Real estate expert Fabian Calvo thinks the recent standoff between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy is about much more than grazing rights.  Even though this standoff is over, we find out It’s really about sweetheart deals for federal land.  Calvo says, “The hair on the back of my neck stood up when I was doing research for this and speaking to some of my contacts on Wall Street.  The BLM is part of the Department of the Interior, and look at what they have been doing?  Through the BLM, the Department of the Interior has been confiscating land and going after land, for example, in the high desert in California and all over the place.  What I am hearing is they are categorizing this land for future collateralization or to sell off.  In the Weimar (Germany) hyperinflation, after the hyperinflation, what did they back their currency with?  They backed it with mortgages and they backed it with land.  This is a total possibility here in America, but here’s the part that is more sinister and crazy.  The Department of the Interior and BLM have been providing sweetheart deals for Chinese investors
In order to not have them dump our debt, we’re basically allowing them, through the Department of the Interior who is stealing rancher land and killing their cattle, they are selling out America. 

From Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog:

  1. Excuse me but, this is NEWS????

    Anybody with half a brain knows that the Coup that took over this Country used this technique to pull off the entire enslavement of AmeriKa. The blueprint was established in 1913 and the papers were signed and finalized in 1933. When they confiscated gold in April of ’33, they actually outlawed Money. When the real actual government exclaimed:

    “Hey! Wait a minute! If you outlawed money in this country, then where do WE get money to run this country?

    The Puppet Masters replied “You now have to get it from the same place everybody else does, with us, the FedRes.”

    “OK, we can do that but you charge interest, where do we get this interest stuff?”

    They said “Oh, you will now enforce that 16th Amendment thing fromm back when we forced your hand, you will collect the interest through Federal Taxes.”

    “Wow, that’s not right, that’s unconstitutional and unfair to the people!”

    They then said “What do you care? Make THEM pay the interest. Truth is, you don’t have to pay back the principle, just the interest. Besides, the Constitution is “suspended” after we just passed the Emergency War Powers Act. Remember, in times of “war” the Constitution is suspended. Just make sure that every so called Puppet-President that takes office renews this Act and that everyone else pays the interest….er, tax!”

    “Wow! But what do we put up for collateral???”

    And finally they said “That’s easy. You will post all property, businesses, farms, ranches, homes, vehicles. You will force the “slaves” to TITLE THEM TO CAESAR! This way, we own it all…..INCLUDING YOU!”

    Remember folks, all throughout history, SLAVES CANNOT OWN PROPERTY! And THAT is why YOU OWN….NOTHING!

    Think about it.

    • Oh RED, you’re such a PILL! lol
      But really, thanks for the reminder. We sometimes forget the basics. 
      As for the opinions on this page, I agree with nearly all. 
      I say TPTB’s playbook is 
      They will steal the land for “Dingy Harry” and later use it for backing the TP Dollar 
      just think ALL of the Above. Once they have control, they will use it as they see 
      fit for the occasion, and time and place… Anything is Possible!

  2. It was about solar panels between a chinese corporate entity, Harry Reid and his son, Rory Reid, who was the former commissioner of Clark County, Nevada.
    So it wasn’t about a turtle, it wasn’t about global warming, it wasn’t about back payments for fines and it isn’t about backing the Dollar with Land. We are in another FED fueled real estate bubble as Fabian regularly points out and that I know first hand as a real estate broker in Tx… However, I still advocate owning arable farm land at decent prices with a fresh water source and plenty of livestock.
    ….and yes China is buying farmland and properties all over this country. What I would imagine happening is we will get a new local paper currency after the Dollar Reserve is lost. I know Jim Willie refers to this new local currency as the Scheisse Dollar because it will be worth half of your current dollars in circulation. But at this point it is all speculation and just keep purchasing precious metals to protect your purchasing power.

    Lame street media did not cover the Bundy deal at all. In several of my WaPo posts I included links to BLM and HarryReid’s involvement but WaPo did not write  one word. What stopped the BLM Bundy deal was HarryReid. Secondary media should never let HarryReid off the hook and realize bringing HarryReid in to the NV he said she said argument terrifies the parasites. The Smithfield largest hog processing plant in the world is 40 miles from my house and no one should think the Chinese are getting some sweet deal. The Chinese may think they have but I’ve said the Chinese are getting another Tibet can of worms from day one. True years from now the land may be worth a fortune but it won’t be an easy trick. First of all Smithfield will always need the land for hog farms or there is no Smithfield. Second the permitting process to change the land use would be a major pain plus the hog farms are polluted. Plus Smithfield has totally polluted the Cape Fear River and there are a jillion pain in the ass clean water advocates like me who can and will raise hell if Smithfield even thinks of making pollution around here worse. Actually I’m hoping the Chinese will do something to abate the horrible pollution the Smithfield plant and hog farms have been laying on Cape Fear River NC ever since the plant opened.  Paul Craig Roberts is a financial Ed Snowden and he can’t get any lame street traction and probably never will. Many talk Black Swans but two things are not being factored in correctly, IMO. War. War is going to help the dollar and could easily kick the dollar Black Swan down the road. Second the real estate market is much stronger than some seem to realize. Interest rates are going to have to go up a lot to hurt it. Actually higher interest rates will hurt the US debt much sooner than higher interest rates will hurt RE sales, IMO. If anyone it itching for a Black Swan the entire annual silver mine production could be purchased for like $16 BILLION per year, less than Apple sells Retina IPads? If China and/or Russia ever want to scare the heck out of the parasites all they have to do is buy and take delivery on like 50M oz of silver. Cost em $1Billion but guarantees an Oh _uck out of the COMEX. Do it a couple times a month and even Dimon would hang his head.  

