bankstersToday, the central banksters have put on the ski mask, toting the gun and come into the lobby telling everyone to get on the floor.  They are taking over this place and anyone who looks crossways at us will get killed.
We the long suffering depositors, are going to get pillaged when the time is right. You have been warned once again.  Get it or don’t but don’t snivel when you get scalped!
Get the hell of your bank!


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By SD Contributor AGXIIK:

When did ‘depositors’ and ‘tax payers’ bifurcate and become completely separate entities, to fleece, excoriate, and identify as a privileged, special or captured class?
When did depositors become the convenient target?  After the long suffering tax payers got screwed into next week to bail out these dumb-as-boxes-of-rocks banks.
Depositors would almost universally be a group that PAID TAXES on the income and returns maybe months or years BEFORE the cash that was left after the tax nazi got their shares was actually deposited in a bank  Those deposits could be called the sloppy seconds of the tax bastards rape job on tax payers.

Money in a bank is almost never pre-tax cash.  It is money left over after taxes are paid, or at least that is what I’ve seen for the last 40 years as a tax payer, business owner and depositor using an FDIC insured account. And I will say here and now, I paid much more in taxes than what I had left over to  ‘DEPOSIT’ in some scum sucking bank.

How is it that the central government, central banks, BIS and TBTF banks decided that the depositor, holding whatever pathetic dribbles of cash left of his of her income, capital gains, dividends, savings, after the tax gang rape, is now the group selected to be the target of a bail in, bail out or whatever convenient label that really says ONE thing  And the thing is this!!

Hey, motherf******, stick ’em up.  You got’s money in dis bank, do ya?
Well, let me tell you slick, your f***** money is mine now because these stupid bankers couldn’t find their a**es with both hands, screwing the bank into the dirt,  and guess what: you get to pay for their bank failure!

We told you we were going to take your money to bail out our homies in this POS bank so hands up, your deposits are belong to us!   You had your chance to get out of Dodge and now you are s*** out of luck, so hand it over!

See, that’s what a freaking bank robber would say. I’ve been there when that actually went down.  Today, the central banksters have put on the ski mask, toting the gun and come into the lobby telling everyone to get on the floor.  They are taking over this place and anyone who looks crossways at us will get killed.

The central bankers, ECB, IMF and Fed told Cyprus they were going to give it up to bail out the other idiot bankers.  Now its the BIS telling the TBTF bankers AND central banks that their s*** stinks and they are going to toe the line. If not, they will get flying lessons out of the 30 story building these ghouls,  elites, royals and NWOs meet in to discuss the fate of the world.

The BIS is the central banker to the central bankers. Those who got’s the money plays the tune.
That means when they say jump frog jump, Benanke, Dimon, Merkel, Draghi and the rest of these circus clowns say
How high, my lords and masters?

This is the way I see the cranks being yanked and right or wrong, we the long suffering depositors, are going to get pillaged when the time is right. You have been warned once again.  Get it or don’t but don’t snivel when you get scalped!
Get the hell of your bank!

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  1. AGXIIK   Awesome ‘Shout Out to the peoples’ the luciferian  have stolen the American dream , they have given  us to many taxes ,bail outs ,inflation ,recession ,high unemployment, unregulated  market financial systems, immigration woes  ,rising crime ,housing scams, homeless Vets.,a false war of drugs, perpetual wars  ,countless deaths and injuries ,hopelessness and now a haircut ,what’s next for the sheeple  ?

  2. Whats needed to Expose and challenge  the lies of the Cartel is Gold and Silver TV, Radio Stations ,the Precious Metal Millionaires, Billionaires are on the defense  losing $$$$$$$$$$ instead of offense , winning the minds hearts  of the Public …the people only have misinformation and disinformation to choose from the Primary source Television.     

    • I’m thinking that the average American will not wake up to this until a giant boot hits them in the @$$.  This could be a bank holiday, a dollar devaluation, or some other financial catastrophe that is FINALLY large enough and impacting them enough to get them to wake the **** up. Barring that, it’s snooze time in the USA.  :-/

  3. The stereotype of ‘criminal’ more often than not, disguises itself in elegant suits and crisp starched uniforms! Quite a lesson to learn! The down-side is an incorrigibly cynical view of the world. I guess that’s why so many folks reject the reality … its too disturbing to maintain. So, probably it’s the part of those of us who do bear the sight of it all, to stand as their Tribunes.

    • @PatFields
      Agreed, Pat.  If there comes a SHTF scenario during our lifetimes, THAT will be when people will truly understand why we, the few, the proud, the stackers, have been converting soon-to-be-worthless fiat into solid metal of REAL value.  Not that this will do them any good at that point but… we will be needing some serfs to till our fields and harvest our crops, cook our food, clean our homes, vehicles, clothes, etc., and care for our livestock.  That will be the time when silver is gold and gold is astronomical.  We tried to tell them but in true Sheeple fashion, they did not worry about this happening at some point in the future until it fell in on them with a great CRASH.  How many times have we seen news articles wherein a large storm is coming but no one does anything to prepare for it until the 11th hour?  Then and only then is there a mad scramble for the stores and people buying everything the stores have on the shelves.  This will be no different because Sheeple behavior is one of the great constants of our time… unfortunately.

