After silver exploded through $35 on this today’s COMEX open, we wrote this morning that should silver hold $35 through today’s weekly close, the metal would quickly run to $37-$37.50 early next week as a massive short squeeze developed.

The cartel understood the predicament they were in, and responded with a massive paper dump on the market to stuff price back below $35.

Between 10:35 and 10:50am EST, an astonishing 62.5 million ounces of paper silver were indiscriminately dumped on the market to induce the sell-off- nearly twice US annual silver production of 36 million ounces!!



Must. Not. Allow. Silver. To. Close. Over. $35.
Perhaps there is something to those rumors of JP Morgan silver derivatives losses triggered with silver over $36?

  1. Here’s an idea.  Go out and rob a  bank. It’s easy. I’ve been doing it for years.  Take the money and buy silver.
    Just kidding. The best way to rob a bank is deplete or close your account.  It’s legal, fun and non-fattening.
    BTW It’s wisea** Friday. I won’t put up any more serious posts today. I promise.

    • Lol, AG!  😀

      Actually, THE easiest way to rob a bank is to OWN ONE!  X-p

      At some point, this cartel of idiots should discover that THIS IS NOT WORKING.  More and more paper silver is being dumped on the market for less and less price drop that lasts a shorter and shorter time.  At the rate that this is going, I fully expect that there will come a time when they dump paper and the price of silver… GOES UP.  😀

    • That’s what I’m doing which is deplete my dollars that I receive in my bank account. Although, I can’t close my bank account since I must have a bank account so that I’ll receive a direct deposit and the direct deposit is an obligation which means that I can’t receive cash as a form of payment. That’s the only reason why I have a bank account or else, I would never create one. By the way, I never deposit cash in my bank account! 😀

    • AG  – Clearly, you are the most vocal of the members here on Silver Doctor’s.  As there is clearly a motive to your posts; they are cleverly written and insightful, ( you’ve done your homework and I appreciate that ).  I am wondering aloud what your post currency debasement life style portends…  What happens when you can come out of the woods?  Is life a positive experience for you post debasement…?  I know silver doctors typically reports on doom and gloom in the fiat world we’re stuck in, ( credit to Faber for his site’s name ) but I want to know what you foresee your life becoming after another currency is established… such as an amero…. ( i know it’s taboo  SD readers ).  What are you doing to turn a buck… What is life like for you and your family? 

  2. Hey!  Just wanted to announce I have reached a major mile post for myself with the completion of my current order!  500 ounces of white, beautiful, shining metal and for the first time in a decade I now have a positive net-worth!  Unlike some stackers, I didn’t start off with a life savings, a retirement plan or an inheritance.  It’s taken me over two years to get this far and it’s been lots of sacrifices along the way.  Scrounging up money to take to the bank, tank of gas approaching “E”, trips I really wish I could have gone on, etc, etc all seem more worthwhile now.

    I’ve learned a lot along the way too..

    – Don’t get distracted with copper pennies, nickels, collectable coins, bank notes, antiques, etc.. it’s SILVER we’re stacking!

    – Try and concentrate on the higher purity junk, I’ve been forced to sell some of my 40% and 50% along the way and you   will take a major hit on it when you do.

    – Some of us live in places without a coin or bullion shop.  If you have to use eBay, try and establish friendly ties with four or five good sellers.

    Special thanks to Sean, Scott, the SLA and all the others who continue to bring us the real goods on what is going on!

    • Congratulations fonestar, thats a start, and never forget we are all in the same boat. Now we have one passenger more, but our
      ship will not sink.
                                                                                    Best Regards

    • If you are from Canada, you must pay attention to Canadian copper pennies because the government is going to remove the penny from the circulation which means that after that, you can simply take copper pennies to a local scrapyard to redeem them for cash. My plan is to get 1000$ in face value copper pennies, then sell them and use that amount to buy an ounce of gold and the rest of the cash will be used to buy silver.
      Anyway, you are right that we should focus a lot on silver since it is the most undervalued asset. Personally, I’m amazed that I can buy a precious metal that has a lot of uses for only about 35$!

