JPM Chase fire*UPDATED 2:45pm Sunday:
A journalist on scene on Wall Street this evening has just sent us footage of a massive fleet of Firetrucks and ambulances in front of the JP Morgan Chase building, with fire-fighters stating they are responding to a COMMERCIAL VAULT FIRE IN THE BASEMENT!
*FDNY has confirmed that the
fire is in a commercial vault at JPMs old HQ of 15 Broad St.
With JPM’s gold inventory plunging 66% Friday to an all-time low of 46,000 ounces, and with reportedly over 502,000 ounces still standing against JPM for the JUNE gold contract, is the long anticipated force-majeure event in progress?
Video footage on scene is below:

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  1. I’m broadcasting fire engines on Wall Street live on #Ustream. Come watch and chat! 7:43 PM 

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  2. Anyone knows what happened around wall street and broad? Fire trucks and ambulances everywhere

*Update 2:  While firefighters on scene stated fire was in the basement of the JP Morgan building at 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, FDNY confirms via twitter that the fire is in the VAULT at JPMorgan’s former HQ at 15 Broad St, which is approximately 2 blocks from the 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza address and directly across from the NYSE.
We will refrain from speculating whether the underground tunnel connecting the NY Fed basement with 1 CMP’s gold vault also provides access to the 15 Broad St. vault.



*Update 3:   ZH and others finally covering this story Sunday afternoon are declaring it a non-event as 15 Broad St. is 2 blocks from JPM’s current HQ at 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza and JPM’s gold vault 5 stories below street level- yet the fact remains that 15 Broad St. is the former HQ for JPM.

As a fire incident sufficient to induce a force majeure declaration would need to destroy the paper certificates indicating title of said gold (as last we checked while rehypothcation may make gold bullion disappear, a structure fire NOT involving detonation of thermite or tactical nukes does not vaporize gold), such an event might at least buy a bullion bank a bit of time to come up with the bullion necessary to meet outstanding requests.

While we have no reason as of yet to believe any such records involving gold title are still held at JPM’s prior HQ, the timing is at the least suspect and inviting of speculation with JPMorgan’s gold vault dropping 66% to a new low Friday amid speculation JPM might not hold sufficient bullion to meet outstanding delivery requests.


Meanwhile, earlier Saturday:


h/t StopMotionsolo

Good luck getting any sleep Saturday night if you hold any allocated “gold” on deposit at JP Morgan.


War Bird

  1. Hmmm … it IS a bit too ‘coincidental’ that a fire should ‘happen’ just at this ‘most propitious’ moment. I thought only slum-lords did that sort of thing to collect insurance on bankrupt real estate holdings. A new ‘adaptation’ perhaps? A little ‘cross-pollination’ of method?

  2. Something is very odd about this story.  Trying to verify it right now.  It was posted over four hours ago.  No social media hits on Twitter and Facebook using open ended search of:  Morgan Fire.
    No mainstream media coverage in over 4 hours , and at the heart of the largest concentration of media in the world?
    More later… still digging.

    • Media corroboration aside, I was checking for immediately compelling data that would make this incident an urgent ‘coincidence’, for which I turned to Harvey Organ and found …

      Excerpt 1: “none of the 9.5 tonnes delivery notices from May and the major part of the 30.70 tonnes from June  issued by JPM  on its dealer side  has  yet to leave.”

      Excerpt 2: “JPMorgan’s customer inventory remains at an unbelievably low … 1.43 tonnes of gold”.

      Excerpt 3: “the 3 major bullion banks have collectively only 24.92 tonnes of gold left in their dealer account.”

      Excerpt 4: “If you are a customer of JPMorgan and have your gold in its vault, I think it is best to remove it before we have another fiasco like MFGlobal.”

    • @undeRGRound:  Thanks.  We found a few shortly after my post above and Doc put them up in the second update.  But at the time of my post, there were only the tweets from the guy that shot the video — even hours after the event.

