Putin ammo shortageIn the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy and fears of new control control legislation from the Obama administration, extreme shortages of ammunition have been sustained over the past 12-24 months, as panicked Americans have raided the shelves of Cabelas and gun-shows across the country buying literally every round they can get their hands on.  
Combined with multi-billion round purchases from gov’t 3 letter acronyms such as the DHS and FBI, (including even the USPS and IRS), the shortages have continued even as manufacturers have responded by drastically increasing production.
Over the past 6-12 months, shortages of some calibers such as 7.62 used in the popular AK-47 semi-automatic weapon have been alleviated somewhat via massive imports of Russian production. 
That is about to change.  


The largest wholesale gun & ammo distributors in the US have informed us in private conversation today that a massive scramble is on for all 7.62 as Russia has reportedly halted all exports to the US of Russian made ammunition.  

Our distributor source informed us that yesterday they had several hundred thousand rounds of Russian made 7.62 TulAmmo, and after receiving word early today on the halt of Russian exports to the US, they have been completely wiped out of every last round in the past 10 hours! 

We have only several days supply of 7.62 on hand currently at SDBullion under normal market conditions, and expect it will disappear as quickly as 22 LR once word of the Russian export halt spreads.

While Obama and Kerry threaten Russia with economic sanctions over the Ukranian crisis, it appears that Putin has quietly taken the first step and launched economic sanctions of his own against the US.

We have a feeling that we are seeing only the beginning.

    • By the way, Russia bought for next to nothing all stock shares of Russian monopolies in Ukraine, when prices have collapsed.
      It was a new Russian greetings for west banksters from Mr. Putin. LOL

  1. Still think there is a hidden agenda behind this whole Ukraine mess.I cant believe Obummer and his reptilian helpers are as stupid as they are making out to be.If these fools dont smarten up real quick a systemic collapse is a real possibility..then again that may be part of plan for these twisted psychopaths and sociopaths.

  2. This just in. Russia will not give up as the natural gas pipeline that runs through the Ukraine that supplies the Ukraine and some of The EU and as well forfeit the billions in loans made to The Ukraine and the gas bills that have gone unpaid.

    • very true statement Ranger  Russia is a petro-oligarchy   You can manipulate the price of oil with paper or bullets.  Putin uses the latter.

    • As Kipling said, “A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition”
      As for the commie ammo, I hate to disagree with a fellow former Marine, but the 7.62 x 39 is quite effective at typical firefight ranges (60 yards and in). I can hit clays with Tula and Wolf at 75 yards, iron sights, all day long. As for hitting power, a friend of mine (also a former Marine) took 2 AK rounds in the gut in Vietnam and told me it was like getting hit by a baseball bat swung by a major-leaguer. I love the 7.67 x 51, which is kind of like the Secretariat of the ballistics world, whereas the 7.62 x 39 is like your local junk-yard dog…just nasty.

    • I agree, Dan.  My Saiga AK LOVES Tula ammo and will happily feed, fire, and eject it all day long.  It hits hard too.  When the little AR bullet hits something hard it is more likely to fragment than penetrate.  The slower but bigger AK bullet penetrates well, especially the FMJ versions.  Another plus is that the 7.62×39 round is a legal deer hunting round in my state but the 5.56 mm is not.  Not sure I will ever hunt again but it’s nice to have that option.  Looks as if I better be laying in some more Tula ammo while the laying is still good.  
      BIG thanks to the Doc for passing the word on yet another ammo supply screw job.  Man, this “ammo shortage” B$ IS getting monotonous.  🙁

    • If I had to choose between .223/5.56 or 7.62 – I’d go with 7.62 every time. It’s a better round in almost every way. As to the quality of Russian vs American ammo – it’s a moot point. Russian guns are made to eat anything, so ammo quality isn’t a problem.

