Summer_SaleOn June 27, 2014 a Public UPDATE was posted on SilverDoctors stating:
The June Top was to arrive on either June 26th or June 27th with one Final price rise on the day.  

No rise came on either June 26th or the 27th; but arrived on the LAST day of the month June 30, 2014! 
Today July 1, 2014 Gold made a new intraday high, only to close DOWN $0.80 on the day.  June 30, 2014 ends as the TOP and last day up. 
Next a Drop into a Summer Final Low and ‘Buy-of-a-Lifetime’ opportunity! 


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On June 5, 2014 a Public UPDATE was posted stating a June Low Arrived on June 4, 2014 … IT DID!


On June 18, 2014 and June 25, 2014 Public UPDATES were posted on Silver Doctor and my web site stating:

  1. Gold Up in June … IT DID!
  2. Expect Gold to continue its climb post-FOMC announcement … IT DID!
  3. Gold to Top in June.  Today is July 1, 2014 and Gold topped June 30, 2014… we will soon know for sure!
  4. Down into a Summer Low after a ‘False’ June Breakout … we will soon know!
  5. Moon Shot to $2000 Before Year End … we still wait.


On June 27, 2014 a Public UPDATE was posted on SilverDoctors and my web site stating:

  1. The June Top was to arrive on either June 26th or June 27th with one Final price rise on the day.


No rise came on either June 26th or the 27th; but arrived on the LAST day of the month June 30, 2014!  Today July 1, 2014 Gold made a new intraday high, only to close DOWN $0.80 on the day.  June 30, 2014 ends as the TOP and last day up.


The May 14, 2014 forecast for a June 2014 Top stands unchanged and arrived the very last day June. 

Next a Drop into a Summer Final Low and ‘Buy-of-a-Lifetime’ opportunity! 

This summer’s Low will be a higher degree Low relative to all 2013 Lows.

The expected summer Low Price target and Cycle Low Date is exclusive to subscribers.

As hard as it might be to believe cycles precede events, they do!


Cycle work allowed me to called then Silver $49 top, the $1900 Gold top, the June 28, 2013 Gold BOTTOM within 2-hours, the December 31, 2013 retest and higher low.  The coming summer low will be the FINAL ENTRY LOW and the ‘Buy-of-a- Lifetime’ before a Moon Shot to $2000 by year end!


Thank you,

Bo Polny


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    • Oops. New high July 2nd, and rising…
      Tech analysis in a manipulated market.
      Also, when EVERYONE uses TA, then it has no predicative value, and merely becomes another means of manipulation because nobody is the sucker, and everyone is in on the joke.

  1. While I do not believe we will see $12 this summer, I would not be surprised to see a dip in prices – especially during thin trading during the summer vacation season.
    But the summer humidity makes my crystal ball all foggy, so I can not see what will happen with PM prices in the near future…

    • When Gretzky skates up and says, “no”, is hilarious.  In the original commercials, they showed Bo waiting for Gretzky to agree that “Bo knows hockey” with a hopeful look on his face that then wilts.  Funny stuff.

  2. Silver at 21.22 at the moment, which is as high as its been in a coon’s age.   Anyway, if we get a little more of a bump tomorrow, we may well get into 22 next week.  That, is a BIIIIIIIGGGGG resistance point and well worth contemplating. 

    Fed parasite shill Bo Pony says yesterday July 1 was top yet so far today silver is up 27cnts to $21.25, so he’s wrong in calling the top yesterday. The question is what’s the parasites’ hustle and how’s Bo Pony useful to the parasites. Probably real commercial buyers are buying today and that’s why the price of silver is rising and the paper parasites are making money. They will go paper short soon hoping to push the price down before going long knowing real physical buys will start buying again after a short paper moves silver down. As real silver physicals buyers buy now the price of silver will move up hurting parasites’ paper shorts which of course is great news. So go up up up kill the paper shorts ra ra and expose Bo Pony for what he is, a parasite shill.   

  4. Profile photo of
    Proverbs1616 says:

    Bo Polny uses a specific system of charting which has worked well (not perfectly) for him and his followers.
    Guess what, even JPMC, Goldman, and Warren Buffett lose some money on some calls, but they are MOSTLY in the black.
    So, seeing as Polny is not a crystal-ball insider (crystal balls are occultic, meaning they’re inaccurate anyway lol), my guess is that the adventurous types might be wise to put some betting money into things like DGLD or DSLV soon.
    We shall see if his charting (not insider scoop) is accurate.

