Bob Chapman of the International Forecaster states that sources are indicating that the Fed is preparing to roll out a new dollar (NOT the Amero) as The Fed expects the US Dollar will no longer be the reserve currency in another 18 months.

Banks are being told , and I get this right from the people who are at the top of the banking profession not with major banks but with top middle sized sized banks and they go to the FED meetings and they tell me what goes on and they told me that the FED told the Banks to clear safe secure storage because we are getting ready to print a new currency , it’s not the Amero it’s a dollar probably a different one of what you have already , it’s underway , it may not be in the printing stage yet but the plans are there ….because the FED is expecting as is the treasury the the US Dollar is not going to be the reserve currency of the world in about a year and a half may be less.

  1. Don't you think that the American public should be told of these changes. And why? I think changes in your own countries currency would be extreamly important. What does this mean to the people of the US. Will this become a world currency eventually. And so on

  2. If true than Bix Weir's Road to Rotta story of a Gold dead wrong. Then Fed has put out the info Bix has used , as yet another gig.Because they have no gold.This new dollar, if that image is correct, looks to me like a cheap Euro.

  3. It would depend on whether the new dollar is simply a devalued fiat dollar, or if it is backed by a hard asset such as gold or silver. The Fed would not tell the people beforehand because then the sheople would dump their current fiat dollars for hard assets like gold and silver to avoid the devaluation- which is the entire purpose of the new dollar.

  4. I'm not buying ANYTHING that has 'Federal Reserve Note' on it. Don't even touch it with a 10-ft pole.

    Even if it said, 'Redeemable for gold or silver…', it would still be a paper representation of the real thing. And coming from the 'Federal Reserve System', you know it's only a trick. Only physical will suffice this time around.

  5. The American people will not be told of the changes. When this is suddenly thrust on the American people the populace will have to exchange old dollars for new dollars. Then when some 80 year old grandma brings in 100k she had tucked in her mattress the IRS will demand to know where she got the money.

  6. @Doc

    Yes , but the images that Bix displays clearly indicate a Gold Standard. This image is just another Fiat image. Someone is dead wrong. Personally I don't believe those running the banking cabal will go to gold , they can't.

  7. They bring the new dollar for a reason. Something must have changed.
    It is the interest of US to bring gold backed dollar, and set the gold to $10,000/OZ. Then, the debt problem is solved, and US is still the richest country in the world. China will be the biggest loser in it.
    It is a system reboot, like when you can no longer tolerate your PC's performance.

  8. You will know something is afoot when the gubmint denies ANY plans for change in the currency. Review the Porter Stansberry video "The Day the Dollar Died'
    It will be just like Mexico in the early 1980's El Presidente denied the he would devalue the Peso. He would defend it with his life. Absolutely denied it. Within a couple of weeks the Peso was devalued by 90%. Adios Dinero mi amigo!
    There is going to be a breaking point coming soon when the pressure on the Fed and gubmint to do something reaches a crisis. There is little or no chance they will do the right thing. If it comes to saving their behinds or doing a J.O.B. on the citizenry, the people will get the shaft. Silver Doc readers will know well in advance Call us the shock troops of the PM information revolution. And for crying out loud, hide your PMs.
    There are huge benefits to the gubmint in forcing us to turn in our dollars. Uncle Sam will know how much cash we have They get a 900% return on their investment in junk currency and we get a 90% haircut in our capital investments. All gubmint debts are written to near zero.
    When Mexico did the devaluation mambo, the Peso was worth more as toilet paper than money.

    Of course all this could be moot if Iran gets a nuke or Israel goes nuclear to save itself. All our present problems are penny ante if that balloon goes up. Hide your PM

  9. Oh, this gets really good. Check the video and then check the name on the Nuevo Peso. No, not George Washington. The name of the Secretary of the Treasury— Anna Escobedo Cabral. Bienvenido, mijo. Welcome to the New World Order. I guess the Fed didn't know they were tipping their hand. HAHAHAHAHA

  10. "It is the interest of US to bring gold backed dollar, and set the gold to $10,000/OZ."

    This is the reason to switch from gold to physical silver. The US govt will call in all gold held by US citizens living within the boundaries of the US (they cannot do this for US citizens overseas as no one in their right mind would pay any attention to it) but they will not and cannot control silver which will be 200.00 or more an ounce with 10,000.00 gold

  11. " It is the interest of US to bring gold backed dollar, and set the gold to $10,000/OZ. Then, the debt problem is solved, and US is still the richest country in the world"?????

    If Fort Knox is empty, and that is a very good possibility, then America has no silver.too.

    SO,,,,how will the USA be the richest country in the world???

    Maybe it has elements and oil below ground but ,,

    I even question the claimed 3,000 tonnes that Germany has.

  12. …I hope you all realize that this video is two years old?

    re:Uploaded by marcchabotyt on Jan 2, 2010

    I don't doubt Mr. Chapman but this video is mis-leading as if it came about within the last little while…

  13. I'm not a fan of Bob Chapman. His economic insights are along the same lines as the Austrians – nothing special there. But this guy's resume is just a little too much – CIA operative (or whatever), preeminent gold trader in the world for 20 years, living abroad in fear for his life, speaks a minimum of 5 languages, buddies with the heads of banks that attend Fed meetings… sorry but I just don't buy it (I'm sure I've heard him say all of those things in interviews, and no, I'm not willing to spend hours finding citations). He claimed to have been present at the showing of a movie of Ronald Reagan taking it in the ass from his wife with a strap-on – ARE YOU SERIOUS!? If nothing else, I don't think globalist elite assassins stop at the border. In fact, I'd bet that living abroad would make it easier to get whacked.

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