The US Mint has just issued an alert to Primary Dealers across the US that Silver Eagle inventories, which according to the Mint began today at over 2 million ounces, are now SOLD OUT as of 12:30pm EST. 

*Updated 1:45 pm EST


gold & silver sold out


The Mint has reportedly sold through over 2 million ounces in less than 2 hours!

It appears that the $15.50 level was the line that broke the camel’s back regarding physical inventories, as physical demand has simply EXPLODED on this morning’s futures dip below $15.20. 

*SDBullion took delivery of 10 Monster Boxes of Silver Eagles from the US Mint this morning, and currently have 20 monster boxes left in inventory. 
When they’re gone, they’re gone!

1:45pm EST Update: 

At approximately 1pm EST, one of the largest Primary Dealers in the US issued a notice to all purchasers that premiums for ANY PREVIOUSLY PLACED PURCHASES FOR SILVER EAGLES ARE NO LONGER VALID!

This is simply unprecedented!

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    • True that AGX, we have certainly been conditioned to expect the worst reaction to any news, good or bad. But, hopefully this is a crack in the veneer that gets larger by the day. Makes one glad to already have a position.

    • I’m laughing out loud at that one!   That’s totally absurd  –  and totally TRUE!   This world is FUBAR.   Especially the metals markets.

    • this is one data point, another is that the amount of silver delivered to comex vaults is 66mln oz and has been increasing.


      Silver spot price does not represent 1oz silver eagles.


      FWIW – silver eagles are still avalaible at many realtors for a modest premium

    • Yep…pretty sure it will….
      Can’t say how glad I am to have been constantly adding…. might be going to get really tough to acquire PHYZZ Silver going forward….

      The conclusion I am drawing is that Harvey Organ & Rob Kirby and those who have been articulating that there -is no silver-  and that  -Silver will be gone-  are going to prove to be correct…right here/right now. 
      Makes sense that if you know you don’t have it/are going to cash settle, that you’d push the $$$ settlement amount as low as ya could.
      Here we go~~~~~~~

    • Some people still believe the lies from the Comex

      The Comex has no silver.

      The Crimex delivers no silver

      They are in the business of wall papering.

      If you have enough fiat they can even paper your whole house with empty promises not even fit to clean a horse behind.

    • @mikeyj80


      “Buy a house, get a free silver eagle “


      Lol… why didn’t I think of that?  Such a deal.  Maybe with the price of houses these days, they could make that a gold eagle.  😉


  1. the mint has been selling out for 4 yrs now and prices keep going  down, down, down…  down over 75% . Commodities prices are crashing worldwide. Looks like we are heading to deflation. Revising my $15 prediction by end of 2014 down to $13 which may still be conservative. Seeing $7-9 in 2015 at which point the gov buys out and consolidates the miners.  These leads to a flooding the market of silver as conspiracy theorists realize its over … game, set, and match.

    • No chance we see $7-9 for silver. Absolute nonsense unless we go to zero, and in that case, all the exchanges are blown up and any price discovery is gone.

      Get a grip bob, and settle down on the Chicken Little propaganda.

    • @bob: Yep, nail on head. Silver will hit the range $5-8, most likely in 2015. I see there are lots of people stating silver could never get that low…. well I have some bad news for you… yes it can, and it will. These are the same people that stated silver couldn’t trade at below $18. These are the same people that stated $30 was an excellent buy because it would soon hit over $100. We must not forget Sinclair however in his “you will never see gold below $1600 again” – epic fail, […^^^…].

    • Could silver go to $5? Think about this, they dumped $1.5 billion the other day and whacked gold $20 in a NY minute. With the 100’s of billion to trillions of derivative paper out there it sure looks like they could take it to 0 if that was a goal. If and when it’s $5 you will be paying a $10/20 premium and more likely it will not be available to the unwashed. Personally i don’t think it can go much lower w/o creating a shit storm of physical buying. I’m not sure they want that either.

