5 year silverAs the MUST SEE 5 year silver US dollar chart below reveals, it appears the year plus sideways trading action in silver with minimal volatility is about to end. 


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5 year silver

Chart courtesy AncientMoney, TFM:



  1. A linear price chart seems a bit naive with such time passed and vertical volatility. 

    It’s interesting that the utter flat bottom of the past months has been breached. But I HOPE we’ll revisit lows at least once more. I need to buy on the 1st July. Guess what!

    • I agree. The pessimist in me slams on the hope brakes every time the fiat value of PM’s goes up.
      I have to slap myself and burn a $1 FRN ritually in protest against my hope. It helps sometimes.
      If it goes up much further though I will keep my eye on the price of Oil. It may just be the start of long awaited import inflation also as every other country in the world kicks the USD but the Forex doesn’t seem to have any activity, so it’s probably just PM paper pushers concocting another pump and dump fleecing for later in the year.

    •  Absolutely not falling for it.  To simply draw a line from top to bottom like that on the chart and  proclaim that the downtrend has changed…is total baloney. You could go back and draw the same kind of line down from the top in 2011, through the July 2011 peak, the February 2012 peak, and arrive at the summer 2012 “bottom” ,and proclaim 26 as the bottom, (which Everyone was  proclaiming) and Then when silver soared up  in August 2012 to the October top zone , WOW…look at That Breakout….until….Oopsie Daisey…. what happened …!?!?? …. what happened in fall and winter 2012, and what happened in spring 2013…..Sheeple need to Wake Up .  who think we have a “breakout” now. 
      I’ll believe it when I see it.  The question  folks should be asking is ….What small price higher above will silver get Hammered  again, and sent back down for 2014. will it be  later this summer , or maybe  October again, or December  again? Did silver just stay stuck around 19 all this time because it was tired? or because there was little demand? or because   of no real reason, and now all of a sudden it decides to rally up?  Are geopolitical tensions so bad now that its finally happening, but a year ago was not as bad?  Its all a rigged game. Nobody but insiders knows what price will do, or when, or how.  and the charts reveal very little. and one line drawn on a chart is  surely meaningless by itself.

  2. yesterday zh put up a chart from march till yesterday on silver.it was a perfect cup.so this is nice follow thru,lets just see if it sticks and turns to a nice handle.i’m pretty much thinking that a consolidation of the last move to confirm that were in the real upside.after hearing all the scuttlebutt about silver going to 15-12 was one of the reasons why i haven’t added to my stack.lets see what happens next week.i’d like to place my first order here with the docs’ site,but i feel like i’m cheating on provident,and my lcs guy.

    • @drummerboy  , a number of us here have ordered from The Doc, including myself, and I have no complaints.  Don’t worry about Provident or your LCS, they will survive and anyway you only need to be loyal to yourself and your family.

    • @drummerboy, I have had good service buying PM from Doc.  I suggest an internet chat with customer service to ask all what will be necessary to quickly move things along with your payment method.  The better prepared you are, the better for an order to get completed without expiry issues.  From other life experiences I followed that path and discovered some good options, the internet chat customer service was among the best I have ever encountered.  The discussion ended with okay, now I know what to do when the price hits my target.  Low and behold the next day or two was I ever glad I was ready.  NSA and the manipulators must have been reading my info…..

    • I agree with the above comments re buying from SD Bullion.  I have made a few buys and all worked very well.  I pay via personal check, so that slows things a bit but that’s true of every PM dealer out there.
      I do not recommend basing PM purchases on scuttlebutt or the comments of any PM “gurus”… well, other than our very own Charlie, of course!  lol   Just buy what you can, when you can, and consider it to be your long-term savings plan.

  3. Unfortunately, it seems the more obvious the bull side technical is, the more certain the manipulators are to attack.  Failed support that is so technically strong actually means how weak the commodity is.  That is the manipulators’ leverage.  Let the technicals build a bull base, then destroy the bull confirmation which then by definition is strong bear confirmation.  It has been very prevalent in gold, it was the recent path to $1245.
    I agree the manipulators are getting weaker, but I don’t think they are done.  Just stack when they play their strongest hand.

    • We do indeed.  Just as we tend to ignore idiot politicians who offer up totally ridiculous and asinine excuses like “the dog ate my homework”… er, “the server ate THESE SPECIFIC emails, but no others”.  All of this said as if the server itself had crashed, which it apparently did not, and which WOULD have copies of all emails routed through it.  If all else fails, ask the NSA to produce these emails.  They seem to be doing a lot of email peeking these days, so why not some IRS emails?  In view of all this, it is quite clear that the IRS is either incompetent or skulduggerous.  So, which is it?  Probably a blend.  In neither case does this justify letting these bozos handle the sensitive personal health information of a few hundred million US citizens.  In fact, it is becoming VERY clear that our financial info is at severe risk when deposited with these knuckleheads.
      Thanks for posting that URL.  I had not seen that clip but it is a good one to see.

