Get_Ready_for_SummerOn June 4, 2014 Gold made a Cycle bottom, turned up on June 5, 2014, exploded higher June 19 post-FOMC.  June 27, 2014, Gold completes its Cycle Turn Date Top with a down Cycle into the summer low STARTING on July 1 – 2, 2014! 
This June 2014 rally has been nothing more than a short squeeze & ‘False’ Breakout!
After a 3-Year Bear and a Final Summer corrective Low ahead, none but the Resolute Bulls will be left standing to experience a Moon Shot to $2000 by year end!  …and ‘year end’ may not exactly mean the end of the year.
Cycle work allowed me to called then Silver $49 top, the $1900 Gold top, the June 28, 2013 Gold BOTTOM within 2-hours, the December 31, 2013 retest and higher low.
The coming summer low will be the FINAL ENTRY LOW and the Back-Up-The-Truck  ‘Buy-of-a- Lifetime’ before a Moon Shot to $2000 by year end!

Submitted by Bo Polny:

The Initial June Cycle Top was expected June 26th, however Gold’s price did not push higher.  Turn Dates are always +/- 1-day so with NO price push higher on June 26th the June TOP is pushed forward 1-Day to June 27, 2014!


On June 4, 2014 Gold made a Cycle bottom, turned up on June 5, 2014, exploded higher June 19 post-FOMC and June 27, 2014 Gold completes its Cycle Turn Date Top with a down Cycle into the summer Low STARTING on July 1 – 2, 2014!
This June 2014 rally has been nothing more than a short squeeze & ‘False’ Breakout.


From the New York Kitco Interview; Gold is expected to ‘rise in May/June and make a TOP in June before a final Summer Low’.  The forecast for a June 2014 Top STANDS and June 27, 2014 Gold Tops.


After a 3-Year Bear and a Final Summer corrective Low ahead, none but the Resolute Bulls will be left standing to experience a Moon Shot to $2000 by year end!  …and ‘year end’ may not exactly mean the end of the year.


The June 28, 2013 (1-year ago to the day) Gold Bottom call at $1180 will hold as Gold’s FINAL Bottom and THE Low.  This summer’s Low will be a higher degree Low relative to all 2013 Lows.  The expected summer Low Price target and Cycle Low Date is exclusive to subscribers.


Cycles precede all Events and as hard as this fact is to believe, Gold’s Cycle indicates a Moon Shot to $2000 is coming in 2014; therefore one can assume some big Event(s) ahead!  Owning physical Gold & Silver is your Protection of Event(s) ahead!


Cycle work allowed me to called then Silver $49 top, the $1900 Gold top, the June 28, 2013 Gold BOTTOM within 2-hours, the December 31, 2013 retest and higher low.  The coming summer low will be the FINAL ENTRY LOW and the ‘Buy-of-a- Lifetime’ before a Moon Shot to $2000 by year end!




Thank you,

Bo Polny

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    • LOL @UglyDog… I think that you’re on to this guy!
      Every time I see his name on an article, it reminds me of “Beau Pony”… perhaps a porno star?  😉

    • $13,000 ???? Seriously ?  Nobody is that good, and even so, wtf would you pay anyone from off the internet ?
      He’s obviously baiting you into paying for his sub, by not telling you the exact date of this coming ‘bottom.’
      Well folks, there is a cycle low expected in July sometime according to several others, and you can (for example) find that out via a much less expensive subscription to Charles Nenner and Associates. I’d trust his cycle work before anyone else’s. 
      So save yourself the coin, so you can use that $13k to buy you some gold coin.  Sometime in July. And FWIW, why even try to time the gold bottom ?  Let it drop into July and DCA in your buys. You should already be in gold anyway, but you may be better off buying calls on the mining stocks themselves. If anything is gonna run, or explode higher, its going to be those stocks, if you believe Bo’s message that gold is going to $2000 before year end. 
      Bo Polny= goof ball extraordinaire!  Why do I say that ? BC anyone who thinks he can charge $13k for a sub, by advertising this sort of baloney via the internet, is just plain goofy.  I know, I know. There’s a sucker born everyday, and PT Barnum milked a few in his time. So Bo’s counting on that, but in my view he has zero cred or integrity.  $13k ??? Sheesh !