    • Amen to that!  I was hoping that the Pan Asia bullion exchange would be just that but they seem to have either shriveled away or joined the western banksters in all the PM manipulation.  Boo, hiss…

  3. 62.5 Million oz’s of make-believe Silver dumped? Astounding. It sure seems that they don’t much care what the cost is.
    Perhaps they perceive the cost of a breakout being much higher for them, so the beat-down using more naked shorts is their best option. Either that, or the Fed is simply back-stopping any of their ultimate costs with funny money. Maybe they are long in London? What the heck do I know – pretty much nothing.
    I guess the problem I have with wrapping my mind around all this is that somewhere deep in my brainstem I actually still think that the market is real. It isn’t. It’s a ponzi scheme, pure and simple, and the rules of engagement are different. The only thing that really matters to the Cartel is that the game continue. I think we are at the point where sustaining the charade is all that matters – because once the music stops everybody loses. (Those with real physical may lose a bit less.)

  4. Silver’s trading this week has been beautiful.  In a mega-bull market run, the ideal form of corrections are to see prices trend sidways over time to let off steam and to built a base for yet another spurt higher.  That’s exactly what silver has done this week, and I think we’re going to see the burst to test $37.50 next week.

    Truth be told, the silver bull is so strong that we’d already be testing that $37.50 this week were it not for cartel actions earlier in the week and actions like today.    

    It looks like commercial shorts – mostly Blyth and her monkeys – were adding to shorts all week, in keeping with the increasing commercial short interest.  But hedge funds have been trying to get out, and they’re having a heck of a hard time exiting because all the dips are being bought very agressively.  

    Earlier in the week — Monday or Tuesday — some of us at SD were talking about how the cartel could try to execute a large smack-down at $35 and some were speculating that silver could fall to the $32-33 area or even test $30.  But when I saw the way we bounced back from cartel raids early this week in hours and minutes of trading, with $34.50 sticking as a consolidation pivot, it was pretty clear the cartel was having a hard time dealing with all the new buying interest and that we weren’t likely going to see a correction taking us much under $34.  That pattern is goign to continue next week and it will not take long before we’re looking at $35 in the rear-view mirror.  

    • I dunno.  But when I hit my thumb with a hammer, it doesn’t take me long to figure out that it is not the thing to do.  On the other hand, banksters are not known for their lightning-fast rocket-scientist intelligence.  🙁

  5. This is an important moment in the battle of Silver. We just made it thru Triple Witch Week. This is generally when the anti-metals traders short the daylights out of the metals. Each attack has been met with buyers of size and no pullback is really in place. Could this be the start of something huge? …. Stay Tooned… Same Bat Time…. Same Bat Channel!!

    • Probably.  But they are anti-human so have no interest in doing that.  Fact is, they are MUCH more likely to be in there trying to force other commodity prices higher and not lower.  🙁

  6. Just like with the mortgage crisis where firms like AIG were selling derivatives to collect the premium. HFTs simply decide the price they want for an options expiration date then on the day crash the price to it, wiping out the options holders and collecting the premium. Easy money.

    • @snowrider:  Actually, today’s trading and especially trading earlier this week points to the fact that the cartel is losing its grip.  Sure, they can still execute raids.  But we’ve been consolidating at the $34.50 pivot all week and bouncing back after each attack.  That’s strong performance and indicative of the tight supply backdrop and a rising level of retail and institutional demand.

      Over the last 12 years we’ve seen a general pattern where less and less time is required for silver to recover from raids.  There are exceptions to this pattern, but it’s enough of a pattern that it’s generally understood by most long-term silver market observers.  The cartel is slowly losing it’s grip over silver.  It’s an evolutionary process that will continue going forward.

    • My thoughts too Flying Wombat. It’s clear the Cartel is in a negative feedback loop with diminishing returns at this point. It took them 62.5 million ounces to knock it down around .60. That’s nothing compared to the past where it would’ve bought them weeks to months…now their efforts are literally measured in hours to days. The end must be close. The Cartel is about to get run over by that physical train. As Agent Smith said, “That is the sound of inevitability… It is the sound of your death.”

