silver smashThe disaggregated COT numbers reveal all the action last week was in the producer merchant, the evil bullion banks as we know them and “love” them (loathe them actually), and they added 5,960 longs and 7,018 shorts. 
The bullion banks are reaffirming their intention to massacre the metals price and they do this for no other reason than to encourage the speculators to purchase more shorts.  This is resulting in more and more commitment to the downside by the speculators who will be blamed for the crash to come!

Gold & Silver COT Report by SD Contributor Marshall Swing:

Going to be an interesting report today as I left the Southern Illinois wilderness and am in Charlotte, North Carolina, the once God forsaken town of the ashes of the sins of Jim and Tammy Baker where they played games with the money of people who tried to follow God but were led astray…


But, out of those ashes, surely, something good will come!!  And soon.


Can’t wait to see the comments on that!! 😉


I drove away from my home near St. Louis on Thursday evening and the only thing I forgot this time was my data memory stick so no pretty tables to share with you this week and maybe not next depending on when I return home.  My return home is in the hands of others.  I grew up in this State and am visiting with friends now and heading east in a couple of days to visit family and old high school friends.


What happened in the metals this past week?  Not much on the surface as there was limited upward movement in silver and slightly more in gold, however, these things may have been to shake out a few speculator shorts or at least give that impression.  Very little happened in the large specs as they appear very indecisive adding 897 longs and covering -861 shorts total after the numbers are reported.  The small specs, who read my reports, are having nothing of indecision and added 1083 short contracts.


The commercials, HOWEVER, were quite busy adding both longs and shorts, 6,441 and 6,904 respectively.

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the disaggregated COT numbers reveal all the action was in the producer merchant, the evil bullion banks as we know them and “love” them (loathe them actually) and they added 5,960 longs and 7,018 shorts.  They are reaffirming their intention to massacre the metals price and they do this for no other reason than to encourage the speculators to purchase more shorts.  More and more commitment to the downside by the speculators who will be blamed for the crash to come and that crash is a ways off yet but a low depression is sinking into the hearts and minds of those who seek to make money in the paper game (casino, i.e. manipulated, mercantile, fraudulent house of cards).


We witness almost 9,000 new open interest contracts in silver, almost all of the producer merchant’s doing and his sleight of hand.


In the gold numbers, we see the overall commercials going long in a big way at the bottom of the COT period after they had used a few shorts to cover and drop the price. Those evil ones added 8,379 longs and covered a mere -3,907 shorts.  We see a revealed significant accumulation in shorts by the large specs 3,087 while they panicked and were forced out of -8,459 longs.  The small specs were virtually silent.


The disaggregated numbers reveal the swap dealers being very active and loading up on longs 4,690 and covering a significant -6,732 shorts.  We see the managed money section of those large specs selling off, forced out of -8,241 longs and adding 1,685 shorts.  Not a significant short add but showing they clearly believe price is headed down, down, down since over the last few weeks I have show they have added significantly to their short side.  Now they have reduced their long net total very significantly in expectation of significant profit on the downside gained through shorting the yellow metal.


Not much else to report here.  My expectation of this coming week is upward movement in the equities indexes and that will depress the metals psychology.  Not much price movement unless those bullion banks decide to rob the speculators of their shorts and price would go up otherwise it is still a suckers game to lure the speculators into taking more short positions.  Those evil ones do not mind taking longs at these prices even as price sinks further because they know the payoff in paper on the GREAT REBOUND that is to come in the distant future.


See you next week and looking quite forward to the thoughtful comments as well as the abusive, revealing ones!

    • What I also loath is this guy interpreting any development in the COT report as signifying an impending crash in the price if precious metals. I guess I shouldn’t be surprized, he’s being calling for an “imminent crash” for months now.

