chart of the dayAs today’s Chart of the Day (courtesy Bloomberg) demonstrates, on a year-over-year percentage change basis, gold bullion is currently exhibiting the strongest buy signal of the entire bull market, far surpassing the previous buy signals placed in 2005, 2007, and late 2008-early 2009.
Must See year-over-year percent change of gold bullion chart for the duration of the bull market is below:


Gold Maples As Low As $39.99 Over Spot!


chart of the day


2013 Gold Buffalo As Low As $59.99 Over Spot

    • @Neo: Thanks Neo. Interesting article. Love the way it’s household debt that is the main problem not insolvent banks! I don’t disagree household debt is a problem, but the root of that is … the banks. A couple of gems in there too:

      If interest rates were to rise to just 2.5pc and wages remain the same, households with £240bn of mortgage debt “would need to take some kind of action – such as cut essential spending, earn more income for example by working longer hours, or change mortgage – in order to afford their debt payments”, the Bank said, citing a survey it conducted last year.

      Hey no problem, just earn more money, change your mortgage, what’s the problem LOL.

      How about also banks cut non-essential spending, let alone essential spending. Start with obscene salaries and bonuses.

      The warning followed outgoing Governor Sir Mervyn King’s final public comments on Tuesday, when he said: “I think the idea we are about to return to normal levels of interest rates in premature, and one of the reasons … is precisely because so many households have such a high level of household debt.”

      Again not banking issues, it’s our fault!

      Mark Carney, who takes over at the Bank on Monday, has identified as a “major risk to the economy” the fact that “UK households have a large stock of debt”.

      Fuck these muppets.

      The Bank has already launched the Funding for Lending Scheme to boost credit. Small businesses, in particular, claim to be cash starved. The Bank’s report showed that lending to households has risen by about 2.5pc since the third quarter of 2008, but shrunk by 25pc to corporates.

      And here’s the clincher …

      However, Mr Tucker cautioned: “It would be foolhardy to try and say exactly how much of that will flow through to real lending. [But] we should do everything we can to remove impediments to the supply of credit. Quite what happens depends on demand conditions.”

      Let me tell you, because I think I already know … FUCKIN’ ZERO.
      The banks will keep it all like all the money that has never dripped down to main street.

      Hanging is too good for these punks.

    • @Jccjktj
      “Again not banking issues, it’s our fault!”
      Indeed so.  How dare we have the utter audacity to borrow so much money?!  lol
      “Hanging is too good for these punks.”
      For sure.  Bring back drawing and quartering!  😀

    • “My bad, I was just being lazy ”
      Lol… understood.  Sometimes, though, we really do need to make an effort to instruct people in how their despicable acts will be fully and forcefully rejected.  This gives them the opportunity to either behave themselves or suffer the consequences AND serve as a prime example to others of what not to do.  🙂

  1. My computer was attacked today, but I’m back. Lost some stuff that wasn’t that important. I have backups for the important info. I know where I got if from ZH. Don’t click on links offered by bloggers, just DON’T. NSA whores or just malignant bastards.

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