Here we go again- breaking reports indicate 30 shots have been fired by a gunman using an AK-47 at a Georgia Elementary school.

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Multiple shots were fired at an elementary school in DeKalb County, Georgia, prompting the evacuation of children and staff. A sole suspect was taken into custody.

A white male armed with an AK-47 entered Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy and fired 30 shots on Tuesday, CBS reported.

Sources say he surrendered peacefully, WSB-TV reported.

Atlanta’s Channel 2 Action News assignment editor Lacey LeCroy said she had a phone conversation with an office worker at the school while the gunman was firing shots.

It didn’t take long to know that the woman was serious,” she said. The woman said that the gunman wanted her to call the channel and ask a TV crew to come to the school. He wanted the channel “to start filming as police die,” LeCroy said. The suspect also wanted police officers “to back up,” the school employee told the LeCroy.

LeCroy also heard gunshots over the phone.

SWAT team members and police officers arrived at the scene of the incident shortly after the first reports of a shooting at the school, which houses students from pre-school through fifth grade.

Following the reports, TV footage from local outlets showed that children had been safely evacuated from the building and were sitting outside in a field. Soon after that, the children were loaded onto buses.

The school has informed parents to collect their children outside of WalMart, located at 2427 Gresham Road.

We’re in the process of reuniting the children with their parents,” said Mekka Parish, spokeswoman for the DeKalb County Police Department. “We’re just trying to calm the nerves of parents,” she added, as quote by AP.

There have been no reports of casualties.

The man in custody reportedly wanted to speak to police rather than hurt anyone.

The US has seen a string of school massacres since the beginning of the decade, with the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting being the deadliest. Twenty-year-old Adam Lanza – armed with a rifle and two handguns – shot 20 children, six teachers and himself at the school after killing his mother at their Newtown home in December 2012. Eight months on, little has changed regarding US gun control laws, despite President Barack Obama’s pledge to toughen legislation.


Screenshot from AP video
Screenshot from AP video


Screenshot from AP video
Screenshot from AP video

Editor note: Notice the publicity that the weapon used was an AK-47.  Que the Piers Morgan show for the next 90 days on why the 2nd amendment must be obliterated to allow full removal of the rest of the bill of rights protect the children.

In the words of Chris Duane and the SBSS AG47: Come and Take Them!


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  1. How convenient is this with the congress going on recess and Obama we are told to sign the UN resolution on gun control (in violation of our constitution) when no one is looking? And of course white guy, an AK-47.

    • Martial law and a dictatorship to follow.  This clown is playing golf while the Middle East burns and economy crumbles.  What the hell is wrong with the American sheep?

    • @MFL we are not responsible for the “Middle East” we are supposed to be responsible for our own backyard. Yet we meddle and topple other governments for the elites purpose “Greed” Jesus did not want this on earth. Now while I am having a brew or a few. Think about this? Check out JFK the movie or watch the clip on youtube where? Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner meets X Donald Sutherland) and there is your answer. I am glad I served and glad I am out

    • What’s wrong with American sheep? The same thing thats “wrong” with the rest of the human sheep (race. Sheep or cattle are still sheep no matter where the pasture is. Until enough people see their kids going hungry TPTB will have their way! Their money buys them anonymity and government power. It’s in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa … everywhere. Sheep and cattle don’t care about living free they want to live for free. Those who are awake and want to live free are out manned and out gunned! The illusion of democracy giving criminals legitimacy combined with their willingness to use brutal force should scare the hell out of anyone with a brain cell! Anyone who isn’t frightened by the amount of force a government can bring down on their head is a fool! Why wasn’t there a revolution in Cyprus after they were robbed in broad daylight by their own government and the bankers?

    • “What the hell is wrong with the American sheep?”
      Nothing.  They are behaving EXACTLY like one would expect sheep to behave.  Maybe the question should be, “Why the hell are so many Americans acting like sheep?”.  My guess would be that too many have had it too easy for far too long.

      “Why wasn’t there a revolution in Cyprus after they were robbed in broad daylight by their own government and the bankers?”

      Umm, they are all unarmed?


    Don’t disagree on that but when the middle east is providing much needed oil to Europe (our largest export region) and the US economy will topple without oil, we walk away?  …and we let mayhem continue and let our embassies and their staff get killed?
    As for your president and our own back yard as you put it, what has this man done?  Well to start with, he has destroyed my future and my children s future with crippling debt.  Yes that’s right, he has Crippled this economy with a staggering 6 trillion in new debt, stopped oil drilling, created hate between the races, divided rich and poor and not added 1 new net job to the US economy, so let’s see where you go with that.

    You better hope the US gets involved because last I heard Russia was moving in and will control the European markets anmd all gas and oil which will put the US out of business my friend.