    • Strannick – That has been my take as well…then we have this AM dead of night “loss maximizing” sales followed by another little flash crash in London.  Now I re-read what he was saying…hmmm.   Maybe my teeth grinding anger was a tad misplaced. 
      But now I want to have some sense of what “distant future” means.  Weeks, months, years?   
      These markets are complete BS…I am sorry the day I set foot in the mining sector.  Owning phyzz – no regrets – none whatsoever. (Actually looking for a buying opportunity…)
      But miners…  The banksters are squeezing them for offtake agreements…they need their gold and silver and will never pay retail for it.  Did you happen to notice – someone knew what was coming next – late day sell off of many mining shares.  Hmmm.  
      “There are no markets, only manipulations.” Chris Powell GATA.
      f-ing criminals.  

  1. The second coming of Jon Nadler has arrived. You’ve got the incessant negativity down, the ignoring of important facts (India on brink of electing pro gold government, negative gofo, geopolitical tensions, signs dollar losing reserve currency status and more),  the lack of specifics like saying on your last few posts silver will get massacred but not giving a time frame. If you keep on posting once a week saying that, eventually i suppose it might happen. I especially like the silver going up in the “distant future” lol, Nadler would be especially proud of that one. 


    • 100% agree. The distant future remark was where we can see that this is nothing but propaganda.
      Anyone with unlimited money to lose (JPM / Fed / etc) could absolutely in theory smash the price back to $10, but the key is, they would have it at that level for about exactly 24 hours before all of the worldwide silver stockpiles were completely drained.  Then acute shortages would set in, sending the price right back up and beyond.

    • Great point about the Indians going back into the market – hopefully with some massive pent-up demand. 
      I do like how “distant future” is a catchall for Swing…  If we rebound on news of Indian’s jumping in with both feet…distant could be Mid-May and Mr. Swing can claim that’s what he meant.   No target – just vagueness which can later be claimed as “see – I told you so” just like any soothsayer. 
      DATES! Mr. SWING.   Get us dates…from there we can truly measure your meddle. 

  2. Marshall helps connect dots.  There are thousands of dots out there, forming patterns  These patterns can aid in determining many things including the direction of silver.  Marshall is one of the good guys.  

    • Indeed. There have been several analysts ( hubert moolman lately ) who have echoed that we could see a brief dip down as low as 15.
      I’ve said before, I think the rise is more and more likely going to be disorderly, and buying based off a spot at 20 or below, at some point, will be viewed as a gift.

  3. Well if they do smash the price down to $15 it will be like November 2008 , silver was at a Crimex spot price of $10 an oz but anyone dealer or bank here in British Columbia  that had it wanted between $20 and $25 an oz to get it in your hand.  You think there will be much available to get your hands on at these prices ………..good luck with that.
    The same as Goldman calling for $1050 gold, you think the average joe on the street is going to be able to buy it for that …..again good luck with that.
    Anyone that is still in the metals after the BS we have been through over the last few years knows what they are holding and I for one won’t be selling an oz only buying if I can get my hands on it.
    So I say to the manipulators, riggers whatever you call them bring on the smash so I can help drive the final nail in your coffins!!

    • Ever notice how not a single Corporate Media outfit mentions that last year Goldman told the world to sell while they bought massively?  
      How they called it a “Bear Market” while ABN ABRO – a LBMA Clearing House – had to default on their customer accounts?
      Funny how you never hear these two very salient points – among many.  

  4. Thanks to AGX concerning the “patterns”…it’s the only thing we have going for us….so far.
    But it sickens me that there are thousands of articles out there claiming that these people are worthless ignorant imbeciles. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is my contention that since Watergate all “Presidents” are actors. Not so much puppets but downright ACTORS! These people follow a script placed before them on teleprompters. If they think they are ever in charge, they take them downstairs and show them 30 seconds of the Zapruder film…game over. Others in “power” are following orders as well and will do so without regard. These people are not fools as many authors would have us believe.
    Think people THINK!
    “Nothing in politics happens by accident; and if it does, it was made to look that way.”
    ~ F.D. Roosevelt (1935)

    • I think they’re giving everyone a head fake or have an Ace of Spades in their back pocket.  Maybe I’ve missed some articles but don’t remember reading anything like this prior to the other monster smashes.  They just appeared out of thin air with no warning but now they’re supposedly telegraphing a major smash in advance?  I just don’t buy it..Somethings up!