    • I’ve started reading Harvey’s site about a month ago, while I like a lot of what I read there his understanding of the delivery process is flawed.  May and June are settled. 
      It appears that he assumes that any ‘issue’ by JPMorgan has to be accompanied by gold leaving their vaults which is not true.  That gold could be stopped by other JPMo customers and therefore would not leave.  It is also quite likely that JPMo is the issuer of receipts from other banks warehouses, also means that gold doesn’t have to leave the warehouse.  Finally, just because the transfer of title has taken place, doesn’t mean the gold has to leave at all!  If there was just one bar sitting in JPMo and RGR is the short and I’m the long, RGR gives his ownership to me (via a piece of paper called a ‘warrant’) and the contract is settled.  Until I actually take that warrant to the vault to pull the bar out, the reported inventory will not change.
      As has been said before, you have to believe these numbers to even care about that explanation, so I know that rules out some here.  I do believe them and have said for months that gold stocks need to be watched… the story on it’s own rights is fairly compelling without the mis-information and over sensationalizing.

    • @PatFields
      Maybe I’m confused but think we’re saying the same thing, stocks are falling so no need to overhype when the truth is telling enough.  The fact that the drawdown in eligible vs registered is even more interesting!

  3. I never heard the words “Basement engulfed in flames”, just that a fireman had said that there was a fire in the basement, If the building covers a block, it could be in a completely different area and away from the metal vaults. I do not see how a vault could catch fire. One other thing, lots of fire trucks and ambulances but not one police car or officer seen in 14+ minutes of video footage. Very odd when there is that much wealth in metals being exposed to danger. Don’t know what to think.

    • Was there any smoke?  
      Relax, Jamie got stuck on the water closet, Can`t be too careful with the `to big to wipe there own arses bankers` either that or its a prank like the 27.5m Silver eagle sales earlier.
      If it`s non of the above then saddle-up because the Force-Major thingy could be starting Monday.

  4. Even if there was a fire in the Vault itself where all the remaining gold is held it might get a little soot on it but every Oz will still be there unless somebody helps themselves… now if there was a fire at the Fed then you would have a problem… paper burns gold melts at oh 1000 Degrees C lol

    • Well. pretty obviously then, if any connection bears out, the fire didn’t have anything to do with the metal itself … BUT … would very well have something to do with the records of Title provenance. In fact, THAT would be as useful as ANYTHING in taking claim to the bullion as ‘possession is 9/10ths of Property Law’.

    • Don’t the owners of said gold have receipts that prove their ownership?  One would think that they would, seeing as to how they probably handed over a LOT of money to buy that gold.  Not having done this myself, it is less than clear to me why the vault receipts would be the only receipts that can prove ownership.  Besides that, haven’t bullion banks and vaults joined the 20th century yet (not to mention the 21st), with off-site electronic scanned and certified document storage?

  5. Hey, I was planning to check some bar numbers there tomorrow, is my appointment still on?
    Man, that looks like a firefighting convention. 
    Some juicy story to follow I’m sure.

    I’ve been waiting for such an event since the Sandy storm flooded the conveniently underground storage of dozens of trillions in paper files of shares, putting the world on digital copies. Perhaps a fireman can tell us where a basement fire is to get its oxygen?

    • A basement will be fed fresh air by a ducted system. It will have a supply and extract unit (AHU’s), so there would be plenty of air for a fire to start.
      Once a fire is detected, an electrical relay in the fire panel will disable all HVAC plant, shutting down fans, boilers, pumps and natural gas supply. If it is a really good system there will be fire dampers in the duct work isolating the area cutting off the spread of fire and reducing the air available to feed the flames.
      Some systems even have smoke extract fans that cut in when the fire alarm panel is activated. That’s the UK, but I would imagine US regulations would be equally stringent.