    • Spot on Big T…the common thread in most all these mass shootings has been psychotropic drugs.  MSM out cry should be against big pharma not the Second Amendment.  But, who donates to Congress?  The big three are Wall Street, Defense Industry, and Big Pharma.  So, it should be no surprise that we are bailing out billionaire banksters, fighting wars(excuse me, kinetic actions), and have Obama Care and Rx Drug Plans.

    • UD – yep, psychotropic drugs, drugs & more drugs. Watched a program about ‘the medicated child’ on Netflicks awhile back. It was saaaad, and most of the parents of these children were about as bad off as the child when it came to cognitive skills requiring a brain to function properly…..several generations now of dumbing down society and where is the outrage about what is happening to the children of middle america???? Where is MSM? Where is Congress?? Where are responsible adults??? Very little is ever talked about anywhere about this issue and I bet this article above does not even bring near the comments here, or anywhere really, that a buck move in the price of silver would do…..Doc, thanks for posting the article above. 

  3. Perhaps the words “In the words of Chris Duane and the SBSS AG47: Come and Take Them! ” could have been left off here. That does little to support the argument in the present moment and simply arrays liberal idiots against one. There will be continued efforts to enact gun control in one measure or another. Every single bit of science, statistics, rationale, etc., is on the side of those who favor 2nd Amendment issues as well as the undeniable logic of concealed carry. This debate shall go on as long as there are stupid people still out there. I’m just saying, let’s not give them fuel for the fire.

    • “That does little to support the argument in the present moment and simply arrays liberal idiots against one.”
      Libtards are already against us.  Nothing new there.

  4. Rockets  The Cypriots have been disarmed for decades, ever since the Muslim Greek conflicts. A person is allowed to own only a double barrel shotgun.  The police control the amount of ammunition available to any one gun owner.  Limits are 200 rounds.
    Not much to fight a war against the banksters when the police are very well armed and paid to protect them.

  5. a question that’s been on my mind for a long time.  When kids are medicated with various psychoactive drugs, Ritalin, Allderol, are they the smart ones who need to be put back in line? 
    Or if enough kids are put on drugs, are enough found to be particularly susceptible and allowed to run the course on their drugs, with tragic results. These drugs make no sense to me. I get the sense this very much like a Manchurian Candidate situation.
    Can anyone else weigh in on this.

    • @agxiik …I have been on the school board of a large private school system for 20 years.  The crux of the problem in education is that the family is broken and this relates back to the unintended consequences of gov’t policy.  It used to be in the 1950″s and 60’s a father could earn enough so Mom could stay home and nurture the children.  But now days taxes are so high both parents feel they need to work to pay the tax man.  The children are left to be raised by daycare and the television set.  Now combine that with poor diet, TV remotes, video games, and computers we are training-up children to have no attention span. 
      We don’t have any students at our school taking ADHD drugs.  When we identify a student with attention issues or is hyperactive we step in with non pharmaceutical corrective measures.  We meet with the parents.  The TV, the computer, and the video games all go away.  Book reading is emphasized.  The diet is dramatically changed.  A course of physical motor neural development(balancing skills) is initiated.  And we supplement with fish oil (brain food)….Problem solved.
      Turn down the sound on your TV and watch how fast the images flash, one every second or two.  Couple that with a remote and you are training-up a child to have no attention span.  Factor in a sugar laced GMO diet and you have a hyperactive child. 
      I expect this 20yr old shooter in Georgia grew up on Adderall and Ritalin and was currently on a prescribed psychotropic drug. 
      I tell you what is also alarming is the surge in autism.  About 1 in 80 now.  Directly related to all the vaccinations children are given today(30+).  Medical profession and big pharma are in total denial.  Big money in vaccinations.

    • I will never forget my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Goode (pronounced goo-d).  She was 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide and she brooked no nonsense whatever in her classroom.  So, there I was one day in class, staring out the window at the great weather, trees, grass, and birds when Mrs. Goode came up behind me and delivered a sharp smack of her ruler to my knuckles.  WHAP!  OWWW!  Yep, she had my FULL attention for the rest of the afternoon and the remainder of the year, for that matter.  lol

  6. Ugly Dog  you are a wealth of information as always.  The flouride information you provided dovetailed into what I had heard from the rumor mill.  The drugs being pumped into kids today, or forced vaccination like Gardacil and the huge number of vaccination children receive before they are 5 is a national tragedy and scandal in one kit bag.   The one parent home is a nightmare (ours was that for 14 years) or mom and dad working the day job with no parental monitoring leaves kids run wild.  For as long at it lasted, we were the Ozzie and Harriett family with breadwinner and home maker doing their respective jobs.  The taxes and cost of living is so high now that even two incomes can’t make ends meet or even wave as they go buy.
    This will continue to play out and get worse before it gets better, I fear.  We never had kids so we view this from a different position, that of two people who are very concerned with the fate of the kids, and their parents, in this insane drug vaccine laden paradigm
    PS  I really work to avoid vaccines even at my age.  Fly shingles etc   colloidal silver is the bong as as far as I’m concerned