    • Wombat, with all sincerity I hope you are right. The cartel however, just happens to be the richest organization on this planet. @ $500,000,000,000,000 net worth what would 62.5 million oz @ 35.00 be worth? $2,187,500,000. A billion seems like a lot of money, but not when you have trillions. Much of the physical owners now are into silver between $22 – $30 an oz. And…., if you think these hellish people cannot take silver down to $10 to $15 an oz, you are greatly underestimating the ability and resources these people possess. For silver to run to its true value something major has to happen that creates a greater loss to the cartel than the price of silver going up.

    • @snowrider

      You’re failing to take into consideration one absolutely critical point:  physical, real-world silver is scarce and the claims to existing investment holdings are probably rehypothecated by as much as 1000-to-1 paper ounces versus real ounces.  Making the situation even more hellish for the oligarchy (and making the point that it doesn’t make a difference how much wealth they control), all market prices are set at the margin of the last trade(s).  As more and more people opt for real, physical silver, they paper house of cards erodes, which in turn, impacts all other paper markets in large part because precious metals, as real money, sets the tone for pricing of all other financial instruments. Keeping the appearance of a functioning system and a reasonable embrace of contract law and rule of law in general is what underpins the entire Western World fiat system.  The stresses of maintaining just enough real physical silver inventory to keep the fake paper silver market running (and the illusion of permanent price control) has come under such enormous pressure that the bullion banks are playing all kinds of crazy inventory games right now.  There’s even some indication that take-downs of firms like MF Global have been partly motivated by a need for plugging holes in the system overall, and in bullion markets directly.

      There are two markets for silver:  paper and real.  Over time, the real market is elevating in importance and there will come a day when the paper markets will simply stop working and a declaration of cash settlement will be made for all paper trades thereafter until such time as there’s a convergence between the real world price and paper catching up, or some other reform.

      All the power in the world can’t perpetually push silver down because they only push paper down, not the real thing.  In fact, the oligarchy is not a uniform block acting with a single directive.  There’s competition among them, clearly visible when looking at their shadows cast upon the policy decisions taken by competing nation states, and not so visible at the level of individual powerful families looking after their own interests as they amass real, tangible assets.

      Even today, the elevation of physical vs. paper has everything to do with why the price of silver is in the mid $30s and not $7.  But something like only 1 in every 15,000 Americans truly understands the mechanics behind why what I just said is true.  Even students of the silver market that argue against the thesis I just touched upon usually don’t fully understand the thesis in it’s entirety.   

      I’ve spent over thirty years of my life studying the oligarchy.  I have no underestimation of their power.  Silver just so happens to be one of the few things they can’t fully control forever.  

    • wombat, your wisdom is noted and appreciated. Of course I see these elites in a much different light. The truth is, the price the elites pay as opposed to ours is greatly diminished. The reason is they have the advantage of printing currency out of thin air. It cost the FED $.06 per $100 Federal Reserve Note. With silver hovering at $34/oz, one Federal Reserve Note would then buy 3 oz of silver. With their costs of printing $100 bill at $.06 would mean they have the potential of buying an oz of silver for the elites would be $.02/oz. Now with that considered, do you suppose the elites are somehow ignorant of these facts? Are they aware of the scarcity of silver? I would think so. Are they intelligent investors? I would think so. Would it make sense for them to have already begun to accumulate silver? If they have, it has happened without any of us recognizing it. Could it be possible that once they have the amount of physical silver they want that then they will no longer suppress the price of silver? Maybe? Does everyone here think the elites are stupid? If they do, then everyone has underestimated this group of individuals.

  7. Their game is lost regardless of the shenanigans they pull, and they know it. I am patient and several days or weeks make no difference. The only long term direction is up so sit tight, relax and enjoy the ride……….weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

    I am betting that Sunday night, the Asians will take it back up over $35.

  8. fonestar  here is a hearty congratulations in your acquistion of 500 ounces, a monster box of silver.  That is great and I hope that the next box is a little easier.  By way of comparason, you own more silver than probably 95% of the people in this country.  Your net worth is greater than 1/3 of the people in this country (they have none)  and your net worth is probably in the first quartile of net worths.  When silver does its thing and that should be forthcoming shortly your net worth could easily exceed 95% of the folks in this country.  Good in all your quests

  9. Is there a way of telling whether the paper sold to achieve this price control was sold short or not ?
    Undoubtedly it’ll show in the future somewhere.
    Also, because this the spot market what is the actual instrument sold, future contracts ?

