bloomberg goldA reader has submitted evidence that Bloomberg falsified a gold price chart on air in January 2012 in order to discourage investment in the metal.

During an on-air segment touting gold’s extreme volatility, Bloomberg posted a monthly chart of gold depicting the price action of July 2011-Jan 2012In order to paint the perspective that gold is an extremely volatile asset and an unworthy wealth preservation vehicle, the monthly reference points were scrubbed, and replaced with the years 2001-2011The chart displayed also altered the $ value of gold axis (unless we missed something, gold did not dip below $500/ounce in 2010, or in December of 2012).

The mainstream media caught red-handed attempting to manipulate the perspective of precious metals in full visual display below:

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bloomberg gold


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  1. I got rid of my t.v. subscription because I was sick of supporting the crime bosses and of listening to them. I think the internet is much better, just cost me the $ for a single HDMI cable, now I make my own programming hahaha! Take that bloomberg.

  2. Just like Bloombergs headline this morning at 7:30am “Gold falls as strengthening dollar encourages investors to sell”………………HUH!!!
    What dollar index are these guys looking at??? 79.49 down .27 as I type (Looks strong to me…..insert sarcasm here)
    Desperation people.They are pulling out all the stops to fight precious metals from rising.
    They will lose.

    • Yes, they will because their actions speak WAY louder than their pathetic words.  Honestly, I do not know how these media boneheads have ANY credibility left at all.  One would think that their lack of truth telling ability would soon have all of their listeners / viewers heading for the exits.  I do watch some TV and listen to some radio but you can be sure that I have a GIANT B$ filter attached to my info input line between ears or eyes and brain.  Only problem there is that I need to change out the cartridge daily.  😉

    • @Ed_B
      One might think they should head for the exits, and if the person is using their grey matter as it was meant to be used they would be heading the other way but unfortunately, Americans especially, have been indoctrinated into submission through education, entertainment and so called “news”. With the onslaught of disinformation fed to us over the last 50 years at least, it is no surprise that viewers/listeners don’t run for the exits. There is an information war and that is where these criminals can be defeated, by providing info to others that might conceivably cause them to come out of their trances. I am one who does try to redirect the sleeping masses but it is quite a challenge since the minds I am approaching are largely closed and controlled. I keep trying though since having a working civilization is more valuable than perceived personal image

    • Agreed.  It IS a daunting task that many of us have tried to perform.  We sometimes even have some success but it is clear that it is a huge task and very difficult to overcome.  Our son is a very bright young man and readily took to the idea of critical thinking.  I taught him to question everything.  This does not mean rejecting everything but checking it out for himself to see if it should be rejected.  I am happy that he responded to this in a positive way.  Neither my wife nor our daughter has any interest in such things, however, so it is up to me and our son to do all that we can to put some light in all of the official dark corners.
      Yes, having a working civilization is critically important and there are those who are actively working to prevent this.  Of course, even saying this means that I should just shut up and put away my tin hat.  As time goes by, however, I find that the tin hat fits better and better.  🙂

  3. The scarier part is not Bloomberg’s lies (many people already discount TV media news in the present time), but the influence of the bankers into the education system of the world.  The one single greatest reason that so many people refuse to accept the truth is that they have been trained all of their lives to accept lies.  This training starts in grade school, then middle school, then high school, and then most of all, the universities.  People are trained in group-think and full and complete acceptance and obedience to ‘conventional wisdom’.  Thinking independently and outside the box is highly discouraged (despite what rhetoric may be thrown about).  And anyone who discovers a fundamental truth that shakes the core of the accepted system is shunned and marginalized.  This is plain for all to see in the mass media of today, where trivia and half-truths rein supreme, and critical truths and important news are always left out.
    Because of the above, it seems more and more that a change in the monetary system would be hard to come about unless the education system is totally transformed.  Thus, the importance of self-education is more critical than ever.  As a consequence of the Internet, that’s more possible today more than ever.

