While the criminal conspiracy to FIX silver and gold continues, and as the criminal cartel dumped $2.3 BILLION IN FUTURES in 5 minutes Tuesday, causing gold to plunge back below $1300 — down more than $40 in just a few trading sessions, Bix Weir joined the SGTReport for his take on the “end” of the London silver FIX – and the current state of the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY to FIX silver and gold. 



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    Proverbs1616 says:

    So here is my thing:
    these woolly mammoth coins are dubbed “prehistoric” animal.
    Get ready for logic 101.
    – History started when God created time on and the whole universe in Genesis.
    – Pre-history is anything in eternity-past (get your mind around that!) before God created everything.
    – Post-history is anything in eternity-future (get your mind around that!) after Jesus’ millennial reign.
    THUS: a prehistoric animal is an animal that existed before God created the everything.
    Yes, you are right, prehistory is an evolutionist oxymoron.

    • What cracks me up is when atheist scientists try to pass off the ridiculous “theory” of the “big bang” as though its’s a fact. The idea that the hole universe was energy the size of an atom, then this omnipotent energy atom (without any explained reason in their theory) spontaneously combusted into everything there is. right, check

    • IF you understood quantum physics as well as most scientists do, RRG, THEN you would have a basis for cracking up.  Until then, it is opinion.  In terms of mathematics and physics, the big bang theory is about as solid as such things get.  My personal theory is that “the big bang” is not an isolated event but a recurring one.  This is very much like a spring compressing, relaxing, and repeating.  Each time we get a BANG, the universe is created all over again, fresh, new, and filled with resources.  Added to this is that since everything could not come from a “void”, we must have a universe and an anti-universe, such as with matter and anti-matter, the sum of which is still zero, but in the individual halves of this whole, much occurs that otherwise could not.
      Also, not all scientists are atheists.  Just in my own experience, I would say that perhaps 1/4 to 1/3 of scientists follow a religion of some sort to some degree or other while the rest do not.  I look at the mysteries and wonders of this universe and its symmetry and order and cannot possibly conceive that it occurred by accident.  Chaos is what occurs by accident, not order or symmetry.  Just my humble opinion.  🙂

    • Scientists don’t know they guess, that’s why it’s a “theory”. The big bang is a theory with out Any supporting evidence, NONE, like dark matter & dark energy, the string theory. The authority on everything theory (some really believe they are). As far as quantum physics goes, well that’s just another theory. Theory’s to support theory’s. Funny how they rarely state it’s theory, but just say this is how it happened. My theory is they’re full of shit & when they refuse to state that what they’re saying is theory, conjecture, UNPROVEN & UNDEMONSTRATED, not fact, they prove my theory. People watch these “Theorists” on TV spew they’re theory’s “with all the sensory whistles and bells added” and believe it. They even start coming up with theories of they’re own based on what the theorist said. lol.

    • “Scientists don’t know they guess, that’s why it’s a “theory”.”
      Wrong in so many ways that it is difficult to respond.  In science, the term “theory” does not have the half-assed wild-eyed connotation that it does in non-scientific circles.  A theory MUST be based on the best and most sound science known at the time.  The fact that it is only 99+% proved is what makes it a theory and not a “law”, which IS proved at 100% and not merely at 99+%.  Still, in the real world, a 99+% proof is pretty damned good… much better, in fact, than practically everything we accept as “truth”.  Even Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, one of the great works of science and which has withstood every single scientific challenge presented to it since it was formulated, is still a “just a theory”, primarily because parts of it cannot be proved with current technology.
      “The big bang is a theory with out Any supporting evidence, NONE…”
      Incorrect again.  There is substantial evidence for the big bang theory, else science itself would have disposed of it long ago.  The fact that they have not strongly indicates that there is quite a lot to it in terms of the fact that the galaxies are all moving away from each other, as one would expect of material that had been blown away from a central location.  Yes, there IS a lot that we do not know about the universe.  So?  There always will be, IMO, but that does not stop us from learning all that we can, does it?
      “People watch these “Theorists” on TV spew they’re theory’s “with all the sensory whistles and bells added” and believe it. They even start coming up with theories of they’re own based on what the theorist said. lol.”
      Yep… and completely unlike you, right?  lol
      The really hard core scientists do not go on TV… ever.  They know that it is a ridiculous experience that they can easily forego and do not want some glib TV jackass making a mockery of their years of study and hard work… which, given the chance, they will do.  HEE HAW

    • WOW, you really will fall for anything. 99+% proved. You can’t even prove that statement. Did you just make that up, another theory? That’s a lot of rehashed talk from the talking heads. I’ve heard it all before. They can’t prove any of it! “There is substantial evidence for the big bang theory, else science itself would have disposed of it long ago.” LMAO, like the theory of evolution, man what a bunch of Horse **** that is and it’s been around for over a century. UNPROVEN mind you, and yet still accepted by so many. You can no more prove any of it to me than they can to you. Saying something is without evidence is faith. If you or anyone can prove it, do so. Prove the big bang, relativity, evolution, string theory, dark matter, dark energy & quantum physics etc. They can’t, and I know it. Trying to understand what isn’t understood is what everyone does. All they have is a lousy theory, a guess, a hypothesis. Exactly right, because I don’t believe the crap on TV and don’t watch TV. They have other uses without bringing liars “like glib jack ass scientists spewing ridiculous theories out as if they’re fact” and propaganda into the living room.

  2. Sorry Bix, there are no ‘good guys’ in government or banking. They’ll be dragged back into specie kicking and screaming … but they will be dragged back nevertheless by unalterable circumstance.

    • Bix is one of those people who is wildly entertaining but in no case will I be betting ANY money on the things that he says.
      As to the Silver and Gold Maple Leafs, they are very much appreciated by any number of us right here in the US.  I appreciate the fact that their premium is lower than those of similar ASEs and AGEs.  Their tendency to “milk spot” is not much appreciated, however.  Has that been fixed or is it still happening?  I haven’t seen it on any of my silver Maple Leaf coins but many others have.
      I have to say, though, that from an artistic viewpoint, the US coins are more attractive.  Beauty, of course, being in the eye of the beholder.  🙂

  3. This is one of the best podcasts that I’ve listened to. This link is to a show that he did on silver. His over shows are just as good!
    [audio src="http://traffic.libsyn.com/modernamericanprepper/episode_6.mp3" /]

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