  10. My question:

    Is it possible that JP Morgan and others controlling the price of silver are able to do this without it costing them money?  Many people in this blog point to the cost of shorting the market if the price rises.  However, if they can do wash trades or other fake price movements, can they get away with this manipulation without putting $$ on the line?  If so, then this charade will go on forever.
    Anybody care to weigh in?

    • As the largest shareholder of the Federal Reserve and as a participant at policy making sessions, JPM has a great deal of inside system information enabling it to generate abnormal profits.  That includes their roll as the Fed and Treasury’s partner with JPM’s interest rate swap derivatives book of over $50 trillion being used to artificially suppress interest rates downward.  While these operations are not always profitable (witness the “London Whale” fiasco), they have generally been profitable for JPM and at a level that more than offsets the pain they’ve see to date in the silver market on a net basis.  For example, JPM has had a handful of quarters since the crash where they’ve reported having made a net trading profit on every day during the quarter.   When a bank as large as JPM acts as the gears of the system and helps execute Fed and Treasury policy, is it any surprise that they set themselves up to pull off the super-human feat of perfect trading quarters?
      They use their own money.  They use the Fed’s money as they can get credit at next to no interest and lever-up that stash.  The answer to your question is both yes and no.  Clearly, they’re subsidized in more ways than just liquidity, with informational advantage as a system conduit worth every bit as much as their pools of cheap money.  But the fact remains that the process of financialization has only resulted in the construction of an unstable, inverted pyramid of debt.  JPM and the system architects can throw more debt at the system and kick the can down the road, but they can’t prevent the inevitable crash.  The charade can NOT go on forever.
      In my opinion, I believe the powers that be are fully aware of this but it’s no longer considered as profitable to reform the system versus flooding the system with liquidity and consolidating real wealth as the global economic trading system drifts towards devolution.

  11. I don’t know if JPM makes much money on the shorting. I’m sure they do but I think the overall mandate is to suppress the price of silver, and gold, but mostly silver. Silver is an incredibly important metal to electronics, alternative energy and just about all military guidance equipment and it, along with gold, are a good indicator of the strength of the dollar. If the price of PM’s starts to sky rocket, the perception will be the dollar is toast and could cause a major dollar decline. The gubment and the FED don’t want this to happen so they give a call to Jamie and he in turn gives a call to Blythe.

    This is why I’m not too convinced that silver and gold will “run away”. At some point the shorting will fail but I am sure the gubment will step in to prevent skyrocketing prices. I’ll let you imagine how they will do that since possible actions can run the gamut of benign to malicious.  

    • If this game is played to its logical conclusion, no one will accept dollars in exchange for gold or silver and the government’s ability to do anything about rising metals prices will be well and truly over.  Just ask yourself this, “Can the government of Zimbabwe force gold or silver prices lower?”.  No, of course not.  The US government is not in their position, of course, but they are doing all that they can to get there.

    • Easy question.  The answer is NO.  They will ensure that whatever passes for position limits only affects the small fry investors and not those whom it really should be affecting.

  12. Did anyone think this was going to be easy? If something appears to be to good to be true it usually is. QE has been going non-stop since we went off the gold standard so the announcement was nothing more then what was going on anyway…

    Don’t worry, margin hikes will be next to keep the price down and not to mention that the cartel now has an unlimited supply of money to suppress the prices..

    As much as most think this is cherry picking it isn’t going to be easy… I’m a bull on silver but I also have a memory… GL     

    • @MaryB Of course they are… If they can manipulate the stock market, silver will be easy…. amazing how quick people forget all the margin hikes and just think this is going to fly out of sight… I hope so but I am leaving my rose colored glasses on the table.. Today was just a wakeup call for all of those who think this is going to be a wild bull run…. it may be orderly and look at the oil price dump… supposedly oil should be spiking as well? High oil prices means a new president and administration… lets see what happens

  13. This is old hat news.  Even Lindsey Williams ‘elite’ friend admits they have been using paper to keep the prices of the metals under control.

