usmint-goldcoinsalesToday’s charts of the day examines US Mint gold eagle and silver eagle sales totals from 2008-2013.
Surprisingly, while ASE sales have increased the most on a percentage basis, it is US Mint gold eagle sales that are literally going parabolic.

MUST SEE US Mint Gold & Silver Eagle sales charts are below:


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  1. Its important to note that the US Mint has been maxing out production and actually exhausting supplies of planchets periodically for the last 3 years…. these numbers hardly reflect demand for the US coins.

    • Not to mention that they have been fudging the numbers on silver eagles.
      Your point is excellent however. Their poor management of inventory is just another way to manage perception as well as silver leaving the paper world.

    • All this makes me wonder how many ASEs COULD be sold if the mint was not running out of planchets from time to time.  I am sure that a lot of bullion buyers are buying other 1-oz. silver coins instead of ASEs when no ASEs are available.  I tend to flip back and forth between ASEs and Canadian Silver Maples, so whichever of those is available is what I buy.

  2. My question for years has been what is the true amount of silver (and gold) being consumed in the U.S. annually. I mean we know how many ounces the treasury sells. But what about from all sources.     Reading support:
    This statistic illustrates the silver imports for consumption in the United States from 2008 to 2012. In 2008, some 4.430 metric tons of silver were imported into the United States for consumption. This amount includes ores and concentrates, refined bullion; it excludes coinage, and waste and scrap material. These statistics are misleeding because of including ores but not coins, scap and waste. We can get data about Chinese imports but not U.S. imports. It doesn’t reflect most of the graphs that I’ve seen showing the U.S. Ag market.

    • Nice stack hotdog! I need to snap a picture of mine (once I get an underwater camera that is).
      I would hope this is a short squeeze given that silver is as technically overbought as it ever has been, and maybe the stories about physical offtake have permeated into diminutive ganglionic masses of the pitifully parsimonious paedophile paper pushing luciferian losers and they started to buy buy buy!

    • @Canadian Dirtlump I’d advise against it, this alone took 2 hours to unpack and an hour to pack back up!  Fun to touch and snapshot, but the work vs reward is quite questionable. LOL

    • Absolutely gorgeous stack, Shamus.  All it needs for a finishing touch is a blood red rose bud in that incense holder.  🙂

  3. Nice pic of your silver stash, where do you keep it hidden?
    Been thinking about making a similar pic, but with Junk Silver.
    Hope this will whet your appetite for now:
    (Edit: How do you resize this pic so that it shows all twenty of these Franklins? Where is @Marchas45 when he is needed?)

  4. @mammoth load the picture into MS paint and change the size of the image from 4000 x 3000 pixels to 400 x 300
    @RocketsRedGlare Hell I’d finance a dive & recovery, but I recall Dirtlump commenting on buying monster boxes here and there, I get the feeling his income dwarfs my own and being as it sounds like he has an idea where the goods are at, He’d just finance a dive himself. 😛

    • With this Gov, who knows?  These ARE the guys telling the FAA to screw up the schedules of as many air travelers as possible.

  5. There is enough Eagles out there. As the DOW marches to 20,000, and PM’s stay flat or drop, I will buy from those who will have to sell eventually with monopoly money from my equity portfolio…
    Got Balls?  Oh, and I like sealed tubes and sealed monster boxes only…no rounds.

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