    • Neo, no doubt such laws and fire codes in the U.S. are just as stringent as in the UK, and considering the importance of this particular location, even further safeguards are likely in place.
      But that means nothing in the scheme of things. If this ever did turn into a case of Force Majeure based upon an alleged fire in a gold vault, the sheeple would certainly buy it crook, lie and stinker, just as they bought the official version of the 911 events.
      Most are unable to use their critical thinking skills because they don’t have the skills to use to begin with. So this one would be quite easy to pull off. False flag 101.

    • @Neo & @SnakeBite are both correct, but I question the older buildings being “up to date” in the fire protection. 
      NYC is pretty radical in all of this, but a corrupt Fire Inspector would be tempted to overlook an out-of-date system 
      were Mr. Dimon’s assistant to slip the fellow an envelope… Just in case they ever “needed” a fire in the vaults, 
      it could be blamed on an old system! 
      I have direct knowledge of these systems, and they are just as brother Neo stated!
      Do you think “this guy” was doing his magic act down there and it spread? lol

    • These schemers likely have hundreds of contingency scenarios set up, “just in case”
      a good diversion is ever needed. Also, some such plans (if properly spun) can serve 
      multiple purposes with one event! This could cover (delay) gold deliveries shortly 
      to occur, and also divert public and media attention from the WH Scandal Train 
      that is growing longer nearly by the week! We were getting MORE than one a
      week for a while. The IRS “fall guys & gals” are ratting out their superiors, and
      you can bet it won’t stop until a MAJOR Figure is implicated! Maybe even “O”?

  6. Ummm what’s to burn in a vault? Steel and concrete! An electrical fire would make a lot of smoke
    Unless something else was stored down there, like an IT suite.
    Ummm where would you store vital hard drive backups.

    • Paper records ‘destroyed’ in a ‘flood’, digital records ‘destroyed’ in a ‘fire’. Desperate times prompt desperate measures, it’s said.

    • It’s hard to believe in today’s day and age that digital records will not be replicated – it’s standard practice, especially for banks.  However, if there are paper records that were, um, never converted to digital form, well, that’s another thing.  On the other hand, this might just be to buy time – the vault will be out of action for a while, maybe long enough to steal gold from someone else?  Just getting wierder by the day.

    • “It’s hard to believe in today’s day and age that digital records will not be replicated – it’s standard practice, especially for banks.”
      It’s not only hard to believe, it is impossible to believe.  Banks ALWAYS want secure duplicate records for everything that is owed to them.  Records indicating what THEY OWE?  Not so much.

  7. Manhattan office fires since 2001 have been known hot enough to melt steel. Gold should be a piece of cake for a basement fire. In fact, this time it will not melt but evaporate. Tragic accident, someone ignored the no smoking sign in the gold vault. Perhaps some magnesium got its way into a gold vault?

  8. Gold: you can cut it, melt it, freeze it, beat it with hammers, cut it with thermite, throw acid on it; but none of these things will make it disappear. For that to happen, you need Ocean’s 11/12/13, or JPM and their gangster bank friends to make that happen.

    • Right, Speros.  Plan A:  remove gold, start fire, exit area, wait a few hours, call fire dept, and claim all manner of teary-eyed “losses” in subsequent press conference.  Plan B:  admit gold was stolen by persons unknown, who then set fire to cover their escape.  Plan C:  admit no wrongdoing… ever!

  9. LMAO boy we sure get excited over an electrical fire, no wait, it’s JP Morgan and why has no one mentioned the Canine Handler at 2.30 minutes in? LMAO God I need to make a video of this one. Lol All kidding aside but I just wasted some good time this morning looking at this video but at least it got me excited for about 10 minutes. Lol

  10. Something like this should be expected from these turds. Surely no one thought they were just going to announce a press conference and tell the world that there’s no gold left and to go pound sand.
    They are criminals pure and simple and will always use their trickery to con their way out of facing the consequences.
    They will kick the can down the road until there is no road left and I think we’re getting close.

  11. Quite incredible, no cops, no news, I looked on Drudge Report and Google news and not a mention. That is the strangest part of the story is all that excitement and turn out by the NYFD yet no cops or news reporters. I’ll bet if Justin Bieber pissed on the fire it would be breaking news around the world!