    • Proverbs1616:
      You sound like you know Bo Polny “VERY WELL” or at least might be a subscriber.  Maybe you could tell us what his actual record has been the last 10-months. 
      Also, I think it’s odd that you would compare Bo to JPMC, GS & Buffet.  Haven’t they all been proven to be a bunch of crooks?

    • Profile photo of
      Proverbs1616 says:

      Hehe, nope I don’t know him or have any subscription to anyone’s services: I don’t have enough money for that. I am just stating the obvious: Polny is a chartist  and not an insider who is giving people secret info he overheard. So if his charts aren’t 100% perfect, but Jim Sinclair and Egon Von Greyerz love the man, I’m not going to join the chorus of haters.

    • Proverbs1616:
      Everybody has friends, but that doesn’t mean you should do business with them.  I’m not a hater, only a TRUTH SEEKER.  Since he hasn’t posted it on his website, does anybody know what his “TURN DATE” record has been the last 10-months?

  5. I always thought that a top meant that prices go down afterward.  But what do I know since I’m not a big name forecaster.  
    Speaking of being (in)famous.  The MSM is always looking for shills to say that gold is going down.  Why haven’t they picked up on Bo?  Or is it that perhaps they have something about chiropractors turned pm specialists? Oops, looks like his place of employment, OC Neck & Back Therapy, has closed up shop.
    I posted this yesterday on the last thread so I’ll just stick it in here too.  It is interesting that someone who charges $13,000 – $20,000 for a subscription doesn’t have an email address using his own domain name.  Maybe as soon as he actually sells one he’ll be able to afford it.

  6. Everyone cast your vote…..  In Bo’s defense, momentum is way overbought so some correction is in order and the higher momentum is, the easier it is to reverse it…..
    But I think something much bigger is happening besides which day is it up and which day is it down.  I mostly watch gold, and the pulse of the gold market has changed.  I think the manipulators are accumulating gold below $1330 knowing they are about to retreat to ~$1400.  Then they will be loaded with proceeds due to price rise and I think $1400 will be the new line in the sand.  $1400 will do a lot to balance supply vs. demand and I imagine stackers won’t be too interested in $1400 after having so much time to accumulate below $1300.  $1400 will be a welcome relief for the miners and supply might even increase. Ask yourself, how many ounces did you buy below $1300, how many do you plan to buy near $1400?
    It might all be part of the manipulators master plan.  Keep price below $1300 for so long that no one is interested in $1400 because it seems expensive.  It’s all relative.  They just need to manage the move slowly enough not to start a short squeeze with more new upward momentum than they can manage.

    • If gold gets down to 1315 by closing today I will admit that I was partially wrong – which is more than Bo will do if it doesn’t.
      He sells a timing service.  He was very adamant about specific cycle top dates and turn-down dates.  If those dates are wrong his predictions are WORSE than worthless.  They would lose big-time money for anyone relying on them. So even if gold does go down later this month his predictions will still have been wrong and be deserving of the castigation he gets.

    • IMO trading paper silver derivatives has become just another way to control the price of gold. As Western vaulted gold has become scarcer if many gold depositors opt for physical delivery they might crash the scheme when they couldn’t deliver (and of course pay out in fiat …. a “semi” default. Ha!). With silver they at least have a possibility of purchasing enough to deliver even if it would make the price rise. With the problems of depositors finding enough private storage for all the silver and delivery logistics issues (wink, wink) it isn’t as likely to happen.

    • I imagine stackers won’t be too interested in $1400 after having so much time to accumulate below $1300…
      There will always be those stackers who see the price go above $1,400 and then buy as much as they can, fearful of missing the bus.
      Human nature is what it is.