    I’ve designed my finances for low monthly costs, good monthly cash flow, low exposure to markets.
    Every time they smash it down, I just quietly go into the bank and buy up another 100 oz bar.

    The sheep are busy over extending themselves on real estate at the moment, so prices for bullion are still quite good. 

    • It is old hat news, my point is that it appears that people seem to forget about this manipulation and with silver being such a small market, it is easy to fleece those who do not remember and just dive in head first… even with the appearance of the markets being incredibly strong it only takes one wave of the wand and down it comes, destroys confidence and the rest get tired of getting kicked in the balls. Under normal circumstances yes, the silver market should rally, we are not in normal circumstances and the FOMC’s #1 and 2 enemies are gold and silver as they pose a threat to the dollar… I hope like hell it takes off and runs but I am very wary of the blind exuberance..

  14. I agree with those who caution that our memories are short. Unless somebody can make a persuasive counter-argument, I think it is fair to say that nothing has changed since last year’s April/May smash; that is to say, if they were able to knock the spot price down then, they are still positioned to do so now (and probably more so with QE to infinity). If true, I can’t see the price going too high. QE favors both the metals (it theoretically leads to currency devaluation and higher PM spot prices) AND the cartel (they have unlimited paper money to suppress the price). Given this offsetting balance, I would think that the predictions made by the most bullish of commentators won’t come true until the system collapses (if ever). However this plays out, when the collapse comes, the PMs will be the way to protect oneself. That’s why I stack.

  15. I was wondering what happened, I was so excied when it ramped up over $35, then in 20 minutes it tanked! How is this legal?? Will it ever end? Another poster earlier stated

    “At some point, this cartel of idiots should discover that THIS IS NOT WORKING. More and more paper silver is being dumped on the market for less and less price drop that lasts a shorter and shorter time. At the rate that this is going, I fully expect that there will come a time when they dump paper and the price of silver… GOES UP”

    Is this truly the case, will what they are doing continue to have dimishing returns?  

    • “Is this truly the case, will what they are doing continue to have dimishing returns?”

      I don’t see any positive changes for the cartel.  The trend is pretty clear and there is BIG money in Asia that wants to diversify out of fiat currency and into PMs.  They are aggressively buying EVERY dip that comes along.  When hundreds of millions of dollars speak, even the cartel listens.  My question is, “How long will they continue trying this when they keep getting smacked upside the head for their efforts?”.  Sooner or later, even a dog learns to dodge when a kick comes his way.  Bullion banksters ought to be at least that smart, right?  Right?  Hmmm, maybe not.

  16. If I remember about one year ago, it took the cartel 1/3 of the annual US silver production to remove 2$ off of silver’s price. Today, it takes the cartel two times the annual US silver production to take off 2$ from silver’s price. That means that the cartel’s manipulation is ending soon and they are dying! Stack the smack!

    • I think that you are right, Kid, although I do not follow these numbers closely.  The Feb 29, 2012 raid was illustrative.  That was a MASSIVE raid, yet the results were mediocre at best.  When I saw the amount of paper dumped into the market is less than an hour, I was amazed that silver and gold did not drop by 10% or so but they didn’t.  They lost some value and quite shortly came right back up to where they were before the raid.  After a couple of days, there was no effect visible.  So much for “We are the banking cartel and we WILL set physical PM prices!”  lol

  17. Snowrider, I agree with you that these people of the cartel and the banking world are intelligent.  Some are highly intelligent. Their intellectual wizardry and ability to work the numbers to their advantage makes them think they are superior to others. 

    In their intellectual analysis of their amoral actions and cruel effects on those not aware of their actions, they weigh the earthly rewards they think are due them for their glorious abilities against something infinitely more important   They’ve traded a God given gift of IQ for something sinister. 
    They have  traded their souls to become Moloch worshiping satanists who consume people in their hunger to satiate a emptiness that nothing on this earth will provide.  I understand this and them.  I do not forgive them. 