    • Klaatu barada nikto, silverrr
       Nanoo Nanoo
      Take me to your leader, I’ve already seen the Military Industrial Complex
      Does the Intergalactic Express take silver?

    • All truth comes from within, and we all being words/seeds of GOD have all truth within us all.

      The battle of  soul being within us, is fought between our spiritual man and our carnal man in this realm/age of duality, being it a gendering or dividing from self, both individually and collectively, however saying this, this  battle for control of our soul  having already bean won before it began is a process  of acquiring knowledge which is not separate from self.

      We as spiritual beings are being brought to a consensus by  the understanding we are not separate from each other or GOD who’s soul we are.

      Our eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil is the equivalent of eating of our own reasoning that which is perceived outside of self by our five husbands/senses and the sixth husband/sense not our own, this  duality of mind and our divided reasoning birthed by it  arrives at an expected end which is the desolation of self/soul which brings about a turning back to our ONE true husband.

      This casting down of our gendered mind of duality  enables  our soul to be ruled over by our spirit therefore this turning/repenting  process we now abide in is a necessary evil  to turn back to our first love.

      To put it in more simple terms, a scattering,  a point in time {cross},  and a re-gathering

      We by our own perception perceived from that which is outside of self create our own demons, which become stumbling blocks or a snake in our path into all truth.

      Laura is a good example of this, not that I judge her, as this is the order of things, and GOD our Father being in all things is in complete control of His creation.

      So have no fear for Jesus Christ did overcome this world by providing a path home for us all.     

  5. TheRedPill  I’ll take a stab at the President’s thing.  To want the office, much less prostitute oneself to get to the office–years of compaigning, holding lower offices as a junior league prostitute, drinking, taking drugs, eating every kind of food served up, having to deal with thousands of people, everyone wanting something from the politi-pimp,  that has to change a person and it’s not for the better.  It’s a lot like actors.  They may have started out as semi-reasonable people but by the time they have climbed the slimy pole of fame and stardom,  and that pole has to be covered with some pretty nasty secretions, the higher they get the more twisted they become
    Then there are the really devious people who want to control and manipulate the actor or politician.  They have vast resources at their disposal to take care of business including serious mind control.
    It’s my opinion the average human brain is just not set up to handing the unrelenting, constant and harsh stimulation and hammering that a top level person encounters on the road to the top. There’s not been a lot of evolution in the brain bag for about 50,000 years.

    So here is Dear leader, the freshly minted and appointed president,  particularly every one since Kennedy:  They are all either drunks or addicts.  
    Serious drug takers with a Walter Reed hospital full of Doctor Feelgoods, a very strong tendency towards psychopathology if not  actually in the throes of true insanity—pick the president who was not—-ready to push a button to kill 1, 10 or a 1,000,000 people, and frankly I wonder how any one of them could have a single original thought.  Every one is given scripts of what to say, to whom and when.  The skinny assed jumped up slacker in the WH now is maybe the worst of the breed.  Just an low rent apparachik with a penchant for gettin’ down with ‘jus folks’    What a crock.
    Run by the worst that government has to offer, not that there is much good; neo-cons to the right; socialists and fascists to the left, all blended into a mongrelization of wretchedness that cannot be adequately describe by words
    I guess now that I can’t stand to even listen to his voice, much less than the bobble head that occupied the WH prior to him—my God what a dunderhead—his best days were spent stoned and drunk IMO.
    I know when I was doing my thing, in business for 20 years, working 12-14 hours every day. It was freaking exhausting and I had to do was deal with bankers and borrowers.  Every one wanted something and balancing those demands did change me emotionally and mentally.  And it was not for the better. 
    Fortunately I was able to unplug and reduce this incessant tension and walk away from those 12-14 hour days.
    The big difference between us and these psychos is that we don’t control world destroying WMDs
     But just watching the singular wingnutians that go crazy and shoot up the place tells me that what the politicians have, whatever it is, is contagious
    Some people say that after they’ve shaken the hand of a president, they’d never wash it again.
    I’m thinking that hand has been in a million people’s pockets and that’s giving them the doubt and being polite.
    I’ll want an hour or two in sheep dip.  Then a serious firehosing.  
    Just sayin’  but damn, the reality of where Der Fuhrer’s hand’s been and I’d be thinking doing the Saudi punishment.
     Whack and off with the limb.  