  7. Shit.Ok..Yes ..Sure  $2000 ..sounds good.$50 silver plus yes sounds good Im all in .seatbelt buckled truck backed up ready to rocket over and out.Ride my pony.let the party begin.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. Bo’s been wrong and wrong again. I posted a comment in his last article informing everyone that he called a bottom about a year ago saying gold wouldn’t go below $1323/ounce (around 1323, not sure about exact number). Now, after his most recent missed top call, he has the audacity to post again, and ask for $13k for his service. You could buy a car for $13k!
    Not sure why Doc feels compelled to post this guy’s garbage. Not only has he been off on his timing, but he’s misleading, stating he called the top at $49 silver (where’s the proof of that), but not coming clean about his missed calls. I’ll listen to, and spend my money on an honest accomplished analyst like David Morgan before I give one red cent to Bo.
    Bo knows Grifting

  9. This guy has now started advertising multiple places on the PM sites.  We hear about the short term wins, but what about his overall long term record?  That is what really counts.  Where is that PUBLIC UPDATE?  Wouldn’t it be nice to see Mr. Polny update his website showing his EXACT record from the time he started his service instead of just talking about the last months victories  and only showing “Turn Dates” from 10-months ago on his site.  Also, just a question:  If he is so good, why bother running a service?

    • Here’s my guess on what Bo’s up to.
      Instead of getting a decent following by offering his services at a fair rate of say $20/month, he’s decided to try and get a handful of suckers to shell up huge money, 13k/year. So if he gets 10 subscribers he’s doing very well. I suspect he has zero, maybe one or two subscribers who have ponied up the $13k so far. But here’s my guess on how he’s convince Doc and others PM sites to post his drivel. He tells em “hey if I sucker some poor schmuck to cough up $13k, i’ll cut you in for 10%”. Why else would reputable sites be posting this guy’s charts? This is just a guess, I don’t have anything to back this up. Anyone else have thoughts on why this guy who has been wrong and wrong again is getting so much exposure?

    • @RocketsRedGlare
      Roger that, RRG!  Stack it high and stack it often.  The stack really is higher at lower fiat prices.  The last gold I bought was at $1195. That seemed a really good buy.  But it was not the price that was the prime mover in that deal.  It was the fact that I buy a little gold and a little silver at regular intervals and it was time to buy.  That will likely be true at $1400 or whatever the price is in the future.  If gold shoots up suddenly, then I will probably not buy any for a while and will save the fiat for a lower future price.  I am 100% sure that this either will or will not happen!  😉

  10. isn’t one of the first things you learn,(well not the first thing) when you trade is a top,or a bottom is not an event,it’s a process.mostly all these articles,from wherever we go to read them,zh, max k,miles franklin,and all the doom and gloomers’,they are always hinting,”of an event” moment which will cause this or that to happen to the pm’’s funny really,because they all have their own take/interpetation of why shit will happen the way they say.personally i think the reason why pm’s jumped was because someone knew the buck was gonna take an arrow in the back last week and followed thru to this week,so what happened yesterday?, the buck fell bellow 80 so,can i get 13k now…thats my take,err prediction err what cramer said.

  11. Let’s be nice to a fellow silver enthusiast?
    I could use for him to be right starting NOW. Missed out on the recent SDB sale (let the deadline slip) and now silver is just way more expensive.
    If it continues like this for another one, primary silver miners will be booking profits for crying out loud!

  12. I am rooting for Bo Polny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hope he is right.  It would be a huge break for me if he is right and I will give him huge hi 5’s for being right if he is right.  Of course, if you are foolish enough to send him 13000 dollars that might be another story altogether.  Go BO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am pretty sure no one that uses this site has sent him any dough.  Root for Bo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Profile photo of
      Proverbs1616 says:

      And from what I understand, he is offering $2000 for two months, after which, if you have not made enough money accoridng to your judgment of things, you can cancel the subscription at no penalty.
      So these haters babbling on about writing him a $13000 cheque obviously don’t understand that for anyone to give him $13000, they’ve followed him for a year and have made lots of money, seeing as they’ve no seen a reason to cancel.

    • Proverbs1616:
      Based on some of the concerns people have raised, if you did have the money, would you HONESTLY risk the $2K upfront money and subscribe to Mr. Polny’s service?

  13. I have a feeling that we may get a strong sell off in the metals tomorrow (7/3) since it is the last trading day before a long holiday weekend and the media is already setting the expectation for strong jobs numbers being announced. I will probably be wrong on this call as all markets seem to do the opposite of what the most people expect them to do. Mr. Polny has been wrong for some time now but I guess eventually he will be right. I try not to bash the gurus too badly since I know they have to  justify their jobs and salaries, Most continue to rely on TA in the same markets they say are manipulated. TA does have some merits but in a market as rigged as the silver market I think it is becoming more and more useless. 
    At the end of the day I really don’t care about the day to day price movement in the metals because I know where they are heading longer term. But what I have been watching closely are the mining shares which have been performing quite well over the past few weeks. It is said that the miners lead the metals in both directions and if the miners I own are any indication of that then we are heading higher over the second half of the year. 
    In any case…keep stackin’ and Happy 4th of July! 