    • Shelby, you need a good ar15 to shoot tula.   Sad to hear you don’t have one, I’d be happy to relieve you of any 223 you have left…. 🙂 

    • I was in the #1 LGS and the manager engaged me in a conversation. He said he was down to the last few cases of Tula, 7.62×39 and after we talked a while, he let me reserve a case (1000 rounds) with no money down. I have until Saturday to put it in lay-a-way 😀

    • Remember that RT had a lot of folks on from our economic/financial arena who were BANG ON ACCURATE in their discussions of everything from gold and silver manipulation to revelations of governmental lies in financial reporting for things like unemployment the CPI, et al… Remember Lauren Lyster’s array of guests on the antidote to CNBC, Capital Account, which NAILED the truth about our financial moral turpitude long before anyone else had the balls to speak the truth or it became fashionable anywhere else in the US media…. You could fault RT for forwarding the Russian’s anti-american slant with these shows, but the truth did more good for american investors than anything they’d find from Bloomberg or the Wall Street Journal, let alone the money-hunny Cramerites at CNBC. The sad truth is Americans got more truth from RT than they did from their own government or the statist banker media in the United States…
      Liz Wahl is no journalist. Rather she is an ignorant ‘pressitute’ teleprompter-reader who is blinded by her idealism and enamoured and burdened with an ‘exceptionalistic’ LIE of America. She has NO idea about the truth. IN fairness, maybe she came from a place where freedom didn’t ring… but still, today’s America isn’t the same place her family emigrated to years ago.  RT may have, like any other for-profit network, had a point-of-view spin to put out into the news stream, but this girl DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH!!!
      OTH, Perhaps it was a really adroit show of theatrics on her part to play for a new job with a more prestigious position with a bigger MSM outlet name for more pay and the opportunity not to have to confront the truth while collecting a paycheck for statist propaganda dissemination. No journalism skills would be required.

      CRIMEA RIVER, Bitch!

  3. Nice to hear confirmation that the neo nazi militia trained and funded by the west were outed as being responsible for killing protesters and police. Meanwhile pro russian demonstrations rightly sweep the ukraine. Truth is a bitch.

  4. Putin should offer free ammo to every conservative in the USA with the agreement it will be used on the government if needed. No different than Obama giving Syrian and Ukraine rebels ammo

    • The Chinese are all for gun control in the U.S. too, but Norinco still sells arms & ammo, they want the sales.  Putin could have stopped selling caviar to the elites or oil to Exxon or sold T bonds and dollar assets like they threatened to do. “but no” He stopped selling bullets to the American masses! Just saying there’s a reason. This helps O-barry with his gun control scheme, right. Barry’s saying thanks buddy. Putin didn’t hit Barry were it hurts he went after U.S. patriots opposed to Barry’s schemes. This is what I see in this story, others may see something else. I’ve yet to see ex KGB thugs and devoted communists as “the good guys” out to make the world a better place!

    • @RocketsRedGlare
      “The Chinese are all for gun control in the U.S. too, but Norinco still sells arms & ammo, they want the sales.”
      Thus we see the difference between what people SAY and what they actually DO.
      “I’ve yet to see ex KGB thugs and devoted communists as “the good guys” out to make the world a better place!”
      True, that, but what about Chicago thugs and devoted Marxists?  Can’t leave Obozo & Co. out of this comment!

    • ANYBODY in Connecticut  who doesn’t have a gun better get one, and pronto, else your picture will be in the dictionary next to the word  SHEEPLE.

    • Interesting source, SE.  That pic of an AR looks ridiculous the way it is squished shorter and taller… like a caricature or a cartoon. 
      Also, “An anonymous source in the Governors office said lawmakers were dumbfounded.”
      No, they are not “dumbfounded”, they are just DUMB.

    • SE thanks for the catch on this FUBAR of a law  
      The CT law makers are all in a lather about Sandy shooting.
      Maybe they should give just a moment of thought to unintended consequences
      Nah, that would be asking way to much from these reactionary brain damaged morons
      Damn I do wish there was open season on ********  No bag limit
      ya’ll know who I am referring to
      Besides which, they’re like Vegans, easy to catch.  Easy to clean–no guts or spine  Lots of white meat
      I mean, they’d have to cook up nice on the Barbie.  Right?
      Well maybe not. I’d be thinking the meat would be foul and poisoned   They are *******  after all

    • @AGXIIK
      “Besides which, they’re like Vegans, easy to catch.  Easy to clean–no guts or spine  Lots of white meat.  I mean, they’d have to cook up nice on the Barbie.  Right?  Well maybe not. I’d be thinking the meat would be foul and poisoned   They are *******  after all.”
      Not sure what a chef would have to do to remove all that bulldirt from them before cooking, though.  Power washer enema? Better wear a whole-body rubber suit and have PLENTY of drainage!