    • So the government will flood the market with silver?  So you are saying they will just print a bunch of physical silver and then flood the market with it?  And if they can’t print physical silver where exactly are the silver stockpiles that the governments have depleted over the last few decades?

    • How many times do you have to be told. They can put the price anywhere they want, zero if they want. You do not measure your wealth in dollars, you measure it in ounces. Your stack has not shrunk.  Unless you are a get rich, leveraged, or all in idiot, relax. Good grief, I am buying now. I bought at 35. I will buy at 9 if it goes there. I will buy more at 30 when it gets back there. I have lost a ton compared to fiat but I know how this ends. This story always ends the same way, thousands of times.

    • Bob and fiat lion , You just dont get it

      A Government is not good at producing anything, only at stealing.

      When They try to consolidate to one big mining company it will be a disaster and yields/productivity will be so bad that scarcity will be much worse than now.

      You Try to make those gangsters look like Gods while they are only desperate rats.

      They Can´t steal all the silver of the world. It is so Vast and Wide, I for one would not accept confiscation , I would just Hide my silver very well and weather the storm

    • @Bob and Lionkid: What gives you the inside track on your “predictions”? Do you sit in on the cartel’s meetings? Keep on posting. Your track record indicates that I can believe the opposite of your ridiculous projections. Your opinion is valuable to that extent.

    • @PoppaT: […^^^…]. The stories you have been fed about China by the way are a complete distortion of reality. Some people could use the opportunity to actually visit China and do business over there – then [you will] see what the real story is.

  2. I just got off the phone with a friend who is nibbling at the edges, picking up 50-100 ounces periodically; maybe once a month or so.  We talked about what might knock silver and gold down further.

    The one thing that still catches my attention is the fear factor liquidation of all asset classes, such as the Lehman meltdown when silver went to $8 from $17 in only a few months.  While this price drop seems unlikely, I would not be surprised to see $12 an ounce for a short period if for no other reason that a crash out knock down all commodity classes.   This would be exacerbated by continuing paper trading pressures.

    I suggested he continue buying at these low levels.

    • AGX,

      Physical silver was not available at $8 or 9 bucks back then. If you could find any (and I could not at the time), it was selling for $12 to 14 an ounce. We will see the exact same thing happen if silver goes much lower.

    • @AGX: I bought plenty of silver at $10 then. Silver and gold need to be made worthless so the NOW can impose there digital $ on the entire world. Remember: the governments of the WORLD are working together no matter what they tell/show us.

    • Please provide some info and evidence of that sam520. There were widespread shortages and long waiting lists back then (weeks to months). I could not find one source anywhere on Vancouver Island or lower BC mainland that would sell anywhere near “$10” on that drop from $21 to $8.88 (the absolute bottom on that move). I call BS on the accuracy and truthfulness of this post.

    • @Sam520


      “Remember: the governments of the WORLD are working together no matter what they tell/show us.”


      Of course they are.  This is part of my thesis that ALL countries have a 2 party political system and that these two parties consist of RULERS and RULED.


  3. How does the ASE buyer justify the 22%+ (at 3 boxes) premiums and huge spread compared to Bufalo rounds?

    IMO the massive ASE buyers are the dumb stacking money. The least smart in the smart room. But they have become very good at buying the dips. In that sense they are way more clever than the most of us. Centainly cleverer than yours truly.
    But at any budget, the Buffalos provide so much more silver and such lower stread in case something goes pear shaped in the personal finances… And way down the line, when actual silver shortages come to be, we’ll be selling to refiners, not to collectors. Collectors won’t buy our boxes of ASE’s at market price premium (which will be closer to 0% than 25%) one-by-one on Craigslist/eBay. This premium invested in ASE’s in most scenarios is destroyed wealth. I certainly grant the PM dealers their cut, but Buffalos are the smarter buy IMO. By a vast amount of silver in hand.
    I do buy a lot of higher premium coins and rounds, but those have a fraction of the ASE’s 40 million+ mintage and are quite likely to accumulate premium before I liquidate them to get of Buffalos and 10oz bars or gold.