    • Maybe some enterprising soul will start The Sheeple News Network, where trivia, drivel, and useless non-info will be shown continuously.  REAL news will be scrupulously ignored and avoided at all costs.  When it cannot be avoided, it will be denigrated and ridiculed.  I bet that their ratings would be through the roof in no time.  lol

  12. What to make of all this…?
    Did the fire trucks SUCK the last gold from the vaults? Oh no, it can just be walked out via the FED building across the street. Is that the location?

    The NYPD will need to explain how they didn’t even show up to direct traffic. Are they affraid after 911, not showing up to large commercial incidents anymore? Rather evoke a shooting in the ghettos?

  13. Full tinfoil mode:
    Suppose there is an inconvenient threshold between the FED and JPM vaults. Hard to get the gold across. Unless you put water in it, simple kayaks could even transport the gold across the street then. Heck, I could design you an inflatable conveyer belt that fits in just a few business suitcases. And it would do quick work also.
    Looking forward to the next vault movements, post weekend.

  14. Reporter on the scene: What about the silver and gold in the vault, can it be recovered? JPM PR official: Unfortunately not, It also burned in the fire. Reporter: Silver and gold don’t burn do they? I mean don’t they just melt? PR official: Usually yes. however in this case we also had vaulted 20,000 tons of pure magnesium which does burn. The magnesium burned so hot it consumed over 500 tons of gold, 5000 tons of silver and the steel vault itself. Nothing is left in the basement but slag. Reporter: Your banks financial statements state you only had 1 ton of gold left in your vault. PR official: Not true, over 500 tons were lost! An intern who didn’t know what all was in the vault filed that financial statement in error! Reporter: I see. Thank you for getting all the facts out. There you have the full and true story people. Nothing more to add, see or say, time to move on!

  15. Just Notice that a Hedge Fund Manager from Luxembourg give sell signals to all of his clients during April of 2013 for an objective of 600 $ !! !! My bank transmit me this sell for 3m$ for an objective of 600 $, yes 600  ! Just unbelievable…

  16. Point #1  I could not get the video up. I did get something else up. Priorities, you early morning posters. Priorities!
    Point #2  The fat guy with the cheap jack AR started it. He was cooking up a couple of lbs of Johnsonville Brats in the vault and the stove exploded. 
    Nothing to see here, move along.

  17. Premeditated arson to follow a force majeure? Smoking crack & dropped the torch sounds more like it. Your gold inventory melted, so this is the proper stall tactic.
    Oh I’m sorry, was that paper gold?

    Please spend every cent in buying Silver & Gold before the opening tomorrow morning.

    • +1 Lol

      I actually took my kids to see that movie. I liked the fart gun. I can produce the same results after six pints of Lager and a nice hot curry.

    • ” I liked the fart gun. I can produce the same results after six pints of Lager and a nice hot curry.”
      Sounds like what is sometimes called a “smoker”.  lol
      Make mine a large bowl of chili with extra cheese and onions, a large draft dark beer, and an apple for dessert.  If that doesn’t resolve “the gas shortage”, I do not know what will!  lol

  18. Charlie  you are certifiable.  You say you don’t drink?  OK  How about growing your own?
    Did anyone see the Obumble snooze conference on Friday. 
    Something along the lines of:
    “hey dudes, you know, like, ah   That Zimmerman dude?  Not good, man.  Heavy.  Wow. 
    That Martin Dude. Wow, heavy. Not good, man.  Not cool, man
    If I was Treyvon when I was his age I’d be chilling with my homies smokin’ some really good chronic, man. 
    To all my brothers out there, be cool, man.  The man’s gonna get ya, you know. Wow Heavy.  Be cool, man. 
    Jay Carney takes a tentative toke and passes out

    • From the outset, I didn’t connect this story with the physical bullion, directly, but the possibility of involving records of Title provenance. Any connection there is yet to be resolved by denial or confirmation. Such records COULD still be stored in their old facility under lease by the new owners for any of a number of reasons.