    • “And anyone who discovers a fundamental truth that shakes the core of the accepted system is shunned and marginalized.”
      Actually, there is a ranking system at work here and my observations indicate that:  anyone telling an uncomfortable truth is shunned; anyone who is persistent with telling the truth is marginalized; and anyone who actually threatens the system is demonized.  If none of these succeeds, then other measures are taken, as Andrew Breitbart discovered.
      “Because of the above, it seems more and more that a change in the monetary system would be hard to come about unless the education system is totally transformed. ”
      I agree that this is a reasonable and logical sequence but wonder whether or not this is in a race with a complete economic meltdown that will leave those mired in trivia and lies so utterly out of phase with reality as to not only not comprehend what has happened after the collapse but be completely unable to do anything useful about it.  Until they are able to reject all that they “know” about money, banking, and history, making progress towards a better future seems highly unlikely.  The current indoctrination system (won’t dignify it by calling it an education system) will not end of its own choice but will have to be proved beyond all possible doubt to be a complete sham.  Until that happens, we are stuck with it as a public system.  If there is one service that we could provide to all who so desperately need it, it would be to teach people HOW to think independently and critically.  Once they achieve that, they can learn virtually anything.

    • Many of us are attracted to the best of the alternative news sites, like this one, for that very reason.  We learn things here that will never be presented on the TV or radio “news” programs.  I asked my wife if she had heard that an off-duty police woman in Texas had stopped a man from doing a mass shooting by using her own gun and she said that she hadn’t.  None of the so-called main stream media carried this story.  I guess that it simply does not rise to the standard set by the gun-grabbing left for “news”.  Of course, anything that proves their philosophy to be incorrect will not be reported and anything that does or that can be warped into appearing that it does will be headline news 24/7.  These people are so thin in the intellect department that a legal document written in tiny type (lawyer font) can be read through them.  And yet, they think that they are just so intelligent.  Not.

  4. Mayor Bloomberg. another sawed off, runty little NWO munchkin bleep. Anyone who would madate that you can only buy 16 OZ Big Gulps, would probably lie like a rug, steal pennies off a dead man’s eyes and sell his mother’s silverware on EBay

    • No doubt, AG.  I can just see the latest thing in NYC now… a convenient easy-to-carry soda 2-pack that holds TWO of those gubmint approved 16 ouncers.  Makes me wish that I had the paper-board fast-food container distributorship all locked up in NYC!  lol

    • OK, I saw it but do not know what to believe.  First, is this the Sandy Hook school?  I would not know it if I saw it so this may or may not be it.  Next, not all police cars are black and whites.  Several of the gray cars in view looked like police vehicles to me.  Yes, only one ambulance, where one would think that there would be several… at least once the magnitude of the event were realized.  Maybe it is my eyes but I could not make out the “Detroit” on the side of the fire engine that the narrator went on about.  The image was not sharp enough, clear enough, or steady enough to make that out.  As to “standing around”, this is typical of such scenes once the shooter is dead or in custody.
      There is a great article on this and all of the inconsistencies involved in the Sandy Hook shooting on the SGTReport web site.  There are more than enough questions that SHOULD be asked about this “event” but that the media are studiously ignoring.  Unlike every other incident of this kind, why are there no crime scene photos or video released to the public?  Who was the 2nd man that the police grabbed who was dressed in camo and hiding in the woods nearby but later released without comment?  Why were there eye-witness statements that were inconsistent with the “official” description of this event?  Why did Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder meet personally with the 1st responders and what was said at that meeting?  No other US Attorney General has ever before done this and it bears full public scrutiny, yet the media is in lock-step and side-stepping these are other very OBVIOUS questions.
      Given all of the above, is the Sandy Hook shooting a false flag operation of some sort?  Well, we do not have positive proof of that but it certainly has most of the ear-marks of one.  The timing was rather convenient as well… just in time to launch their 2nd term gun grab.  As in all other criminal activities, we must ask ourselves, “Cui Bono”… who benefits?

    • @Ed_B: I couldn’t read “Detriot”either. 1. This does look like the Sandy Hook School as reported. 2. There is only the one fire engine for EMTs. Strange because a local fire station is just around the corner. 3. There is not even one single ambulace. There was enough time for all those people to arrive and some police and NY News choppers, but not 1 ambulance. 4. We see the black Honda taped off that was reported as Mrs. Lanza’s car. We now know that the car is in fact registered to some drug dealer, not Mrs. Lanza. This is the car the rifle was removed from. IF ANYONE WAS SHOT THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN AMBULANCES DISPATCHED EMEDIATELY TO TRANSPORT THE WOUNDED (OR DEAD). It’s as if they knew there were no wounded. Or didn’t want a hopital involved in anything. Speaking of wounded. Has anyone heard of ANY AT ALL? I haven’t.