  4. no worries Mary B.  We get the message and maybe that’s enough to go around.  Sometimes people just won’t get it.  you can’t help everyone.
    Pat, that note about uniforms and suits you made, it may not be exactly cynicism, if I am reading your note correctly.
     there is something deeply embedded in the human psyche that responds to the nature of the coverings we wear.  The first humans would cloak themselves in furs, shells, animal teeth etc to take on a persona that is not really the person we really are.  The true psychopaths know how effective the ‘suit’ can be in gaining the trust and confidence of their mark but I found out something very interesting.  When I was in the banking industry we were expected to wear suits, and good ones too boot.  My budget for suits was large so the closet was filled with some good stuff.  Ties?  Scores  Shirts? Dozens.  Suits? Maybe 8-10.  What a waste of good cloth. I liked wearing suits. They felt good and did create an image—not my personal favorite since I’ve always been a blue collar-no collar type.   There was a very slight but noticeable uncurrent of what I sensed was distrust, maybe a little fear and a desire to put distance between the suited person and the unsuited person. I’m pretty good at reading tones of voice and body language during a sales process or presentation.  This was later found to be a real effect and phenomenon that people felt when confronted or presented by a man in s suit, particularly when the suited one wanted something.
    When I was working in an agricultural area of California, man on a horse, the owner of a cattle feed yard business, and client of mine, told me to ‘lose the suit’ if I wanted to connect with the folks in this area.  The suit went away the next day. A cowboy shirt and jeans replaced them and the connection was immediate and distinct.  Once I left the banking industry and started my commercial busiess brokerage, the suits went into permanent retirement and have stayed in stasis for some 20 years. 
    Anyways, the reason for mentioning this is to maybe warn people today that if someone is wearing a $2,000 suit today, that did not come from giving away the farm to the customers. Just look past the suit to see if the two legged critter  thus clothed is worth engaging in some business dealing. If you are wearing jeans, the chances are you might be seen as a fish.
       Like the big buildings in Vegas, those were not built on the money from the winners. Losers money built those casinos. And banks did build their 100 story edifices to greed by letting customers gain advantage over the money changers.  Any banker who let the customer get the best of the deal will be an ex-banker in short order.

    • “The true psychopaths know how effective the ‘suit’ can be in gaining the trust and confidence of their mark but I found out something very interesting.”
      Only because easily awed dweebs contract overpowering bouts of ‘expertosis’ entrancement in their presence.
      Funny story … when I was a purchasing agent at Todd Shipyards (God rest its corporate soul), there was a labor strike and the front gate was blocked by picketers in a 5-deep bulwark. I was the ONLY purchasing agent who wore suits, starched shirts, ties, buffed wing-tip shoes and carried a brief-case of work to and from home. When I arrived, the entire department were standing in front of the picket, grousing about the delay … I simply walked straight through the entire scene as if it weren’t there and wasn’t accosted … even verbally … by anyone … not a peep.
      Such is the ‘power’ of mere costume. It’s all such bull crap, really … ask ‘Alice Cooper’ (a stalwart political conservative who loves golf).

  5. ‘I liked wearing suits’.  Should be stated,  I disliked wearing suits,   and ties–horrible things.  Suits felt good—–yes.  A well built suit feels good from a tactile sense just as an expensive car is comfortable to wear.  It fits like a suit too.
      But they are not comfortable in the long pull—confining and usually too hot!   They create an image–yes–for the true believer that I was many years ago. Just correcting the wording a bit.

  6. I can just picture that scene.  Like Moses parting the  Red Sea, Pat walks confidently through this valley of strikers. Its funy how we will almost reflexively accomodate the wolf in fine garb into our homes without a thought as to their intentions. 
    It may be a telling comment on the human species that we are so enthralled by the Man in the Suit.  It’s probably genetically programmed.  Knowing that we  can  then detect its origins and we  respond accordingly when that impulse to bow and scrape comes over us in the presence of richly robed royalty. I call it the suit sniff test.
     It’s kind  of like when a man sees a tall, leggy, bosomy blond and within a nanosecond or two loses his mind, quickly followed by the contents of his wallet.   Observing the trophy wives  of professional athletes filling the best seats in the stadium, we men are completely in the thrall of that phenomenon.  I like to go  with that impulse but leave the bowing and scraping those more impressed by expensive threads.
    I eschew expensive clothes, preferring to blend into the crowd, not stand out, and leave all the formalities and fuss to those whose egos need that stoking.  My weapon of choice can then be a nice blaster well concealed in my grungy garb. 

    • You’d be SHOCKED to see me now, though … THOROUGHLY indistinguishable from a homeless wretch living under a bridge abutment. As EVER though, it’s costuming to accomplish an end.

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