    • Well, Ghost Turds (dust balls) burn well! Enough down there could start a flash fire! …. But, being a non-sheepminded man, I’m thinking since it’s common knowledge that their main vault isn’t there anymore, something VERY important can be stored there. Since no one believes anything of import is below that building, no thieves will be looking for it. (valuables)  The best place for safe keeping is where no one thinks to look.  It’s like having a safe in your office out in the open, but ALL of your silver is hiding under the chair-mat at your desk, just one carpet flap away!  Anyone looking to steal your valuables will see the safe, and steal it, or try to crack it.  As long as you keep something of value in it, the thief will believe they have cleaned you out, and where they might search the rest of the house, they certainly will not search the office thoroughly and therefor miss the prize!
      Something very valuable was hidden down there where everyone thought was vacant! Dollars, U.S. Treasuries (remember all of those illegal ones signed by Timmy that was making its way to Europe?)etc. That’s my take anyhow.

  19. I live in the building. It’s residential for past ten years. No gold in basement, just a bunch of bikes stored there and the for mentioned electrical system for building.  Top floors have no power due to fire. Sorry to ruin the fun!  JP Morgan Chase is 3 blocks north of 15 Broad. 

  20. Funny… the common people’s proof of debt is kept on many various media forms such as hard drives, paper, microfishe with many many redundent backups stored in many various locations thru-out the world.
    JP Morgan’s proof of debt seens to be kept on combustible paper documents that is stored in a single location………..

  21. Given the typical construction for such vaults, a “massive” fire seems unlikely… without some help, anyway. 

    We are talking about solid concrete walls, most likely heavily laced with rebar.  The insides of vaults are mostly concrete and steel, neither of which burn particularly well on their own.  Then there is the issue of oxidizers – since most vaults are sealed well enough such that anyone locked in one will expire after a comparatively short period from asphyxiation, where oh where could all the oxidizer have come from to feed a “massive” fire?

    If the fire was in fact “massive”, then only one of two possibilities exist.  Either that vault was so poorly designed and built as to defy all belief or it had LOTS of help.  This is basic physics and chemistry folks and there is no way around it.
    If JPM had only 40K ozt against 500K ozt obligations, that would be one hell of a motive for this “accident”… but it is so obvious a move they would never think to make it… without help.  LOTS of help.  From people in high places.

    Can you imagine the sphincters that are now atwitch as their owners wonder whether they will ever see their gold?
    What, I say WHAT a world.

    • “If JPM had only 40K ozt against 500K ozt obligations”

      This is just plain false, on two accounts!

      First, the 40k are just the eligible gold. Registered is almost 400k oz (total inventory of ~440)

      Second, the June contract is over, done with, kaput, good night Irene! There are no warrants outstanding to be settled. This reference comes from someone who at best has a misunderstanding of the delivery system or at worst is just outright lying.

      It really is a shame because when you see good articles containing obvious false or misleading information, the whole thing loses credibility.

  22. If the wrong location by many city blocks, this seems like a non-starter?
    JPM inventories are 46k oz of ‘eligible’ gold (i.e. gold that has not been delivered but is eligible to be delivered).  There are almost 400k oz of Registered gold (i.e. gold that has been delivered and whose title has transferred from the issuing party to the ‘long’). 

    And if anyone is reporting that 502k oz are still open against June they need some help on the delivery process.  June deliveries are over and done with and have been 100% settled.  I’ll be the first to admit that gold stocks are dropping and need to be watched (I’ve been saying that for months!), but the 500k oz claim is not just sensationalism, but false.  Watch the true story, it’s interesting enough on it’s own! Gold stocks steady steady steady, Germany asks for gold back, gold stocks dropping… Coincidence?

    The delivery process is well described in simple fashion at the following link for anyone who wants to read it, I’d be happy to answer any questions as well.