    • “PS  I really work to avoid vaccines even at my age.  Fly shingles etc   colloidal silver is the bong as as far as I’m concerned”
      Good for you, AG.  I hope that continues.  I had shingles (dumb name, IMO) about 4 years ago and the pain that it caused was excruciating.  It was so bad that I was kind of stuck between complete exhaustion and blacking out.  The weird part of it was that the rash that comes with this disease was on my scalp, so was not noticed by my local doc.  When they took me to the hospital, a doc there was much more thorough in his examination and spotted it right away.  He prescribed an oral drug cocktail of 3 anti-viral medications.  I took that and within 30 minutes was back among the living again.  Glad that you are just avoiding the whole situation.  I wish that I would have.  It’s not an experience that I care to repeat.  🙁

  7. UglyDog -Interesting point you make about the television. I was out to dinner the other night with my son and daughter in law.  When we got back to their place we sat at the table for drinks and conversation and they put the kids(ages 2&4) in front of the TV for pre bed calm down. Their backs were to the TV, mine wasn’t. The cartoon channel came into some amped up sound with lots of killer/punch action going on and I watched the kids starting to get amped up right along with the cartoon characters. It wasn’t long before they were on the floor wrestling around and then running up and down the carpeted stairs banging into the walls etc. A classic example of televisions affects upon children….After pointing this out channels were changed and they got calmed down. Busy in our conversation that night, or busy with life at other times, todays parents are most often distracted with the task of getting thru their day and not paying the necessary attention needed for proper parenting. All in all a societal thing that has morphed into unintended child neglect with behavior that is much easier to be dealt with by using Ritalin, Adderall or what ever the choice of drug. Sadly its use is often encouraged  knowingly or unknowingly by government and educational bureaucrats.  These misuses have major repercussions to the child with later day consequences that are too often non -reversible and these issues ignored by those that should not be ignoring them. I am sure if parents were made aware of the long term effects these drugs have on their children they would not be in use today. They would be outlawed. I am sure if parents knew the devastation these drugs cause it would be different. You cannot deal with a 5 year old mind with psychotrophic drugs, that is a crime against humanity and against a parents responsibility to protect their young…. It I believe is probably a matter is lack of, and or mis-information and why is this prevalent? 

    • I sometimes wonder if a lot of these “behavioral problems” are not merely the misdiagnosed presence of testosterone.  The presumption usually seems like this:  “Oh my God, he’s being a BOY!  We simply can’t have that!  Quick, drug him senseless!”.  :-/

  8. I am glad of one thing, and that’s I’m not a kid today.  In my earlier years the nickname ‘perpetual motion machine’ got laid on me.  Always in motion, often in trouble, and always up to something,  if that behavior was seen today, I’d have been given heroine and qualudes or something heavier. 
    We had discipline back in those good old (dark ) ages.  Corporal punishment was required; capital punishment was optional at my school.  It was a tough school.   Jesuits went there to learn how to teach.   The cane was still used regularly.  Chewing gum off campus was good for one swat.  I still have the bruises. 
    Public caning was an occasional punishment for greivous offenses, like putting the head master’s car in the far corner of the field, wedged in so it could not be driven out.  I missed that one.  
    But the parents were assured if their wonderful little kidlet went missing due to a major transgression the parents could look forward to having some fun making another one. (just kidding on that one)
    Chalk and erasers were the best tool to get a student back on job of paying attention.  Flung at terminal velocity, our teachers could have made a good living in the major leagues, their accuracy was that good.

  9. Ed_B – I think you are 100% correct above. These two kids in my story were boys and they were just doing what boys will do. In fact I was laughing at the whole thing but what you said is sadly true….boys being boys can possibly mean ritilan or adderall doses administered in todays world. My complaint is: if that story above that I linked to is correct, why have not the public been informed about the devastating effect of these psychotropic drugs being given to our children? Where is MSM and where are our representatives? 
    And to AGXIIX – I would also be a drugged out psychotropic mess if I was growing up  in todays world….

  10. Big Tom  I saved up all that childish  indiscretion for my misspent yoot. 
    Adult pharmaceutics were an enjoyable diversion.
     Now I’m just a psyched out old wing-bat with an occasional taste  for gin and tonic, and regular doses of  silver.  I heard that silver is a pretty good antidote of what ails ye.  LOL

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