Unconventional Finance has released another interview with GATA’s Bill Murphy discussing JP Morgan’s alleged manipulation of the silver market.  Murphy states that JP Morgan’s manipulation of the silver market will soon be revealed, and states that the JPM silver scandal will be larger than LIEBORGATE and may likely result in the implosion of JP Morgan Chase.

Full interview below:

Part 2:

  1. Murphy sounds like he is very frustrated about the PM markets.  I didn’t hear him say JPM will implode.  He specifically said it wouldn’t implode, but that there is presumed manipulation.  So?  What else is new?  Not much will occur in this market until someone gets fed up with all the games being played and does something about it.

    Make no mistake about this:  the smart money AND deep pockets are buying gold and silver like there is no tomorrow…because soon there won’t be–to buy it at a reasonable price–!  

    • I don’t think that these types of news will ever go to the mainstream medias such as Fox Business News. Fox News is probably the biggest propaganda spreader in the USA. If these types of news ever go to Russia Today, then I’ll believe.

    • A lot of people have been waiting a long time for the things to unfold, but it is happening as we speak. Patience is key (and learning patience is a bitch).

      I know people who’s been waiting for the great unwind for 15 years. They don’t care anymore (you wouldn’t either, the looking at stats and price sites every day for years on end, waiting to see the massive spike, will wear you down eventually). They have their stashes (though often lost in tragic accidents, sadly…), and live life as they feel they ought to.

      Personally I believe that silver going 100+ can take years yet, but if youre in this game for the right reasons, it won’t matter to you. Just being in PMs instead of funny munny is statement enough, a big extended middle finger in the face of the Establishment. If you’re in it to make a quick buck, then PMs aren’t the right place, and then you’re not doing much good, either, even if you went into this market with billions.

    • He’s not the only one that made the prediction that JP Morgan would soon collapse. One year ago, there were other financial “experts” who were already telling people about it and Bill Murphy is only repeating their words.

    • They also won’t implode as long as there is any gold or silver to be had. The only question until then, is what the artificial low or baseline price will be in the mean time, or the min and max limits the crooks have determined for the coming year.

  2. TBTF.   Right there is the problem, our government deals with certain big banks on a level far beyond the public’s knowledge.  They go begging to the fed chairman to keep the money taps open. JPM (a fed member bank) is a more powerful government agency than the Defense department.  The Sec Def doesn’t tell congress what to do, but JD struts the halls of power wearing a smirk and those presidential cufflinks. A Teflon Don in his own right. Embezzlement, insider trading, racketeering, none of it ever prosecuted. A few years ago they stuffed the new (bank friendly) bankruptcy laws through congress, right when they knew lots of Americans were going to have to file. Corzine (another insider) stole over one billion and walks free since he passed ‘tribute’ to the Don.  A CNBC producer crossed them up and came home to two dead children. That’s power.
    Bill hasn’t really come to grips with just whom he is dealing with.  Sure, there’s a scandal out there. Lots of them.
    @Death and Gravity- ”  you’re not doing much good, either, even if you went into this market with billions.”
    That isn’t quite true. While they have the brakes on every day, prices have moved upward in spite of their best efforts.
    A billion in gold bought in 2002 = about $320 an oz = 3,125,000 oz.
    Sold right now, today = $5,468,750,000.  A very nice return in ten years, I’d say. We have to take the long view in PMs, same as always.

    • “Embezzlement, insider trading, racketeering, none of it ever prosecuted.”
      Why would it be?  Congress pulls the same s**t and probably uses JPM as their brokerage house to do it.

    • Yes, we sure do have to wait longer for the precious metals to go up for the long term. In my case, I’ll have to wait until 2015 for the price of silver to go to 40$ per ounce according to a strait line from the 2008 low price to the recent 2012 low price.

  3. Even if it were bigger than liborgate, so what! The lame stream media would just ignore it and it all goes away.
    No one goes to jail once again…..except of course the average sheeple who steals a candy bar.

  4. Mr. Murphy had done his fair share of legwork to reveal the devious manipulations in the gold and silver markets.
    I don’t think it is fair to bust his balls for a prediction that doesn’t come to fruition in a certain timeframe.


    • Galileo was found guilty of heresy and put under house arrest for insisting upon the fact that the Sun did not revolve around the Earth, but that it was the other way around.  Was he a clown and a cheerleader as well for doing so?  Enough said…

    • Actually, there are signs that JP Morgan will collapse soon with the manipulation. About one year ago, it took the cartel one third of the US annual silver production in shorts to crush silver’s price by about 5$ or more. Now, it takes the cartel the whole US annual silver production in shorts to crush silver’s price by about 2$ or less.

  5. Man Murphy is really getting a bashing for being truthful and that’s his crime for all the negative posts? The guy has more contacts and knowledge than I’ll ever have and most people on here and he has been fighting the system on his and our behalf for a long time. Moreover, that makes him someone that I’ll listen to rather than some of the posts on here.
    As for JP Morgan: When they crash comes, I hope I can relocate this thread.
    P.S. Anyone Selling Silver. LMAO

    • “P.S. Anyone Selling Silver. LMAO”
      Not very damned many, Charlie.  I went to my local coin / pawn shop today because he got a few 90% silver coins in today.  It was just a small lot but I bought all of it, ending up with 2 Morgans, a Franklin half, a 1/2 oz. silver medallion, 4 quarters, and 14 dimes. This was a decent haul and the 1st that he’s had in stock in several weeks.  Very few are selling these days.

    • Ed_B is correct because it’s the same thing at my local coin shops! The dealers have no more gold bullion for sale since about two months. One of the coin shop ran out of silver bars and only has very few silver coins left. Another one has completely sold all of his silver bullion and I bought a lot from him since he personally offers me good deals. 

  6. I think a lot of us are frustrated, no less me. The way or what I’m seeing is when we go from one percent of investors to 5% that’s going to be the key. What it will take us to get there that is another question. But if you like me, you’re spreading the word as fast as you can, to everybody you can. One thing we all know is at some point paper game will end.
    Meanwhile I’ll keep stacking. 

    • I’ve tried to spread the word on buying physical gold and silver and their fundamentals but people don’t listen to me and think I’m crazy. I told one of my friend about it and he said “I don’t need them” and another one looked at me weirdly when I told him that I’ll buy some gold if I ever found a million dollars.

  7. We are in the battle of the paper versus physical markets. When the US dollar crashes (and it will) paper silver prices will go with it and physical prices will skyrocket along with demand. I have been seeing physical harder and harder to get lately, used to find 90% dimes on ebay at or under spot now they are way over spot if you can even find them.
    Bill has been working hard to get the manipulation out into the MSM but with Obama and clowns censoring a lot of what passes for news these days I doubt it will ever get the air time it deserves. When the scandal breaks you will see a blip about JPM being bailed out by the government again and not the true story.

  8. I have heard about JP Morgan’s scandal getting revealed soon… for about a year which was ever since I first stacked some physical silver. That is an old news by the way and these financial experts are just repeating the same thing.

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