    • Well yes, a non-starter to be sure.  It seems Zerohedge jumped the gun a bit on this one.  To wit:
      It DID seem more than a bit peculiar.  I cannot recall ever hearing of a first rate vault ever burning inside and I doubt JPM would build anything less than top-flight secure storage for such things.
      As for the shortage of fulfillment volume, that was just some very bad reporting.  Shame on me for not investigating further, but sometimes we give sources more credit than they merit.

    • “It DID seem more than a bit peculiar.”

      Yes it did, and certainly caught my eye!  I have to admit my mind started wandering to many places described here before digging more myself.

  23. Hey Charlie  Of all the people I know you are the least likely be screwed up.   Anyone who can wear a tam and a red hair wig and carry on the youtube  channel get’s my vote.  Heck, I can’t even figure out how to put a picture on the SD site. Probably best since I would be unreadable in that case   Cheers
    Doc I was just admiring that oil paint I bought from your site about 2 years ago.  The one with the Chase bank building going up in flames.  How prophetic

    • LOL, hey AG! Get your grandkids to show you how to post a pic to SD!!! 
      This is like the easiest most direct picture posting BBS I have ever seen! 
      SWEEET, DOC!!! 😉
      This is closely related to AGXIIK’s plight with posting Pix! LMAO!!!

  24. Bloomberg, fatso, drunk pedophile, pyros, who set all fires for the fed, spoiled, criminal fdny, scared they will lose their livelihood, new trucks, bought for them by Rockefeller, after Rockefeller took out his wtc 911, when bloomberg retires in 7 months, thank the lord. This show of pathetic, cowardly, budweiser drill, at wall street routine pomp and circumstance of a dying British empire, it’s monarchys sad criminal, killing history. 9 metro tech fdny fatso drunks at operations in Brooklyn.

  25. This story has over 24000 hits…new world record for one day? I was working with my Creative Suite 6 Master Collection on my 8 month old Digital Storm screamer with the GE Force GTX 680 in my newly constructed 500 sq ft studio situated in the back of the Skyline Glass Estate when I came back into the chalet, tuning in here at 4pm. Wow. This story is 8 pages deep with blogs linking to SD Bullion, a casual headline search on Google shows. This story is getting around 300 hits a minute. I love a good mystery…and a hefty Google Ad Sense income, too, but this is a grand slam for the SD staff. Nice traffic jam to say the least.

  26. Holy bat crap RGR, is that Richard Dean Anderson.  I was watching parts of the McGyvarn marathon this weekend.  Just checking some of those neat McGyver tricks to add to my own bag of gizmos from nuclear paper clip file. 
    But wow, how is it that a guy who can make a functional atomic wave generator from a bag of skittles, two AA batteries and a vapo-rub soaked cotton ball.   You would think he could McGyver an anti fat machine from a bottle of syrup of Ipecac and a night light.  Or something like that.  He was a really skinny kid in the series. Ooops, that right. He’s just an actor and the script is the reality, not RDA’s seemingly wonderous abilities.  LOL
    Republic of Mars.  that video of the multiverses is very telling and interesting. Some day I’ll write a bit on this site about my multiverse shifting experiences.  I have had the pleasure of knowing a few people who both knew of this phenomenon as well as experienced it regularly. 
    On The Dollar Vigilante, Jeff Berwick waxes philosophic about the meaning of life. His wife and kids were instrumental in his little bitty shift that took place recently.  He asked his friend Doug Casey about this and how Doug views life.  Doug replied he was a solopsist.  The definition followed and  it was very interesting as it revealed a great deal of Doug’s means of doing what he does and how he sees the world.  Jeff too. His view of the USSA is distinct and somewhat like that of a person with an acute sense of smell who can detect every odor of the human condition.
    That bag of skittles?  Now, I wonder.    Was that bag of sweet candy somehow involved and what was it’s part in this drama preordained by others so  that the events that  took place in a lonely dark rainy place, where two men of color, distinct in their world views, crossed paths aand thus set the world on what might become a very different path.  The butterfly effect may have legs here, if for no other reason that people continue to talk about the kid with the bag of skittles. And maybe not.  Maybe it’s just my focus since I like skittles.
    These two men involved in a scuffle that ended the life of one and changed the life of another and countless of those who never knew these men, had the potential for creating changes, some for good and some for bad. The bad in this will help us appreciate the good. Who knows what promise existed in these men before the event and what promise will come of it.  Maybe something positive will evolve form it.
    That it dragged a stoned and incoherent president into a press conference where he babbled his way through some ignorant racial tainted screed tells me that the Martin/Zimmerman fiasco is emblematic of how our lives could go.  We could end up at each other throats. We could remain ignorant of the powers that are guiding, controlling and directing our actions from afar, by others we cannot know. We could take our Soma and fail to awake from our sleep. We could see this as a transformation event and gain wisdom from it.

