On the August 23rd SD Weekly Metals & Markets radio show I explained how the United States has a very long history of drawing lines in the sand — the “red line.”  One could even call it a passive-aggressive mode of foreign policy, but it works well in terms of public relations.  “We didn’t want to do “x,” but because “they” crossed the “red line,” we had to act.  Can you imagine a CEO of a company executing strategic decisions in such a manner?
This week, Obama has proven to the world that he’s a public relations savvy lawyer first, and a so-called leader second.  Examine how he’s framing this issue before the media.
Sorry, but the issue is not that chemical weapons treaties are long-standing and that the US must act.  The enforcement of said treaties call for verification of violations.  We’re talking about escalating a conflict that could cause a chain reaction in the Middle East and end up triggering global nuclear warBillions could die.  This is not a time to screw around.  Verification must happen, and the piss-poor blathering about signals intelligence and re-packaging of previous chemical attacks (evidence suggests there were executed by rebels, not Syria) doesn’t pass the veracity test.
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War Bird

  1. There are sinister forces who in my view have facilitated barry the bumhacker painting himself in a corner.
    IT is clear saudi arabia, quatar and israel all want this, as do the puppets in washington. Barry has now the uncomfortable task of walking this back and being outed as a feckless liar, or sleepwalking into what literally could be the apocalypse.

    • You’re giving the Pretender way too much credit and discounting entirely his status of bought and paid for. He not only works for the “owners” of this planet, his sorry ass is compromised past the point of no return. Anything that occurs is sanctioned facilitated aided and abetted with full consent from said owners. When I say owners think old world power families now in positions of global trans national corporations. They fund both sides and perpetuate the false sense of choice and know full well the outcome before the first shot is ever fired. Manipulation is not confined to precious metals…but you know this it’s just real hard to believe what you know so you want to mitigate the reality so as to lessen the pain. That’s ok I used to do it too. 

      Wow, that was to the point and quite accurate in my humble opinion. It is refreshing to see others who are tuned in so tightly…….again, IMHO……..and certainly no intended offense to my friend in “shorts”, dirtlump. There is a group not seen or reported on, (for the most part), who control all leaders of the so called…..”free world”. Poor Barry is no exception. Whether he was in on it already, or just brought “up to speed” after the fact, he is certainly only a frontman doing the dirty work. I believe they have no other choice except to see their loved ones compromised, if you know what I mean….wink wink. It’s these controllers who need to be outed, not the sitting president.

    • Would’ve thought all those sessions in the CHoom Wagon would’ve mellowed him out…
      Then again bankster hand puppets simply do what they’re told…
      Dance Monkey!

  2. The real kick in the ass is we hear it’s about oil or gas or religion or ideology or pick the flavor of the day…but the actuality is when you have all the money in the world as these MFRs do it just comes down to being able to impose their will on the rest of us. Power is the one thing that’s motivates these flickers not WEALTH.

  3. As the above article says, billions could die. That would place humanity squarely in the Neanderthal category making the PM markets, what is the word, obsolescent? 
    The current misdirection is tptb want to foment the radicalization of musloids, a 180 degree turn around from the Bush Doctrine, in hopes the musloid populations in China and Russia destabilizes China and Russia. Really.
    Tptb desperately need to keep the petrol dollar intact thus the push for the fossil fuel Trans-Caspian pipeline through the Southern Caucasus states. Libya supplies oil mainly to France, thus the French payback with Syrian strikes, “our oldest ally” as Kerry declared. Getting Iran and Syria “regime changed” would open up Afghanistan’s rare earth elements and Iraq’s oil to support tptb for the next 100 years of the Federal Reserve Act which is up for a vote late 2013. Something like that.

    • Thomas, you have to read the full article and not the above portion to understand the context of “billions.”  My point was that the region is so unstable that a so-called “limited” strike (what Obama is campaigning for) could easily turn into a regional war, which in turn could easily turn into a global war, and given those kind of stakes, the world must demand confirmation of Syrian responsibility for the chemical attack before even discussing the possibility of military strikes (never mind the question of the validity of the strikes at all, which is a separate issue).  

      I’m not fond of that bombastic headline because the full article is not under it to support what I meant.  But the headline is nonetheless factual and does indeed come right from my article.

      NOTE:  It can be determined with 100% accuracy if this gas attack involved gas from the Syrian stockpile.  That’s a fact that no one in the media is talking about.   The world needs to demand a real investigation – see the original article for more detail.

    • Also, not sure how you conclude Obama’s policies are different from Bush.  Both funded and supported factions to foment instability in nation states – and yes, often that included funding radical Islamist factions.  In specific countries, there was some flip-flopping, such as in Afghanistan, where the US first supported the radical mujahideen to set the bear-trap for Russia, but then, fought the Taliban.  But generally speaking, the US has frequently supported radical Islamist factions under both Bush and Obama as a tool to stir-up conflict and destabilize nations. 

    • It’s no surprise that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee would approve the attack.  The committee is mostly populated with military industrial complex puppets.  There’s a chance that the full House and Senate will oppose this action, especially if people demand a real investigation and a halt to this bogus argument that we must rush to act.  This war has been going on for over 2 and a half years.  There is no need to rush to act.  We need investigation of the bodies of the attack that took place two weeks ago.  Basic forensics can compare samples to the existing Syrian stockpile.  The Syrian government have said they’d permit this.  I say to the world:  you want 100% verified intelligence?  Call for it.  The problem is not science.  The problem is politics, public relations, lies about true motives, etc.