    • There are other reasons besides price. Official silver bullion coin of the US, worldwide recognition, content, weight, and purity are guaranteed blah blah blah. For the small stacker like me, a dollar here or there does not mean much to me. As far as the larger purchasers, they’re also going to get a larger discount with volume. See your point though. I don’t have any Buffalos yet but will get some. I have a mix of ASEs, generics, random other mint coins…mostly ASE though.

    • Wow XC Skater, […^^^…].

      The Maples are tax exempt a not reported up to 10,000.00/yr.

      The ASE and Gold Eagles are Tax exempt unlimited.  There is no reporting required at any amount when buying or selling.

      ALL OTHER ROUNDS/BULLION tax reporting and sales are accounted for.  Thus should you buy ASE at 10 dollars and sell at 1000 dollars, there is no capital gains, because they were (are) one of the few investments that are tax exempt.


      Look it up.  Not just exempt from reporting, EXEMPT.  This is why the “Sharp” investor of phyz pays more, this is why they run out first.

    • @Shammy… Agreed on your strategy.  However, technically when U.S. citizens sell back to their LCS,  ASE’s and AGE’s are only exempt from IRS reporting requirements.  They are not exempt from capital gains taxes, though.  Honor system on paying that tax.  Also, pre 1933 gold is exempt, along with most silver.   When gold and silver soar in value I fully expect IRS to require LCS’s to withhold windfall capital gains taxes on sales of reportable gold and silver.  I also fully expect U.S. Constitutional coins will be made lawful money again and therefore will not be taxable.  In fact Utah has already passed this law and several states including Arizona where I live are working on similar legislation, too.  That’s why you want to stick with U.S. coins as you suggested because of potential huge tax savings when you convert back to the fiat script.

      The following is from the CMI Gold and Silver website.  It’s a good explanation of reportable sales.


      Reportable Sales
      Customer sales to dealers of certain precious metals exceeding specific quantities call for reporting to the IRS on 1099B forms. The 1099B forms are similar to other 1099 forms taxpayers commonly receive; the “B” means they have been issued by a business other than a financial entity.

      Reportable sales (again, customer sales to dealers) apply to 1-oz Gold Maple Leafs, 1-oz Krugerrands, and 1-oz Mexican Onzas in quantities of twenty-five or more in one transaction. Reporting requirements do not apply to American Gold Eagles, no matter the quantities. Furthermore, reporting requirements do not apply to any fractional ounce gold coins.

      Only one common silver product is reportable when sold: pre-1965 U.S. coins. The quantity that causes the filing of a 1099B, however, is not clear. The IRS bases its authority to require reporting on CFTC-approved contracts that call for the delivery of $10,000 face value. Consequently, many dealers do not report sales of pre-1965 U.S. coins unless the sale totals $10,000 face value; others report $1,000 sales.

      Sales of American Silver Eagles, privately-minted Silver Eagle 1-oz silver rounds, and 100-oz silver bars are not reportable, no matter the quantity. Other precious metals products are reportable, but they are not covered here because the average investor does not trade them.

      Most investors have no first-hand knowledge of these matters; consequently, when precious metals dealers talk about cash reporting, 8300 forms, or 1099s, investors are unable to know that they may not be hearing the whole story. Wanting to avoid the government knowing about their precious metals investments, many investors are delighted to learn that their purchases will not be reported and end up buying overpriced coins.

      As explained under “Reportable Purchases,” no precious metals purchases are reported unless cash reporting thresholds are exceeded. Investors wanting to avoid reportable sales should buy American Eagles.

      The above discussions about cash reporting, IRS Form 8300, and bank reporting are for editorial purposes only and should not be relied on as definitive and final. Persons involved in cash transactions should consult their attorney or accountant.