    • “If you read this article you owe Bo his $13,000 subscription fee, but don’t wait because that’s a cycle fee bottom.  Fee will moonshot in price to $20,000 by year end.”
      I thought you were just joking about the $13000.00 subscription fee. That is truly unbelievable.
      “A fool and his money are soon parted”
      I guess Bo must be a big supporter of Common Core.

    • LesPaul…Yeah, Bo really does charge $13,000, but it’s been marked down from his regular $20,000 price.  He’s missed a lot of predictions you know.

    • No, it just the weekly shuffle between ‘buy buy buy, last chance before the price skyrockets’ and ‘sell, sell, sell, it’s doomsday next week’. It’s turning into KWN, purely entertainment.

  1. Bo has selective amnesia, I remember on Sinclair’s site, about a year ago or so, he was calling for $1323 (around there) to be the bottom. I guess his top calls are plus minus one day, and his bottom calls are plus minus a couple years.

  2. I seriously hope this snakeoil salesman is right.  I won’t be buying any metals though since I am broke.  However, if he is right, I promise to give this character huge kudos for being right.  If he is wrong, he will just join the long list of guru losers that this site showcases every week.  I really am rooting for Bo on this call.  I am skeptical of cycle work in a managed or suppressed market.  Maybe Bo has inside information?  Who knows?  Maybe he is just an idiot.

  3. No cycle top today. If there is to be a cycle top this week it happened on 06/24 and Bo missed it. Gold did not make a new high today but silver did by a few cents. Both metals mostly chopped sideways all day and are showing slight weakness after-hours and before the start of the weekend.

    Now we wait for Monday to see if the big downturn happens.

  4. Another worthless prediction. Two years ago when gold top $1,900 and silver $49. Then both decline in 2011 and since then you keep hearing /reading that gold will go to $2,000 plus and silver $200 plus. That was 3 years ago and silver is about the same today as it was when I started stacking in 2010.

    • @panther
      “… and silver is about the same today as it was when I started stacking in 2010.”
      Then you have done very well so far because you have been stacking when silver was cheap.  2012 and 2013 were especially good for those of us who were buying regularly and building our stacks.  🙂

  5. Judging by the action in stocks this afternoon (Friday), it’s all manipulation, pure and simple.  Somehow there’s this belief that if stocks and bonds can be propped up continuously, everything will go on as it has, and the People will remain asleep.  It only takes the ‘100th’ person for catalyst to be set off.

    • The ONLY problem with this theory is that the vast number of people in this country do not own any stocks.  Those of us who do have benefited from all this stock market inflation but those who haven’t been in the market have not.  I agree that this is market manipulation, pure and simple, but it also adds up to real dollars for those who invest and then sell some of these inflated shares.  That cash easily can be converted into silver and gold.

    • I told them not to let Chris Christy dine at the All You Can Eat Buffet.
      Either the unions are making really bad bets on losers or the losers collective IQs increased 30 points.  When people bad at math run out of money they stop feeding the one armed bandits.  Simple

  6. Shit: My first inclined response is “Just another flake guru” however sooner or later this market is going to turn in a big way and someone will be credited with making the right call..Maybe this Polny guru is that guy.I sure the fuck hope this guy is right cause this 3yr depression session has really grated on my nerves(and pocket book re:paper loss) despite knowing deep down inside Im’ backing the right horse in the long run.

    • @inlikeflynn
      “… despite knowing deep down inside Im’ backing the right horse in the long run.”
      Indeed you are, Flynn.  Many of us on here are doing the same.  In fact, it may well turn out that we are backing the ONLY horse that’s not heading to the glue factory.  Because of this, all those thoroughbreds loping along ahead of us only LOOK as if they are doing better.  Yes, it IS a bumpy ride but that seems to be our lot in all this.  Perhaps this is a test of faith?  😉

    • Time appears to be growing short.  There’s just too many predictors pointing at 2014 and 2015 that SHTF. Throw in a -2.9% GDP contraction despite the inflation and ongoing printing press working non-stop and it all points towards something big on the horizon. 