    • @Flying Wombat
      If the CWs came from the Syrian stockpile however, how can it be proven that the ‘Rebels’ didn’t acquire these in the field after taking a Syrian stockpile? That is the kind of thing the Syrian Army would not fess up to because it would also give the international community a reason to demand outside action through a call of irresponsibility on Assads watch. IMO if they are identified as being Syrian CWs then it still doesn’t prove Assad did it. But of course Barry doesn’t care, the UN said it would take weeks to analyze the samples and the vote and strike would be next week, so it blatantly stinks to high heaven regardless of where they came from.

    • The Syrian CW stockpile has very high storage security protocols.  The Syrian state remains very strong vis-a-vis rebel forces and it does not appear there has been any compromise to the security of the CW stockpile.  Above and beyond that, if there had been a compromise of security and chemical weapons had gone unaccounted for, why would the Syrian government welcome UN inspections that could easily conclude Syria was to blame if said weapons did get into the hands of the opposition?  

  4. This asshat clown is either:
    1) The Antichrist (that’s where my money is)   or
    2) He’s the dumbest stupidest idiot what ever lived (doubling down on that one)    or
    3) He’s so blackmailed it ain’t funny  (I’m all in)
    Could be all 3.  Either way folks…everybody loses

    • Most definitely, he’s a compromised individual. He has his marching orders and if it doesn’t happen we will get huge scandals that the media does pursue passionately. They will throw this big mack daddy under the bus in a NY second and it will be the end of line for this clown.

  5. Matthew 24:6-8:  And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.

    Jesus predicted all this ahead of time. Damascus will get wiped out, Iran and Russia will get crushed when they attack Israel, and in the midst of all this, Jesus ORDERED Christians not tbe be troubled or worry. Jesus says: chillax… there’s nothing you can do to change any of what is going to happen, and I am more than powerful enough to be with my children.
    As for the unsaved: be afraid, be very afraid (and then repent of your sins, trust Jesus and you’ll get to be like me and not have to be afraid anymore … woohoo!)

  6. I’m with Ranger. Just like sex, war is not going to happen in my life. I would like to see if Kitco has a chart on the “Lead Standard.” I would rather leave all this conjecture to the SGT Report. Miley Cyrus? Who cares! Obama-yama-rama-lama-dingdong? Who cares? How about that DINAR?

  7. >>>“We didn’t want to do “x,” but because “they” crossed the “red line,” we had to act.  Can you imagine a CEO of a company executing strategic decisions in such a manner?
    It is SO infantile to run a country this way. Like a bully at school who made a promise to kick someones butt and has to keep his promise or he will hurt his own pride and lose the credibility of the gang he represents. It is SO pathetic, and the media coverage is so transparent now. If people cannot see how manipulated the media is by special interest they must be brain dead for sure … or have a major maturity problem or testosterone imbalance.

  8. On Tuesday, Sen. Ted Cruz distilled the current debate over possible military action in Syria to its essential dilemma. While Syrian President Bashar Assad is certainly a ruthless dictator, the forces aligned against him are dominated by jihadis and elements of terrorist organizations. Cruz noted that Americans didn’t enlist in the military to “serve as Al-Qaeda’s Air Force.”
    “We certainly don’t have a dog in the fight,” Cruz said, calling it a civil war in Syria. “We should be focused on defending the United States of America. That’s why young men and women sign up to join the military, not to, as you know, serve as Al Qaeda’s air force.”
    Cruz noted that of the nine major rebel groups, seven have ties to Al-Qaeda. Cruz’s colleagues, Sens. McCain and Graham, are pushing the Obama Administration to arm rebel forces with heavy weapons. It is unclear how the US would ensure that its weapons would go exclusively to the “right” rebel forces. Even if they were, it is likely that any post-Assad regime would be dominated by elements loyal to Al-Qaeda. 
    “I’ll give you one of the simplest principles of foreign policy that we ought to be following,” Cruz said. “Don’t give weapons to people who hate you. Don’t give weapons to people who want to kill you.”

    This in a nutshell is saying that 9/11 was an inside job. Now we are asking our troops to defend, which was originally and officially charged with Terrorism. 

  9. Assad’s forces did not use chemical weapons any more than I did.  It is common sense.  Why would the Syrian army use chemical weapons?  The Saudi/Qatar backed rebels gassed their own people.  The sock monkey needs to man up and demand a full investigation.  This is a great opportunity for the monkey TO LEAD.  He will blow it IMO.  If the monkey strikes Syria without Congressional approval, it is a clear violation of international law; impeachment proceedings should begin.  My concern is the idiots we have in Congress; whether they approve a limited strike next week.  Americans need to get off their dead asses and demand Congress represent their constituents instead of the special interests.  The lame stream media could assist America in a time of need to make the sheep aware, like a state by state opinion poll, but we know that is not going to happen.  Personally, I have lost faith in our Congressional leaders of doing the right thing.  We need to remove these spineless bastards from office, they are not upholding their sworn oath of office. 

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