      Investors wanting to buy gold should go with the popular bullion coins: Krugerrands or American Gold Eagles.  These coins move dollar for dollar with the world price of gold and are easy to buy, sell, and trade. Additionally, tracking the value of these coins is easy. No “expert” has to look at them.

    • Great details there my fellow “pooch”! 🙂

      I have heard the argument before about “windfall tax” and I would like to perk your thinking hat to ponder “HOW” the U.S. Gov will base such a windfall if they have no financial information on WHEN you purchased it?

      Lets throw in a scenario to add color:

      Today Ugly Dog buys 10,000 ASE’s. (at 15.00/ea) and next month  they are valued at 1,000.00/ea.  The U.S. Gov announces it wants to get it’s dirty paws on that windfall and taxes all investment silver/gold with a 70% tax on gains.

      The “Dog’s not in a hurry to get his financial *ss handed to him by Uncle Sam, so he sits on his fat 10k stash of ASE’s for a month.  The following month the “Dog” cashes in!  Tax man says “Hey! you owe us some serious skrill!” but the “Dog” replies “Who me?  I purchased these last week for 989.00/ea and am cashing in on the gain of 11.00 x 10,000.00.

      (The tax man begrudged takes his taxes on the .98% increase which may not even count as the “windfall” bracket and merely collect capital gains tax, but Ugly Dog has successfully cashed in on 9 Million, Seven Hundred-Fourty Thousand Dollars in gains and there isn’t a damn thing the “Man” can do about it… because there is no record of purchase.  Since there is no reported record of purchase, there is no starting point to tax from. )

      Not to mention Ugly Dog doing the wise thing…. that is sitting on the stash and selling them a little bit here and there, or trading them outright for other assets. Perhaps if things are ugly enough, handing in your U.S. citizenry, taking your horde with you to a nice tropical country and invest the horde there. 🙂

      Lots to think about.

    • @shamus001     Yeah, here’s how I think the windfall profits tax will work.  Presently, the IRS expects every stacker to pay tax on the profit on the sale of personal gold and silver, so everyone better have a purchase receipt.  If you don’t have a receipt that’s your problem not the IRS’s.  On audit in the event of no receipt I expect the IRS would assign a purchase price (probably some arbitrarily low price unless you can prove otherwise) and with taxes, interest, and penalties confiscate all your “profit”.  Currently the IRS does not go after stackers, but in the event of a moonshot in the price of PM’s I think collecting tax on PM sales back to LCS’s will become a point of emphasis.


      Currently, I find it curious that US Constitutional gold and silver coins are exempt from reporting requirements.  That leads me to belief that there is an expectation by TPTB that US gold and silver coins will become lawful “money”(like in Utah) and because they are money they are therefore not taxable.  That will be huge and is why I only stack ASE’s, AGE’s, pre 1933 gold, and junk silver.  The question is then “Why are they exempt from reporting?”  Because, that’s what TPTB that are US citizens buy.

  4. None of this matters if you’ve been steady in your purchases. 2 OZ. per week (+ lately). Either you’ll have some when the deal goes down or you’ll have none. As far as BOB…….. Sounds like a person with no legs or arms floating in the ocean and is hopelessly lost. 🙂

    I’ll have to make a trip to the LCD to get a feel of what’s happening locally. If panic does set in soon (or now), I’m very glad for all the Stackers. If panic doesn’t set in, keep accumulating. Oh yeah, would someone throw a life preserver to BOB. LOL!

  5. Absolute nonsense! I have checked every available source for silver and  there is an over supply. You can go to any online dealer and order massive amounts of silver with no delay whatsoever. This is nothing but propaganda. The metals are now heading much lower into year end and well into 2105 as well.

    • @SLG: It is complete and pure propaganda as you stated. Nobody wants or needs gold and silver right now. What people do need however is fiat to pay for essentials.