    • @PowerBall
      I agree and suggest that the recent drop in GDP is being soft-pedaled like nobody’s business.  As a person with a reasonable understanding of economics (real, not Keynesian) and nearly 4 decades worth of investing / business experience, I am shocked to my very core by this number.  The truly horrifying aspect of it is that it is probably worse than this in the same way that real inflation and unemployment are worse than the official numbers.  A GDP drop of this magnitude is a VERY serious matter.  IMO, it is a MUCH bigger problem than the 4% inflation rate that had Paul Volcker pushing the prime interest rate to 21.5% in December of 1980.  Yet, we hear virtually NOTHING about this from the MSM and damned little about it from the “financial” press.  This is the kind of thing that should cause every American out there to gasp and give their best deer-in-the-headlights imitation.  It should then have them storming DC en masse and DEMANDING some sense be slapped into this government.

  7. Sounds like a bunch of BO-LONEY.
    When people start talking about all their “exact predictions” yet can’t even bother to hyperlink to them using a URL and a time stamped posting date, they are mis-representing themselves in every case.
    After all, if you really predicted something, you would be proud of that, and have a URL to back it up. For example, I predicted a short squeeze in CDE and went long some OTM options on May 28th 2014. I can link that HERE: 

    Now my short squeeze theory didn’t quite pan out, but its up substantially in the last month. Anyone can see exactly what I said, nothing is hidden for “subscribers only”, or any other BS like that.
    Bo Phony should find somewhere else to post… perhaps he can get a website? That way he’ll have URLs to record his outlandish claims with.

  8. Ho Humm, PM had a really good day for one day, one day! Ag up 80+ cents & gold up 40+$. Gee, the crooks still seem to have the market well under their control and range bound. Good grief. The only difference I have seen is that it was costing 1.50 per dime & now it costs 1.60 per dime. Can someone explain to me what were celebrating? Oh yeah, an “explosion”? 

    • @RocketsRedGlare
      “Can someone explain to me what were celebrating? Oh yeah, an “explosion”?”
      Naw, it was the “parabolic” move in silver as it “went vertical”.  Yeah, that was it.  😉

  9. This is a Yogi Bo-Berra deja vu all over again.
    I have a better suggestion—directed to Pat Fields, WillNotBeASlave, Sovereign Economist and the other gurus on this channel.
    Gold and silver are the master set of all currencies,
    Are they a subset of each other?
    Are they a set within their own  master set?
    Feel free to go Full Bertrand Russell on this one.

    • AG,
      Went to an all you can eat restaurant last night. It was all you can eat for $5.95! Went back for seconds and the server told me that’s all you can eat for $5.95, Now Get The Hell Out!

    • @Ranger
      That reminds me of the guy who goes to an all you can eat for $3.99 place.  When he gets to the end of the counter, they hand him a plate with about a tablespoon of food on it.  He looks at it and says, “Hey, what gives here?  I can eat a LOT more than than dinky serving!”.  Just try it, buddy, says the server.  The guy picks up a spoon, scoops up the bite, and starts chewing.  Three seconds later, he is throwing up like there is no tomorrow.  “See, says the counter guy, that WAS ALL YOU COULD EAT!”.