    Watch the movie “For Greater Glory” to see how righteous men and women fight evil men. It’s illuminating

  18. .
    Hi Denarius  Thank you for your kind words about my surgery.   This will be the second, my knee being the first repair earlier this year.    Once  completed, I’ll be something close to the $6 million man, minus about $5,940,000, the  net cost of some metal and ceramic and my saw bones time.  I asked my surgeon if he could use silver. His look spoke volumes. I need to educate him about this subject.  One word to the wise.  Don’t start competitive weight lifting when you’re 50.  10 years later your joints will make you sorry for that.
    There are several reasons I post regularly. 
      With time on my hands, as my business can now  be handled on the computer in 4 hours a day, that leaves me 8 hours more to work with.    An idle mind is a wasted resource so I began work to find out more about this rocky world we live in. 

    The crash of 2008-9 was a real wake up call since my business involves working with small companies that need financing to help with their growth.   When the loan market shut down for nearly 8 months and posed survival problems to  my company along with  many others, I needed to find out why?  The answers were not easy much less easy to accept as we now know after reading the articles and commments on Silver Doctors and other sites.  Like the rest of the world, this country  is in distress that continues to  unabated.   
    The internet allows an amateur writer like me to give voice to my findings while forcing me to do my homework so that my posts have some usable contents. I also hope that my voice, along with millions of others, can provide a foundation of knowledge to those who will listen and take appropriate action to help preserve their wealth and keep their families safe.  The 6-8 hours a day are spent reading;  studying both the digital and paper press with  occasional opinions  on this site.  Doc invited me to be a guest ‘journalist’ as well, along with several others who appear regularly on Silver Doctors.  
    These aggressive actions by Doc have built one of the best sources of relevant information on the web

    When you combine an OCD-lite nature with an info junkie quest for knowledge, coupled with an excess of time available, something I never had available during my 12 hour work days, this whole paradigm of internet knowledge sourcing made for a perfect system to ‘entertain’ my brain.  So I’ve come up with a few ideas to share along the way.
    Your question of what we will do on a collective or individual basis is really the most important one here.  If you subscribe to the idea that we are in for a real rough patch over the next couple of years, a time horizon that seems to have some shared agreement, there will be a real need to rebuilding our communities. 
    I smell hurricane weather and having lived in a area where typhoons roll in, my plans to hunker down and batten down the hatches is prudent.  My way of doing this is going beyond just the normal preparatory work since my wife and I worked for decades to build a business and a FIAT stack that needed to be protected.  Ann Barnhardt and many others have made it clear we have entered a WORL, World without Rule of Law.   This is not an ordinary event.  There are only a few ways to protect yourself from this. One is to leave the country as some suggest.  Some want to ignore the dangers and hope they go away. Those are not options for us. I plan to stay and fight or rebuild, as the case presents itself.  You can see from my prepper guide the mindset I bring to that. 
    When it means climbing out the woods to see what I can do to help, my prepping is on a scale much greater that that which most survivalists deem acceptable or adequet.  3-4 years of stored food and a large medical supply cache are two ways to provide a means to survive and help others.  Those would be rolled out to share with my Band of Brothers, the loose confederation of like minded people in our immediate area who are also see the world the  way I do.   Guns and ammunition are also a vital commodity that we share in large quantities.  These  can and will be used for different but equally important reasons. 
    If we face a post apocalypse world, not necessarily Mad Max, but something so different to our conception of a normal lifestyle that the vast majority of people will be in shock and need some help, we can offer guidance, education and support that can only come from community members who have planned for tough times. This is a core of our ethos. We also know that the best laid plans can fall apart on first contact with reality so we try to plan for that too.
      We do the best we can with the resources we have,  banding together with others who have given some deep thought to what might happen, sharing resources and knowledge. We have multiple layers of skills and supplies to draw upon. Silver Doctors is part of that and provides a digital resource network that may  grow to provide a means for us to connect directly with those who share many similar thoughts about this subject.