    • DYODD 
      Sovereign Economist LOL
      This site is a satire of the current state of Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting and Emergency Medical work. Stories posted here are not real and you should not assume them to have any basis in any real fact.

    • Very good advice. Gerald Celente recommends the “3 Gs” – Guns, Gold and a Getaway Plan. I think Gerald should add some food and water to his plan.

  5. ShelbyGT500  With 3 M4’s, an AK 47 and an SKS Paratrooper D I like the 7.62×39 ammo.
      That’s half the price of a 223 and 5.56 so training with a commie gun works for me.  I like to give equal opportunity to my weapons.  Besides which, the AK is easier to clean.  The Russian rounds have very few failure to feed or fire by my experience
    But no, I would not run Tula or Wolf in the US weapons.  The steel cases with wear the receiver and dirty up the gun PDQ  But then, the Russian rifles were made to take abuse. I save my ARs for other purposes.
    I do have a want out with Doc now that he has an FFL and that is for one of the American made high quality AK 47.  That would be a nice addition.  

    • Ag…What’s your opinion of the new 300 Blackout rounds?  For SDer’s not familiar 300 Blackout is a newer caliber that combines the best aspects of regular AK and AR ammo.  It has both accuracy and punch and runs through your American made AR-15 with a little modification. 

    • @UglyDog
      Not AG here, but let me take a stab at that.  The muzzle energy of this round is slightly less than the AK round but it’s a better round at distance having a better ballistic coefficient than the shorter AK bullet.  I don’t like the fact that it is not available in the large quantities that AR and AK ammo are.  Being a common caliber would be a HUGE benefit during any SHTF situation, IMO.  Being able to buy, sell, and trade for or with ammo could become VERY important.  
      My son is a former Marine… well as “former” as ANY Marine ever gets, anyway… and we have spoken of this kind of thing often.  Our conclusion is that the ultimate battle rifle round would be a 6 mm rifle firing a 100 grain bullet at 3,000 fps.  The over-all cartridge length would be about 2.25″.  This has some of the attributes of the AK and AR rounds, hopefully, the best of both.  Would also like to see the gas piston system of the AK incorporated as well as the 30 round double stacked and curved magazine.

    • What rounds will the local police and national guard have that can be “borrowed” 5.56/.223(I run 5.56 in my .223 bolt gun, it is not marked for it but runs fine no overpressure signs on the cases), some do have 7.62.39, 9mm, .45acp… so that is what I want if SHTF. Add a 22lr for hunting and quiet work.

    • Mary…it is potentially dangerous to run 5.56 in a rifle designed to fire the lighter .223 load and check your local hunting laws re 22lr. The 22lr is not intended for large game.

    • @UglyDog
      Thanks for the comment.  My son went into the Corps in 1993 and got out in 1997.  But… Marines are “devil-dogs” for life.  😉
      “What rounds will the local police and national guard have that can be “borrowed”…”
      Yes, that is a consideration but I am making up for that via stacking ammo in decent quantity.  This amounts to 9 mm, .357 mag, .41 mag, .45 ACP, AK, and the lowly but ever-useful .22-LR.
      My son is an AR guy, so he can “confiscate” any AR ammo that is lying around and in need of being put to better uses.
      On the other hand, if any of our opponents happen to be from Russia, China, or any other member of the Eastern Block, AK-47 and AK-74 ammo just might be plentiful.
      You’re right about the 5.56 causing higher pressures in rifled chambered for the .223 round but the difference is not a lot… about 5% in pressure, according to http://thearmsguide.com/645/is-there-a-difference-between-223-and-5-56/
      This could be a significant problem in a maximum load or in a rifle that is not in good condition but is mitigated by two things.  First, bolt guns tend to be considerably stronger in their builds than do semi-autos, so should be able to safely handle somewhat higher chamber pressures.  Second, while the typical 5.56 mm load is a hot load, I don’t think that it is a maximum load.  There is a bit of room there for a little extra pressure to be handled safely.  This probably is not a big issue in a well-made rifle but if someone were worried about it, they could probably have their .223 chamber throat machined slightly to lengthen it, per the 5.56 mm spec.  Doing this would lower the chamber pressure slightly.  If not, then the shooter should watch their fired cases carefully for signs of over-pressure.  Bulged cases, extruded primers, and case mouths that crack after just a few reloads are all signs of higher than safe chamber pressure.  It also would not hurt to examine the barrel carefully to see if there is any throat erosion going on from firing these rounds.  Once fired, 5.56 mm cases could be reloaded with a slightly smaller powder charge on subsequent reloads, which would also reduce the chamber pressure.