  14. Profile photo of
    Proverbs1616 says:

    Oh bunch of hateful geese:
    could it be that Bo Polny is getting hit so hard because, unlike others, he is not spewing anti-American conspiracy theories that please the Kremlin, nor is he giving out “info” from his “sources” (see propaganda from Kremlin operatives) that creates fear and demoralizes Americans’ belief that they’re more powerful (which they are). He just doesn’t ooze this self-hating American aura like so many PM men are.
    Indeed, Polny just sticks to his charts, sells his service, and looks like a decent pro-America American. Yeck, that is so not posh in PM blog circles.

    • I hadn’t heard where Jim Sinclair had dropped Bo Polny or not. In fact I am not aware of the relationship that exists between those two.  Mr Sinclair has been wrong in many of his short term calls for gold.  I have not forgotten.  If Bo Polny is wrong, its just another wrong call on a long list of wrong market prognostications that came from other losers during this long bear market for the metals.  I think Bo is bringing some much needed excitement back into this very boring silver and gold market.  Everybody is talking about it!  Will Bo be right?  I damn sure hope so.  I will attribute his calls to luck but congratulate him at the same time.  I am sure that this will bring about interesting conversation at the very least for some time into the future.  Great stuff.

  15. My God ! So disgusting this composite ID MO Baloney makes a mockery of all the honest technicians out there.  My record is in the public domain to a large extent via my blog  LINK.
    Funny, my TA works, and anyone wanting to challenge it step right up and go public.  However you don’t find me headline seeking, what you do find is me working the probabilities once I run my tactical scenarios.  House odds most of the time but Gambler’s bets also, and also some outside prospects.
       By the constant shill and drum beating the entity in question,   simply turns people off, when, instead, using some savvy tactical drills, people could make money, as I am getting no complaints and I offer a money-back, no-questions-asked refund policy.
    I’l give you this.  The same ole sh*t people have used for years doesn’t work without innovation and modification and like the BORG, TPTB, constantly update and adjust, so you  have to have superior tracking and tactical skills to shoot them down.
       If you want a challenge, subscribe to CARTEL~BUSTER ! and I will give you more or less every move Gold and its derivatives make, and refund any month in which my signals have failed to keep you on the correct side.  For your part you will use 3 or 4 common vehicles and make your STOPS work.  Not that hard, but TA works but the bullshit that Mr. Baloney is putting out is simply seasonal guesstimates and a lot of smoke and mirrors in my opinion.
      As to the challenges about TA, put up or shut up…………can ya?  You know where I am, there is the blog link……..

  16. Well … all those who call Polny full of shit, please post your predictions that came true and ones that were posted on the internet that are dated so we know that you are RIGHT and Polny is wrong. I love to watch all the armchair quarterbacks talking shit. I say lets see what happens in July. If we go down to the lows again in July and then it pops, Polny was right. If it does not go the way Polny said then you all can jump right in the middle of his shit and give him the business.  By the way to the poster above who said the metals were going up, at this point right now Gold is down 5.00 and silver is down .15. With the way the COT’s came in this last weekend it looks like Polny is on.  The only way I see silver and gold going higher right now is if we get a huge dark swann event that no one could have seen. all out war in the middle east? etc. Come on folks quit your damn trolling. Or better yet you put your nuts on the chopping block and lets see where your prediction ends up. Doc please keep posting.  

    • PoppaT:
      It appears to me some of the comments here are from people that have ALREADY given Mr. Polny the last year to prove himself through his “PUBLIC UPDATES” and are just making legitimate comments concerning the accuracy of his “Turn Date” record (which his website omits for the last 10-months). 
      Mr. Polny’s website also has a link to an article from Mr. Jim Sinclair dated 09/03/13, which states that Mr. Polny was the “TOP GUN” among Independent Advisory Services in Gold (he beat out Rambus & Charles Nenner).  Mr. Sinclair then advised we “continue to monitor all 3.”  I’m trying to follow the excellent advice of a man that has been in the Gold business for 40 some years.  However, you can’t monitor what isn’t shared.