    • Great stuff! Thanks!
      And then you have the controlled media on top of it. Just repeaters all of them, waiting for the script to arrive every day; what to say, how to say it and it’s all just bollocks. Not a single truth anywhere. And people don’t have the time to think for themselves anymore, just taking these scripted lies for truth – every single day. Being able to see through it all is both a blessing and a curse 🙂

  6. Like most of you here I’ve stacked on the way up and on the way down.
    I also know that one day in my lifetime this fiat currency we call the dollar will be replaced by another and revalued lower so as to confiscate even more from a mostly ignorant population. What I don’t know is if the musings of the “experts” on the metals being suppressed even further has any merit. Based on the recent short contracts purchased it may be that we are in for some more downward pressure and if so I’m willing to add to the stack. I don’t think 10 dollar Silver is realistic anymore with fuel cost being what it is but I don’t discount TPTB trying to get it there. The bad guys have a plan you can count on it and they aren’t gonna crawl away and die quiet…but then again I don’t really care what plans they may make for the best laid plans have all too often gone awry. keep the faith

  7. aye Ranger.
    imho just another shill troll doing Gods Work.
    why even waste my time reading any of that tripe.
    Best go watch Big Bang Theory..There is more realism in that
    Oh yeah Gotta love that “distant future” blurb at the end.

  8. I’ve heard on the grapevine that a MASSIVE drop in PM’s is imminent! Massive! Silver to go below $10/ounce, as low as $5/ounce. I bought in the 40’s so yeee haaa to me, Not! I may have been better off throwing my money out the window instead, would have been quicker.

    • ” I may have been better off throwing my money out the window instead, would have been quicker.”
      Is this comment an example of daring and winning?  😉

  9. Prices going down are natural parts of a functioning market. This does not mean “smash!!!!!!!” (with all those exclamation marks).
    As I said before, the prices are range bound, its just a function of the market.
    Silver will not go down to $5 as some whacko job has mentioned. Its impossible. Fiat currency won’t let it drop that far down.
    I repeat, its range bound. gold $1215 – $1315, silver from now on will never drop below $15. Take those predictions to the bank.
    If your buying at $1215 and $15 respectively….start selling Kidneys, liver and lungs….its all in.
    Keep Hacking??

  10. Hey—great idea,  WaitingForSilver.
     I have a brain for sale, really low miles, hardly ever used, older model but a real classic.
    I’m taking bids—starting at 20 oz of AU.   Free shipping within the continental US and its empire.

  11. You caught me BetterThanNoSN   Just the rehypothecation of those neurons caused the silver and gold smackdown today.  
    The derivatives are now loose.  Wait’ll you see the effects there.
     Actually  I just leased  out the synapses but the effects are still the same.
    I plan to do the same next week.  
    This should really smash the markets.  Love those derivatives!

    • @AGXIIK

      Good as derivatives are, I’m really into this rehypothecation thing.  I want to sell my house for $400,000 in cash to each of 100 banks so I can pocket $40M and abscond with the funds to a villa on a large and beautiful acreage in a sunny undisclosed location.  The banks can then fight it out to see which 99 of them are hosed.  😉

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