  6. AG 47 good & AK 47 evil ~ silver/money/barter = good & paper/currency/debt = evil , however both good&evil are within the tree of knowledge/tree of life symbolised by a serpent on a steak/tree {$}  the serpent representing a myriad of positive and negative things in picture in this world/Babylon/confusion  simply because GOD uses evil for good in this age of creation   

    • Dead at 28 years of age and murder isn’t involved?  Man, does that ever sound suspicious.  Makes me wonder if they are doing a 1st class autopsy on this gal, including a thorough blood / body fluid scan for unusual poisons… or, have they already “found” the conclusion that they’ve been ordered to find, so don’t need to waste any time, effort, or money on finding the truth?

  7. Once upon a time I could not shoot the little fawn, which came right at me. He saw me and stopped. He looked right at me. He had a very interesting and sad eyes. I could not pull the trigger. I still remember his eyes. Yes. I’m not a hunter.

  8. Ugly Dog   In the last year I necked down my total calibers of firearms to those I commonly use in training.   While I heard about the 300 Blackout rounds,  with that in mind I’ll ping a couple of friends who hunt and shoot professionally and see what they have to say.  My favs are 223 5.56 and 7.62×39.   Like silvermail, I am not a hunter, I heard this is an effective round.
    more later

    • What I did not see listed here about the 300 BLK was that it has a companion loading, the 300 Whisper 
      It is a heavier, slower (subsonic) suppressor compatible round. That is the draw, added versatility. 

    • Sheep Dog   There are qualities about this Russian ammo that might go unnoticed.  While I like shooting brass cased 223 in my  M4, there is the matter of doing the brass yoga dance.  A lot of bending and picking.  The good thing is that once fired 223/5.56 is the price of the brass.  Each casing is worth 10-15 cents per.  That makes the dance worth the effort.  
      On the other hand if you are shooting 7.62 steel case there is little worth retrieving.  So more time can be spent training and less time spent scooping.
       Just sayin’ but there are good reasons for both.  And with a price of 25 cents a round for bulk buys of TULA or WOLF 7.62 is you can shoot and train without breaking the budget   With a 2 man training on the weekend we may go through 500 rounds between us.  That’s $125 for 500  steel Tula rounds of steel vs $250 for brass American made 223.
        So I prefer to train with my AK. It is my main battle rifle too.
      Up to 200 yards both platforms are sufficiently accurate without scopes to satisfy me.  
      I have a  ‘want item’ from Doc now that SDB has an FFL  That want is an American made AK 47 with US machined and billet parts that will make for an American-ized shooter with the simplicity of the Russian systems  I’ve read that Arsenal has one with 1 MOA at 100 yards and reasonable accuracy out to 4-500 yards with a scope and some practice. And that is with the cheap steel case ammo, according to the tess results I’ve read.

  9. Functionally AK’s are fine & dependable rifles. They eat any make of ammo and shoot the wonderful 7.62x39mm round “my personal favorite. The AK”s are also ugly and foreign! I like the American machine, the Ruger mini30 7.62x39mm! It eats anything too. It’s as durable and dependable as any main battle rifle ever made. It weighs 6 lbs and its pretty. A true representation of old school American firearms exellence!

    • Nice rifle.  🙂
      But I never worry about my AK not being pretty.  I do savor the bad-ass look it has, though.  It pretty much has “DON’T F*** WITH ME!” written all over it.  lol

    • @Ed_B: lol Yep. When the M14 7.62x51mm and M1 Garand 30-06 are its big brothers and the 30 carbine 7.62x33mm and mini 14 5.56x45mm are its little brothers, it’s safe to say bad ass shit kickers run in the family! They are also DEADLY ACCURATE! Shoot a flea off the nose of a distant dog!

  10. From the posts here, I still read about looks and aesthetics of the guns/rifles as being a major factor of ownership. My simple mind can think of only a few things, especially since I have only fired a 9mm pistol in a gun range (in asia) only once in my whole life. If SHTF, what is the best rifle? To me, the answer is simple – The first one you can find, that works.
    But for people who do not know how to care for guns, and beginning users, the best rifle is the AK47. It is like driving the Toyota Corolla. Just drive it and it runs. The AK47 will fire under dirty conditions with dirty ammo. This is the standard scenario when SHTF. Or am I wrong?

