The Bond King himself Bill Gross in a Bloomberg interview today declared gold a better investment than stocks OR BONDS!!
We are now well into stage 2 of the massive secular bull market for gold, as all of the smart money is now rushing out of paper assets and government debt into the true safety of physical gold.

We hope you have already backed up the truck and loaded it down to the ground, as the window is closing on the opportunity to acquire physical gold and silver at extremely manipulated and discounted levels.

Full MUST WATCH interview below:

  1. Yeah … right … Bill … funds and ETFs. Don’t fall over those strings there pal, you’ll break that big long nose sticking way out in front of your face! Just more hee-hawwwing from another donkey at the Dog & Pony Show.

  2. Actually, it IS refreshing to hear a major figure in the world of economics come to the same conclusion that we here have had for months and years.  Validation of our position is appreciated, even if it is late to the party.  It is also refreshing because it is no longer the same old denial song that we have heard for a very long time now.  Warren Buffet’s comments on gold have been especially egregious in this regard.  I do find it interesting that after a huge run in gold and silver, that people still claim that stocks are better investments “because they pay dividends”.  Dividends are good but are certainly not the be-all and end-all of investing.  Many people have made lots of money in stocks that never paid a dividend because the people running those fast growing companies were too busy building their companies and putting all of their profits back into the company.  This is how Sun Micro Systems went from $4 a share to over $100 a share.  No dividends but a 25+ bagger IS a huge win nonetheless.  The performance of the precious metals for the past decade have been stellar.  Stocks that perform half this well are cheered and recommended vociferously.

  3. The Bond King is highly respected in the mainstream investment world.  I think his coming on board is a prelude to what is to come in the near future. Things seem to be really speeding up. Anyone else feeling a bit anxious (and excited) about whats around the corner?

  4. I believe alot of Stock and Bond media cheerleaders have been proGold for years, they just dont say it on air. When they say stuff like what Bill Gross said in this video that tells me that they want to make a gold call right before it skyrockets upwards because it is a nobrainer. They wont give you a correct call years in advance like a Faber, Schiff, Rickards, Sprott, Keiser or Celente because they want to keep the price low.If the price is low they can accumilate more cheap gold. All Gross did was say something obvious to protect his crediability but also not give you time to stack Gold and Silver.

  5. Of course it is. The US dollar is losing values every year because of inflation which means that bonds also lose value. As for gold, it’ll go up because it is the most stable asset so its value in terms of dollars will go up because of inflation. In my opinion, the only good time to buy bonds is when the US dollar’s value is stable and gains more valued which was before 1971. Sadly today, the Federal Reserve ruined the value of bonds because of their printing machine. After 1971, the best thing to invest is in gold and if you want more more gains, then buy silver.

  6. “All Gross did was say something obvious to protect his crediability but also not give you time to stack Gold and Silver.”

    Perhaps.  But then, he really didn’t have to say anything at all, did he?  No other main stream financial big name person is out there beating the drum for gold and silver.  Most are still in denial.

     “The US dollar is losing values every year because of inflation which means that bonds also lose value.”

    Yes, it is and they are.  But Gross was THE first bond guy to dump all of the US Treasuries from his huge PIMCO bond funds when everyone else in the bond market was saying that he was foolish to do this, that US Treasury paper is as good as gold, etc, ad nauseum.  I don’t think that giving him a little credit for this is out of line.  Sure, earlier would have been better but Gross is still WAY out in front of everyone else in the establishment financial business on this.

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