    • I didn’t know if it was the video or me just not able to read it.  Maybe the guy commenting on that had binocs to zoom in a bit… assuming that he was there and not merely watching the video like the rest of us.
      Yeah, you would think that where kids were involved in a shooting, every ambulance for miles would be there and that there would be MANY wounded being picked up and taken to area hospitals.  Medical reports on their condition would be flowing hot and heavy as well. Have there been any medical reports?  I have seen this story multiple times and on different channels but none of them have mentioned this.  I get suspicious of any story when there are more very obvious but unanswered questions than answers presented by the media.
      “This is the car the rifle was removed from.”
      If the rifle was removed from the car, it wasn’t used inside the school, was it?  Or does that type of weapon just better fit the narrative that has been written for this situation?

  5. In relation to this whole group-think psychological Freemason design. I will hammer this into everyone as much as I can because the people behind all of this are the Freemasons. The people who control the media are ultimately Freemasons. The people suppressing Gold are Freemasons. I am a christian-conservative that is for less government but the Freemasons have actually designed this whole left-right paradigm in an attempt to delude people into mass chaos, rioting, hate, anger, and anything that can lead to mass societal change towards a 1 World Government that “Protects” everyone in their best interest. Well, here is something I have been researching a little called Community-Oriented-Policing or “COP”. I wrote the below message as email to one of my friend Andrew Harrod who publishes regularly on “American Thinker” and “Christian Post”.
    “This article written by Detective Phil Worts circa 2001 about a topic called “Community Oriented Policing” and its roots from those in academia such as Robert Trojanowicz, the former director of the National Center for Community Policing of Michigan State University (
    Anyways, Phil Worts is a detective of the San Diego Police department and he wrote this expose I assume in the local SD newspaper at the time (2001). To sum it up it implies that communism is not dead, it is just in the form of the Italian Marxist, Antonia Gramsci (the more subversive style as opposed to the revolutionary Marxist-Bolsheviks). He suggests that it pervades our culture, our schools, civil society, and our secular government to the core. He also suggests that this has been in the making for sometime with academia such as Trojanowicz and Kurt Lewin of M.I.T. having formulated theories and ways of organizing society into a Marxist-Dialectic utopia of control through community thought, the breakdown of the family and individual conscience.
    Well, I wanted you to read the article and give me all of your possible thoughts on this subject and possible applications and implications, as well as perhaps anything that you have studied throughout your life that may concur to this theory of being possibly true. Thank you Andrew, here is a link to the article without further adieu:

  6. Interesting read ich1baN! I’ll have to re-read and digest both articles. At first glance of the survey, most would think it is a good thing. However, I think a horse is a horse regardless of what you name it. Communism doesn’t have to be all guns and battles. I think it was Stalin (??????) that said ” We will take the US and never fire a shot”. Quiet and stealthy is today’s communism. I believe and even those idiots that think they are just socialists don’t understand they are just baby communists waiting to grow up.
    The Lansing Police Department (LPD) probably don’t even know they are ushering in a communist way of life. “We’ll let the common will of the masses dictate our policy”. I guess that means individualism and self thinking are on the way out in Lansing.
    Thanks for the article. I’ll read it again.

    • That was Nikita Khrushchev 1959. It’s a great quote. It is actually not certain that he said it, but it certainly rings true today. “You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright. But we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you; we’ll so weaken your economy until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”

    • @Ich1baN: Good article. I’ve read a few other articles about the roots and goals of communism. I believe the communists have had great success in the U.S. and the werstern world in general. However even with a near total takeover of schools, media… they never counted on the American constitution, the writings of our Founding Fathers and our churches to be such an inpediment to them, as it has been. After well over a century of socialism/communism dogma being “pushed” it has failed to quietly and stealthily reach its concensus. It has had to be advanced through massive opposition.  But, advance it has. It has pushed Americans into camps. Many of the camps on the left & right do realize “acamdemia for instance” what it is about. Other do not. Most socialists don’t realize that what they think of as socialism is in fact communism and never will. They can’t see that socialism is in direct conflict with the consitution and the two (communism/liberty) cannot coexist. Many on the right believe that those who say they oppose the socialism don’t realize that they are being lied to. These stealthy right wing socialists just want the transformation to be even slower than any stealthy communist. I think this is the reason for the advances that socialism has made. But it is difficult to say that the communists in the U.S. have succeeded. This is the very reason that the U.S. is on verge of civil war and revolution. These forces have also used immigration to change the numbers balance of voters (thats a disscussion for another time). It’s the reason the government is ready to make war on it’s own citizens. They are running out of time and are desparate. I think they underestimated the power of the internet, of the Founders and of the constitution.  They also underestimated Americans desire for liberty, and if not liberty just the right to be left the heck alone! 