      I expect the stories to continue about unprecedented demand with a few fake ‘denial-of-service’ attacks throw in to boot. Talk about manipulation!!

    • At times like this I wish I could have a one on one conversation with that lady from Weimar who was burning paper money in her pot belly stove.

    • @XC-Skater, if it is propoganda as you mention, then the same applies to the title of this thread!


      So we see premiums on american eagles go up… so what!  If dumb money wants to chase them that is up to them, I’ve been biding my time and will buy what is cheapest.  Really like the premiums on the british lunar series.

    • @lionkid Explain to me “Why” I or any working man/woman NEEDS fiat?

      unbacked paper that someone else prints in their basement and gives out to selected friends? (banker friends)

      Then they loan it to you at interest
      Then you WORK and PRODUCE real things; expend REAL TIME and LABOR and leave your house and family and sweat and put up with a sh*tty boss to get what in return?

      That FREELY printed paper fiat crap that is GIVEN away to fellow Fascist members?  You must be a fan of slavery.  Do us a “flavor” and just shut your ignorant hole before I stuff something 7 inches into it.

  6. “When they’re gone, they’re gone!”

    Yes, and then there will be some more, at a cheaper price.

    There is lots of silver stock everywhere. Yes, demand has picked up today, but nobody is running out because shop stocks were so high to begin with.

  7. @sam520: You are right, the governments of the world are indeed all working together, in sync like clockwork. Please don’t fall for the old “china is getting ready to pounce when required” nonsense. China is in the same sorry state as every other nation on the planet. When the west turns sour, China’s exports hurt. Deflation is the name of the game throughout 2015 and probably lasting for at least 3 years.

  8. Come on STACKERS, Don’t listen to the internet propaganda! Look at the price, Ag is unloved and unwanted. no one wants silver, so the price falls. Nothing to see here. Look, go buy a new TV and then watch it. It will tell you the same thing I am. 🙂


    • @J B Whitco
      xcept, physical supply and demand in the retail bullion market are in no way of influence on COMEX price discovery. Only the other way around. Even physical supply/demand in the industrial markets is barely of any influence. All the silver mined is sold, but spot is below cost. Clear proof of full disconnect.

  9. Let’s see, the primary purpose of this site (SDBullion / Silver Doctors) would be to sell silver/gold?  Just wouldn’t make good business sense to have an article that says PM’s are going to bottom out and never return, uh lionkid?


  10. The US government wants fewer Eagles to be sold. So let’s oblige and get Buffalos and other cheap rounds that do much better at preserving wealth. We extract more silver from where-ever this silver comes from. We increase the chance of actual deficit in the market.

  11. I have already bought all the silver I can carry and did it at much higher prices.  However, as far as the so called shortages.  We will know whether we have shortages or not in the coming weeks.  If premiums go up we know that there are real shortages.  I do not believe that there are shortages though.  People have been conditioned to think prices are going to go down some more so they probably are not rushing to buy.  Whats the rush?  Let this market stablize a little before backing up the truck.  Even in China, people are not rushing to buy at these prices.  They are waiting for lower prices.  This is a harbinger for what is to come.  Marshall Swings scenario is playing out right now.  I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it.  When the real bottom comes.  You will see the PTB backing up the truck.  And, of course, the Chino’s.  We will get our reversal eventually in my view.  Eventually.  I am keeping the faith.

    I just read an opinion on KWN’s for what its worth.  We have all those new Repub’s that have just been elected into office.  Those Repubs are all going to be judged harshly for not doing what they promised in the next year or so.  It plays in perfectly for the Dem’s chances during the next Presidential election.  The Repub’s will take the blame for the stock market’s coming downturn.  The Dem’s will walk right in and promise to make it better.  Wallaah.  Hillary saves the day.  A depressing thought.

