A cargo ship carrying 700 tons of gold ore has vanished late Sunday in the Sea of Okhotsk.  A distress beacon was reportedly activated late Sunday, but Russian rescue operations have had no success locating the wreckage or survivors:
A sonar distress beacon was automatically activated near Feklistov Island in the Shantarsk Archipelago on Sunday, Russia’s Emergency Ministry reported. The tanker Novik was the first to arrive at the scene, but found no wreckage or survivors. The rescue operation was complicated by severe weather, and waves up to four meters high.

In other news, the Fed reported Monday that Germany will be allowed to repatriate a portion of it’s gold reserves after all.

Full report on the lost crew, ship, and treasure below:

5 rescue vessels continue the search Monday:
Cargo carrier Amurskoe disappeared in the Sea of Okhotsk while carrying 700 tons of gold ore. Three ships, an amphibious aircraft and a helicopter are undertaking search and rescue operations to find the eight crewmembers of the lost vessel.

  1. Shit, if this were true it would be a huge deal. But the real message from the RT-Propaganda News Fawcet is equally huge, that the ‘elite’ (that’s code btw) are offloading their obligations on the back of these ‘natural’ (ie. haarp-induced) and very timely storms, because they have already stolen most of the gold.

  2. What to believe. lol

    I’ve seen Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer earlier today in our garden. It was a nice photo op, especially when Santa came down on the jingle bells beat, but the force field around him and Rudolph was simply too strong; it made them disappear into the ether. 

  3. Funny how this was put out under cover of hurricane Sandy. But, I’m sure it wouldn’t be anything untoward 😐
    @Stacker X …  there’ll be rich pickin’s down there for someone with a lucky pair of flippers

  4. Did anyone catch this little gem in the article?  ‘Will allow!!!’ Ha, Ha.  It’s not your gold until we say it is.

    “In other news, the Fed reported Monday that Germany will be allowed to repatriate a portion of it’s gold reserves after all.”

  5. How can a cargo ship containing 700 tons of gold ore disappear like that? Unless if a vortex appeared in the sea of Okhotsk thanks to the latest banks’ secret technology so that they can capture the ship to pay back Germany’s missing gold. The vortex also caused the severe weather in the region. My point is that it is just weird. :/

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