    • @Genuis8: IMO, The Ruger Mini 14/30 is the superior rifle. Drop it in the muck or sand it doesn’t jam, LIKE THE Ak & SKS it never had that problem (that’s not why the military stopped using the M14 in 308 NATO as their main weapon. It was because of 30 cal. muzzle flip on full auto and it was still heavier than what they were really after). It comes in Stainles Steal too. Even the bolt parts are stainless. Ruger made many improvements on their versions of the M14. They come chambered for 7.62x39mm Russian and 5.56×45 NATO (less muzzle flip), they weigh 6 lbs (same as the AR15/M16 The AC556 (Mini14 military version)seen here in the pic. They didn’t get a lot of military contracts for them because governments like to hand out contracts to companies who give kick backs, but police dept. around the world prefer them. It’s kinda hard to get one right now as Ruger is so backed up on orders due to demand they have stopped taking new orders for them!!! But one can find them online if one is willing search around, it might take a little while.

    • The AK is hands down the best shtf platform there is. I’ve owned ruger minis, custom ARs and different AK variants. My AKs have NEVER failed. I have a Romanian WASR that has 5000+ rounds through it without being cleaned. The AR is a great platform also but I have had my reliability problems with them. If you buy a Mini good luck lol. Better have any other rifle on the planet as a back up gun to the Mini. IMHO

    • @HVYMNY: IMO, the AK is a good rifle, it’s biggest plus is it’s cheap. And cheap they are. I’ve read some people have had problems w/ steel cartridges in mini’s. I can’t speak to their experiences only my own. I’ve went out and shot thousands of rounds over weekends using the dirtiest, cheapest Chinese and Russian surplus ammo I could find, “through AKs,SKSs,ARs and HKs too” and never had a problem with the Mini 14/30. All performed well but none of them performed any better than the Mini 14s and 30s! Accuracy went to the Rugers, except for the HK. All around value and quality the Rugers were tops over the course of years. An Ak is not of the quality of a Ruger. As far as platforms go you won’t find a better platform than the M14/M1 Garand that Ruger uses. They’ve been in use even longer than the AK and still are. No one has found a superior system yet IMO! Communist weapons are fine but there is a reason we don’t arm our people with them in the west. We have BETTER weapons of our own! I’ll take ours over theirs! If I won a raffle and 1st prize was a M16 or a Russian AK, I’ll take the M16 with all it’s “problems”! When I was in the Army (1979)I was stationed on the East German border and we were issued m16s. I never had a problem with mine. In fact I can not recall anyone in the company ever having a problem with one! I read stories and testimonials about their “problems” but in all these years I’ve yet to see it happen while shooting them or with someone else shooting them. I like the Russian 39mm round in for plinking, It ain’t for shit in full auto mode, same problem as the 308 or any other 30 cal, Muzzle rise, (wanna waist ammo that’s the way to do it) even with the help of a compensator it’s hard to keep the thing on target. America makes damn good rifles, and nobody makes them any better The AK, it’s a good, solid rifle, but it’s far from the only one! But in truth m16 & AC556 platforms own the AKs and have proven it repeatedly on every battlefield, where talk isn’t good enough!

    • @RocketsRedGlare
      “When I was in the Army (1979) I was stationed on the East German border and we were issued m16s. I never had a problem with mine. In fact I can not recall anyone in the company ever having a problem with one! I read stories and testimonials about their “problems” but in all these years I’ve yet to see it happen while shooting them or with someone else shooting them.”
      OK, I am totally convinced that the Ruger is a fine rifle and well up to the task of primary weapon in a SHTF scenario.  But don’t let your experience is Germany cloud your vision on AR reliability.  Go to the dusty / sandy deserts of the MENA or the jungles of South America or SE Asia and you will quickly find that the AR reliability problems there are significant.  In a SHTF scenario in the US, this probably isn’t a problem except under the most harsh field conditions (down on the bayou?), where it might be days or even weeks between rifle cleanings and with hundreds of rounds fired in the meantime.  The AR platform is a good one but it really likes to be clean to work well.  Most of the time, that is no problem.  When it is, a rifle that fires EVERY time you pull the trigger has a quality all its own.  🙂