    • True, there is no silver shortage.  But if there was, TPTB would see that the price per ounce would soar overnight to $29 and every ‘stacker’ in the country would be dumping silver the next day so fast that within 24 hours MILLIONS and MILLIONS of the ounces of silver would be back in surplus and the price would quickly return to $10 an ounce.  Problem solved.

  12. Well, I don’t know about ase and I couldn’t care less, little round discs with fictitious numbers on them that have no attachment with reality don’t interest me.


    What does interest me is the mines. I have read about and all of them say that they can not mine to these paper numbers, they can not sell to the market and make profit.


    So, my advice, just go straight route one, big ugly bars of silver 1kilo to 5 kilo or bigger.


    There is a complete detachment between paper price and real price.


    Fill your boots.


    Keep up the good work lionkid, you must be paid by the doc to be the protagonist of all these posts.

  13. @Bay of Pigs.  Regretfully I was not buying at that $10 mark when silver crashed.  Damn.  Maybe if silver does go down a bit more I might pick some up

    I do have a better idea though.  I’d sell some monster boxes of ASE for $25 per ounce.   It’s a very large  premium but what the heck.  Someone might be desperate enough to buy.   I sold silver with a $6 premium when silver was $25-30 an ounce. Don’t everyone line up at one time.  There is a limited supply of ASEs in my safe.

  14. I’m out in Seattle for work this week. Yesterday on my lunch break I had a lengthy conversation with a coin shop owner downtown. He told me that he’s selling a lot of gold right now mainly to high net worth individuals. He said he has one client that routinely buys $50-$100 grand worth of gold. The gold buying has increased significantly as the price has declined. He isn’t selling much silver right now but his pure numismatics are selling well. Basically he said the average Joe is not buying right now which is why silver isn’t moving. I was going to buy a handful of eagles for $2 over spot but he only sells silver in 100 ounce chunks.

    This guy was a commodities trader in the pits for over 20 years. He said this latest smackdown is all orchestrated by the central banks which I think most of us here readily believe. But he also said this is nothing new as he has seen this mnnipulation many times before over the years. He is personally adding to his gold holdings at these stupidly low levels.



  15. WASHINGTON DC, D.C., Oct. 30 (UPI) — The Federal Reserve is so convinced that the U.S. economy is beginning to roar back to life that it’s easing off on its stimulus help by ending its bond purchases. The Fed will keep a steady hand by continuing to maintain short-term interest rates near zero for a “considerable time” and will hold and replace at maturity some $4.5 trillion in bonds that it purchased over the last six years. But at their meeting yesterday members dismissed concerns about shaky global financial markets and focused on an uptick in American jobs.The bond-buying helped feed one of the longest bull markets in U.S. history, and supporters say it kept down the cost of mortgage loans and corporate debt, helping to fuel faster job growth. But critics charge that the bond-buying artificially buoyed the financial markets at the expense of other economic sectors. Still others worry beginning to turn off the tap is premature and the economy still needs help.

    The early verdict on the move was positive in the markets with the dollar soaring to a three-week high against the yen on the Fed’s optimism.

    “U.S. currency is back on its uptrend,” said an Auckland markets strategist. The optimist Fed statement was a “hawkish surprise to the market,” she added

  16. If this (phantom) Cartel that controls silver pricing is really running the show……what should you be doing right now?

    If reality is that the real buyers that caused this entire bull market in silver and gold are now straight up sellers….what should you be doing now?


  17. you know, in this smack down price
    who else will be called loser ( beside us… stacker ) ?
    Cramer, ex The FED Chairman ( you know who )
    oh really ?
    This came from CNBC website that Cramer “suggesting” gold

    Despite the recent downtrend in gold, Cramer is still a buyer of the precious metal, but as a long term hedge. That’s because catalysts that typically send the stock market tumbling send gold higher. “Think of it as insurance against economic and geopolitical chaos as well as inflation,” said Cramer.