  4. Certainly, BLM was acting in the best interests of U.N. Agenda 21.  We haven’t discussed Agenda 21 here at SD much.  But, basically it’s the opposite of life, liberty, and property.  However, this Nevada incident amounted to a test of the public’s response to extended gov’t over reach much like the Boston Marathon bombing where they shut down an entire city, airports, trains, buses with a Stay-in-Place order to search for one teenage boy.  On the flip side it gave us a look at the new Federal Army akin to the Brown Shirts of Hitler’s Germany.

  5. I was there. Turning point in American history IMO. After traveling the area on foot, in vehicle and ATV, I didn’t see one desert tortoise, but what I did see was some amazing countryside near the Virgin River and it became immediately clear to me why some forces would want to appropriate this land for themselves.

  6. My contact in China told me Chinese news is reporting the Bundy Ranch story but not mentioning any China interest in buying the land.  While China might have known they were getting a sweet heart deal, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t know the US gov. had to first steal the land before they could sell it.

  7. Profile photo of
    Anita Bonghitt says:

    The craziest part is, this Bundy guy is stealing from America. It’s federal land, it has been since Nevada became part of the United States, and just because he lives nearby doesn’t make it his land. All he has to do is pay $1.35 per cow a year to graze on federal lands, but instead he wants US taxpayers to pay for land management for him.

    • They are extorting him so they can build a solar energy plant. Ask Harry Reid and his son why they have facilitated the sale of desert land for much less than appraised value for his green energy cartel buddies. IF you’ve seen the land in question in person, you’d realize why they want to force him out and appropriate it for themselves. It’s a valuable tract near the Virgin River. They ‘regulated’ 52 ranchers out of business and he’s the last one. Nevada has done tons of atomic testing and yet Bundy’s cattle are threatening the ‘desert tortoise’, I didn’t see one desert tortoise by way.

    • Even at National Parks you need to pay the entry fee. Bundy should have paid his grazing fees, then I might have agreed with you. As it stands he has no legal argument under common law.

    • Bundy WAS PAYING ALL THE GRAZING FEES UP UNTIL THE POINT the BLM tried to put the squeeze on him to force him out. They quit using the fees to properly manage the land for some time, then he quit paying. It has been a pissing match for quite some time, and the latest I heard and read was that the militia types backed him up and the pu$$y-@$$ F’eds backed down 😀 
      He HAS legal recourse, and documentation to back him up. The desert tortoise preserve is being shut down, the healthy ones released into the wild, where they have been PROVEN to coexist with the cattle quite well, thank you! 
      Mark Levin covered it quite well in his radio show this week. He is also one of the TOP Living constitutional experts, with a degree in constitutional law. Bundy may very well WIN this one, as he should! BLM is just another 3 letter F’ed Word agency that is totally out of control as far as the US Constitution is concerned  
      U Go, Cliven Bundy!!! 

    • I was part of a militia unit there, and yes, The People pushed back hard. There was no negotiations, it was a dictation of terms by the People…although the lead agent of the BLM, who looked like a merc of some kind (Blackwater/XE whatever) Agent Love tried to negotiate from a position of authority, he had none as far as we were concerned, he was told what the terms were, and that was basically for the BLM to stand down, open the gate and step aside. The agents realized they would be in a world of hurt so they backed down. I’m glad there was no violence, but I can assure you, The People were ready to make the ultimate sacrifice that day.

  8. This Bundy affair has nothing to do with land confiscation since the government already owns the property.  They owned it for decades before Bundys ancestors settled there.  And if they wanted to build a solar installation there, they wouldn’t need his approval.  Bundy does not recognize the federal government.  This extreme view is popular among the libertarian militia types, but that’s about it.

    • “This extreme view is popular among the libertarian militia types, but that’s about it.”
      Yep.  Them and those terrorist / traitors to the Crown, like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams.

    • @undeRGRound
      Indeed so, RGR.  Some of us understand that liberty really is worth dying for… because what’s left without it isn’t worth living for.
      We have a really good group here.  The level of knowledge, understanding, and even wisdom is far and away better than in most places.  But credit for most of what we have her goes to The Doc and everyone else who works hard to keep SD up and running.  He’s one of the very few who says, “SPEAK YOUR MIND”, and actually means it.  🙂

    • The Only Thing Is, (and not knowing or caring what Beck says) 
      Is that this could be “bait” for another “false flag”. Restraint 
      is a virtue, as something like this should be settled in court most likely…

    • @undeRGRound
      “…as something like this should be settled in court most likely…”
      Roger that, RGR.  lol    Virtually all of us would prefer a legal settlement that is peaceful and in keeping with both the law and the American ideals of peace, justice, and freedom.  Those like Harry Reid seem to have little in common with those ideals, yet he purports to speak for the citizens of the state of Nevada as if he did.  He can afford such behavior today.  Back in the days of the Founding Fathers, someone would have called him out in a duel and shot his @$$.  I’m not advocating that, just saying that people were a lot less tolerant of bad behavior back then and saw nothing wrong with correcting it… personally.

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