chart of the day gold plungeToday’s MUST SEE Chart of the Day examines COMEX warehouse registered gold inventories vanishing act, as registered gold has plunged from 3.5 million ounces in 2012 to 663,002 today!

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chart of the day gold plunge

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  1. Just a random comment that I really don’t know which thread to write this on…
    Between the typical drop in the stock market during the September-October time frame, and the recent push higher on the Dow – this almost looks like a setup in which a lot of investors are soon going to get fleeced.
    Meanwhile, PM’s recently went higher before stalling and descending.  If the stock market gets whacked suddenly in the next month, we may also see a nice bump up in PM prices.
    Does anybody else here see this as a possibility?

    • I’ve been saying for a while I thought that this metals smash was in advance of a meltdown, so I think for sure it is a possibility.
      Thing is, everything is underpinned by lies, and everyone love the stock market, and since everything is apparently so rosy, damned the torpedoes let’s buy stocks. That is why I welcome a crash, because we can’t have our day until then, barring a big supply interruption thanks to them destroying the mining industry.

    • No market is trading according to world events and economic activity.  They’re all rigged.  Telling you what should be happening and what actually is, are two different worlds.  All I know is that our day is coming, and that only the gold and silver bugs will be able to buy.  Cypress was the ultimate test bed for whats about to hit…

    • I’m not so optimistic.  Any big drop in the markets mean selling of the paper gold and silver derivatives like SLV and GLD.  This will temporarily drive down prices along with the market. 
      However, if its just small 100 point type of drops then gold and silver could pop upwards some.  But don’t worry I’m sure the super computers with high speed algorithms and plunge protection team are standing by and ready to intervene. 

    • If there is a massive stock crash the PM’s will crash as well … always happens. It will just be the Futures collapsing with the rest of the paper world … only idiots will sell their physical.
      The real question is, if the Markets are closed and the PM’s price is frozen at its crashed value, then WHAT’S THE PRICE OF PMs??? When there is no screen to look at, there is no price apparently, and you can bet the PM’s markets will be closed and be the last to re-open after the ‘crisis management’ has been completed. ie, new Western World Fiat Currency and debt restructuring into a new ponzi scheme, and then the new faux market will reopen with a just as manipulated price in NewFiat. The majority of people will accept the new system, and will all tell you your precious PM’s were a bad investment … you will be even more frustrated than you currently are checking the fiat price and wondering when you will make it big, when your intelligence will pay off … or PM’s will simply be confiscated as part of the ‘crisis management’ … a New Deal? …the fiat system is by nature unfair, and that extends past the point of collapse also.
      If there is a huge Stock Market crash it will not only be the stocks that crash, this time it will be the whole shebang, it is all way too fragile to survive it now … they will simply close the PM Markets by executive order, and they will only re-open when it is safe for the fiat pushers to do so. Nothing like this has ever happened in Western History to this magnitude, so I’m sure many people will think this is whacko talk, but that’s because most people are complacent. The whole damn system doesn’t just collapse around you and just because you are holding PM’s you are the new King … it is much worse than that, Democracy will unleash the non-PM-owning majority populace onto those damn hoarders … it was those hoarders and their negativity that caused it all after all (so they will say). The Govt will announce confiscation and the herd will applaud. Get caught holding unauthorized contraband and go to the private-prison work camp, do not pass go, do not collect your social security/food stamps. Fascism and Socialism is a game changer when it is put in REAL action.
      This is a FULL collapse coming, not simply a bad day on the markets where Gold and Silver correct, the fiat devils disappear in a puff of smoke and we all sit around a camp fire and sing Kumbaya.

  2. This is a good question. Where is it and why? A hunch tells me the gold is in safe keeping along with Fort Knox’s gold, pre-ww2 gold, Germany’s gold…some where north of the Arctic Circle or in a D.U.M.B. because the US will experience a life extinction event from space? Or maybe irradiated from one of two sources? That’s me. No deep seated normalcy bias here. Like to think life goes on, however, something really stinks. Other than that, I do keep one foot with the biased out there. Shoot, dear old Dad took a company to the Fortune 500, 30k employees under him as Chairman of the Board and not a peep about gold or the USD. He also loathed nepotism (my luck), real stand up guy, but nothing from his circle at all regarding the fearporn many subscribe too. One foot with him, one foot with the Doc, and one heart up there since I converted back to the Catholic Church in 1998…what a predicament for sure. CYA I always say

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