar last spring)

Poliakoff’s MUST SEE full video tour of the Bank of England’s gold vault is below:


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  1. Chief, you’re so right.  So is Ranting Andy Hoffman.  Oh, and Andrew Schechtman.  Poliakoff when talking about reactions is probably thinking about the types of reactions that sneaky jews did when they were fleeing the Nazi regime so they could smuggle it out.  No doubt those Nazis must have been run by jews too.  Those jews are infiltrating every niche possible.  And he’s a chemistry professor (no doubt chemistry professors are some of the most savvy physical scientists when it comes to currencies and monetary theory). 
    There’s no doubt in my mind that this is a blatant psyop, but there is also little doubt in my mind that they could have found a convincing non-Jew to do this adn the fact that this guy is Jewish, has absolutely zero to do with it. 

    • those are jewish folks who are involved with precious metals.  Ira Epstein is another who comes to mind.  There are plenty.  I know I shouldn’t respond to trolly folks, but I just get tired of the Jews-run-the-world meme.  I wish Doc would have left Chief’s comments up (despite my disapproval of his positions).

    • Ah, I see. Thanks. The name sounded familiar to me, but I couldn’t place it.  I used to try to understand what Ranting Andy had to say, but he lost me with all his SHOUTY CAPS. Grrrr. Did I miss anything? : )

    • Not sure you’re missing much, Tawnyard.  Andy is a marketing guy.  So he and folks like Eric King are busy marketing the industry for those that come on.  I like a little critical thought with my marketing, so while these guys are entertaining, I much prefer those at the Daily Knell or ScrewTapeFiles and sites with less marketing and more critical thought. 
      Also, Peter Schiff is another jewish PM guy, so was the one-handed economist, the late Howard Katz.  I just want Chief to realize being Jewish has nothing to do with how one views monetary, political, economic, and other issues. 

  2. Here is an interesting view of the serial numbers.  If you look at the 6 and the 8 they both have the same lack of clarity at the bottom of the respective numbers.  If these were individual bars the angle of view with a single light source would illuminate the numbers at different angles, showing more or less relief on the numbers.  It’s likely that each bar is a single photograph that is photoshopped to appear as if there are several bars with the same number.  This is the sort of thing that can make appearance of many bars, single bars or bars of dubious quality appear legit.  I could be wrong but it seems like the single bar photo was replicated.

    • Maybe it is the problem with the striking machine when the gold bars were minted and produced. I don’t think that these gold bars are Photoshopped because the Chemical professor makes reputable videos about elements so he can’t lie like that. 

  3. Having been an industrial quality control chemist for 7 years, an industrial R&D chemist for 24+ years and a college chemistry and physics instructor for 2 years, I was shocked to hear the good professor talk about all that “gold”.  We chemists tend to be a skeptical lot and would not say that the material before us WAS gold WITHOUT at least having tested a considerable number of the bars personally.  Very often, this amounts to a random selection of our choice of about 10% of the items in question. Seeing all those bars that LOOKED like gold made my hands itch to put them all under an ultra-sonic tester to see if in fact they are solid gold or gold plated / cored tungsten.  But then, I am not acting under the influence or direction of the BOE.  Of course, anyone who is not would be very unlikely to have been given access to that vault, IMHO.

    • Exactly! This could have been the chance for the chemistry professor to prove that all these gold bars are actually filled with tungsten. If I was him, I would’ve also bring in with me an ultra-sonic tester inside the vaults if the Bank of England ever allows me to go inside.

  4. Where did they get this freak?   He’s still living like its 1969 I can see.   He couldn’t lift the 400 oz bar with one hand LOL.    

    I think I should mention to all the tungsten speculators, even if all the bars were .999 fine, it’s stull FUBAR because all the gold has been leased out and sold and resold so many times its a clusterf*** waiting to blow.

  5. I watched this video on YouTube and I’ve found this shocking comment on the comment section:
    “No wonder why the economy in US is so bad, look at that! I bet there’s more store somewhere in US like this one in England, but of course, the US government doesn’t want to spend that in creating jobs for a better economy”
    I lose hope for the future generations when I see those types of comments. 🙁 But, the good part is that the majority of the people disliked his comment which is good! 🙂

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