    • Jimm,
      If you look in to that Sinclair article it actually highlights one of Polony’s missed calls. Sinclair says:
      “The man who called the near Angel top at $1920 and the bottom at $1187 is Bo Polny. Both Rambus and Charles Nenner have not had their heart in their long call on gold.
      Charles Nenner closed his long position Friday. Rambus has been a very nervous long. Bo Polny has been shouting from the roof tops the “Bull is Back.””
      Gold hit an intermediate top that day and has not been back to that level since.  So who actually made the right call?  Charles Nenner!  Who got it wrong?  Bo Po and Sinclair.

    • Silver Alert:
      Thanks for taking the time to review the referenced article and point out something I didn’t.  This helps make my point even better.

  17. I don’t sit in on the cartel’s secret meetings, but it appears that the scum cartel is gradually losing some of its power to rig the PM market. It would be a surprise to me if they were able to knock it down below $1300 again. This month should tell us alot. Obviously Bo Polny has no inside information and is just guessing.

    • @mexrph
      No, none of us get to sit in on those meetings… but… it is the math that shows your point most clearly.  For the past 2 or so years, the cartel has had to continuously increase the amount of silver and gold shorts to cause smaller price increases that are of shorter duration.  This is a classic diminishing returns scenario.  Typically, the returns for such a scenario diminish because their fundamentals are wrong and the market is catching up with them.  It is also typical that these things diminish at an accelerating rate.  It is quite likely that at some point in 2015 the cartel will not be able to manipulate gold and silver prices via these same techniques.  THAT is when the really interesting things will happen regarding PM prices.  Unfortunately, a lot of other less savory things may also occur at that same time.  They will not be unrelated to PMs and their battle with fiat currencies, however.  It is all one big bowl of stew.

  18. I went all in when the price was in the mid 40’s and was convinced Mike Maloney and pals were correct in saying Silver will go to over $500/ounce and “soon”(this was 2011)(They were saying dont miss the boat etc, but since then its only gone down, down, and down). I purchased almost 2500 ounces which was EVERYTHING i had(within 3 weeks of my investment Silver had dropped to the mid 20’s :(…. I’ve also bought the 13k subscription so PLEASE spare a thought for me folks if you think you’ve made a bad decision, hopefully one day soon my investment may actually look decent, time will tell, right now i’m down ALOT. So understandably i’ve been following this shit ever since and to be honest i think it will be a very long time before we ever get back to the sucker prices i was led to buy at. Do i still believe all the hype? to be honest , not anymore, but for my sake just once i hope i’m wrong!. As for now i’v e done enough stacking…..

    • WhoDaresWin –
          if you are to be believed, WTF ?  Damn sure glad I am not in your family.   Tell me, where is your due diligence or caution?
          Where is you savvy that tells you to break up your purchases into parts over price or over time?  I get the rallies and valley’s right, but I always kept stacking $100 @ a time, so I am in all over the place.  I still have 2 Silver Peace Dollars I bought @ 42 each, and I have a lot of 1/2 oz Australian and Aremenian I bought in the 15 U$D range, so I am happy, but why so anxiety-laden ?  Listening to too many Guru’s promising the Pie In The Sky?
           I understand the need to believe in something larger or more powerful than your little ole self, but, let it not be human as human’s are fallible, base and cruel……………Ask Mr. Baloney to tell you his real name, lol.  I know it.  Look at all the old pictures of Jim Sinclair and his entourage, and see where they forgot to expunge the names, and compare them.   Its not rocket science but it is one of the worst and cruelest jokes I have ever seen played on gullible investors.  In that respect they are as bad as Banksters, laughing all the way to their bank with YOUR money.  That is what I find to be the most disgusting part.
           While I am sympathetic and wish you good luck, you will have to go thru a major psychological change before you have a fair chance of success, and besides your out a whole lotsa money, so you might be game over at this junction.    OH yes ask them for your money back and see what you get.   Contrast that with my guarantee @ 
      Notice the claims I don’t make, but the guarantees I do make and keep.  Yes if you email me, I will share my educated guesses about this……………….