    • Fancy Proverbs being a fan of Fox. They’re pro Occupied Palestine are they not?
      I have to give it to them though, they hammer global warming shills and socialists quite a bit, so they’re admittedly not the dirtiest prostitute in the media house … just when it comes to Occupied Palestine.

    • @DanDaley
      “Just subpoena the emails from the NSA…they do have them.”
      I just bet that they do.  But then, so does the IRS!  IMO, they are lying through their teeth about this.  They have circled the wagons while the “Indians” in congress circle around them, taking the occasional pot-shot but otherwise not doing a whole helluva lot.  Not that there is a lot that they can do when they follow the rules while the Obamunists do not.  It is MORE than time for a special prosecutor.

    • @Ed_B  It’s like Rush says: the Democrats are good at circling the wagons and fending people off; but when Republicans get in a circle, they all shoot toward the center. 

    • @DanDaley
      Yes, that seems to be the case.  The Dems are absolute whizzes at getting elected but, typically, not worth a flaming damn at running things.  Not sure if the Dems running the elections while the Repubs run the country would work but it likely would be better than what we have now.  For all his faults, Romney at least had some record of achievement going for him and understands economics WAY better than Obama.  
      I am terrified at the thought of 8 years of Hillary coming after 8 years of Obama.  That would prove beyond all doubt that the voters haven’t learned a damned thing over the past 8 years and are eager to make the very same mistakes all over again… and we simply cannot afford mistakes of this magnitude.  I have no doubt whatever that this absolutely would destroy what is left of our country.  If that comes to pass, it very well might be time to look elsewhere for a place to live, as this one would be well on its way to complete crap.  Just imagine Detroit, DC, or Newark on a national scale.  Yes, that IS an absolutely hideous vision but it is what happens when Dems are in charge over long periods of time.  The exact same thing happened in the USSR and for many of the same reasons.  Chief among these reasons were the tendency to make economic decisions for political reasons.  That this has never worked does not dissuade these people from trying it.

  4. I have put a small short term wager on a smack down to the close shorting at $20.89.
    My trading record is shit. So you’ll all be very happy come close of business. 🙂

    • @silverrrrr
      “Anyone considering buying PMs (partiularly silver) should read this article and realize that soon, oh so very soon, the SWHTF, and you’ll be glad you bought some.”
      A number of us on this site have bought and are buying PMs.  We KNOW that it is a good idea and we do not need ZH to tell us this.  I strongly suspect that you are in this camp as well.  🙂

  5. The rigging & manipulation was & is so extreme that in some ways they had to let the metals bump a bit or risk having to admit & assume liability for wrecking an entire market due to the lawsuits that are making their way forward in several country’s. 
    I could be all wet butttttt should these lawsuits prevail it could cost them major $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for the damage they have done.

  6. @ mammoth,@[email protected] thanks for your vote of confidence at the docs’ site for purchases for silver.who wouldn’t love the premiums over spot.probably put in an order this monday.try to buy as much as i can every month,when i came here a short time ago i was blown away at the prices just for the opm rounds.not to mention the ase’s. thats pretty much what i get from provident along with some bars. same from my lcs.but sometimes the lcs doesn’t want to sell if the price falls too much. and he’ll only part with pre 64 quarters or other junk till the price comes back,so then i’ll just get it from provident when that happens. again thanks to you all for responding.

    • Premium is 6% in China and higher in India.  It’s all relative. You could always go dig your own or buy a 100oz futures contract for delivery.

    • I have also bought PMs from Provident, APMEX, SilverTowne, and GoldMart.  I have stopped buying from GoldMart but still deal with the other 3 as well as SD Bullion.

    • OK, thanks.  This is another good one and only serves to spotlight the complete nonsense that is coming from this regime.  Every one of the top people in this regime so need to be investigated and brought to justice… and that would be REAL justice and not the fake Just Us of the Obamunist Holder fiefdom.  Time in prison needs to be served and LOTS of it.  You KNOW that it is bad when even the majority of those who voted in these creeps have, at long last, decided that they made a serious mistake.  Well, no DUH!

    • 🙂
      What is your opinion of Albert Pike being a 32nd degree Mason yourself?
      What is your opinion of Lucifer? Do you believe he is a god equal to Adonai?

  7. “My cycle work allowed me to called then Silver $49 top, the $1900 Gold top, the June 28, 2013 Gold BOTTOM within 2-
    hours, the December 31, 2013 retest and higher low. The coming summer low will be the FINAL ENTRY LOW and the
    ‘Buy’ of a Lifetime followed by a Moon Shot to $2000 before year end!
    Thank you,
    Bo Polny”
    Seems like Mr. Sinclair’s friend is bang on so far.

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