    • Thanks for the replies. It is scary to think that the ultimate goal of communism has been a subversive movement all along. It is also interesting to note that the “Scots” Rites Freemasons have 33 degrees and the antichrist has 33 titles in the Old Testament. What is even scarier is that the “York” Rites Freemasons have 13 degrees (which are equivalent to the 33 degrees but each one takes longer) and the Antichrist has 13 different titles in the New Testament…… this is what sold me that Freemasonry is about deception; about pitting man against fellow man. The original sin “hath god really said that?” to Even in the Garden. The Freemasons journey to a one world government must have certain precedents and certain criteria fulfilled and the biggest of those is a common currency that can be tracked and audited to each individual person. This is what sold me to support Gold and Silver when I first committed myself to PMs as the only form of Honest Money.

      Here is a link to an article about the 33 and 13 numbers I referenced above, if you are interested:

    • @rocketsredglare

      Great picture by the way. I looked at it when you first posted it and I have reflected on it the past 2 days. It really does symbolize pretty much all emotions, people, and ideas integrated between faith, the constitution, and liberty. It is absolutely beautiful. At times it seems that many Americans take for granted what our forefathers, our men in uniform, and Jesus have all sacrificed to get a country to the point that gives the individual the power to oppose the tyranny of majority rule. I am now in a country that is almost diametrically opposed to many of the Freedoms we take for granted and now I cherish it all that more.  Of course we have strayed from our roots just as we live in a “Fallen”, “Broken” world from the fall of Adam and Eve. 

      I honestly can’t wait for the day we are united with our countrymen, me of old, men of renowned and most of all, our savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for posting that picture. It made my day. God Bless.

    • Where did you get these gold price numbers?  All of the numbers I have seen show gold at less than $300 an oz. in 2000 and at over $1900 an oz. briefly in August 2011.  Yes, it has pulled back some since then but it is still WAY ahead of virtually every other investment that we could make for the past 10-12 years.  Not that this is always the case, of course, but the printing presses are running 24/7 around the world these days and the real value of fiat currencies has nowhere to go but down.  As that happens, the price of gold will go up… WAY UP.  Be that as it may, we are all free to buy gold or silver or paper with our money, so… choose wisely.

  7. scarily dishonest …. and distressingly inept … this is one of the reasons i dont buy conspiracy theories … if they cock up a simple chart like this how does anyone believe that they can perform complex tasks

    • You seem to be assuming that the “they” in both cases refers to the same people.  Maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t.  Those who would be running any such conspiracies are likely to be motivated, highly intelligent, and more than capable of organizing, funding, orchestrating, and perpetuating a conspiracy.  This does not mean that their troops are.

  8. Thanks for the info. and quote Silversaver. RocketsRedGlare, you are right about even the Republicans being socialist. They just go about it in a different way. They’ll quote the constitution and all the while vote for socialist ways because “we have to be tolerant and meet in the middle.” Well, I call horseshit on that one. As far as the communist’s succeeding, I don’t think so. Too many people that believe in themselves, their god and the freedom to fart anywhere they wish. Keep stacking!

    • @2 OZ: All of this still ties into our rights. Rights that people want to strip free humans of. Such as in all the heated exchanges about gun rights. The 2nd amendment was put in for the protection of people against tyrants. When we speak of it, we rarely speak of it in the terms of inalienable rights. Just as speach is inalienable! The constitution doesn’t “GIVE” us the right to free speech. The constitution doesn’t “GIVE” us the right to own a gun. The constitution recognises that it is a God given right! A Birth Right to all free people that CAN NEVER BE TAKEN AWAY! NO MATTER WHAT. Not even by a majority. It is a condition of liberty. The 2nd amendment could even be stripped from the Bill of Rights and we still have the right to keep and bare arms. Just as we would still have the right to free speech!

  9. Exactly RocketsRedGlare. A piece of paper with man contrived and written words on it is just that (A piece of worthless paper). Just like the dollar, it has not value or power. You are only as free as you believe regardless of where you are and who thinks they own you.

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