jp morgan chaseMultiple reports from numerous sources tonight (including multiple emails from panicked readers) indicate that online bank balances are showing $0 for all accounts.

Perhaps the ECB worked out a deal with JPMorgan to allow Chase banking customers to participate in the Cypriot depositor haircuts?

All joking aside, this doesn’t instill extra confidence in the banking system in the wake of the historic Cyprus wealth confiscation.

One of the more colorful emails received by SD:

Any you guys have a Chase account? My neighbor just came over screaming, 3 of his accounts have ZERO BALANCE I have 2 and it to has $0 with a message saying check back later. Is Chase trying to pull a Cyprus Bank Holiday??? Computer glitch? Anonymous hack job? GET ALL YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANKING SYSTEM NOW AND BUY SILVER BEFORE IT’S LIKE BASSPRO OUTLET…NO BULLETS TO BE FOUND. GAME OVER! I know, YOU ALL THINK…I’m freaking nuts Looney toons! It’s probably a little glitch….or DRY RUN!!!
If you don’t hold it…YOU DON’T OWN IT! All your money (and 401’s IRA’s any paper financial instrument) is nothing but a 1 and zero in some computer program…call The Island of Cyprus…ask them how they feel as you read this. WAKE UP AMERICA….16TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT??????????? Warned ya!!

As CBS news officially reports:

Chase Bank appeared to be having technical difficulties Monday night when customers logged into their accounts and saw their balance at $0 or were unable to get any access to them at all.
A spokesman for the bank said that the issue was strictly an internal technical issue and customers’ accounts were not in danger.
“The problems are an issue with the checking account portion of, nothing to do with mortgage or credit banking. We have a technology problem regarding customers balance information that we are working to resolve,” the spokesman to CBS News. “It has nothing to do with cyber threats or hacks. It is an internal issue. We are very sorry to our customers for the inconvenience.”
The company also tweeted from @ChaseSupport: “We’re looking into reported trans. issues & working to correct an internal issue to show customer balances. We’ll keep you updated.”



  2. Notice that Chase reported the only problem was a problem with the checking accounts; YOUR money. There is no problem with the mortgages or credit banking, also known as the BANK’S money; what you owe Chase. Good freaking grief. This is the second time in 6 days that Chase has had major shut downs. What the heck, might as well get used to it. We’re all Cypriots now. We know the day of retribution has come when those mortgage balances show -0- and we are free of debt at last. Yeah, good luck with that. The check is in the mail.

    • Well, what does anyone expect if they insist on dealing with THE BIG BANKS?  This is the kind of [email protected] in which these yo-yos specialize.  If you have money and don’t want it, keep it in BofA, JPM Chase. Citi, Morgan Stanley, etc.  Go local.  Small banks seem to be OK and CUs are even better.  None of them are bullet-proof but better is worth having.  Yes, I own paper but I do not own ANYTHING in ANY big bank and never will.

  3. Some day on a Monday morning we’ll awake in America to find our banks claiming a cyber attack corrupted their data and our accounts are in limbo.  You can see them setting the table for such an event with all the “technical” problems banks here and in Europe have experienced in the last year.

    • Certainly would help the powers that be do away with any notion of “just compensation.”

      Chase customer?  “Sorry, the Iranians took your money.”

      B of A customer?  “Uhhh…we found a fried squirrel in the mainframe computer and we didn’t run back-ups last night.”

      Citibank?  “Well, that 90 year old grandmother strip-searched at Los Angeles International airport last month was connected to a sleeper cell.  She didn’t have explosive shampoo but we forgot to check her laptop and she turned out to be an ex-KGB hacker.”

      Wells Fargo?  “Hey, don’t blame us.  Obama and Warren Buffet called the executive team in for a midnight meeting and we have no idea what the hell is going on.”

  4. The acceleration of global financial events can almost take your breath away. Due to this I am shocked at the number of people literally oblivious to the profound problems in the system, or systematic failures awaiting D-day!! This house of cards needs little more than a nudge to break it down, yet the masses believe in its stability and the fraudulent bankers and politicians, to actually ensure it never falls!!
    Cyprus and its banks could well be the catalyst Jim Willie predicted, the next 72 hours will be very telling. But damage has been done and the good old mattress is looking like a haven of safety!!!

  5. I logged into my credit card account and I’m sure you all will be shocked to learn that my oustanding balance was not set to zero.  Drats.  🙂

    Back in the easy money 2005 period, Chase sent me a cash advance offer for 0.99% for the life of the loan, with no up front flat fee.  Naturally, thankful for the cheap loan (and because I have assets to protect myself from debt exposure) I maxed-out the cash advance and bought silver.  

  6. The sheep have their heads buried so far in their navels that the banksters are happy to cop a bit of flack for this theft, nothing to see really. It’s a whole lot more palatable than paying out on those CDS. They’ll run this “haircut” game a few more times to shake out the CDS holders then let one fall that they all have a “bet” on. Clean up once more at the expense of the sheep.

  7. Dry run for the upcoming big show.
    might be prudent to remove your stash from any Bankster SDB .Good luck gaining access  when they declare a bank holiday.
    You have to be certified  dumbed down  sheeple not to see what’s looming on the horizon in the near future.Take the Cypriut theft as sort of a “last Call ” warning.

  8. I had both personal and business accounts with Chase for quite a few years and closed them all only 3 weeks ago!  I checked Weiss Ratings and found the highest rated (safest) “bank” in my area, which was a credit union, and moved all my baking business there. That said, I keep VERY SMALL amounts of money in the “bank” purposefully. I keep it all in the hard stuff, unless I need to convert for a purchase. Dimon is a Machiavellian criminal as far as I am concerned.

  9. It has been rumored that on any given Friday, the government will announce a virus has attacked our entire financial system. Also announced that all should be well by Monday. It won’t and banks and the financial markets, credit card transactions will be shut down for at least ten days while the Treasury Department raids savings, 401k’s and Ira’s. Get your fiat out of the financial system as IMO it is going to happen sooner than we think.

  10. Advantage of being poor, what money in the bank? Pay bills, Buy food, buy a little silver, wait for the next social security check and hope like hell it gets here when the banks are functioning.

  11. If that ever happens here in North America, I wouldn’t be really worried about it because I already have almost nothing inside my bank account. 😀 By the way, Canadians should also be aware about the American’s financial problems since they do most of the trades together.

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