  11. genius 8   I’ve run several hundreds of rounds in a short firing session with an AR 15 and an AK 47.  After a couple of hundreds of rounds both barrels over heated and failure to feed was a slight problem.  Cooling off was recommended. The AK barrel was smoking LOL

    As for fouling, my AR did have some feeding and extraction problems after 500 plus rounds fired at Front Sight.  (no cleaning during this one day training session)  
    I did not find the same problem with the AK using steel cased rounds.  The tolerances are looser in the AK which makes it very versatile
     The  AK weapon has some functionality problems if a person wants accuracy AND reliability. Recent developments are allowing American firms to get into the AK manufacturing line. Many people have come to appreciate the AK platform. There is an American made AK 47 by Arsenal that uses the same designed as the original Kalashnikov but with American made machined and crafted parts.  It is 3 times the cost of a used AK 47 but according to the tests I read it has serious accuracy with 1 MOA at 100 yards and the ability to stay on target out to 500 yards plus that AK reliability in the mud and dirt.
    I’ve not tested one but have asked Doc if he can get me one now that he has an FFL.  They are on back order but maybe one will pop up soon.  It’s called the SAM 7 model.  It’ll take most of my first Social Security check for that blaster but what the heck.  I’ll call it a birthday gift to myself.  My wife won’t object to that too much.  I hope.  It’ll also give me more reasons to practice with the good old 123 grain cheapo-deluxe Wolf and Tula ammo. I feel positively virtuous when firing inexpensive ammo 🙂

    • SGAmmo is a good place to shop for ammo.  I just got a couple of 1/2 cases of AK ammo from them.  Should be arriving in a few days.  Spring is coming and I am looking forward to the smell of cordite in the air.  😉
      Not only that but ammo is unlikely to be any cheaper a year or two from now, so why not stock up?

    • A decent 12-ga. is a terrific weapon for those up close and personal moments, no doubt.  I have a Mossberg 500 “security shotgun” that works really well in spite of its reasonable price.  I really like the #4 buck as well.  Also have some 00 buck and some 1 oz. slugs.  Add some bird-shot rounds to that and it is quite a versatile weapon / hunting tool.  Would like to try some #1 buck but it is not easy to find.
      I don’t have a “reach out and touch someone” rifle but if I did, it would be a nice .308 bolt gun in stainless steel (suitably camo’d, of course) with a folding bi-pod and a good scope.  That is plenty of rifle for any purpose I might have and the ammo is reasonably priced and can be found almost anywhere.

  12. Sources for this claim? I haven’t seen this or found any other info on this export ban online anywhere other than just what we see here. Regardless, I bought 40 boxes of 7.62X39 for $4.99 each box of 20. Yeah, it’s the one and done steel casing from Czechoslovakia, however, it’ll do what I need it to do. Shoot.
    Lastly. Cutting off ammo exportation to America would be like(pun intended) shooting yourself in the foot. They would miss out on a LOT of money. Although… thinking about it a bit more in depth. Within months, a year at most, our money will be worthless. So selling this asset for what’s to become valueless TP might not be the wisest move…..

  13. I know how you feel about American made weapons, hell I own an American made AK (Waffen Werks) but I have owned Minis. Bought a mini 14 back in 99. Didn’t cycle right. Traded it for a mini 30. Didn’t cycle right. Sold it. Later on a good buddy of mine bought a mini 14. Didn’t cycle right and key holed bullets at 50 yards no matter what bullet weight was used. My bottom of the barrel AK is my Romanian and like I said 5000+ rounds without cleaning. I hit a 200 yard gong at my local range off hand with it. An older man walked up to me one day at that range and told me I was a damn good shot because those commie guns can’t shoot straight lol. I told him the rifle was far more accurate than I was. Like my dad says “if you are better at throwing rocks then throw rocks”. My experience with the Mini series may be different from others but I can’t trust that gun. To each his own my friend. At the end of the day we are all alert Americans no matter what weapon system we prefer. 