    There is one commodity that only recently came to light as an invaluable prepper stock and that’s precious metals, silver in particular.  In the last year, in my typical fashion of overreacting and preparing in ways beyond what most would think normal, I converted nearly everything I owned in FIAT to PMs in a 50 to 1 ratio of silver to gold.  After we finished this process which included 2 SDIRAs, I began thinking about this stack and what it means.  With as little as a doubling in price, the monetary value of these holdings would be far more than we could spend in a lifetime. 
    The next thought was what we could do to help those in our small community.  Money talks and sharing resouces is a good policy. Silver and gold will offer an alternate currency in survival times. Both can be used to back a new currency. While I am not familiar with the Amero,  if it  becomes one more experiment in unbacked FIAT I will not be a player in that world. If wiser people come to the conclusion that we must have a precious metal backed currency and the Amero is not just some shilled NWO means of population control, then I will give serious consideration to its worth. I think that Canada, US and Mexico are strong and resource rich countries that would do well to ally themselves in concert to help stabilize this area of the world. Maybe a common currency would work. The US Dollar is seeing its last days due to its unbacked nature and deliberate debasement by the incompetent and criminal nature of the banking and governmental enterprises we now see rolling us down the road to Perdition.

     In the meantime somehow we will figure out how to use silver and gold supplies  to create a ‘bank’ if this is the only way to get past the rough patch and have a currency that local folks accept as real and valuable.  I’ve educated several people in my small town about the value of silver and  have used rounds to pay for services on occasion.  We have several allies in the silver business and since our stack is large enough to constitute a business enterprise for buying, trading and selling purposes, I connected with Hommel’s enterprise in Grass Valley and three silver businesses within 30 miles of home base. 
    If you are an optimist,  and I am one of those types, the gloom and doom scenarios can be corrected given the time and effort needed by the average Joes and Janes who are educated and possess the resources to put some skin into the game of restorating of this country.  All my relatives were born and raised in the Depression and despite the hard times, their skills and resourcefulness allowed them to muddle past the worse that FDR and his pack of collectivist a**holes imposed on this country. 
    Even with the present debt and FIAT mess we find ourselves in, I think that Wiinston Churchhill said it best when asked what will become of the English people in World War II.  Back then the British had some real moxie. They were almost down and out, relentlessly pounded by the Nasties and without a friend in the world, they faced an existential threat.  He said that if you view the trajectory of world progress over the last 5,000 years, this trying time is little more than a  temporary downward blip in the ascending upward momentum of human progress. The British weathered that storm. A historical resilience of 1,000 years is tough to defeat.
    That statement always gives me hope that with our good human nature; infinitely better than those who mean us harm, our strivings will reboot this world in distress. We will come out better for it. 

    To answer your last question, we are doing well; better than expected and the business is improving slowly. We reduced our income by a factor of 80% partly due to the economic conditions and partly because we wanted to avoid paying huge taxes to a government that is not working in the best interest of the people of this country. Besides which it gave me the time to break my 40 year life in a workers paradise paradigm. That was no longer acceptable to our shared lifestyles and mindsets. Call it a continual 2 year diet of the Red Pill.
    By not feeding the beast you can restrain its worst instincts. We need to get out of wars and and begin the process of making peace with the peoples of this world. As idealistic as this seems, it might be one the most important measures to get past our country’s rough patch. We the people still have that vital quality of good nature, good graces, entrepreneurship and generosity that made us the envy of the world and a country to be emulated. These qualities are clearly outlined on this site as well.

    Some really bad people were installed in seats of power and that cannot stand. If nothing else is remedied, that will be the most important starting element of getting us back on the right and good path that our founding fathers built, backed with their faith in God and the good instincts of a free people, a sound currency and a renewed Constitutional rule of law

    I post frequently for another reason. I feel like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. We just robbed the bank (LOL). From a perch on the hillside we see a cloud of dust in the distance. It’s the Pinkertons chasing us down. We can’t escape the minions of the evil banks and you know how that ended. The cliff is in front of us and we have to jump.
    In my case, I’m being chased by Sumkid, or maybe I should call him Sum(dance)kid. He’s chasing me down with hundreds of posts and he gaining. Go for it Kid. Keep that voice of your going strong

  19. The truth is we are being ROBBED,JACKED,MUGGED ,I remember 20 years ago day trading in the PINK SHEETS…We never thought the SEC/FINRA.DDC and others were NOT  in our best interest..bottom line, with all the TV commericals and bad information.and the Bank owned TV Media  has the public Brain dead.. we need a lot of  Brodcasting stations that explain the our true condition.

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