While the market waits in anticipation of the Fed minutes’ release at 2pm and gold and silver are slammed again, we thought we would lighten the mood ahead of the inevitable gold and silver raid scheduled to launch the moment the propaganda filled minutes are released (looks like the raid began ahead of schedule today).
Look for Fed members to claim QE will be ending some point during the 2nd half of 2013.

To lighten the mood, Obama shot-gun photo shoot Caption Contest!



2013 Canadian Wildlife Series Wood Bison
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  1. If solving the economic problems in this country was like hunting, then Barack Obama would be Elmer Fudd.
    Even though he got Bin Laden, Bugs Bunny has still eluded him to date.
    Shhh…….. I’m hunting wabbits with those pwedata dwones.

  2. Ouch, this hurt my shoulder.  It’s too noisy. The smoke smells. Now there’s lead pollution all over the place.  I think I killed a Texas Sage Grouse. 
    Screw this, gimme my drones.  I got a lot better record of killing innocent children with them.

  3. You’re an animal! You’re a zebra! You are god’s gift to women…You are a wild lion! You’re a mate for the goddess!! That’s right! The camera Loves You Baby! You’re a cover girl…You’re a princess…show a little more there! The Camera loves You! Your Fans Adore You…You’re a predator! You are the king of the jungle…oh baby the Camera Loves You!! “That’s a Print Folks!” (get this guy outa here…)

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