    • HVYMNY  thanks for the intel on your experience with Mini 14  I dont own one but have 3 M4’s which are nice rifles but stay in the safe.  I am a lazy SOB when it comes to cleaning weaps.  So cleaning my AK or SKS after training is so much easier
      That 200 yard shot with the AK sounds very reasonable.  I am not sure the accuracy of a scoped AK with a 122-124 gr round but I expect it would be the equal to an AR 15 and similar optics.  But that 7.62 round with more weight is going to delivery much more power at 400 yards.
      I poked around on the internet for a short while and found that even a very fast 55 gr 223 with muzzle velocity of 3,240 fps
      the energy delivered at 300 yards was 465 ft pds
      A modest 7.62 123 gr retains with an MV of 2,350 ft/sec retains 400 ft pds at 400 yards and 790 at 300 yards
      I wonder if someone makes Match Grade 7.62/39   that would be quite the round   I know that 308 is the upgrade to 7.62 but sticking with the AK casing size is the limiting factor in the budget and barrel
      Match Grade 7.62×39 sounds like an oxymoron with the emph on moron but who knows.
      The new USA made Arsenal SAM7 with a superior barrel might be a nice rifle to accept the good stuff

    • Yeah lol match grade and AK are not usually said in the same sentence but there are great American AKs being built with good chrome lined barrels and nice milled receivers. My 200 yard shots are with the factory iron sights. Scoped it would be no problem. There is also the 5.45mmX39mm cartridge in the AK74 rifles and some custom ARs. It was the Russian answer to 5.56 NATO and it is a devastating little round with a flatter trajectory than 7.62×39. The other plus to 5.45mm is it is 16 cents a round or about 120 rounds per troy ounce of Ag.

  14. To each his own. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MttOpoRMsf8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAAYnj4lUw8 There are a lot of Gun Gurus and self poclaimed experts out there just talking and posting all kinds of crap. For those that really have used these weapons, (and spent more $ on guns & ammo than we should have and had wives who admonish us for it) don’t claim to be experts or anything like that. We’ve learned a thing or two about the subject over the years and decades though. Enough to know when someone knows what their talking about or just talking trash! Arms procurement by the worlds militaries rarely has anything to do with giving a soldier the best weapon they can or giving the the tax payer the best value they can.

    • I have used them. I owned them, traded them, and sold them. I know you like these Ruger rifles and that is cool man. I am glad you have had a better experience with them than I have. I like Aks and Ars. I have had good experiences with them. My trash talking of the Mini platform is my opinion based on experience with the rifles. Just like 1911 guys don’t like plastic “Glocks”. That is ok too even though I prefer plastic pistols. 9mm vs. 40. vs 45acp. I own all three and prefer 9mm. Less recoil and more capacity wins in my book because there is negligible difference in modern day hollow points. Some members wanted to know what the best SHTF rifle was and I vote AK hands down based on my experience with the weapon. I like Ruger revolvers and I like Ruger bolt actions but based on experience with the Minis I personally will not recommend them. Sorry for the trash talk man.

  15. Military Arms Channel on youtube does a lot of informative videos on tactical rifles, large machine guns, sub guns, pistols and gear. He also does AK reliability tests and some accuracy tests between AR and AK platforms with a nice break down of his opinion on the platforms. Never once in his 100+ videos does he ever touch a Mini. Our military exclusively use the Ruger . . . .  oh wait no they don’t. They use ARs. The Israelis use the Ruge . . . . nope crap they use the Galil AK, M4 and Tavor. Well Blackwater/Academi always rely on the Rug. . . . dammit they use every weapon platform but the Mini. Well every other merc group/ military uses the Ru. . . . well nevermind.  
    All in good fun lol

  16. Funny that this older post popped up on SD today. My take on  commie ammo
    I’ve been able to buy 7.62.39 in bulk for as little as $240 PER 1000.    Having gone heavy on this ammo, it’s my favorite practice round with my 3 SKSs and 1 AK.  Not bragging, just a statement of fact.  The commie rifles have dropped in price so why not stack up on a few.  ARs can be had for $600, fully equipped, but 223 and 5.56 are still a bit pricey so they are long term prep ammo.  I did aquire 20,000 rounds of 22 LR Sellier and Bellot–ok ammo but it is S&B and you know how they are
    10 cents a round and it comes 2,000 rounds in a nice 7.62×39 ammo can. Those are worth $15 each.  With Ed_B’s advice I plan to stock those rounds in sealed PVC tubes and hold in long term storage.  The S&B 22 LR was available on J&G Sales.
    That was about 1 week ago.

    • ThanX for the heads UP on the 22lr  LOL!!!  😀  (JK, I didn’t have the $ anyway, bought SILVER!) 
      But I just read where KLUMMAC’s Minions are hoarding 5.56/.223 ?
      Heard anything about This???

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