    • @whodareswins It sounds like you are a stacker?  Why would you subscribe to Bo’s timing service if you are a stacker?  And, when did silver drop in price from the mid 40’s in 2011 to the mid 20’s in only 3 weeks?  I don’t seem to remember silver dropping that fast.  I have a feeling that you are either not presenting your facts correctly, or you are just telling a story.  There are many people that bought into the coolaid in 2011.  Most are not still around. I own quite a bit of high priced silver myself. At any rate, a stacker does not need a trading service.  Stackers don’t trade.  Unless of course, you stack and trade.  I seriously doubt you are a trader.  At any rate, good luck.  Silver will come back in price.  It just won’t be this year.  2015 or 2016 is when silver will make its comeback.  Patience is something I have been forced to learn. 

    • Denaliguide:
      Please share Mr. Polny’s REAL NAME with the rest of us.  I didn’t hear anyone mention that before.

  19. Whether Bo is off 1, 2, or 3 days is ok with me. As long as we get the $2,000 moon-shoot this year, I will be a happy camper.
    Perhaps today is the start of the Summer downtrend? Let’s see how the next few months play out, shall we?

  20. @Denaliguide, I live on a remote property(ranch), we call them farms here(Central Australia) along way from anywhere and i had money at the time so i invested. It was not cost effective to buy 100 here 100 there etc and the hype at the time was its going to and over 100 ounces so buy now, so i did! Yep your right Baloney is richer than rich NOW and does’nt need to wait for the big reset, he’s already there! @Pollokeeper, Sorry i meant 3 Months not weeks, from memory i bought around august/sept and by Dec 2011 it had dropped to $25/26/ounce. I invested unwisely in Bo and the Silver market, when it comes to price anyways, i’ll wear that one. As for wheres my due diligence, well i trusted the EXPERTS, if 10 Mechanics tell me i need a new engine i tend to believe them because they are the experts, i guess i should not have trusted so easily. Mind you its not beyond the possibility that i can recover my losses, if Silver gets back in the 40’s i’ll at least break even. That would be a good thing right now. The irony is that had i left that money in the bank i would have made some good interest lol. Anyways feel free to continue kicking me while i’m down…..Who knows maybe they are all right but their timing is way off, perhaps in the future people will be jealous of me because i got in when the price was “only” $46/ounce……

    • Whodareswins:
      Sorry to hear about your current situation.  Hang in there for your eventual payday.
      Can you help the rest of us and share some of your experiences with Mr. Polny’s “Turn Date” service. 
      How long did you subscribe to his service, how does it work and what details can you give us about his record during that time frame?
      Thank you in advance.

  21. A lot of financial pain has been caused by the misconception that gold and silver are “investments” when, in fact, they are not.  They are the financial equivalent of an insurance policy as well as a long-term savings plan.  That’s all they are.  While it is possible to buy them at lower prices, sell at higher prices, and pocket a profit this is not the reason why stackers buy them.  No, we buy them to insure our wealth against unmitigated disaster… such as a severe depression or a collapse of the dollar, UST bond, or the US government itself.  While the likelihood of these events occurring is small, it is not zero.  The likelihood of me getting into an auto accident is also small but I still buy auto insurance.  Like any insurance I buy, it is filed in my safe and pretty much forgotten until needed.  The day to day and week to week movements in price are of no interest to me.  Rising and falling prices only mean that I can buy a little less or a little more during that quarter.
    Additionally, those of us who have been around the block a time or two have lived long enough to have seen the effect that inflation has on currency over the long term.  Yes, we really HAVE seen gasoline selling for a quarter or even less.  Today it is $4 but that same 90% silver quarter will still buy that gallon of gas.  This is how wealth is preserved.  I do not expect to get rich on the silver and gold that I hold.  But I do expect that when the SHTF, I will be VERY glad that I own something of value besides US dollars.  I also expect that when a gallon of gas costs $10, I will still be able to cash in another 90% silver quarter and buy that gallon of gas. 
    Because gold and silver are my financial insurance policy and my long-term savings plan, I buy both regularly.  Typically this will be 200-300 ounces of silver or 5 ounces of gold at a time.  I have been stacking silver since late in 2010 and gold since early 2013.  I expect to continue this until the world goes completely bat-s**t crazy or until I exit this level of existence.  Either way, my PMs will be of help to either me or my family.  In a world that seems to be getting nuttier by the day, it is good to have something that has a timeless quality to it and real intrinsic value that is not decreed by either the government or the central bank.  Yes, they do manipulate PM prices but that’s not of great concern over the long run.  It has, in fact, been of help because lower prices equate to more ounces stacked. Those games WILL end one of these days and PM fundamentals will assert themselves.

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