    Also Cramer likes gold, because he believes it’s becoming a kind of de facto currency. “With governments debasing their currencies left and right to be competitive investors need to go somewhere, and they’ve been turning to gold,” he said.

    What’s ?
    Am i still in earth ? i just feel like an alien now
    Lot of people sez to stay away from Gold
    But suddenly few “respected” people suggesting Gold ?
    If this is not a full BS…
    Than maybe that “Currency Reset” thing maybe true
    And this is the few sign of it ( “respected” people suggesting gold )
    or if the “unexpected” thing just happened
    like if “respected people” suggesting buying Silver
    than maybe we are really in the corner



    • What’s so unusual about the US Mint holding back on ASE sales now that the price is far below what the cost of acquisition/minting is.  Seems to me it’s the prudent business decision any sane business would do….and let’s not assume the good ol’ US Mint ain’t running a “for profit” enterprise.  Besides, they may know something or been told something the rest of us accumulators don’t know yet…..ever considered that?  Like maybe the bottom might just be in at $15….and from here on out there’s no point in giving it away.  This is a real possibility… let’s not jump to conclusions conjecturing the worst case scenarios here. Better to just buy what you can at these prices a little at a time and see where the market goes from here.

    • So if the silver inventory in shanghai were up 33% since your last data point in spite of this price collapse, would you be surprised?


      The numbers you show represent demand, not price.  Expect an increase here as lower prices bring on more buying.

  18. @bay of pigs.  That link to ZH tells me Japan is FUBAR  They are dying.  The old people will die off. The youngsters seem to have given up on making more Japanese.  Fukushima is still poisoning their island. Their balance of trade is massively negative due to high energy costs. The Yen is just a FIAT Pinata   Everyone will get a wack at it.

    There is another story next to the JPY/USD rate.  That is the Chinese currency and economic bubble. It makes Japan look small.  China is not stable.

  19. Bought 800 Maples on CL in Philly for $15/oz cash. Guy who sold them was convinced it was going much lower and now was a great time to exit, he needed money for his third kiddo due in December.


  20. The rich didn’t get rich because they bought at the top of a market. They got rich buying at the low. However, since most Stackers are trying to preserve a little of what they have rather than get rich), the lower the price the better. Most people can’t afford nor have the knowledge to play the market. Trying a savings account these days really makes you lose fiat (Thanks Central Banksters). So, for all the trollipos trying to convince us to follow the Central Banks policies, you’re not doing a very good job. We’ll keep stacking and more so as the fiat price drops. I do like your conversations though as I need a good laugh from time to time.

  21. Yep….it sure seems there are more and more trollipops showing up here now, all of a sudden. Wonder why?  Things must be gettin’ mighty dicey for those that stand to lose fortunes.  I don’t have a fortune to lose, but by all means keep smashing the pm prices.  More silver please.

    • They always show up reagleagle when the price drops. They get eerily quiet when the price rises.

      @AGX ” There is a third type IMO. It’s those who make claim to own precious metals but conduct themselves like spoiled children and narcissistic whiners, leaving it clear that what they own is as worthless as their obviously delusional comments on the boards.”

      There seem to be a number of those here too.


  22. I guess we can conclude there are two types of people in the world.  Those who understand the real worth of real money.  And those who believe in FIAT.  It’s doubtful that those who believe in FIAT will ever understand the value of real money.  Those who do will have a much better chance of surviving.  Those who don’t will come to the realization far to late and they will suffer a fate far worse than those of us who are stackers.

    There is a third type IMO. It’s those who make claim to own precious metals but conduct themselves like spoiled children and narcissistic whiners, leaving it clear that what they own is as worthless as their obviously delusional comments on the boards.

  23. “The mint has reportedly sold over 2 million ozs. in less than 2 hrs.”  Well it’s kind of strange that it’s not listed in their sales figures as of Friday, Nov. 2014. I believe this happened on Wednesday.

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