  10. China is moving forward with a plan to create its own version of the World Bank, which will rival institutions that are under the sway of the US and the West. The bank will start with $100 billion in capital.
    The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) will extend China’s financial reach and compete not only with the World Bank, but also with the Asian Development Bank, which is heavily dominated by Japan. The $100 billion in capital is double that originally proposed, the Financial Times (FT) reported.
    A member of the World Bank, China has less voting power than countries like the US, Japan, and the UK. It is in the ‘Category II’ voting bloc, giving it less of a voice. In the Asian Development Bank, China only holds a 5.5 percent share, compared to America’s 15.7 percent share and Japan’s 15.6 share.
    At the International Monetary Fund, China pays a 4 percent quota, whereas the US pays nearly 18 percent, and therefore has more influence within the organization and where loans go.
    “China feels it can’t get anything done in the World Bank or the IMF so it wants to set up its own World Bank that it can control itself,” the FT quoted a source close to discussions as saying.
    To date, 22 countries have expressed interest in the project, including oil-rich Middle Eastern nations, the US, India, Europe, and even Japan, the FT reported.
    “There is a lot of interest from across Asia but China is going to go ahead with this even if nobody else joins it,” the FT source said.
    Funding for the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will mostly be sourced from the People’s Republic of China and be used to pay for infrastructure projects.
    The bank’s first project will be a reincarnation of the ancient Silk Road, the vast network of trade routes between China and its regional neighbors. Another proposed project is a railway from Beijing to Baghdad.
    The idea for the bank was first floated in October 2013, when China unveiled plans to create the bank. Then it was initially to be funded with $50 billion in capital.
    Separately, the BRICS nations plan to have a $100 billion development bankready by 2015.
    Funds will be reserved for emerging market members who are often bypassed by institutions like the IMF and World Bank.
    Bank preparations will likely be finalized at the 6th annual BRICS summit on July 14-16, when the five world leaders convene in Brazil.

    • “Another proposed project is a railway from Beijing to Baghdad.”
      Oh, I like this one!  Let me guess at the name… perhaps, ‘The Orient Express’?  lol

  11. Well here is one Guru that say’s Silver and Gold are moving up next week so Stack over the weekend. LMAO
    I laugh at all this crap. Just stack and when it does move up you’ll be happy. Keep Stacking and remember why your Stacking

    • With Charlie it’s always going up 😉
      Some weeks he’s right, some weeks he’s wrong, but every week he’s entertaining. And every week regardless of the fiat value he is spot on Stack this mutha f*cker.
      James Turk had nothing on our Charlie LMAO :))))))))

    • @Jccjktj
      “James Turk had nothing on our Charlie LMAO  )))))))”
      Roger that, JC!  Charlie IS one of a kind and we have him right here on SD!  😀

    • Nope, that loop tends to open, sometimes with terrible social consequences!  A low pucker factor is not at all helpful.  😉

  12. @Ed_B your right Ed and if I’m wrong I’ll still be laughing. I’ve never put value or dependance on material things I only stack it because I know the shit is going to HTF and I’m preparing to try and survive it. Keep Stacking

    • @Marchas
      Hi Charlie. I bought a $100 face bag from the Doc in the $19.00 level. Makes me feel good. I love constitutional Silver. I`ll only stop stacking when the SHTF, or the put me down for the dirt nap. What else is a person to do? I love scrounging around for the best deal. The hunt is half the fun. Ive always got my eye pealed for a numi somebody dosent know they have. I then go to the LCS and trade for ASE`s. I found several nice numi`s in the last 4 months, they are all gone now, and the Eagles have come home to roost.

    • Right on, Charlie.  When the SHTF, and we all pretty much know that it will, we just don’t know WHEN, those of us who have kept the faith in something REAL will be VERY happy that we did.  I like material things that are truly useful.  I can do without decorations completely.  Something that works and helps me do something I need done is a treasure in its own right.  🙂

  13. Good grief. Everyone sees this guy as I do. It seems to me the parasites are working numerous GuRu s in conjunction to stop the PMs recent rise. A Kitco guy said if gold broke $1311 expect downward prices in gold, and Bo Pony is predicting lower gold prices this summer as of today. Well, breaking under $1311 when the high in gold this month has been only $1322 or so after a $50 point move should not be that difficult with paper shorts. I would expect a 50% decline in the move or $25 points down or so. But why expect a major gold move lower unless gold breaks recent lows of $1250, and I’m not a chart ist? Gold does not really have a buying season as silver does for massive industrial silver users. If industrial silver users get squeezed and move the silver price up $10 bucks of so more than normal this could cause problems for parasites who have most of their money invested in digital nothing denominated stuff. The parasites have gold cornered and controlled and they use their power to control gold to try and control the price of silver. Silver makes em nervous if silver gets squeezed around industrial silver users must buy silver time.  We have China bashing, when China’s GDP is a steady 7.5%, USA’s 2.9%, and GuRu s predicting PMs prices fall to the center of the Earth both shilled at the time when industrial silver buyers appear to buy their physical for the next six months or so. Translates, parasite fear?  

