QE2.5 is here!

The Bernank does THE TWIST to the tune of $400 Billion!
More as we hear it….

  1. I've always thought qe was irrelevant to the price of silver. It's kind of weird how much hype it gets like it's gonna make silver skyrocket. I got into silver for some really good reasons and qe wasn't one of them.

  2. Keep an eye on the banking sector. Its not doing well and should get worse with the flat yield curve. Everything is beginning to fall apart, as expected. BAC & C are having a bad day.

  3. Operation twist? What a joke. So it's supposed to lower interest rates in order to encourage people to borrow and spend more? Isn't getting deep in debt and having no job to pay for anything the reason we are here in the first place? WOW….Better hold on tight folks. Here comes the second dip and it's a big one.

  4. The big QE is still coming and will be demanded by a crisis. There are too many global and political pitfalls for Benny to take any more aggressive action now, but it will happen. The pressure to act will eventually become overwhelming. There are millions of gallons of water pushing on a crumbling dam. Just be patient and let nature run its course.

  5. and the 'faithful poodle' this side of the pond has announced that it may have to 'inject', or rather, salaciously ejaculate some paper into the economy. Why don't these mendacious rats just call a spade a shovel !!!

  6. Don't worry, they will print eventually:



    Silver is all you'll need. Greece is on the brink, housing bubbles on this side of the big pond are popping hard, and because we can't let the whole world collapse, we will be forced to print our way out of this global financial terrorist disaster.

    This is the time to have physical assets. Things will get real bad for the next 10 years. We've hit peak oil, and since few people will be able to buy an electric car, I say go long bicycles. We'll see people loaning money for a solar pannel in stead of a car, just to invest so guess what that means for silver!!. We'll be poor people living in an incoherent, overpopulated, overcommercialized and heavily governed society, you do the math.

    And oh yeah, the FUCKING CHINESE are buying everything, so lose as much paper as you can, the time is now! Fuck paying a buck more or less, silver is the poor man's gold, which, unlike gold itself, has a million uses. My stack is the best sleeping aid I've ever had, and believe me, I should know it.

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