    We can shift our thinking, moving into a completely different reality and universe, find something divinely transformational through our actions of moving in that different direction. And  that goes not just for us individually but for the country and world as a whole as these two are a reflection of our reality viewing. This moves out of us, into the universe as we see it and comes back magnified manifold.
    This site is a good example of the notion that there is nothing and there no one outside our reality.  We created Silver Doctors in each of our own individual waysof thinking. Doc’s a facilitator in that action.   Now you know why I post.  Like everyone else here, I post to express my vision, educate myself and possibly help to shift everything outside me to something that is more workable, beneficial, just and fair to all concerned. I give away silver to help with that transformation.  Guns and ammo are another venue to that end. And that is strange in and of itself. It’s a bit reflective of my adamantine view of life.
    It takes only one person to change the world.  Someone out there will accomplish this.  SD is as good a platform to help this transformation as I can ‘see’ at the moment. 
    Cheers and thanks for posting that video. It was eyeopneing and had a great deal of truth in it even if the person doing most of the talking is a bit pontificational.
    Here is one other weird thought. If the delusion world we watch through our lenses is something like the Fire at JPM, is that fire little or nothing to concern ourselves with or is it our internal viewing of an event that’s becomes our own special way of trying to change our universe view/paradigm. The view is a hard edged event that could precipitate a shift that has great potential in itself to evolve our thinking. Flames, banks, gold, paper, FIAT, power, action, speculation, falsities and realities all wrapped up into an event that is taking on a life of its own in our funny little silver seeker worlds. Hmmmmm.
    On the other hand, I could be full of it.

  27. Most of these articles are just to boost traffic and sales for Doc.  I can’t even count the number of recent articles that are misleading to say the least.  Last week it was “27Mil ounces of Silver sold in the first 2 weeks of July”…. turned out to be 2Mil…. now this, “massive fire in JPM vault”, translated to reality is a condo building that used to be leased by JPM catches fire….. so what.  Sales must be down to nothing and this site is using the 10 (or more) accounts that share the same public IP address to post comments bashing the few real users that try to point out what is really going on. Doc, let the other sites that do conspiracy theories do that, no need for more Doomers.  Silvertards are one of a kind, don’t had conspiracy theorist to the description.

    • Hey spastic, it was the US Mint that reported 27 million ounces of silver sold in the month of July which took them a full day to correct. As for the label “Doomers” it carries about as much weight today as the other dismissive term “Conspiracy Theorist” which is sweet fuck all. Stop wasting your time trolling here, you’re not going to discourage anyone already here from stacking silver or seeking the truth wherever that may lead.

  28. @Ranger, that is some seriously funny sh!t and great minds must think alike!
    “…searching all over as to where the Foul Oder was coming from!
    –  –  –  –  –
    When I was a teenager, my favorite prank was to wrap some fish scraps in newspaper, remove the hubcap off of a car and put the packet inside, then re-mount the hubcap.  The car’s owner could NEVER figure out where that stench came from.

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