    • “Gold does not really have a buying season as silver does for massive industrial silver users.”
      From what I have read, there IS a gold buying season in Asia.  Gold is bought there, a lot of it in jewelry form, for use as gifts.  Chinese New Year and “Gudi Padwa”, Indian New Year, come to mind but weddings and various religious holidays also qualify as good times to buy gold.  We don’t see that sort of thing much in the West, though.

    From BO’s main article above:  Cycle work allowed me to called then Silver $49 top, the $1900 Gold top, the June 28, 2013 Gold BOTTOM within 2-hours, the December 31, 2013 retest and higher low.
    Bo constantly references his famous gold & silver calls.  However, the last time he updated the “Turn Date Record” on his website was almost 10-months ago, on 09/03/2013  (
    Question:  If his record is SO GOOD, why hasn’t he updated his “Turn Date Record” for almost 10-months
    Answer:  Because maybe, he hasn’t been able to hit the side of a barn with a tomato from two feet away

  15. Whatever, Mr. Polney. The ‘rear-view mirror’ of TA charting is less and less relevant as the ongoing self-destruction of the banknote scheme continues along to its culmination.

    Given this elemental difference in the macro-foundation of banknote driven market pattern-recognition, trading of precious metals has become more like a game of ‘chicken’ or ‘Russian Roulette’. Ignoring that factor by automatonically following these artificially contrived oscillations perpetrated by equally mechanistic insiders is financially … suicidal.

    Those who take inordinate pride in the size of their ‘balls’ are less often prone to survival than those fixated with the size of their intellects.

  16. Technical data in a rigged market is a complete and utter waste of time and anyone who thinks otherwise is a moron. This Bo character has had so many wrong calls its a JOKE. Here’s a challenge BO, how about you show us a graph of your wrong predictions vs your correct ones, now’s there’s a graph i’d like to see(like that would ever happen). Perhaps someone here with good pc skills could show a record of his hits and misses in graph form, that i’d like to see, and that folks was my opinion….happy stacking

  17. Profile photo of
    Proverbs1616 says:

    My oh my:
    here is quite the situation: people whose cumulative economic prestige scale is tonnes lighter than Jim Sinclair and/or Egon Von Greyerz, who’ve likely never been invited to speak at world class PM conference, who likely never will, and who likely all have made $0 from Bo Polny’s turn date service for trading, are swarming the man and attempting to destroy his reputation on a PM blog.
    Something tells me that, with friends and endorsements from the likes of  heavyweights like Sinclair and Greyerz, and successful turn date trading charting, he couldn’t care less about PMblog nobodies who vent their frustration over not having yet become filthy rich from their PM investments.

    • Proverbs1616:
      Don’t you think god would want the ENTIRE truth to be told about Mr. Polny’s “Turn Date Record” instead of just his selective victories?
      You can’t have it both ways, BO!!

  18. Were SD readers as negative a few years ago? Fundamentals only got better. We have been extracting more ounce on limit budget, silver market is now in a small deficit, oil is high, ore yields are falling, primary mines are booking losses, base mines are coming under some price pressure also.
    I rather get a $18 silver promise for the coming weeks than a $50 for the end of the year. A few years of $20 average would be even better. Let the general public grow informed (start to panic), and extract lots of ounces cheaply along with us.


    • Maybe your posts got rejected because you type in all caps.  Anyway, here’s his email address (that’s posted on his site)[email protected]  Why don’t you ask him and then report back to us what he says? 

    • It is interesting that someone who charges $13,000 – $20,000 for a subscription doesn’t have an email address using his own domain name.  Maybe as soon as he actually sells one he’ll be able to afford it.

    • Silver Alert:
      This has already been done.  The reply was VERY SIMILAR to the comments posted above by Proverbs1616 on 06/28/14 @ 6:53 AM. 

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